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Standards & GuidanceAD B3 (Sect(S10)) - Protection off openings and firef stopping10.2102‘IfIf a fire-separating element is to be effective,effectiveevery joint or imperfection of fit, or opening to allowservices to pass through the element, should beadequately protected by sealing or fire-stoppingfire stopping sothat the fire resistance of the element is not impaired’10.17 adds the requirement that:Joints between fire separatingpg elements should be fire stopped;pp ; andAll openings for pipes, ducts, conduits or cables to pass through any partof a fire separating element should be: Kept as few in number as possible; and Kept as small as practical; and Fire stopped (which in the case of a pipe or ductduct, should allow forthermal movement).

Pipep Wrapsp & CollarsHTM05/02 Clause 6.16 - To maintain the integrity of compartmentation,openingspg should be limited to:b. openings for pipes of not more than 160mmdiameter which, if exposed to a temperature of800 C, will not soften or fracture to the extentthat flames or hot gases will pass through thewall of the pipe;c. pipes of materials other than those in (b) aboveof not more than 40mm diameter;;d. pipes of any diameter which are provided witha proprietary seal which has been shown bytest (for the diameter of pipe proposed) tomaintain the fire resistance of the compartmentstructure;

Pipe Wraps &C llCollarsSleevingCast in slab or belowOne or both sides of wallHilti CP645PFC CorofilRockwool Fire Pro

Pipe Wraps

Pipe Wraps

Check the fieldof applicationEnsure installationi t tiinstructionsare ffollowedlldIf in doubt refer toproduct testing detailsRefer to alldocumentation

Coordination issuesSolution to maintain FRReposition or ‘box-out’

PUExpandingg FoamFoamPolyurethaney pNormal PU Expanding Foam is notan intumescent product(i.e. It will not expand when heated).

Which of these is ‘fire rated’?ABMethods for identification: Coloured pigmentsPot of paint, and/orLabelsRRegulationl ti 38 – ProvisionP i i off iinformation.ftiC

PU ‘Fire-Block’ Foam

PU ‘Fire Rated’ Foam Many ‘fire-rated’ PU foams are available& product identification difficult Claimed periods of fire resistance are‘Reaction to Fire’B1 & B2 RatingDIN 4102achieved under strictly controlled testconditions,, with a highg standard of qqualityycontrol for installation of sample testedProducts used on site Often used on irregular shaped openingsof varying widths beyond scope ofapplication (hollow stud partitions) Do contractors understand the limitationsof products in use? LittleLittl qualitylit controlt l ((are voidsid completelyl t lfilled?) Before specifying/usingpy gg anyypproductensure it’s fit for the intended applicationreview test reports.Up to 5 hours protection

Fire Test 117611Horizontal exposure220mm Masonry WallVertical exposure250mm Concrete Floor

Horizontal Apertures Through Wall220220mmMMasonry 86240240240240

Vertical Apertures Through Floor250250mmCConcretet 8206

PU Foam and Stud PartitionsAd-hoc fire resistance testf ll i principlesfollowingi i l offBS476:20:1987 testing regimeIntegrityg y 94 minutesInsulation 69 minutes

PU Expandingpg Foam

Expanding / Intumescent FoamGraphite and PUbased, two part,intumescent sealantTested in unlined drywall openings up to400 x 400mmRe-penetrable

Fire Seals for ElectricalPPenetrationst tiIET Regs (17th edition):edition):–527.1.2A wiring system shall be installed so that the generalbuildingg structural pperformance and fire safetyy arenot reduced527.2.1Where a wiringg systemypassespthroughg elements ofbuilding construction such as floors, walls ., theopening remaining after passage of wiring systemshall be sealed according to the degree of fireresistance (if any) prescribed for the respectiveelement of building construction before penetration611.3 vii Requires inspection of the presence of fire barriersand suitable seals – before being put into service.

Trays,y , Cables & PillowsPolystyrene infillat head of wall

Trays,y , Cables & Pillows

Trays,y , Cables & PillowsPl ti cablePlasticbl tities?Date, size and uniquereference number

Trays,y , Cables & Pillows

Removable pillowsecured to cable tray

Innovative ProductsHILTI - CFS-SL Fire Sleeve

Wiremold LegrandFlamestopper (US Product)

Abesco - CT120 Cable Transit SystemEasy Retro-fit

Fire Seals for ElectricalPPenetrationst tiIET Regs (17th edition)527.2.2 A wiring system such as a conduit system, cableducting system, . which penetrates elements of buildingconstruction having specified fire resistance shall beinternally sealed to the degree of fire resistance of therespectivepelement before ppenetration .

Intumescent Puttyy Inserts

Fire DamperspHTM05 02 D1 states:HTM05-02t tAll fire dampers should be installed so that they maintain their integrityagainst the passage of fire for the required period of fire resistanceA fire damper should be adequately fixed into, or to, the construction it isprotecting.

Fire/Smoke or Fire dampers dependent on wall designationFire rated ductwork in-lieu of dampers Kitchens, Isolation Rooms, Fume CupdsFuture workshops will specifically address Fire Dampers.

PU ‘Fire Rated’ Foam Many ‘fire-rated’ PU foams are available & product identification difficult ‘Reaction to Fire’ B1 & B2 Rating DIN 4102 Claimed periods of fire resistance are achieved under strictly controlled test conditions, with a high standard of qualit