SDR-762/SDR-762TFlip-down/Detachable 7” MonitorMP3/MP4 PlayerAM/FM RadioBuilt-in TV tuner (only for SDR-762T model)Owner’s ManualTake the time to read through this owner’s manual.Familiarity with installation and operation procedures will help you obtain the bestPerformance from your new device.

Important SafeguardszUsing the device at temperature below -10 may cause the breakage of the device.BEFORE USING PLEASE HEAT UP THE PASSENGER COMPARTMENT TO THERECOMMENDED TEMPERATURE!zRead carefully through this manual to familiarize you with this high-quality sound system.zDisconnect the vehicle's negative battery terminal while mounting and connecting the unit.zWhen replacing the fuse, be sure to use one with an identical amperage rating. Using a fusewith a higher amperage rating may cause serious damage to the unit.zMake sure that pins or other foreign objects do not get inside the unit; they may causemalfunctions, or create safety hazards such as electrical shock or laser beam exposure.zIf you have parked the car for a long time in hot or cold weather, wait until the temperature inthe car becomes normal before operating the unit.zDO NOT open covers and do not repair yourself. Consult the dealer or an experiencedtechnician for help.zMake sure you disconnect the power supply and aerial if you will not use the system for a longperiod or during a thunderstorm.zMake sure you disconnect the power supply if the system appears to be working incorrectly,(For example: making unusual sounds, smelling strange, emitting smokes from inside orliquid having gotten inside it) Have a qualified technician check the system.zThe unit is designed for negative terminal of the battery, which is connected to the vehiclemetal. Please confirm it before installation.zDo not allow the speaker wires to be shorted together when the unit is switched on. Otherwiseit may overload or burn out the power amplifier.zDo not install the detachable panel before connecting the wire.zDon't remove the detachable panel when encoding.2

ContentsImportant Safeguards. 2Contents. 3Accessories. 4Installation/Un-installation . 5Wiring Connections . 6Detachable Control Panel . 8Panel Control . 9Remote control. 11Remove Battery . 11Main Menu . 12 Radio Player. 12 USB/SD/MMC Interface . 13 TV Mode(only for SDR-762T). 14 AV-IN Mode(only for SDR-762T) . 15 AUX-IN Mode(only for SDR-762) . 15 Setting Control . 15Other Functions . 17Anti-theft System. 18Troubleshooting guide. 18Specification. 193

AccessoriesPackage contains the following accessories for installation and operation of the unit.(1) Washer, SpringWasher, M5 Nut1 each(2) Mounting Strap1(3) Bolt 5*201(4) Screw 5*64(5) Mounting Collar1(6) Release Key2(7) Screw 5*201(8) Rubber Cushion1Remote ControlWarranty cardISO cableUser Manual1x AV-IN Cable (only for SDR-762T)Noted:Product image may vary from the actual delivery4Trim ring

Installation/Un-installationNoteBefore starting installation of the unit, make sure the wiring is connected properly.Use only the parts provided with the unit to ensure proper installation.The use of unauthorized parts may cause malfunction.Install the unit where it does not get in the driver’s way and will not injure the passenger in casethere is a sudden stop, like an emergency stop. INSTALLATION (Figure 1) Insert Half Sleeve into dash-board hole and bend mount tabs outwards to fix it If necessary, place the mount strap at the rear of the unit and fix it with provided washer asfigure 2. Push the unit into the Half Sleeve until you hear a click sound Place Trim Ring over the unit and installation is completed as figure 3. (Some vehicle may notneed Trim Ring) UN-INSTALLATIONInsert the supplied extraction keys into the unit and pull the unit out with keeping the extractionkeys. (as Figure. 4)5

Wiring ConnectionsNOTE: Never connect cable to the system while it is connected to the battery power. Wheneverthe unit is disconnected from the battery, the preset memory will be erased and the unit will goback to its factory defaults.Note: To watch video the parking wire should be connected to break signal. 2 cables isconnected to a Hands-Free device (not included).Parking wireNote: The parking wire is connected with brake signal; for safety, the programs can be seen onthe monitor after braking the car.Connecting the reversing line to taillight on the carAfter connecting, when you start up the reverse gear, the unit will receive the picture from carrear view camera.6

Note:- Only use groundless loudspeakers.- Use only loudspeakers of minimal 40Watt, using fewer watts may result in damaging yourloudspeakers at higher volumes.- Use 4 8 Ω (Ohm impedance) loudspeakers only; using higher or lesser impedance maydamage the unit.- Do not use 3-cable loudspeakers and do not connect the loudspeakers minus to the carbody (GND). The unit is using a BTL circuit and each loudspeaker must be connected withinsulated cables according the diagram.- Loudspeaker cables and/or optional external power amplifiers must always be about30cm away from the antenna and/or antenna extension parts.Connect the speakers according the following diagram, incorrect connections will damage theunit or your loudspeakersCorrect connectionLeft front-Right front Left rear-Right rearIncorrect connections7

Detachable Control PanelDetaching the control panelzzzRelease the trim ring.Turn the Power off.Press REL button and pull out the panel towards yourself.Attaching the control panelzPress the control panel into the main unit until the “click” sound is heard.Caution:The control panel can easily be damaged by shocks. After removing it, place it in a protectivecase and be careful not to drop it or subject it to strong shocks.The rear connector that connects the main unit and the control panel is an extremely importantpart. Be careful not to damage it by pressing on it with fingernails, pens, screwdrivers, etc.Note:If the control panel is dirty, wipe off the dirt with soft, dry cloth only. And use a cotton swabsoaked in isopropyl alcohol to clean the socket on the back of the control panel.8

Panel Control9

1. IR SensorIR Remote control signal receiving window. Max distance is 6-8 meters, 45 angels.2. BAND ButtonIn Radio mode, press to change radio band in sequence of: FM1 FM2 FM3 AM1 AM2.3. MODE ButtonPress it to select the mode: Radio, USB (if there is a USB device in the unit), CARD (if there is aSD/MMC card in the unit), TV (For SDR-762T) and AV IN.4. VOL- ButtonPress it to decrease the volume.5. POWER/MUTE ButtonPress it to turn on the unit. When turned on, press it to mute the volume output, press and holdfor 2 seconds to turn the unit off when the unit is on.(* Press any button on panel to turn on the unit except REL button)6. VOL ButtonPress it to increase the volume.7. USB JackUSB slot, for Multimedia playback files only. Insert a USB into this slot and the unit willautomatically start reading and playback the files. * Supported Music File Format: MP3, WMAFiles8. AV IN /AUX IN JackPut the AV plug into the AV-IN /AUX in jack which was marked on front panel.9. TFT SCREEN10. REL ButtonPress to release the front panel. When released, the unit will switch off automatically.Detach/Attach the Panel: Press REL button and pull it out to detach the panel. To attach it,press the control panel into the main unit until the “click” sound is heard.11. SD CARD SlotSD/MMC card slot, for Multimedia playback files only. Insert a SD/MMC CARD into this slot andthe unit will automatically start reading and playback the card. * Supported Music File Format:MP3, WMA Files.12. RESET ButtonPress it with a thin, sharp object. The device will then be reset to factory default settings.13. Anti-Theft LED FlashThe LED light on the inner panel will twinkle in red when the ACC power is cut off.10

Remote control1: MENU2: POWER3: UP4: BAND/M.SEL/RDM5: ENTER6: LEFT/SEEK-/FAST BACKWARD7: DOWN8: REPEAT/INT9: AS/PS10: MODE11: DIGIT NUMBER12:PLAY/PAUSE13:MUTE14: AUDIO15: SUBTITLE16:RIGHT/SEEK /FAST FORWARD17:VOLUME PLUS18:SET19: VOLUME MINUS20: EQ/LOUD21: SEL22: SCALE/ROTATE23: GO TORemove BatteryNote: The distance may vary according to the brightness of ambient light. If the remote is not used for an extended period of time, remove the battery to preventpossible damage from battery leakage andcorrosion. Do not place any objects between the remotecontrol unit and the sensor on the unit. Do not drop the remote control onto the floor; itwill damage it beyond repair. Do not use the remote control unit, while simultaneously operating the remote control unit ofany other equipment; they may interfere resulting in improper operation. The battery normally last for about one year although depending how often the remotecontrol is used. If the remote control unit isn’t working even when it is operated near the unit,replace the battery with a new battery of the same make and use only a lithium cell batterytype: CR2025 (3V). Dispose empty batteries in accordance with your local governmental regulations. Do not short-circuit, disassemble, heat or dispose of fire or flames the battery. Keep the battery out of reach of children, should the battery be swallowed, immediatelyconsult a doctor.11

Main MenuThe best way to discover the program is to explore each screen in detail, and to find out how tomove from one to another. Read this chapter for a guided tour.Unit starts by displaying the Main menu.This is the root of the screen hierarchy, and you can simply access all features by tapping on thetouch screen buttons.Tap the icons to enter a desired mode. Radio PlayerTo start Radio, tap RADIO button on main menu screen, or press the MODE button on thefront panel or RC repeatedly.Touch it to adjust the volumeTouch this button can scan the stations from 1-6, Long Touch it to save the stations withgood reception automatically and scan each station for about 5 secondsTouch this button to search stations backward automatically.Touch this button to open manual select station backward.Touch this button to open manual select station forward.Touch this button to search stations forward automatically.12

USB/SD/MMC Interface/To start USB /SD /MMC, tap the corresponding icon on main menu screen, orpress the MODE button on the front panel or RC repeatedly.Touch it to turn to previous contentTouch it to select music document folderTouch it to select photo document folderTouch it to select video document folderTouch it to pause the playback, touch again to resume.Touch it to play the previous track, touch and hold it tofast play forwardTouch it to play the next track, touch and hold it to fastplay backwardTouch it to turn to the time or track you want to play.Input the time or track number in the input box.Touch it to select the EQ: USER FLAT CLASSIC POP ROCKTouch it to adjust the volume.Touch it to turn to the file listTouch it to turn to the menu pageTouch it to zoom in the photo: 1 2 3 4Touch it to rotate the photo: 90 180 270 360 Touch it to select the photo playback mode: Fade InFade Out Persian Blinds H Persian Blinds V SlideUp Slide Down Slide Left Slide Right StretchUp Stretch Down Stretch Left Stretch Right Mosaic Zoom Out Zoom In Random Default.These indicate information will be shown on the top left ofthe TFT screen.Touch it to show the information of the video file.Touch it to select the display: 4:3 16:9 Full ScreenTouch it to select the audio language (available only if the video file support with audiolanguage function)Touch it to select the subtitle (available only if the video file support with subtitle function)Touch the up /down arrow to adjust the volume.13

TV Mode(only for SDR-762T)To start TV mode, tap on TV button from main menu screen.Connect a TV antenna to the TV antenna jack of the unit. Select TV mode; press on the center ofthe touch screen, and following interface will be display:1. In TV mode, press the play/ pause button on the RC to enter TV menu setting, or presstouch-screen to choose TV MENU icon to enter TV MENU.2. Press the / on remote or tap the screen to select one of the setup pages: Auto program Manual program.3. Press the ENTER button on remote or tap “Auto program or Manual program” on screen toenter the one of the pages.4. Press the/buttons on remote or tap relevant option to select the setting.5. Press ENTER on the remote again to confirm, tap BACK button to return to the setup page.6. Press theicon to be back to main menu.7. Press theicon to be back to TV main menu.Note: This function is available when TV tuner is connected.TV MENUAuto program (Auto seek mode)z SystemSelect this menu item is to set TV system: NTSC PAL SECAM, press ENTER button onremote or tap the screen to select.z AudioSelect this menu item is to set the TV sound system:When system setting PAL, TV sound system can set B/G I D/K /M/N, press ENTER onremote or tap the screen button to select.When system setting SECAM, TV sound system can set B/G I D/K, press ENTER on remoteor tap the screen button to select.When system setting NTSC, pressbutton to automatic skip search term.z SearchSelect this menu item is to start searching and storing stations automatically.Manual program (manual seek mode)z StorageSelect this menu item is to set the storage number.14

z SystemSelect this menu item is to set TV system: SECAM NTSC PAL, press NTER button on theremote or tap the screen to select.z AudioSelect this menu item is to set the TV sound system:When system setting PAL, press ENTER on remote or tap the screen button to select TV soundsystem: D/K M/N B/G I.When system setting SECAM, TV sound system B/G I D/K.button to automatic skip TV channel term.When system setting NTSC, pressChannelSelect this menu item is to set your desired searching channel, press/button on remoteto select one, or press the/icon to select channel.z FineSelect this menu item is to fine TV tuning and sound until it achieves the best quality, press/button on remote or tap relevant option to adjust.z MemorySelect memory on or off is to set whether memory the searched station or not, pressENTER on remote or tap the screen button to select. AV-IN Mode(only for SDR-762T)To start AV-IN Mode, tap on AV-IN button from main menu screen.Connect the external audio/video signal source to this unit. Select AV-IN mode in the main menuor by pressing repeat Mode button on the front panel.Note: If there is no external video input, the TFT displays “NO SIGNAL”.Press theicon to be back to main menu. AUX-IN Mode(only for SDR-762)To start AUX-IN Mode, tap on AUX-IN button from main menu screen.Connect the external audio signal source to this unit. Select AUX-IN mode in themain menu or by pressing Mode button repeatedly on the front panel.Note: If there is no external audio input, the TFT displays “NO SIGNAL”.icon to be back to main menu.Press the Setting ControlPress SET button on the RC or SET icon on the main menu to go to setup pages.1) Press the VOL /- button on the front panel or press up/down arrow on the RC to select any15

items and then press ENTER button on the RC to confirm the item. Press LEFT/RIGHT buttonson the RC to return to previous menu or enter the next menu.2) Press the VOL /- button on the front panel or press LEFT/RIGHT buttons on the RC to adjustthe setting. Press the ENTER button on the RC to confirm.3)Press SET button on the RC or front panel again return to current mode.SoundEQ: select the digital sound effect.Bass: bass up/down.Treble: treble up/down.Balance: Left/right Balance control.Fader: Front/rear Fader control.LONDNESS: Selecting loudness ON willemphasize the low frequency output.BEEP: Keypad sound setting.DisplayBright: set the LCD screen brightness up ordownContrast: set contrast up or downSaturation: set saturation up or downGeneralClock hour: select 12-hour or 24-hour clockdisplay mode.Clock set: Press number buttons to input thecurrent time.RadioArea: Select radio broadcasting area.Stereo: Select stereo on or off.16

System informationProduct Info:You can view detail systeminformation including serial number of thesoftwareCalibration:Adjust the touch screenDefault Set:return to factory default setting ornotCalibrationThe calibration of the screen is useful when some malfunction occur with the touch screen and itneeds adjustment.CALIBRATION procedure of the touch screen isdescribed as below: When the target moves toanother position, tap and hold at the center of thenew target. Repeat each time to complete thecalibration process. When the calibration has beencompleted, the device switches back to the previousoperating mode and retain the previous setting. Ifyou press Reset button, the setting will return tofactory setting.Other FunctionsParkingWhen the car is stopped and the parking brake is working, the screen can display the videoimage, otherwise the screen can't display the video imageBack View Camera (only for SDR-762T)This unit is equipped with back view camera output. The camera is used to observe the situationbehind the vehicle when you are backing the car.Please connect your back view camera with the back car video input. And connect the reversewire for back a car with the rear gear light. Rear view camera picture will be enabled when youare backing the car.17

Anti-theft SystemRemove the panel1. Press the PWR button to turn the power off.2. Press REL button to detach the panel.3. Pull the panel out.4. Place the panel into the case and take it with you when you leave the car.Remove the unit1. Remove the panel and the trim plate.2. Insert both T-Keys into hole on the front of the set until they lock.3. Pull out the unit.NOTE:The LED light on the inner panel will twinkle in red when the ACC power is cut off.Troubleshooting guideSymptomCauseSolutionGeneralNo powerThe car ignition is not on.The fuse is blown.If the power supply is properly connectedto the car accessory switch the ignitionkey to “ACC”.Replace the fuse.No soundVolume is in minimum.Wiring is not properlyconnected.Adjust volume to a desired level.Check wiring connection.The operationkeys do notwork.The radio doesnot work; theradio stationautomaticselection doesnot work.The built-in microcomputeris not operating properlydue to noise.Front panel is not properlyfixed into its place.The antenna cable is notconnected the signals aretoo weak.Press the RESET button.Reinstall the front panel.Insert the antenna cable firmly select astation manually.18

SpecificationGeneralPower supply:Current consumption:Maximum power output:12 V DCMax. 10 A30W x 4 channels (Max.)Compatible formats:MP3/MP4/WMA/ JPEG/RMVBDimensions (W x D x H) /178 x 175 x 50 mm / 1.8 kgweight:Workingtemperature -10 - 60 range:TFT displayScreen size:7 inchResolution:800*3*480 dotAspect ratio:4:3/16:9Contrast ratio:400:1Brightness:450 cd/m2View Angle120 FM Stereo RadioFrequency range(U.S.A AREA)87.5 – 107.9MHz(Step 200KHz)Frequency range(EUROPE AREA):87.5 – 108MHz(Step 50KHz)Frequency range(ASIA AREA)87.5 – 108MHz(Step 100MHz)Preset memory stations:18AM/MW RadioFrequency range(U.S.A AREA)530kHz - 1710 KHz(Step 10KHz)Frequency range(EUROPE AREA):522kHz - 1620 KHz(Step 9KHz)Frequency range(AISA AREA)531kHz - 1602 KHz(Step 9KHz)Preset memory stations:12Audio specificationMaximum output:2 Vrms ( /- 3 dB)Frequency response:20 Hz - 20 KHzTV Color SystemColor system NTSC/ PALS/N ratio(A-vtd):68 DbDSP sound effect:USER FLAT CLASSIC POP ROCKLine outLine outs:4 channel RCA line-outSpecifications are subject to change without notice. Mass and dimension are approximate.19

SDR-762/SDR-762T Flip-down/Detachable 7” Monitor MP3/MP4 Player AM/FM Radio Built-in TV tuner (only for SDR-762T model) Owner’s Manual Take the time to read through this owner’s manual. Familiarity with installation and operation procedures will h