HRSG -Heat Recovery Steam Generators

Excellence in the makingFrom the beginning, the goals of Victory Energy Operations, LLChave been to be a single-source solutions provider backed by worldclass service. Today, we are a leading boiler supplier offering provenenergy solutions through advanced technologies and state-of-the-artmanufacturing.No application is too small or too large. We thrive in an atmosphereof innovative thinking and breakthrough methodology. We carry thisattitude forward from "Concept to Completion " as we work closelywith our customers, in-house engineering teams, in-house projectmanagement teams, fabrication personnel, manufacturing crews,logistics department and field technicians.State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and corporate offices are located justNorth of Tulsa, Oklahoma.In addition to providing rock-solid solutions that are reliable andcompliant with the most stringent technical requirements, we areconstantly looking for ways to maximize the efficiencies and value oftotal integration for our customers and end users.Victory Energy offers a full range of custom-designed HRSG systemsthat are designed to deliver proven performance and crucial efficienciesat a cost effective price.Quality materials and superior construction is essential to producingheat recovery systems that are, by design, engineered to be the mostreliable steam generators in the world. Our approach to modularizationis designed to maximize shop assembly while minimizing costly fieldlabor and delivery time.Modular-designed units are completely shop-assembled to maximizetransportation efficiencies and minimize field costs by lowering manhours needed for installation.Typical HRSG Applications: Gas turbine/cogeneration Gas and diesel engine exhaust Solid fuel combustion recovery systems: wood, coal,MSW - Municipal Solid Waste) Process gas from thermal oxidizers, thermal reactionfurnaces and incinerators Biomass and gasificationThree of six HRSG modules designed to ship by rail.VE has ASME and NBIC Certificates of Authorityto design, construct and repair pressure vessels.HRSG modules are designed for ease of liftingand movement.All work is managed by Victory Energy's ITP(Inspection Test Plan) to assure quality control.

HRSG - Heat Recovery Steam GeneratorsAdditional benefits you can expect from a HORIZON SeriesHRSG from Victory Energy: Modular assemblies simplify field labor and reducesconstruction costs. Module lifting lugs and temporary steel simplify fieldtransport and handing. Fully shop assembled units or large assemblies areavailable for industrial HRSGs for a variety of exhaustgases Single wide, modular design Designs are custom engineered to accomodatetransportation requirements 1, 2, or 3 pressure levels Full range of supplementary equipmentResults of advanced flow modeling to analyze temperature profiles and flowdistribution.Advanced analytical tools are used for life cycle evaluation toconsider the following factors: Proper selection of materialsThe Field proven tube-to-header connection Each has built in flexibility for ease of thermal expansion Flexible piping designs Start up and shut down optimizationOur commitment to the 212 Principle continues to drive ourdedication to customer satisfaction.PrincipleAt 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, it boils.And with boiling water, comes steam.And with steam, we power the progress of change.The power of one extra degree!Modular HRSG tube bundle being prepared forinternal inspection.Proper equipment maximizes efficient and savedelivery.Fully customized control systems utilizing thelatest PLC technology.

Combined Cycle Utility HRSG- Modular Design- Multiple Pressures18 Stack17 L.P. Steam Drum w/ Integral Deaerator16 L.P. Vent Silencer14 H.P. Vent Silencer15 H.P. Steam DrumH.P. Steam Outlet2Duct Burner1Distribution Grid35H.P. Evaporator4H.P. SuperheaterObservation PortINLET DUCTDUCTBURNERL.P. Superheater Outlet6C.O. Catalyst97Injection Grid10 H.P. EconomizerDA. Pre-Heater 128S.C.R.11 L.P. SuperheaterL.P. Evaporator 13COMBUSTIONCHAMBERH.P. SUPERHEATERH.P. EVAPORATORC.O.H.P. EvaporatorA.I.G.S.C.R.H.P. EVAPORATORH.P. ECONOMIZERL.P. SUPERHEATERL.P. EVAPORATORD.A. PRE-HEATER 2009 VICTORY ENERGY OPERATIONS, LLCHRSG watertube heat recovery boilers areengineered with patented technologies.Victory Energy specializes in large-scalefabrication of boilers and pressure vessels.Fully integrated TITAN water level equipment.

FULL STEAM AHEAD!Erosive and corrosive resistant solid fuel (coal-fired) HRSG.Modular designed field-erected Utility Combined Cycle HRSG.O-style WHB's are custom-engineered for various applications.MSW boiler equipped with large Davit doors for easy access.Waste heat recovery project, expected to produce upwards of 40megawatts. Capacities: 450K PPH, 1,300 PSIG and 900 Degrees.Custom engineered waste heat watertube boilers, designed for sulfurrecovery application.

RECOVERED HEAT TRANSLATESTO RESOURCES SAVED!Ancillary Equipment and ServicesHeat Recovery Products are a vital part of our sustainabilityinitiative and one of the many ways in which we provide integratedsolutions to maximize waste heat recovery.Victory Energy offers a complete suite of heat recovery productsand ancillary equipment: EXPLORER Economizers (rectangular & cylindrical)Condensing EconomizersWaste heat oil heatersDA make up and tubular air pre-heatersLiquid-liquid heat exchangersDuct burnersSilencersDeaerators and BFW pumpsBlowdown systemsCombustion controls & burner management systemsFuel trains/racksTransitions, stacks, support steel, duct-work/casing forhigh and low temperature and dirty gas applications,expansion joints, Guillotine dampers and controls,diverters, valves and hoppersSCR systemComplete boiler trimASME code pipingCO catalystSpare partsFull-time (24/7) service, installation and start-upFOL L OWAL E ADE Rw w w. v i c t o r y e n e r g y. c o m1-877-783-2665Victory Energy Operations, LLC 10701 E. 126th St. N., Collinsville, OK 74021 Tel: 918.274.0023 Fax: 918.382.4896

From the beginning, the goals of Victory Energy Operations, LLC have been to be a single-source solutions provider backed by world-class service. Today, we are a leading boiler supplier offering proven energy solutions through advanced technologies and state-of-the-art