ATTORNEY GENERASfC22'21 PM 1:55 RCUDDEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE33 CAPITOL STREETCONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE 03301-6397JOHN M. FORMELLAJANE E. YOUNGATTORNEY GENERALDEPUTY ATTORNEY GENERALDecember 20, 2021His Excellency, Governor Christopher T. SununuAnd the Honorable CouncilState HouseConcord, New Hampshire 03301-6397Your Excellency and Members of the Council:REQUESTED ACTIONAuthorize the New Hampshire Department of Justice(DOJ)to enter into a subgrant withthe Manchester Police Department(MFD), Manchester NH (Vendor #177433-6012), in anamount not to exceed 100,000, from the Federal Fiscal Year 2021 U.S. Department of Justice,Bureau of Justice Statistics, Statistical Analysis Center(SAC), for the purposes of upgrading theMPD's National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS)crime statistical data storage andsharing program, effective upon Governor and Executive Council approval through September30, 2023. 100% Federal Funds.Funding is available as follows with the ability to adjust encumbrances, through theBudget Office, if needed and justified:02-20-20-201510-5013FY 2022FY 2023Statistical Analysis Center072-500574, Grants Federal 50,000 50,000EXPLANATIONThe SAC Grant is exclusively dedicated to providing and supporting states needingfinancial and technical assistance to improve the collection, analysis, and dissemination ofjusticestatistics. DOJ is requesting to subgrant these funds to enhance the NIBRS system managed byMPD.Telephone 603-271-8668 FAX 603-271-2110 TDD Access: Relay NH 1-800-736-2964

His Excellency, Governor Christopher T. SununuAnd the Honorable CouncilDecember 20, 2021Page 2 of2NIBRS was implemented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) nationally toimprove the overall quality of crime data collected by law enforcement for each crime incident.Information collected promotes constructive discussions and measured planning resulting ininformed policy.The MPD will utilize the SAC grant funds to upgrade the current NIBRS system. Theupgrade will focus on gathering information related to driving under the influence cases, violentcrimes, and property crimes. The enhancements will allow users to create specialized interactivegraphs and reports containing statistical data in a user-friendly format. The data presented canthen be utilized to improve plans, resources, and processes related to criminal justice issues.In the event that federal funds become no longer available, general funds will not berequested to support this program.Please let me know if you have any questions concerning this request. Yourconsideration is greatly appreciated.Respectfully submitted.John M. FormellaAttorney General#3406541

)The Siate:oT;} ew.4fam] eflnrtions.;;1'.2" 'State.Agency.Address'I'.lv StatciAjgehcyNam ' 33?(?japibj. Street', gpncord, NH'6330;i Neyv Harnp,st5ireAD.e ai3 ! ' i-;4.(SubrecipientrAddi :1.3.,Subrecipient'NameIManchester Pfljjcej Djepartmedt; :iv';§fSubrccipjeriti ' ndr- ccy 603-668-8711 P02Q.2O-RQii;5-i:O ;:i.9,,;Gi t'0.fficcr'f6rStatc] ! 1;8. GfahtXimitatiori '5' O9?3'072O23(. . ." TOO'OOO:i } 1'"IbwSutte Agency'Tclcphonc'Numbcr- ( 03). 7 :-3;6]58Kathle.en Carr"BVsigning.thisTorm "ftfjxUhg'rpquire'ihYritl' including ifappIicab]e.'RSA»:31:95?b!-". .hl2lSame:i&!Tit1e:oTSu iecipiennS or* " I'.l 1. vSubrccipientiSignaturc 1111 /Allen'pyAJdbniiergVC' 'i Subrecipicnt:Signati c'iy:(4/ ;j//CflW T.13. -Acknowledgment: -Stalciof re th1: undcrsigncd.pftiwf,,! y,a satisfaclpfilyproycn);tb Ix tJ(j',pcreon wh6sc Mmc}is;signpd 'ih!blpck,,lT documerit'in'the/wp cjty'ihdica ;cxccutedithis'1.13.1. Signature:of-NotarY'Public or justice ofi'thfe'Peacc (Seal).;i;13.21 N 'c & TiUcybf.NptatyPubJii r.Mfttittv ftSteyehX. fHdeft. Ndtaly. Rublic.-1.14.Statc'Agcncy'Signature(s),kiS';- Name &"jitle oCoAA . -Cpfnntfs nbBYi ilj-ja7mKathleen Carr, Director of Administrationil'.i6. /Apprpy by / bitifcy GeScn ,tEb"Cnir bstMcc;Sid/ «utib0;(if 12) 7fe021 1.17. Approyal by Gbvcniorjan jCpunci {(if; pl By:On:/ / AgencyasasEXHIBIT A(the,scopeoPworkbcing hereinafter referred:to:asv"the'Project").Rev: 9/2015Subrecipient lnitJal(s):P'atie;2:/

AREA' CQVERED.proy cdifor hCTCwSubrecipiqu 11 p pmDetwecn (he.EfTective Date and-the' Cbinpletion Daie the Subrecipient shall 9'2.grant to toe[Staie.,or tmy person designated 1 it. unrestrict access to all datamth.respect (p,,lhe:'S(Ate'of;N .4.Himpshiiv.EFrECTlVE DAtEi rOMPLRtlON OF PROJECT,4.1.This.Agreetnent; and'aUr.obligatioosiof c,parties herciinder,. shali.becomeTpT'examinalidn', duplicaiibn,.publication, liahslation, sab, dispoaal, or for anyotl 'punMSe wh'airoeverlNo dala"'ihaU be subjcctto c yright in " United Sl.'iles or any other-country by'imjreoe blKcf. nthe,92.cfTective on the;(bte'on'ibC;daK ofappiovai of thtV Agre mt-by.thc'.CbveniwarKl.CourKilbr'thc.'StateVof'Ncw Hampshire.'if-lequiied (blbclc'l.l7); or uponOn and -aRcf; th'c Effcctive-Daic ;oir:data 9.4;42.Exwpl 'ds'r.dtberwK spccilkany 'provided bereiii, (Ke Projl ihcludir ' allState"upcm detnand or-upoo icrmmalion of.thts. Agreement for any reason,whicheyer.shaUTtret;,tepohs' requir 'by this Agrectneht,; s}un jOKhplei 'idl'ISthe date in block!;7'(b'muiafttf icferrM tb'u " e Coi letion'Ctatc'i 5.5» 2.5.3.GR'Am--AM6[;NTvhIMn ATt6NQNW :fQUTi(t:.VQ JTie Craflt Amounf s.idotti att ed herMp.desgibcdjijE lBIT B';.'ilirinat pfi scbethjle of paymcnt;sha.ll tK,:U ih.acponlance wi!h;thie;proyisiops;SctYarth in.EXHiBitfB.ia iiD.cpi ;9i:.The;;Sute. .endsanyone ii shall .disigrate;' sbhil havc.''unrestricted authority to 10.GOmrriQNAL.'NATURE OR AGREEMENT. Nbtwthstahdmg anything inpubli 'disclose, distribute 'ood'othcrwitt use, in whole or iri.part, all 'data:this Agreonrat.tb Ihclctmtrary, all bbliptioris of the' Statc-hcrtlinder.-includihg.without,hnuiation, the continuaW.' CTtS'hereundcr;'are contingent uponof the.satisfficioiy p piinnnce:of.(}M.I jccl,,astheTarailabili ori'cohlmueil ttpp'ropriatioh-'pf ftuids, and in no event 11 thelimited by;subpan pb S:S;of'these'gaiernl'pTOvislcms.rthe Siate.'shail.' Subrecipient lhe bnnt'.,i mounL 'The State jsHnil wilih'oi ':«fiom:'th'efamoumState'bc2liablfTq? fiiy "iH chis herwiidS. in .cxccssj of such, oyailnble ora( 'pnatcd fun . Ih.ih'e ewntpfa rrtucbw or.tcrminatipn.oftoose fui* theState shall 'ha T the'i riglit/tp .withhold payn t until such fiinds .becomearoili ifhVl rij t ip tciminatc :ihis Agreementotherwise paynble'to Uie.SubrBcipieni under thiCsut ansrsph S.3. those sumsrequired, or pamitted, to'be witbhekl[purhunt to'NJ4.:RSA e.Grant amount sfa'all.-'be'' ib'e oniy.ra'nd thwicomplete ' yihenlfto tbe Subrecipienixfdr.aU expmof whHtem- natui a'dd the compkK c pet iim to m SubrKipiinfifo sh j ha'vc M li iida tp tlw Sid rKipi )pd}er[d .t% S te.idahfed by the SubrKlpient',in;'the'.p 6rmiince.b 515.l otwithsti anj ing inthe Miy,immediately upon giving the.Subrecipicnt notice.of such icmunalicn.'11.-EVENTOF DEFAULT: RF.K FlTrFSJtoyiOtK.vor.-inpre'.of. ;ii:T.7.1.Agrcenygtthe, contrary, ai ;failure to pc .&e Project satisfactoriiy, or oo:8chedule::br. 1Failure,tosubmitany.'iepbrt r beieuhdcr;:orp mB j udtpri i.prac' pi e,thereunder ,e;(qe ;th ;1 liT.S pailureto maintain,tor,permiladce3S tb/the:fcc'oifds required hiricut er; orsci fofth;ih;block;1.8 ofthese general,pipvistbns; f hire lo,pcjfoiroiuijjbfthc:blh'cir.'6bwmants .imd'c6ndiu'oh CQMPittANCE Y.SUBREgrPiENf- ;i -.2:, Opon:ihe;occurrence bf any. Evimfbf'Defriulti-'ihe State rtiay take'any one, jecC tKe.Subrecip ei1t.'siiall comply'mbre/w-'alL'brih'c' foUbwmgactiwidi. o1ltstatutes,;jh'w3 regulade iuid orden' of„fcdeni;'state, 'coUiity.-.or' :M:2:i Giv% Ithe Su)3recipieni''a ymttCTi np'ricc. sj ifying the' Event 'of Dcfauli andnotvpUisu mg.;imexpec cjrcu nstances,, in no emt.shaURECORDS and ACCOUNTS.-''ri uiiwg'Tl to bci rmcdi wihh}. .inf the:absence of'a greater or lesser i iKm;,pf .time,,th i the'.datc oflhctnotice: and if theEvent of Debultps not timcly: edicd;tterm te.thu Agrecment.,e(tcaive two'Behiwtbe' Effaliw DatcJ'ihd.pie.dale 'thitt;(3)':;ycanSftCT'the'Cp alto giving the. Subrecipient notice.of icrmination; andDale the-;Subm!pim( stiali Ic c ihid'iCTOun'b.orBn'Up cohnec'ticm with the.; .f jee't, r JutHngi but ,npt,. .iimilW to. gjsts, of"ii;2i(jjye ;the Siih pient .a written notice specifying the Event of Default and. mpq g all payments to'be'made undCT,lhLS 'Agtwmehi'and ordering that theadministiahoni traospo i .Jinsufn,( .tcJ!q)ho(K IIs,.8riiid.clm.p on qftlhe.'Grut:Amount WhKh,\ ld .olhcTwise.Bcciue!to die'Subrecipientand seryjces. 'Sirch acccmntS) ll.te:iuppO(rted'by.-recej{«,.;inyoicesi'.bil]s.a du .thc,;peripd!lVom,ihe:-date.of tiichr,iwtjce uhtt sucb.'linie as th'e thc-Evcht"6f ,Dcnever s of,llie:Subrecipient shallcpnsiitute an eveni;of (b&uh-bcrcuQder (hereinafW referred to as "Events ofCbTadltl;municijal authOTttes.-which shaif.iuipOse ttny dbiiptr Vdf duty upbo 'the'SubrRipienii-:ioc]udiiig ibe.'abqtusii dfu ahd all Mcessiiiy' has beeniwejvi fiw the Suic pr.RurchMed.with-fundsprovided'for that purpose underthis 'Agit!einCTt.,shali:bc .the property-of the State, and.shali be, returned to thesignature by the Siate Agency as'shown in block.i.14("the elTcciive dale!*};BetwM:dieiEROTytvi tC',atid;Uw; tp;ihrec.((3 ycj«pakI-lp'.to'c!Std)fecihirat;''iiha:[ ic.u.imy.(irne:(Uaiiv'the;Subrccrp{'ent's'noii7 and'fas'.oftenas;toe/Stateishal!:d thelStateAlliSetrofEagamstrony"blliw6bIijpt.i6n .daratj ' tato'wffOT;! reasqllic;Subrccipicnt 'greeiitohL' The Sid [ecipiedi 'all. ii;r4: Tmt : .iigrement u,breKhed and piiiwc any of-its renmlies at'law'.or inpennil lhe?State'io.auditi examih'ei- and reptdduce.'tuch'records, and to-make- iiity.'drlbbih:8udii5;of:al] cbDtncts. 'mvdices,- matieriab.;pa Us,.'recdf '. 12;-.12:1':.aUiposbnii iratinj jK, iboal/ a f liatd widi,-c(m !M by or-uit commonownership wilh.y .,raUtyasjik Shbr pirat in8,2:PERSONNEL. . .The Submipietit. ll; at';iu:p expeii9e, p(oyi )aihpersoniKi. neccsssry toRcrfomt .'.l rojjxL ' l iSubrKiipient Prt jcctj l.b(:;quali[i -to:perfpmiucb'Rn3jrot.aQd'sI ;be'i: and Bu tizcdjto':'p i oraStjra,Proj '.tiDda 1213 icubjpahlecl or'dthefrpnidh,Tfirm 'or c'drpdratiooTwithtwhimat u relan'onsHi withTt Stf 'pr Wg'S. Satj Wf GranTjDir . li'lw.dtVrqTOor.anyv.di uto bereuraer,'Iterihton) 9.9.1.DATA-R i lONOFibATAiiA'CCES'Sl thingSi developed lor .obtained 'duiing: ; pierfiyniah'cev6f,j.'dr- ik u '-.'br'developed by.icasoh'of,.dtu Agiceroeht.-'iwIu bih'dbt.{iinJted'tbVail' studrqwrtsi 'fiiesj fdimulde,j fsuvi , *d iod. recording'; epreb th' fpicli l: j cprbductions; ( wiiij smly -gnphkt're cbmpu / ms. 'Mm h l« ;;Tm 6fiuid pap«- ai Rev.-9/20l5" 'eamedMq mxI ioclu ngll te.ofl l IfiXthe.TCTiwii. li ciAPwnsraphs. Jjll qr'"i2;4 -of these generalproyisi A -apprpjTij bfisuch.a Tenninati ihe-Siate sbaH -iano'SX?PiXfji iihF:,Svbr?F.iP'! Lrf5 .' y.*n sustaitned or; .tm;!d by !Sj) ite.;.as'a:resu'ltto.f tlKiSubiecipient's'.bivaditoftits.obli ii'oas.fNptwith nfim ,imyfting-ih\lhi3 'Agreement;to:ihc'corit eiih'cr the State or,As used ifl.thj's.'Agreetnent,' the'.wDid,'';(bta"-'shall.;incahta[l.iihfoimati :m;'ahd.dqcuj tSya.ll.w thttfi *j[pTO'mibmJ tlra:'a" tovjl.'brsuch)a'TCTnun«ihemntoi . Inithe cvcnl',pf:(lhisf igreeffleft.trb Gram 6fricer;and;hit er totsionon'Bny.dbpute,''aIuU:bet l '-In-.itlb event ofrTermimtion-'ubdiri,pue ;I0 of,12.4 of these, generaliti3e';;Suhrecip V 6( lve\t u['i ionV -The .Sid)rec( ienl'' il'.Tibtthiie,rBad' it siuUfdot' KitDit 8hyi subcb apipbinbdifor any reason.other, thanto CTmplei ipn r,thc'Rt 'ccL,tib deliver to the Grant-Officer,npt; atw-ihim fif teenXl5),qayi.ato iheidaw;of terminaiion,:a report (hereinato,referTrfitO!tas:ii« ' eiminaiion,Report .''describmg,in detail all Project Workt'cmilnaiior.12.2;.icombihSi efroh'to"p 6fha''tKiProjro"t?tpthire'!'ith p 8J;In tlw e\ jX.W I-F'l y *!TnjmadOT qperfonn .and.;.lhei Grant Airtouht; dimed,' 'to and'including the .date' ofproWsions8.8:1.'TERMINATION.13i.'ucept wbererHdu'cerdbQ, vra'']t6' the Sitorecipient hcreu'ridcr,- theSubrecV«k raay'tcrihinate',this''Aj racnt''vrilbbut «u« uwritten'.n cV.-'" ""'OP'IfffERJiSTj 'No'offiMf;of the.Suh'iwiplwL i 'ho'lrej*«CTOTpioyce.;pf;ihe State; / NewH fShiie.'pr, pf i j-gpyemihgJ y o or'Ipcaliiics in.w 'cb'the;iex icw-,OTiapprotra1 ojican g.out pfriuch Project, shalli M i{ diKm lelatingjto.lhis AgreaHcrU.w ich a toherSuWc1pieriVtmUa\(i):Date:

: .*cc bie p; *Suie;.aQdbusinmof.E -siwUl coriiaih aV.cUu«:?iirpbibitmB' ciukxilaiibo orl Q4.i' 'ioo'ofj%;wbcx:eaHiCT'ihiui'lai\(10 a3j aflCT;w;pn cfr 'themf.14.this pihigraph' shall be theJSireRECn'lENTrS'REliATIQN'ro TT E'STATE!;Agiwn«ri'i. llK SuSrecipiCT iu'iOTRl6 ««; jOtW,.«iil nii«;ofthV:Sul jpj nre' R il'. 'jenu'.npr crapUjyeeJ.of'jhc/Sa If.,.hai b :T»iciycdiby tte 'of iu, offKwr-onpjpj ;j ljlu :c;puthonty.w,.bindlhcrSttie.nor;8refthcy.:qrt worlgncn'ii jcompcnsation. V.cmol'tnnenis, iroyided 'by,- the; Statb' lib il&t.empjoyw .JSW tpi ,15. NQTICE, t y iMi«.' .a- » .,'h du' \ H.yg;rf-q givieoj«rlbesubgnmied l .Uie Submipirai;e(lier (han u tet.focih' in'pribfwnnia''c6nscnt'oflheSta16;'liabililiobr pc .tja u»T ;i nA; Sute,--ju qfitcers'ai bmdiiigT7u -}ar .iwconsUtutC;a'waivtr.;qf die'iw wign;immumty;pf'ttc Sc 'whrefi iriimuhiherebysrcscrrcdlto/die.Staic.- -This,'coycn3iu;'shall'jsuViM',the teHnthBti thisagreenicni.17.17.1,b.B; UiutdiStalcs'Po t;dfficeVKldte ed'ld'ih pitifUo at the.addK»a f1rn;aboye:gi lAMElfeMEfff? Thb'' \;gfemedi.iriay.'be amofclM'w dischaiged.only!by)tnimstrum mt'm".'*TjtmgJ»'the* ief Hawaiitppj 'v l:of;suchJamchdihcnt,;waivw; di& c b dic'i ye of the .tate o bv.Hain'ijsbife if uir tfSb dicsii 'ingSuteAge friT INDEMNIFICATIONS 'The S 'rKtpiaf'ihallj defenciv w'dc i'fy. Bncl tibl(lT20:,or.on'bCTalfofanVjpcnon. onocccxintoifln 'on:.rBulh'ng;fam,i pr.iior "icli,!piyjbc 'cbim -'b (iriscj.oul' q'O .*ej«ctt orj.omj»iprii 'pf dieSubrecipirai or, lubconttactpr, Of(5ubgrttntce:or;o1hCT,8gcnt:pfNotwjihstanding l ;f( omii,;nodiingfhcrcm' cpnmincd:8balPbe;( oidefpai -'sball.-be deemed tomail,J22''INSURANCE'ANb BONb.Ihe7bw.fii}'qf .i [ les'-;arb their respectivei1T e;cnpticKu W.conareof thisofi to fc,ij jn dctamming 5wTHIRD PAR'TIFS. p.parties'herebidq.'nottbteod to'.bimthird pdrtiesENTlRE'AQREEMEhrr: T it-'Agm'nii t ;u*ifh''m»yin a number.and bis''?«««n?n.t; !ljopt i», tmcdito: 'OfcqunteTpaitj.(cach;br.which' haU,bc de«m«liM'onguwi; 'ccosiitutef the entirefollowing ih'sunnce:17.1.1 ,. SatutbfyagreaneQV;Bnd; undetstondmg betM :tUe partia; ' r.supetiedcs' all priorlabijityyinsunince for la, f2'4;employ««'(mpgrt'in;'lKc,p ormanceqft 17. l"i Comprehi iytpublic/l ill.ty/insuitmqc # j';.ciainttSoiyi)odily'ifdw a.dl»th;qr;prDp d Sj l .pOp aggregate.' ibr. bodily ii\juiy{or diaih] any 'ode'incidttl, uidftlhtirig hereto.SPECIAL PROyiSfQ :, tbe:-ad tipcial.f beieio'arcTmcbn»riitiMl'M"paft[qfib'forth in Exhibit CSSOO.OOO.forproper damagein.Bnyonc!incident;'aid:Rev. 9/2015Subroiipicri.t Ihjtidl(s):Date:/a:A ItJ

EXHIBITA SG'0PKQRSERSlGfiS.1;.: Mancfest;er'E.o asfSiibrecipient shall receive a siibgrant'-from the New .Hampsliire"D: ai6rientvofiJusti'ce(CP J);for,expforfGr; IBR S reporting.activiHes-suiXQundib'gjso'f 2. The Siibrecipjfint shairbe.reiinbursed:by:the'.D.bJ base expendituresdeiscnbed ih'Exhibit B. The:Subrecipient.shall bmitdncunred expenses forreira )urs„emeation:thevstate;:apprpj!'edLexpehd .Exi)ehditure:fe] rtsrsh submitted.on?a;quarterly'btoiS w;:f6llp\ymg:ffierend oi ieSpttent quarterly actiy tHahithrtty'(3.0Jidays M6wingttheTend:ofdie:quarter;wcpn id,eredjate and Qut'.of/:e/»or is.'dwc.'oni;4/7ri7i7d--orT/5.di s after the clbsei'ofthefKst gudrte 'eridirig\6n Mdrch31.3 S.uTjrep imfc requir: ;to m'dnt h::supprtihg{dbcuraehf fonaU grant expenses-bothstate.fdnds; d i tch»ifj3rovid Md;tp,iprpduce thpSg documents updhrequest/of thisGffice: or .toJ \Otli:ei: state/orTedera'fiaudit autfein documentatibnfshall.' be;.m ntoafleas lthreetHe clOscof the;Fjsdefalbrant.4, Sxibrecipient shallibte subject'to periodibvdesk audits arid program reviews'by DOJ. Spchdeskiaudits;andjprogi m:reviewsshaIl;bescheduledydth;S,ubr ipieh attemptshall: be.madeby SubreCipient to accommodateithe schedule.5;. i l;cortesp;ondehce;:arid:isubMNH blepartmdht;o'f3 ,ustGrants Management'Uni ti,Ihitials Date

lEXHTBrr.B1 The Subrecipient Shall recjeiMerreiihfcure exchangeTpr approy -rexpen; ireports asidescrib in-EJO 2. The Subrecipient shall'be;reimburs ; j tKirfy'([3'Q)- ajjp.rAyal GjFi;exp;eridit:ui:es., Sai"d"papaehtrshaU;K mSe td 'merSubrecipient- acppuntTeceivables address per- e Tih cjallSysXem SfateiofSewiHampsM '3., The StaterS dbligatibn tojcompeiMatieitoSubKed : "greemeht;stiaiUM Axceed the"price::lmutafion)Set;!fQ* 3a. The.Eubrecipiept'sM be awardj an AmQurirnpttb, exceed; 5'6;6().blbf lie:total .GrantiLimitabbh frbm;,GovembP ari3 Gduneii ap'provalvto;06/30/202?, with. approyeb expenditureireports. is:slud]jbe-cpntj fiindingtand,:prpgr.ajn'perfpnnah .3b. The:Subrecipient5shMlibe Drrfpimt:ho;t.wntinu&rf' erEexteed; 50;000 .Grani,;Limi'ta bniibm'0'7/0j/iSM tb.G9 072023, with.-approy repoi :Thisfshall»bercontingen pn.continpe4'; peiformance:-4. Neither-the Sub'recipientmbr DOTwih be'Tesponsjble for. anyexpensesror posts incurredunder thisia .eement.priof to .Govembr and Gbuhcil approyai,;hbrafter 09/30y2P23 -,Subrecipi'eritIIni'ti'als Datei

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