PRODUCT PORTFOLIOTRUMPFA manufacturing and medicaltechnology GroupTRUMPF headquarters in Ditzingen near StuttgartTRUMPF GroupSales 1.65 billion6,500 employees45 subsidiaries in 23 countriesTRUMPF is a family-run company

About usMedical TechnologyWe offer our customers bothBusiness Divisioninnovative and high-qualityMedical technology is a future-products and have solutions tooriented, long-term market.their problems – be it sheetThe daily work of doctors andmetal processing or the appli-nurses in hospitals is challen-cation of lasers in productionging, demanding and has high-or hospital logistics. Our exper-responsibility. Our equipmenttise in these fields provides thefor operating rooms, intensivecompetitive edge which ourcare wards and clinic logisticscustomers need. Innovation isare all interoperable and makethe foundation of our success.workflows easier and moreefficient.We work in partnership withclinics to ensure the welfareof the patient. Our innovationsin the product areas of operating tables, patient transportsystems, ceiling pendantsand operating lights ensurecontinued growth.TRUMPF machine toolsTRUMPF laser technology

TRUMPF I PRODUCT PORTFOLIOOperating table systemsFlexible and time-saving processflow in the operating roomJUPITER – the exchangeable section system

TRUMPF operating tables can be individually configuredModular design for flexibilityand extensibilityA standardised coupling pointsystem and an electric interfacefor motorised special modulesare the innovative core of ourmodular design and enable products to be extended for futureapplications.Shuttle can be docked on either sideJUPITER System – high-endsolution for all disciplinesSATURN System –The modular JUPITER exchan-the economical alternativegeable section system fulfils allWith its excellent user-friend-the requirements of modernliness and wide range of appli-diagnostic and operative medi-cations, the SATURN systemcine. Its equipment, functio-provides unsurpassed value fornality and extensibility makemoney in its the superior operating roomtable.

TRUMPF I PRODUCT PORTFOLIOMobile operating tablesSpeedy, precise positioningbefore and during operationsTITAN – the heavy-load table with drive

MARS low version – for spinal surgery, for exampleTITANThe mobile operating table foruniversal use in surgery and forheavy patients in particular.Extra strong and easy to move.JUPITER universalMobility with all the benefits ofthe JUPITER system.MARSFlexible, mobile and strong –all at a reasonable price. Easyto move, thanks to motoriseddrive support and brake support systems. Special extra-lowversion for operating from aseated position.TITAN – up to 450 kg patient weight

SATURN Select – renal positionSATURN SelectMotorised tabletop elementfunction supported by columnsand pneumatic springs for easyhandling. Mechanical lengthadjustment and optional seatelement extension provide excellent flexibility for x-ray purposes.MERKURMERKUR – easy handlingMechanical operating table for awide range of uses. High-qualitymaterials and workmanship.MARS EndouroThe ideal partner when radiological examination or lithotripsyintervention is necessary, be itbefore, during or directly afterthe operation.MARS Endouro

TRUMPF I PRODUCT PORTFOLIOCarbon-fibre operating tablesand accessories for intraoperative x-ray diagnosticsCarbon X-tra operating tabletop element –An enhancement to the JUPITER exchangeable section systemIntra-operative diagnostics are akey element of successful andcost-effective operating.Modular carbon-fibre operatingtables and elements fromTRUMPF are designed for allkinds of operations and enablehassle-free imaging at exactlythe point the surgeon requires.Carbon-fibre head positioning system

TRUMPF I PRODUCT PORTFOLIOSurgical lightsThe new era in operatingroom lightingiLED – adjustable colour temperature for improved tissue contrast

iLED 5 camera / iLED 3iLED – the first surgical lightHELIONwith LED technologyOur product portfolio is com-TRUMPF is setting new stan-pleted by our reliable halogendards in the operating room.lights, which are available in aIndividually-regulated lightrange of versions for universalproperties for outstandinguse.contrast, almost unlimitedLED lifetime and infrared-free,heat-free light revolutionisesoperating theatre work.

Digital video systems forfuture-oriented telemedicineDigital image transfer and archiving during operationThe first sterile surgical lightcamera for use in operatingrooms. With SDI output anddigital image capture, itenables live transmissionfrom the OR in digital videoquality and fast, directarchiving of still images.Camera on separate bracketIntegrated video camera with motorisedimage set-up

TRUMPF I PRODUCT PORTFOLIOCeiling pendantsTRUMPF KREUZER –superior-quality modularsolutionsErgonomic safety for both staff and patient during operations

Intensive care – Freely-accessible head element facilitates emergency careOptimal work conditionsand the best possiblepatient careOur solutions are synonymouswith workplace design andoptimal spatial structuringwhich give consideration torequirements. They optimiseyour workflow and enhancethe quality of your work.Maximum flexibilityTRUMPF KREUZER ceilingpendants come in three weightcategories and enable tailormade solution systems foranaesthesia, minimally-invasivesurgery, endoscopy, intensivecare, neo-natal care andemergency medicine.Motor-adjustable height with180 kg payload

Intensive care / recovery areaEasy to add further components at a later stage,continuous cost optimisationWe provide modular construction, a wide range of accessoriesand attractive design to give youfuture-oriented quality.kombiTROLL equipmenttrolleys – flexible and mobileErgonomic and future-orientedfor intensive use in clinics andpractice.uniPORT in neo-natal carekombiTROLL equipment trolleys

TRUMPF I PRODUCT PORTFOLIOPatient transport systemsIntegration – the basisof our approachIMEC – vital equipment always at hand

Improved clinical processesOptimising processes is oftenthe best way of leveragingcost-saving potential in hospitals. TRUMPF patient transportsystems are a product familyfor intra-clinic patient transferand facilitate intra-operativediagnostics. They optimisehandling processes, make thework of hospital personneleasier and enhance patientsafety.IMEC – safe and efficient transport forpatients and personnelORBITER – hassle-free, energy-savingpatient transferCALYPSO – radioscopic casting tableand emergency transporter

TRUMPF A manufacturing and medical technology Group TRUMPF headquarters in Ditzingen near Stuttgart TRUMPF Group Sales 1.65 billion 6,500 employees 45 subsidiaries in 23 countries