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Welcome tothe world ofZIEHL -ABEGGTop technology made by ZIEHL-ABEGGThe elevator in the world-famous basilica ‘La Sagrada Família’in Barcelona, cable-driven underwater vehicles and even computer tomographs – drive technology from ZIEHL-ABEGG isused around the world, handling all manner of applicationsand providing reliability under extreme conditions.The Künzelsau-based company ZIEHL-ABEGG SE has developed and built truly efficient, durable and robust electric motorsfor over 100 years. However, the company is also a trendsetter in terms of fan technology and in the application of theprinciples of bionics. The electric in-wheel hub motor developedby ZIEHL-ABEGG for city buses provides the highest efficiencyin the world.More than half of the company’s 3,700 employees work in southern Germany. This is also home to the world’s largest combinedmeasuring and test bench for fans, which is able to simultaneously measure sound and efficiency. Annual research anddevelopment expenditure amounts to some seven per centof turnover. These framework conditions have enabledZIEHL-ABEGG to set global standards in the efficiency andsound characteristics of motors and fans over a number ofdecades.The high-tech company was founded by Emil Ziehl in 1910 asa manufacturer of electric motors. ZIEHL-ABEGG SE is notlisted on the stock market and is entirely family-owned.Global sales network and production groupZIEHL-ABEGG has 28 subsidiaries worldwide. With over 100dedicated sales offices, the company is able to operate inclose proximity to customers across the globe. This makes itpossible to tap into trends and developments around the worldthat can be incorporated into product development. 18 international production sites deliver consistent product quality ona global level.ZA dyn pro –compact andpowerfulThe frequency inverter for operating your elevatormachine without motor contactors. Featuring smalldimensions perfect for use in a control cabinet.Commence operation quickly and easily with the software developed especially for elevator technology.

ZA dyn pro –the compact frequency inverterNew elevator concepts mean that there is less and less spacein the elevator shaft. Components are relocated to the controlcabinet, but even this provides only little room.The smart new ZAdynpro from ZIEHL-ABEGG is the compactsolution, delivering maximum functionality in a small space.FunctionsThe benefits for you:Quick and flexible installation in a small space Various installation positionsRemovable connection terminalsEasier connectionUse of prefabricated cablesIntegrated EMC filterSpace savingNoise-free thanks to contactor-less motor operationControl cabinet can be installed directly adjacent tothe elevator entranceCertified and tested functionsStandby Operation without motor contactors using the functionSafe Torque Off (STO) according to IEC 61800-5-2 (SIL 3) Travel direction change counter for elevator with plasticcovered ropes or belts Self-monitoring of the motor brakeWith its various standby functions, the ZAdynprohelps ensure that your elevator is sustainableInterfacesEmergency operationEncoder Incremental: TTL, Sine Absolute: EnDat, BiSS-C, SinCosIf the power supply should fail, the ZAdynpro can be operatedvia an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or a batteryControl CANopen-Lift (CiA-417) Digital inputs (24 VDC) and outputs (relays)Space-saving and compact integration into the control cabinet4ziehl-abegg.comziehl-abegg.com5

Technical detailsZAdynproArticle 254HousingArticleno.Nominalcurrent[A]Frequency inverterNominal voltage [VAC]3 180.440ND01135718011.0ZAdynpro 011Mains frequency [Hz]50/60ND01335718113.0ZAdynpro 013UPS mode [VAC]230ND01735718217.0ZAdynpro 017Battery mode [VDC]96.216ND02335718323.0ZAdynpro 023ND03235718432.0ZAdynpro 032TypeArticleno.Frequency inverterBR11-A357171ZAdynpro 011BR17-3357216ZAdynpro 011ZAdynpro 013ZAdynpro 017BR25-3357217ZAdynpro 023ZAdynpro 032BR50-3357218ZAdynpro 032Linelength [m]Frequency inverterStandby mode [W]OutputType 3.0 6.0Motor power [kW] current [A] operating current (10 s) cycle [%]40Switching frequency [kHz] classIP20Dimensions H x W x D [mm]308 x 151 x 195370 x 152 x 195Standards and directivesMachinery Directive 2006/42/ECEMC Directive 2014/30/EU EN 61800-5-1IEC 61800-5-2EN 62061EN ISO 13849-1EN ISO 13849-2Lift Directive 2014/33/EU Reliable travel direction change counter for elevatorwith plastic covered ropes or belts Self-monitoring of the motor brake as an element of theascending car overspeed protection means and as part ofthe protection against unintended car movementTypeEN 12015EN 12016EN 61800-3When using a type ND line 03M6-ZAp3.0ZAdynpro 032Low-Voltage Directive 2014/35/EUCompliance with the Machinery Directive means that theprotective goals of the Low-Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU arealso metTypeArticle no.ZAsbc4B110357290ZAsbc4B 230357291System components Ensures compliance withthe limit values required byEN 12015 and EN 12016 Reduction of the harmonics Damping of commutationnotches and mains feedbackBrake resistor BR Prepared for wall installation Compact design Integrated temperaturemonitoring (only BR.-3)Brake resistor lines For brake resistor BR.-3 Prefabricated Integrated wires fortemperature monitoring Halogen-freeElectronic brake controlZAsbc4B For brakes with and withoutoverexcitation Operating voltage brake:207 VDC / 103 VDC Evaluation of safety circuit (110 VACand 230 VAC) and enablingcontactor-less operation Suitable for retrofittingAdapted to your needsZApadpro operating terminal Connection via standard network line USB interface for ZAmon software Remote control up to a length of 50 mZAdynpro is THE solution for installing a frequency inverter in your control cabinet. Its small size enablesoptimum adjustments to be made to the control cabinet according to the local conditions. The interfacesand functions that are integrated ex works ensure perfect travelling behaviour of the elevator machine.Article no. 3573006011013017023Line reactor NDziehl-abegg.comziehl-abegg.com7

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Brake resistor lines For brake resistor BR.-3 Prefabricated Integrated wires for temperature monitoring Halogen-free Electronic brake control ZAsbc4B For brakes with and without overexcitation Operating voltage brake: 207 VDC / 103 VDC Evalua