Question Bank (G scheme)Name of subject: MANAGEMENTUnit Test: ISubject code: 17601Course: ALLSemester:VIMULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS1. Business is the process of providing platform to the people to exhibit their &abilities.a. Technical and economicalb. thinking and mentalc. technical and manageriald Leadership and vocal.2. What does a business provide to the customers in exchange of their money?a. goods and servicesb. profit and servicesc. satisfaction and reliabilityd. knowledge and happiness.3. According to Drucker, the purpose of business is:a. to get moneyb. to acquire success in marketc. to satisfy customersd to create and keep customers4. Which one of these is not a type of business?a. serviceb. manufacturingc. machiningd. trade5. Service sector is also known as .a. primary sectorb. secondary sectorc. quarterly sectord. tertiary sector.6. What is manufacturing?a. acquiring customersb. production of merchandise.c. gaining profitd. completing demand7. How do traders make profit?a. in the form of commissionb. in the form of loansc. in the form of shares

d. in the form of debentures.8. What are the types of trade?a. profitable and lossb. singular and pluralc. bilateral and multilaterald. direct and indirect.9. Which one of these is the largest segment in Indian industry?a. textile industryb. banking industryc. chemical industryd. engineering industry10. What are the segments of engineering sector?a. precise and controlledb. heavy and lightc. heavy and technicald. civil and mechanical11. Which one of these is not a relevant factor in process industries?a. goodsb. ingredientsc. formulasd. bulk12. What plays an important role in the Indian textile industry?a. satinb. woodc. cottond. machines13. Which of the following cannotbe used in textile industry?a. cottonb. woolc. juted. polythene14. How many products are produced by chemical industry?a. more than 70,000b. more than 6,000c. more than 60,000d. more than 7,00015. Chemical industries produce in the largest quantity.a. soda and soapsb. polymers and plasticsc. cosmetics and paperd. water and detergents16. Which one of the following processes is not a part of textile industry?a. spinning

b. weavingc. dyingd. polishing17. Which one of the following is not a broad category of chemical industry?a. durable productb. basic chemicalsc. life sciencesd. consumers products.18. Which one of the following is a fertilizer?a. nitrogenb. soda ashc. chlorined. ammonia19. Which one of the following categories of chemical industry has smallest volume?a. basic chemicalsb. life sciencesc. specialty chemicalsd. consumers products20. Which one of the following is not a consumer product?a. soapb. detergentsc. cosmeticsd. caustic soda.21. is the leading manufacturer in the chemical industry.a. Tata Petrochemicalsb .Parle Agro-Productsc. Hindustan Unileverd. Reliance Petrochemicals22. What is the mainstay of Indian economy?a. Agriculturec. Engineeringb. Chemicalsd. Textile industries23. Agriculture provides employment to almost % of Indian work force.a. 40b. 50c. 60d. none of above24. India has a very large export of processed .a. Chemicalsb. Fruits and vegetablesb. Finished Productsd. Fishes

25. demand high level of manual labor.a. small scale industriesc. village industriesb. large scale industriesd. sugar industries26. Which type of industries are semi-automated?a. small scaleb. large scalec. villaged. sugar27. Which type of industries involvethe largestinvestment?a. small scale industriesc. village industriesb. large scale industriesd. sugar industries28. Which one of the following is not a cash crop?a. cashewc. towerb. spicesd. tobacco29. What does ITES stand for?a. Information Technology Extend Serviceb. Information Technology Education Servicec. Information Technology Enabled Serviced. Information Technology Energy Service30. industry is the sunshine sector of Indian economy.a. chemicalb. information technologyc. agriculturald. process31. Which one of the following is the leading software exporter from India?a. Bangaloreb. Hyderabadc. Chennaid. Mumbai32. Indian IT companies are not working in the business.a. serviceb. telecomc. softwared. product development33. Similar to manufacturing companies banking is a business to make .

a. public relationb. profitc. goodsd. customer relations34. banking is not a business segment of industry.a. retailb. internetc. whole saled. treasury operations35. It takes too many days for payment by .a. demand draftc. chequeb. cashd. RTGS36. For paying amount up to Rs2 lacs, is a better choice.a. demand draftc. RTGSb. chequed. NEFT37. Commission charged by a bank on DD is charges applied to RTGS & NEFT.a. less thanb. equal toc. more thand. negligible to38. The promise to compensate for any potential failure is calleda. fixed depositc. insuranceb. recurringd. interest39. The certain amount which an insurer pays to the company isa. EMIb. premiumc. Interestd. bill40. Find the odd one outa. health insurancec. life insuranceb. travel insuranced. motor insurance41. policy covers all the medial expenses following hospitalizationa. health insurancec. life insuranceb. travel insuranced. motor insurance42. Very recently, the Indian government has permitted % FDI in the insurance sector.

a. 49b. 48c. 50d. 5143. Find the odd one out:a. Bajaj Allianz general insurancec. ESICb. LIC Of Indiad. Kotak life insurance44. Retailers can be classified intoa. big and smallb. classified and non-classifiedc. individual and groupd. organised and unorganised45. The Government of India has allowed % FDI in single brand retail tradinga. 49b. 51c. 100d. 5046.In multi brand retail trading the permission for FDI is %.a. 49b. 51c. 100d. 5047. India is largely an retail market.a. unorganisedb. profitablec. organizedd. black48. Hospitality falls under sector.a. publicb.retailc. privated.service49. Which one of the following is not a major segment of hospitality industries?a. accommodationb. food servicesc. public relationd. other hospitality operations50. The health care sector in India is controlled bya.public sectorb. private sector

c. hospitality sectorc. government51. The process of transferring ownership of business from public sector to private sector is:a. privatizationb. liberalizationc. tradingd. globalization52. The relaxation of previous government restrictionon economic policies, transfer of trade andforeign direct investment isa. privatizationb. globalizationc. liberalizationd. modernization.53. Who is known as the father of scientific management?a. Alfred Marshallc.F.W. Taylorb. Matthew Boltond. Elton Mayo54. Who is known as the father of modern management?a. Max Weberc. Mary Follettb. Henri Fayold. Henry Gantt55. FredrickTaylor stressed on:a.b.c.d.Selecting the right people for the right jobDivision of labourUnity of commandUnity of direction56. Fayol suggested that organizations can be sub divided into main groups of activity.a.b.c.d.12414657. Who is credited with having developed the concept of priority or hierarchy of needs?a.b.c.d.F.W. TaylorAbraham MaslowMax WeberMary Follet

58.Arya Chanakya’sArthashastra written in the third century B.C. provides guide lines for:a.b.c.d.The policies of governance of a kingdom and people managementHow to workUtilization of the organization strengths and the importance of disciplineThe policies and objectives of an organization’s59.In the early writings on managements, the art of war was written by:a.b.c.d.Arya ChanaykyaMark TwainSuntzuAdam smith60. The breakdown of operations in a products manufacturing into small and repetitive tasks isrecommended by:a.b.c.d.Peter DruckerJames WattF.W. TaylorAdam Smith61. To motivate workers, Taylorsuggested:a. Differential piece rate method of paymentb. To pay more salaryc. To give less workd. To provide festival bonus62. Gantt chart represents:a.b.c.d.Critical activities in a projectSchedule of projectsPredetermined duration and actual progress of activitiesDetails of design of a project63.Who developed a theory of motion study?a.b.c.d.TaylorJames wattGilbrethPeter Drucker64. Authority hierarchy, rules and procedures and division of roles and responsibilities to managework are all features of :a. Taylor’s principles of managementb. Fayol’s principles of managementc. General administrative theory

d. Weber’s bureaucratic organization.65. MaryFollett developed then theory of group dynamics for:a.b.c.d.Resolution of conflictDeciding wagesThe communication processDoing large – scale tasks66. Possibly the most important pre-20th century influence on management was :a.b.c.d.Scientific managementMiddle managementThe industrial revolutionThe division of labour67. Who is recognized as “the man who invented management”?a.b.c.d.F.W. TaylorElton MayoPeter F. DruckerHenri Fayol68. Who is responsible for the actual operations of various departments?a.b.c.d.Top managementBoard of directorsMiddle managementFrontline management69. sets the vision and mission of the organization.a.b.c.d.Top managementMiddle managementFrontline managementBoard of directors70. The board objectives and policies are decided by:a.b.c.d.Regional managerMarketing managerSupervisorChief executive officer71.When we classify managers according to their level in the organization, they are described as :a. Functional, staff and line managersb. Top managers , middle managers and supervisorsc. High level and lower level managers

d. General managers and administrative manager72.Top level managers engage chiefly in planning or long range planning.a.b.c.d.Human resourceFinancialsuccessionstrategic73. “Analysis of causes of deviations “is a part of which process?a.b.c.d.MotivationTeam workControllingLeadership74. Which of the following is not a basic function of the management g75. reduces eading76. The planning process is used to prepare in an eriesBudgets77. Getting work done with a minimum effort, expense or waste is the definition ning78. are an organization’s objectives and are the documented ways thatorganizations intend to meet those objectives.a. standing plans: single-use plansb. stated goals : real goals

c. goals : plansd. specific plans : directional plan79. is the judgment of the g80. A is a long term goal.a.b.c.d.planoperationinnovationvision81. is a communication that flows from a higher level to lower level in the organization.a.b.c.d.Horizontal communicationUpward communicationDownward communicationNone of given option82. determines specific goals and lays down the board areas within which the goals are tobe e of them83. is the application of knowledge and personal skills to achieve results.a.b.c.d.ArtScienceWorkNone of the above84. Who is not a middle level manager?a.b.c.d.General managerProduction managerSection headMarketing manager85. Which managers supervise and coordinate the activities of operating employees?a. production manager

b. frontline managerc. section headd. operation’s manager86. is a policy making 7. does not belongto henryfayol’s 14 principles of management.a.b.c.d.StandardizationScalar chainAuthorityDiscipline88. is the 2nd function of lling89. The process of inspiring the subordinates to put in their best is known as .a.b.c.d.MotivationTeam workManagementLeadership90. Which one of the following functions involves recruiting and placing qualified personal neededfor the eading91. converts efforts into results.a.b.c.d.GoalBusiness planVisionStrategy92. Plans that apply to the entire organization, establish the organization’s overall objectives andseek to position the organization in terms of its environment are called:

a.b.c.d.Tactical plansStrategic plansSingle- use plansOperation plans93. Formanager, to control or direct the work of an employee, the manager must have:a.b.c.d.Line authorityResponsibilityReferent powerStaff authority94. is the process by which an organization decides what it will sell , to whom , when andhow.a.b.c.d.Strategic managementPlanningSellingMarketing95. Manager who are responsible for making organization – wide decisions and establishing theplans and goals that affects the entire organization are:a.b.c.d.Production managersTop managersFrontline managersResearch managers96. is the process of getting activities completed efficiently and effectively with and throughother people.a. Leadingb. Supervisionc. Controllingd. Management97. Which is not a type of communication?a.b.c.d.Voice mailsPublicationsFormal presentationListening98. The five management functions of planning,organizing,commanding, coordinating andcontrolling work proposed by:a. F.w. taylorb. Henry fordc. Chester barnard

d. Henri fayol99. Organizing includes:a.b.c.d.Defining organizational goalsHiring organizational membersMotivating organisatinal membersDetermining who does what tasks100. The process of monitoring, comparing and correcting is called 01. The three essential managerial skills required by any person in an organization are .a.b.c.d.Technical, human and empiricalHuman, empirical and conceptualTechnical, interpersonal and controllingTechnical, human and conceptual102. Managers with good are able to get the best out of their people.a.b.c.d.Human skillsConceptual skillsTechnical skillsVisual skills103. Which one of the following skills is more important at lower levels of cal104. In order to achieve a mission, is/are set.a.b.c.d.Smaller goalsVisionBig planStrategy105. A business plan depends upon information.a. Productb. Word of mouthc. Finance

d. Market106. refers to produce and earn at least what the business did the last year.a.b.c.d.ProfitSurvivalProgressNone of the above107. Which of the following factor is considered while developing premises in the planning process?a.b.c.d.Government policyTechnological changesCost of raw materialsNone of the above108. is the right to issue orders or make decisions.a.b.c.d.To manageGovernment policySuperviseAuthority109. Developing responsible employees is a/an process.a.b.c.d.LeadingPlanningCoordinatingOld110. is the function of employing eligible people for the . In a joint stock company, loans are repaid by the .a. membersc. companyb. promoters.d. none of the above112. A private limited company can have minimum and maximum members.a. 4, 50b. 4, 20 c.2, 50d 2, 20113. In a private limited company, generally are the members.

a. partnersb . Neighborsc. friend and family membersd. anyone114. A company in which not lessthan of the paid up share capital is held byGovernment is known as a Government company.a.48%b.49%c. 50%d.51%115. In a line organization the authority flows froma. subordinate to subordinateb. superior to superior.c. subordinate to superior.d. superior to subordinate116. In a line organization who is responsible for final results?a. the workersb. the superior authorityc. the managerd. the foreman117. donot pay taxes on the profit earned.a. Partnershipsb. Private ltd companiesc. Public ltd. Companies.d. All of the above118. Line organization is:a. rigidb. flexiblec .strongd. expensive119. What sort of company is Infosys?a. Public Ltd.b. Private Ltdc. Partnershipd. none of them120. In functional organization activities are grouped by function.

a. commonb. separatec groupedd.special121. According to law is not viewed as a separate legal entity.a. Entrepreneurb. Partnerc. Companyd. Proprietorship122. In functional organization, line authority.a. does not existb.certainly existsc. partially existsd. somewhat exists123. is a voluntary organization formed to serve the members and for the welfare of society.a. Cooperative societyb. Companyc. Public Limited companyd. None of the above124. Line organization lacks:a. coordinationb. conflictsc. specializationd. nothing125. Line and staff organization is the modification of:a. Functional organization b. Staff organizationc. Special organizationd. Line organization126. The staff specialist provides to line managers.a. machineb. workc. adviced. order127. Which the following is not an advantage of a public limited company.a. Quick formationb. Large capitalc. Professional managementd. Limited liability128. Project organization is a/an organizational structure.

a. Temporaryb. Permanentc. Annuald. Quarterly129. Assistant to the president to a company refers to which type of authority.a. Line b. Functionalc. Assistantd. Staff130. Members of a project organization are from the department.a. higher b. HR c. functionald. CEO131. In a department the is in charge of a department.a. managerb. HR c. CEO d. project manager132. is a right to issue orders.a. Responsibilityb. Spanc. Stabilityd. Authority133. The persons forming a joint stock company area. Partners b. Entrepreneurs c. Promotersd. Investors134. Which of the following is not the responsibility of a product manager?.a. Qualityb. Quantityc. Storage of goodsd. Controlling accident135. authority is the right given to an individual or a department to control specified processesor activities in other department.a. Functionalb. Linec. Projectd. Job136. The process of concentration of authority with the top management is known ascentralization.a. Topb. Functionalc. Lined. Decision making137. In a project organization, the members can be from:

a. within the organizationb. outside the organizationc. None of the above d. a & b138. Which of the following can be considered as a project organization?a. Car productionb. Manufacturing of partsc. Installation of a dairyd. None of the above139. The advantages of project organization area. It takes less time to completeb. Maximum use of specialist knowledgec. Decisions are taken independentlyd. None140. The process of of tasks of similar nature is known as departmentation.a. arrangingb. decidingc. aligningd. grouping141. The various departments in a company are: capacitors, sensors, resistors andFuses. It is an example of departmentation on the basis of:a. Processb. Productc. Functiond. Project142. A public limited company can have minimum and maximum members.a. 2, unlimitedb. 2,100c. 4,100d. 7, unlimited143. Suggest a suitable form of ownership for a bicycle repair business.a. Public Limitedb. Private Limitedc. Partnershipd. None of the above144. Memorandum of Association of a company does not contain:a. Purposeb. Liabilityc. Authorized capitald. Dividend145. Departmentation helps to improve the of an organization.a. effectivenessb. lifec. qualityd. skills

146. Which of the following is not an element of a Communication process?a. Feedbackb. Noisec. Spand. Message147. is the legitimate power to exercise influence, make decisions, carry out action and todirect others.a. C.E.Ob. Supervisorc. Responsibilityd. Authority148. is essential to direct, guide, instruct, and order the subordinate.a. Managerb. Authorityc. Responsibilityd. Chairman149. The authority that a possesses is known as line authority.a. Subordinateb. Managerc. Superiord. Chief Executives150. The life and existence of a doesn’t depend upon the life of members.a. Partnershipb. Entrepreneurshipc. Proprietorshipd. Company151 Advantage of centralizationa) Greater Qualityb) Greater Controlc) Greater self-satisfaction amongst staffd) Great fluency of work152. In centralization the skills of the middle level management area) Increasedb) Decreasedc) Underestimatedd) Underutilized153. With , the top management can focus on strategic issues for finding new avenues andopportunities.

a) Workb) Processesc) Centralizationd) Decentralization.154.Inpartnership, the partners have unlimited liability:a) Trueb) Falsec) Partly Trued) Partly False155. The speed of decision making is quick in .a) Centralizationb) Decentralizationc) Span of controld) None of above156. is the number of subordinates that can be effectively supervised.a) Centralisationb) Decentralisationc) Span of controld) None of above157. Theorganization always prefers span of control.a) Smallb) Economicalc) Wided) Narrow158.In a tall organization structure, the span of control is:a) Economicalb) Big

c) Wided) Narrow159.In a flat organization structure, the span of control is:a) Economicalb) Bigc) Wided) Narrow160.Which the following is the advantage of a narrow span?a) Closer Supervisionb) Lower Overheadc) Economicald) More Delegation161. Which of the following is the advantage of a wide span?a) Lesser skilled people Managed easilyb) Monitoring is easyc) Lower Operational costd) Good Communication162.Supervisors with high ability can have .a) Narrow spanb) Wide spanc) Big spand) Small Span.163.Managers at lower level can have span of control.a) Wideb) Narrowc) Lowd) High164.When complexity of a work is more, then is preferable.

a) Narrow spanb) Wide spanc) Big spand) Small Span.165. Delegation is a right given by a to to make decisions.a) Manager , Employeeb) CEO, HRc) Manager , Supervisord) Supervisor , Subordinate166. Organization is a/an a system.a) Closedb) Exposedc) Opend) None of above167. In order to have flexibility, the maintenance activities must be supported byactivities.a) Co ordinateb) Adaptivec) Supportived) Financial168. Which of the following not an adaptive activity?a) Modified plansb) Extensive market researchc) Outsourcing of servicesd) Material development169. Minimum and maximum persons can be partners in a business.a) 4,20b) 2,20c) 4,10

d) 2,10170. Which one of the following is not included in the “Contents of Partnership Deed”?a) Name of Partnership Firmb) Duration of partnershipc) Permanent address of partnership Business.d) Face value of share.171. concentrates on development of the organization.a) Availabilityb) Stabilityc) Productivityd) Flexibility172. Stability is reluctance to .a) Changeb) Productivityc) Availabilityd) Predictability173. Communication is the transfer of .a) Wordsb) Speechc) Messaged) Sayings174. Noise is the in communication.a) Mediumb) Transmitterc) Both a and a.d) Barrier175. The communication process is said to be completed only when receiver has themessage.ANSa) Receivedb) Readc) Understood

d) Seen.176. Which one of the following is not a form of communication?a) Downwardb) Upwardc) Horizontald) Diagonal.

14. How many products are produced by chemical industry? a. more than 70,000 b. more than 6,000 c. more than 60,000 d. more than 7,000 15. Chemical industries produce _in the largest