Gravity Effluent Filters

Gravity Effluent FiltersFor over 20 years we have focused on quality and innovation in precastand wastewater products. Our fifilters are perfect examples ofwhere innovation and quality come together. With strong rootsin wastewater management, we have spentmany years designing and perfectingour fifilters. We offffer four difffferent gravityefflffluent fifflfilters that can handle anywherefrom 800 GPD to10,000 GPD. Each patented and NSF certifiThese same fifilters are used by oursister company, United Concrete,in every tank installation requiringa fifilter. No other company can makethat llons Per Day800150010,00010,000Linear Feet of eAutomatic Shut-Off Ball for CleaningxxxxFiltration Slot TechnologyxxxxExtend & Lok CompatiblexxxxNSF CertificationxxxxInstalled in Multiples for Larger FlowsxxxxxGas DeflectorxxxxxxxResidential Multi-FamilyxxxCommercialxxxSmartFilter Switch and AlarmApplicationsResidentialGrease TrapsxBenefitsExtends Life of Leaching FieldsxxxxKeeps Solids in Septic TankxxxxA1800A100A300 or A600A300 or A600Zabel Comparable Free Number: 01-800-837-7097

PL-68 Effluent Filter1/16” Filtration Slots800 GPDAccepts 3/4’’ PVCExtension Handle1,500 GPD10,000 GPDFits Any TeeOn The MarketPL-68 Filter and TeePL-68 is much more than just an effluent filter. The housing also can be used as an inletbaffle (tee) or an outlet baffle. The housingis designed to accept Polylok’s new snap ingas deflector to deflect gas bubbles awayfrom the tee and to keep the solids in thetank.PL-68 & PL-122 Maintenance:Gasket Prevents Bypass68 Linear Ft.of 1/16’’Filtration SlotsEasy InstallationFilter Locks in Any360º PositionThe PL-68 Effluent Filter will operate efficiently for several years under normal conditions before requiring cleaning. It is recommended that the filter be cleaned every timethe tank is pumped or at least every threeyears.1. Do not use plumbing when filteris removed.2. Pull PL-68 or PL-122 out of the Tee.3. Hose off filter over the septic tank.Make sure all solids fall back intoseptic tank.4. Insert filter back into Tee/HousingAccepts 3’’ & 4”(SCHD 40 &SDR 35 Pipe)PL-68 & PL-122 Installation:Ideal for residential waste flows up to 800Gallons Per Day (GPD). Easily installs in anynew or existing 4" outlet tee.1. Locate the outlet of the septic tank.16’’ & 18”Available2. Remove the tank cover and pump tankif necessary.3. Glue the filter housing to the outletpipe, or use a Polylok Extend & Lok if notenough pipe exists.4. Insert the PL-68 & PL-122 filter into tee.Optional GasDeflector5. Replace and secure the septictank cover.SDR 35’’ ExtenderToll Free Number: 01-800-837-7097

PL-122 Effluent FilterPL-122 FilterFeatures:The PL-122 was the original PolylokFilter. It was the first and still to thisday the only filter on the market withan automatic shutoff ball installed withevery filter. When the filter is removedfor regular servicing the ball will floatup and prevent any solids from leavingthe tank. Our patented design cannot beduplicated.s Offers over 122 linear feet of 1/16th inch filter slots,which significantly extends time between cleaningss Has a flow control ball that shuts off the flow ofeffluent when the filter is removed for cleaningss Has its own gas deflector ball which deflectssolids aways Installs easily in new tanks, or retrofits inexisting systems of tees or pipe,extra parts to buy no Accepts 1/2” PVCHandle Extensions Comes complete with its own housing. No gluingAlarm Switchs Has a modular design, allowing forincreased filtration122 linear ft.of 1/16’’ Filtration800 GPDTank with Septic Two Filters 1/16” Filtration SlotsSeptic Tank withTwo Filters1,500 GPDFilter Housing with3’’& 4” Pipe Adapter10,000 GPDIncreaseyour filtration area by snappingfilters together Filter Ready Adapterconnects to septic tank wall Gas Deflector Automatic Shut-OffBall when Filter isRemovedPolylok offers the only filter on the marketwhere you can get more GPD by simplysnapping our filters together.Outdoor Smart Filter AlarmAll Polylok/Zabel filters acceptthe SmartFilter switch and Free Number: 01-800-837-7097

800 GPD Filters & Grease TrapsPL-525, PL-625 Effluent800 GPD1,500 GPD1,500 GPD1/16” Filtration Slots10,000 GPD1/32” Filtration SlotsAlarmAlarm AccessibilityAccessibility10,000 GPDAcceptsAccepts PVCPVCExtensionHandle1’’ ExtensionHandle525525LinearLinearFt.Ft. ofof1/16’’1/16’’ FiltrationFiltration SlotsSlotsRated for over10,000 GPDAcceptsAccepts 4’’4’’ && 6’’6’’SCHDSCHD 4040 pipepipeGasGas DeflectorDeflectorAutomaticAutomatic Shut-OffShut-OffBallBall whenwhen filterfilter isisRemovedRemovedPL-525PL-625Outdoor SmartFilter AlarmAll Polylok/Zabel filtersaccept the SmartFilter switch and Free Number: 01-800-837-7097

PL-525 & PL-625 MaintenancePL-525 FilterThe PL-525 Filter is rated for over 10,000GPD (gallons per day) making it one of thelargest filters in its class. It has 525 linearfeet of 1/16” filtration slots. Like the PolylokPL-122, the Polylok PL-525 has an automaticshut off ball installed with every filter. Whenthe filter is removed for cleaning, the ballwill float up and temporarily shut off thesystem so the effluent won’t leave the tank.Features:ssssssssRated for 10,000 GPD (Gallons Per Day)525 linear feet of 1/16” filtrationAccepts 4’’ and 6’’ SCHD. 40 pipeBuilt in Gas DeflectorAutomatic shut-off ball when filter is removedAlarm accessibilityAccepts PVC extension handleLightweightPL-525 & PL-625 Installation:Ideal for residential and commercial wasteflows up to 10,000 Gallons Per Day (GPD).1. Locate the outlet of the septic tank.2. Remove the tank cover and pump tank ifnecessary.3. Glue the filter housing to the 4” or 6” outletpipe. If the filter is not centered under theaccess opening use a Polylok Extend & Lokor piece of pipe to center filter.4. Insert the PL-525 or PL-625 filter intoits housing.5. Replace and secure the septic tank Effluent FilterThe PL-625 filter is ideal for grease trap applications. The 1/32” filtration has been shown toreduce fats, oils, and grease (FOG) by as muchas 60% to 98%! The filter may be used in onsitewastewater systems that require a finer level ofTSS removal. Whatever the application, Polylokhas the filter for you!Ideal for:s Grease Trapss Laundromatss Dog KennelsPL-525 & PL-625 Maintenance:The PL-525 & PL-625 Effluent Filters willoperate efficiently for several years undernormal conditions before requiring cleaning.It is recommended that the filter be cleanedevery time the tank is pumped or at leastevery three years. If the installed filtercontains an optional alarm, the owner willbe notified by an alarm when the filter needsservicing. Servicing should be done by acertified septic tank pumper or installer.1. Locate the outlet of the septic tank.2. Remove tank cover and pumptank if necessary.3. Do not use plumbing when filteris removed.4. Pull PL-525 or PL-625 out ofthe housing.5. Hose off filter over the septic tank.Make sure all solids fall back intoseptic tank.6. Insert the filter cartridge back intothe housing making sure the filteris properly aligned and completelyinserted.7. Replace and secure septic tank cover.1-877-765-9565Toll Free Number: 01-800-837-7097

Zabel Filter LineOn March 14, 2006, Polylok acquired the key assets of Zabel Industries International Ltd. Zabelwas a great compliment to Polylok’s existing filter line. Zabel Environmental Technology haslong been the most recognized and trusted name in onsite wastewater filtration. Zabel introduced their first filter in 1959 and has continued to make advances in wastewater filtration eversince. In fact, the Zabel Filter line has evolved from a single disc dam filter into a completeline of over 80 effluent filters to fit every wastewater application.Zabel’s patented flow reduces the trapping of solids in thefilter by allowing them to slough off and fall back intothe tank for further digestion. Slots rather than meshscreens provide less surface area for solids to attachand promote the sloughing action. Filtrationoccurs by physical removal through the spacingbetween plates and biologically through thegrowth of a beneficial biomat growth on theplates themselves. Independent research hasshown the Zabel disc dam filter will reduceTSS by 50-90% and CBOD5 by 20-40%. AllZabel filters are available with Versa-Cases .This innovative case allows for easy adhesive connection to 4” or 6” SCH 40 pipe.Additionally, all Zabel filters can be installed inmultiples for larger flows.With over one million filters installed throughoutthe US and abroad, Zabel has a long history ofmeeting the industry’s wastewater needs. Nowowned and managed by Polylok, a company drivenby quality and innovation, you will see someenhancements to the filters you know and trust.Best Technology FiltersIn March 2007 we acquired the filter assets of another company, Best Technology. The Bestfilter’s unique conical shaped plate design allows solids to fall back into the tank. Best is arelatively new company in the marketplace, but we believe their filter design is a nicecompliment to our Polylok filtration slot and Zabel disc-dam technologies. Additionally, theirone piece housing design is ideal for use in many different environments where a sturdyhousing is essential. True to our focus on quality and innovation, our engineering team hasmodified the handle design to improve its durability in the field. We are excited about addingthe Best Filter to the Polylok Free Number: 01-800-837-7097

The New A100/300/600 Series Filters12” x 20” HousingWe are pleased to introduce our new A100/300/600 12x20filters. Consistent with our commitment to quality andinnovation, you will see many enhancements to thisfilter series. These fiters are available with or without ourpatented red ball that prevents effluent from leaving thetank during cleanings.The new design includes ribbing onthe outside for additional strength.The filter is much lighter in weight.Additionally, we have improvedthe latching mechanism to prevent the filter from floating. Youwill also see new guiderails thatsimplify removal and replacementduring cleanings. The central support rod has been modified on allZabel A100, A300 and A600 modelsto provide greater strength anddurability. The new central supportsystem is thicker than the original.It was tested up to 1,200lbs!12x20withoutshutoff ball12x20with shutoff ballOutdoorSmartFilter AlarmAll Polylok/Zabel filtersaccept the SmartFilter switch and Free Number: 01-800-837-7097

ZABEL FiltersOutdoorSmartFilter AlarmAll Polylok/Zabelfilters accept theSmartFilter switch and alarm.A1800 SeriesFeaturesFiltrationGallons Per DayLinear Feet of FiltrationSmartFilter Switch and AlarmAvailable Filter DimensionsDisc Dam TechnologyExtend & Lok CompatibleNSF CertificationInstalled in Multiples for Larger FlowsApplicationsResidentialResidential Multi-FamilyCommercialGrease TrapsHigh TSS RemovalBenefitsExtends Life of Leaching FieldsKeeps Solids in Septic TankPolylok Comparable Series1/16”80080Available4x18, 4x22xxxxxA100 SeriesA300 SeriesA100 Series1/16”1200 - 600078 - 338Available8x18, 8x26, 8x3212x20, 12x28, 12x36xxxxxxxA300 Series1/32”1200 - 600078 - 338Available8x18, 8x26, 8x3212x20, 12x28, 12x36xxxxxxxxxxxxxPL-68xxPL-122xxPL-525 or PL-625A600 SeriesA600 Series1/64”1200 - 600078 - 338Standard8x18, 8x26, 8x3212x20, 12x28, 12x36xxxxxxxxPL-525 or PL-625Toll Free Number: 01-800-837-7097

A-1800 Series FiltersA1800Like the PL-68, this filter was designed forResidential applications. The cartridge designallows for easy installation and maintenance andcomes with our standard baffle (tee). All A1800Series filters feature a locking tab that securelylocks the filter into the tee. With 1/16” filtration, thisfilter is available in 18” and 22” lengths. The 22”A1800 comes with a built in gas deflector.Patented Inside Out flowZabel’s patented flow reduces the trapping ofsolids in the filter by allowing them to slough offand fall back into the tank for further digestion.Slots rather than mesh screens provide lesssurface area for solids to attach and promotethe sloughing action. Independent research hasshown the Zabel A1800TM Series Filters reduceTSS by 40% in residential applications.Outdoor Smart Filter AlarmAll Polylok/Zabel filters accept theSmartFilter switch and alarm.Our 4x18 and 4x22 filters can be used with ANY tee, including ourPL-68 tee and our Versa-tees.New OnePiece Designs Filters are nolonger snappedtogethers Won’t breakwhen servicings Now made ofPolyPro forextra strengthPL-68 TeeVersa–TeeWith SDR 35ExtensionVersa–TeeWith SCH ConcreteBaffle4x224x184x18For ConcreteBaffleToll Free Number: 01-800-837-7097

ZABEL FiltersOutdoorSmartFilter AlarmAll Polylok/Zabelfilters accept theSmartFilter switch and alarm.A100 Filter 1/16” Filtration8” and 12” DiameterA300 Filter 1/32” Filtration8”and 12” DiameterA600 Filter 1/64” Filtration8”and 12” DiameterThis filter is ideal for largerhomes, multi-family homesor light commercial settingswhere increased flows orhigher quality effluentis required. The A100-8Series is sized to handleflow rates from 1200 to2400 GPD and is available inthree different lengths. TheA100-12 Series, installed inmore locations than anyother filter on the market,is sized to handle flowrates from 3000 to 6000GPD. The A100-12 Seriescan be used in almost anyapplication. Independentresearch has shown theA100-12 decreases TSS by50-90% and CBOD5 by 2040%. With 1/16” filtration,the A100-8 Series filter isavailable in 18”, 26” and32” lengths. The A100-12Series filter is available in20”, 28” and 36” lengths.The finer 1/32” level of filtration achieved with theA300-8 filter makes this theperfect effluent filter forsmall grease trap applications, dog kennels, laundromats and other applications where fine suspended solids are present.The A300 offers flow ratesbetween1200-2400GPD.The A300-12 Series provides 1/32” filtration andhas been shown to reduceFOG by as much as 5098%. The A300-12 is alsoused for onsite wastewatersystems which require afiner level of TSS removal.The A300-8 Series filter isavailable in 12”, 26” and32” lengths. The A300-12Series filter is available in20”, 28” and 36” lengths.The A600 is ideal for specialty applications wherevery fine filtration isrequired and low flowsare expected. Due to fine,1/64” level filtration, everyA600 comes equipped witha SmartFilter switch andalarm. The SmartFilter switch provides notificationof required filter servicingthrough the use of both anaudible and visual alarm.A minimum of a 3” dropis required in the tank forproper SmartFilter operation. The A600-8 Seriesfilter is available in 18”, 26”and 32” lengths. The A60012 Series is available in20”, 28” and 36” 65-9565Toll Free Number: 01-800-837-7097

The Best Filter is a great addition to the Polylok filter family. The GF10 Filter is 10” x18” and is available in three filtration designs: 1/8”, 1/16” and 1/32”. The exterior of theGF10 filter is a single-piece case. It has no joints and no glue holding it together whichgives it incredible strength. It is made of impact-resistant PVC so it can withstand harshtreatment and it won’t break!Accepts 1” PVC Handle ExtensionAlarm SwitchThe D-Shaped Inlet makes replacing thecartridge easy.The cartridge locks into the case, so thefilter will never float up and cause thesystem to back up.The outlet has eight gussets whichinsures maximum strength and stabilityunder any load.OutdoorSmartFilter AlarmAll Polylok/Zabelfilters accept theSmartFilter switch and alarm.The open bottom inletdecreases turbulence andallows material to fall backdown into the tankThe case has two optionalmolded-in hubs on thebottom for additionalsupport and one molded-inhub on the side for Free Number: 01-800-837-7097

The GF10 is known for itsstrength. The housing, as wellas the outlet were designedwith durability in mind. Toshow just how strong the filteris, we placed a 420 pound concrete riser on top of the GF10filter case and connected it toa 4” Sch 40 pipe.A Great DesignThe Best GF10 filter doesn’t just trap solids, itsunique conical shape design allows unwantedmaterial to flow over the plates and fall backinto the tank. The filter has a one-piece housing made of impact resistant PVC.The GF10 filter plates are locked together withfive ribs and two sections of ¾” Schedule40 PVC pipe. This unique configuration provides even weight distribution and maximumstrength.The GF10 is rated at 2500 GPD and is availablein 1/8”, 1/16” and 1/32” filtration levels. Thesmaller filtration levels are ideal for residentialsettings and the 1/32” filtration can be usedin most commercial applications includingwastewater treatment systems, grease traps,dog kennels or further improve the strengthof this filter, our engineersredesigned the handle, making it even sturdier than theoriginal design.OutdoorSmartFilter AlarmAll filters acceptthe SmartFilter switch and alarm.1-877-765-9565Toll Free Number: 01-800-837-7097

Filter AccessoriesFilter for Concrete BaffleExtend & Lok A great filter solution forconcrete tanks. You cannow add a filter to anexisting concrete tank.Ideal for filter Tee or installations in hard to reach places.16’’or 18”Filter HousingsCan be used as an outlet oran inlet baffle tee. Acceptsmost 4” effluent filters on themarket.Charcoal FiltersAvailablewith thePL-68 orZabelSeries1800.Gas DeflectorOptional accessory for thePL-68 housing.2’’ High Pressure FilterVersa-Tee Baffle SCH 40Reduces TSSby 30-40%SDR 35SCH 40SDR 35 Spacer2’’ 35The Polylok/ Zabel Versa-Teeused as an Inlet/Outlet baffle, orordered with the A1800 SeriesFilter, will make any installation easier. The Inlet & Outlet fiteither SDR 35 or SCH 40 pipe.Toll Free Number: 01-800-837-7097

PL-68 Effluent Filter PL-68 Filter and Tee PL-68 is much more than just an effluent fil-ter. The housing also can be used as an inlet baffle (tee) or an outlet baffle. The housing is designed to accept Polylok’s new snap in gas deflector to deflect gas bubbles away from the tee and to kee