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Workshop Agenda9:30 – 10:00 Introductions, Agenda, Outcomes, Housekeeping,10:00 - 10:45 Group Exercise, Project Management Definitions & Intro to theFive Steps10:45 – 11:00 Break11:00 - 12:15 The Five Steps in Action12:15 – 1:15 Lunch1:15 – 1:30 Questions, review morning, review pm agenda1:30 - 4:00 The Five Steps in Action and using technology for projectmanagement (includes 15 minute break)4:00 – 4:30 Next Steps, Requests, Priorities, Final Comments, Evaluations

Workshop ObjectivesPage 2 Identify key issues, challenges,barriers for effective projectmanagement for the organization. Provide an introductory overview ofproject management concepts

Workshop Objectives cont.Page 2 Build upon (add to/revise/improve)current tools and processes theorganization is currently using forproject management Develop an achievable list of clear andactionable items that you can adopt asan organization and/or individual toimprove your ability to manage projects.

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Professional DevelopmentOn the JobPeer/MentorFormal10%20%70%

DefinitionsPage 4Project BEGINNING and an END Clearly defined, realizable goals (more specificthan creating world peace)

DefinitionsPage 4Project Manager – ONE person Main job is to keep project moving forward Coordinates activities Tracks progress and budgetOn Time and On Budget

Definitions Page 5Project SponsorDefines (or approves) goalsProvides(or approves), deployment andreallocation of resourcesApproves deliverablesAuthorizes changes in scope, timing, deliverablesProvides support for issues beyond the projectmanagers scope of authority

Page 5Project Sponsors

Select5 Steps ofProjectManagementBuildTeamPage 6DefineMapExecuteANDTrackProjectPlanningClose

Capacity andAlignmentPage 7

The 5 Steps of Project ManagementPage 81. Select a ProjectDecide if your organization is ready todo the project. Do you have the staff,money, and time to take this on? Howdoes it fit in with the strategic vision ofyour organization?

Page 9

Select5 Steps ofProjectManagementBuildTeamGoals, Deliverables, Pg 11Overall TimeframeDefineMapExecuteANDTrackProjectPlanning

Pg 11The 5 Steps of Project Management2. Define the ProjectDetermine what all the ultimatepurposes of the project are, whatspecific deliverables your project willcreate, if there are any settimeframes, and what the budget is.

Goal Setting: How do you know when you’re doneand you’ve been successful?FinishStart

GoalsExample One:How do you know when you’re done and you’ve been successful?Example:OK: Fundraising event goals: Have a successful event and raise 50,000BETTER: 300 people attending; 50,000 net revenue; 50 new individualdonors; 3 new sponsors; fun time had by all; social media shares andmentions during the event (see Facebook, Instagram, Twitter metrics);TV news coverage on at least one local station.

Page 12Simplified (YES/NO Goals)Project: Implementation of volunteerregistration and tracking system Can volunteers register without assistance? Are critical reports accurate and easily run? Can we track activity information accuratelyand quickly? Can staff execute all mission criticalfunctions?

Page 13Deliverables based project planningDeliverables: What Define the Project: Figure Out What Needs ToBe Accomplished to Reach the Goal(s)A process that will break out your project intodiscrete “products”.

Pg 13Benefits of Deliverables Based Planning Organizing & managing timeline Identify key resources needed (including stafftime/availability) Identify potential bottlenecks (critical path &dependencies) Identify decision-making/approval points Identifying the “must have’s” (deliverables)while giving the team flexibility on how it’saccomplished (tasks)

Pg 15

Pg 16Project BudgetsIf you’re ultimate responsibility is to be “on timeand on budget” you must know and understandthe budget.Where to find budgets (or parts of budgets)? Grant proposals Finance Business/Departmental Plans Create your own

Select5 Steps s Role,Peers,ResourcesExecuteANDTrackProjectPlanning

Build Your TeamPg 17

The responses to the reflectionquestions below will also help youunderstand these set particular issues.Pg 18

Pg 19

Pg 20

Pg 21

Pg 22Select5 Steps tPlanning

The 5 Steps of Project ManagementPg 224. Map Out the Work Specific things you need to doWhen they need to be doneHow long each step will takeWhat steps are dependant on other stepsWho is responsible for whatHow much money you can spend oneach part of the project

Pg 22Map Out Work

Pg 23

Pg 24

Pg 27Select5 Steps tionIssue ListsExpense/Burn RatePlan nning

Pg 25The 5 Steps of Project Management5. Track Progress Where are you? What has changed (new information,timeline, goals)? What needs to change? Who should be involved? How will you communicate?

Pg 27Task Management vs. Project ManagementTask ManagementProject ManagementFocused on what’s nextSee’s what’s next AND attends to theentire timelineCommunicates upcoming or recentlymissed deadlinesCommunicates the impact of missingdeadlinesStaffing: focused on who is “doing” thenext set of tasksStaffing: is clear on who is “doing” tasksAND is organizing/reorganizing staffingway beyond the next set of tasks andidentifies potential bottlenecks.Finances: is limited to what is alreadyallotted and/or spends with very little orno limits. Only understands finances“after the fact”Finances: Understands areas of flexibilityand makes decisions on “current”information. Forecasts expenses andmakes forward-looking decisions.

Project Management SoftwarePlanning Start/End Dates Role Assignments Calendar/Timeline Critical path Flexibility Ease - changingdates, deliverables, rolesTracking Start/End Dates Role Assignments Calendar/Timeline Status/Completion Communication Notes/follow up Resources/budgetsCollaboration Ease of adoption Accessible Permissions Versioning/Drafts Document orknowledgemanagement Discussion trackingPg 27

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Professional DevelopmentOn the JobPeer/MentorFormal10%20%70%

Action PlanPg 30Pain Points AND Maximum ReturnQuick/Small Wins:“. . . small victories can often trigger a positivespiral of behavior . . .”- Switch, How to Change Things When Change is HardWhat are your next steps?

Wrap up & Evaluation Resources will be emailed after workshop Email me with questions:[email protected] Evaluation

Successful Project Management Nelson L. Layag [email protected] Workshop Agenda 9:30 –10:00 Introductions, Agenda, Outcomes, Housekeeping, 10:00 - 10:45 Group Exercise, Project Management Definitions & Intro to the Five Steps 10:45 –11:00 Break 11:00 - 12:15 The Five Steps in Action 12:15 –1:15 Lunch 1:15 –1:30 Questions, review morning, review pm agenda 1:30 - 4:00 The Five Steps in .