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2Sutorbilt Legend DSL SeriesGardner DenverSutorbilt Legend DSL– TraditionImproving a great, trusted and proven product wasthe challenge. The Legend DSL integrates provenexperience with world-class blower design andmanufacturing to create a product worthy of thename “Legend.”– Quality– Innovation– ResultsQuality Tradition Trust Tradition: 150 years of quality manufacturing withproven results Every Legend DSL is manufactured in our ISO 9001certified facility in Sedalia, Missouri Each Legend DSL is individually tested to meetrigorous performance specifications Superior and consistent quality can be found in eachLegend DSL as a result of:– Continual investment in the training of world-classmanufacturing personnel– Quality inspections throughout the entiremanufacturing process Requested by leading Original EquipmentManufacturers (OEMs) worldwide for a wide rangeof applications A Legend is at the heart of an ever-expanding varietyof air solutions working every minute of every day Supported by a worldwide network of experiencedand trusted sales and service professionals Quiet Series available with reduced noise up to 5 dBA The Legend DSL Warranty– 30 months from the date of shipment or– 24 months from the date of installation,whichever occurs first

3Experience Proven Resultswith the Legend DSLLegend DSL ProvidesAdvanced Engineering Capabilities– Pressure to 15 psigFinite Element Analysis (FEA) – thermal analysis– Vacuum to 16" Hg– Airflow to 950 cfm– 24/30 WarrantyInnovation Refined timing and locking device incorporatesfrictional keyless shaft gear locking rings– Improves blower life with more resistance toslipped timingFigure 1 – Previous design was developedwithout the benefit of FEA thermal analysis.– Allows for easier maintenance Spherical roller bearing on drive shaft(4–6" gear diameters only)– Provides greater allowance for misaligned drives,and improves longevityResults Drop-in replacement for current Legend products Operating temperatures which can be up to 15 Fcooler compared to leading competitive brands Greater durability with an increased capacity foroverhung load by as much as 30% Unmatched strength and rigidity from increasedmass, which can be up to 37% more than leadingcompetitive brands Universal mounting feet allows for easy fieldconversionFigure 2 – With FEA thermal analysis, a gooddesign was made great. Innovative bearing housing design with airgaps reduce drive end sump temperatureswhich can be up to 15 F, extendinglubricant, bearing, and blower life

4Legendary DSL Design Features & Benefits291088Legend DSL 5M34761515

51. Dual Splash Lubrication Reliable splash lubrication on both gear and driveends for longer product life One-piece slingers are securelyclamped on both shafts toensure efficient lubrication, andallow installation flexibility2. Single Piece CylinderProvides Greater Strength & Rigidity Heavy-duty reinforced cast iron cylinder retainsinternal clearance DSL design utilizes the existing Legend cylinder androtors with proven results3. Universal Feet Drop-in replacement for current Legend design6. Greater Overhung Load CapacityIncreases Blower Life Improving overhung load capabilities by as much as30% Belt drive capabilities are independent of blower/motor orientation for improved packaging options Spherical roller drive bearing provides bettermisalignment capabilities (4–6" gear diameter) Cylindrical drive bearing on 3" gear diameter7. High Temperature Viton Oil Seals Maximize the seal life in continuous, severe-dutyapplications to provide leak-free operation8. Site Glasses Installed on side of unit and can be readilyconverted in the field Reduce inventory and provide installation flexibility One set of feet for vertical and horizontalconfigurations4. Improved Timing Improved Reliability Grip rings expand against thebore and compress on the shaftfor a secure, mechanical shrink fit Replaces pinning of timing gears Easier and more cost effective to teardownand rebuild5. Larger Sump Capacities Cooler Running Bearings Sump capacity is increased as much as 30% on driveend and 62% on gear end over leading competition9–10. Cooler OperatingTemperatures Increases BlowerLife Integral ribs (9) improve heat dissipationand performance Engineered air gap (10) to isolate the oilsumps from hot air Engineered lubrication channels ensure amplelubrication reaches critical componentsRobust Design ImprovesPerformance & Efficiency Additional weight provides more rigidity to the blowerallowing greater efficiency and tighter clearances The Legend DSL weights are greater than leadingcompetitive brands which can be up to 37% heavierMechanical Gas Seals The Legend DSL design accommodates mechanicalgas seals for critical gas applications10

SI ZEHigh vacuumMedium vacuumLow vacuumHigh PressureMedium PressureLow Pressure6DIA. INLET& OUTLETDISPL. CU. FT./REV.RPM2 PSIG3 PSIG4 PSIG5 PSIG6 PSIG7 ET& 9.77 PSIG9 PSIG10 PSIG12 PSIG13 PSIG14 83509574735SIZEDIA. INLET& OUTLETDISPL. 4H4HV1¼"-S1½"-S7 PSIG8 PSIG9 PSIG11 PSIG13 PSIG15 271,1701,7601,9302,350SIZEDIA. INLET& OUTLETDISPL. 4LV2½"-S3"-S2 "Hg4 "Hg8 "Hg10 "Hg12 "Hg14 ,1701,7601,9302,350SIZEDIA. INLET&OUTLETDISPL. 3.53M3MV4M4MV5M5MV2"-S2½"-S4"-S6 "Hg10 "Hg12 "Hg14 "Hg15 "Hg16 "Hg6M6MV5"-S.383SIZEDIA. INLET& OUTLETDISPL. 1½"-S2½"-S3"-S6 "Hg8 "Hg12 "Hg14 "Hg15 "HgPerformance based on inlet air at standard temperature of 68 F, an ambient pressure of 14.7 psia and 36% relative humidity.For performance at non-standard conditions, contact your authorized Gardner Denver representative.16 "Hg

Dimensional Data — Horizontal 6.752.692.697.753.885.003.508.88 11.26 1.255.86 12.05 3.501.781.630.190.750.25.62 x 1.123M79S7.623.132.697.753.885.003.508.88 11.26 2.006.30 12.92 4.361.781.630.190.750.25.62 x 1.123L95S10.24 4.442.697.753.885.003.508.88 15.55 7.001.781.630.190.750.25.62 x 1.126.88 13.754H98S7.25338.254.196.25410.44 12.381.542.381.81.19.875.38.5 x .754M117S9.54.1338.254.196.25410.44 12.382.58166.252.381.81.19.875.38.5 x .759.2518.54L142S125.3838.254.196.25410.44 12.3838.752.381.81.19.875.38.5 x .755H196S10.883.53.595.197512.19 15.382.58.19 16.38 4.882. x .755M215S12.884.53.595.197512.19 15.3849.19 18.38 6.882. x .755L255S16.886.53.595.197512.19 15.38411.19 22.38 10.882. x .756H329S9.753 .94416.568 .75614.751839.19 18.63 5.752.942.311.375.5.75 x 16M377S135 .56416.56.198 .75614.9418510.81 21.8892.942.311.375.5.75 x 16L549F209.06416.57 .58 .75616.2518614.31 28.88162.942.311.375.5.75 x 1JGMLSTD PIPEKOG2RS DIA.PSQ. KEYLHCLeft hand(Optional Assembly)HENBABFCU FEET WIDTH SLOTS (4)DCTRHCRIGHT hand(STANDARD Assembly)CENTER TIMED FOR ROTATIONIN EITHER DIRECTIONDimensional Data — Vertical 6.752.692.697.754.506.258.00 11.88 7.751.255.86 x 1.123M79S7.623.132.697.754.506.258.00 11.88 7.752.006.30 12.92 4.361.781.630.19.750.25.62 x 1.123L95S10.24 4.442.697.754.506.258.00 11.88 7.752.507.61 15.55 7.001.781.630.19.750.25.62 x 1.126.88 13.754H98S7.25338. 8.381.542.381.81.19.875.38.5 x .754M117S9.54.1338. 8.382.58166.252.381.81.19.875.38.5 x .758.512.69 9.875.38.5 x .755H196S10.883.53.595.5810.5 15.88 10.382.58.19 16.38 4.882. x .755M215S12.884.53.595.5810.5 15.88 10.3849.19 18.38 6.882. x .755.5810.5 15.88 10.38411.19 22.38 10.882. x .7539.19 18.63 5.752.942.311.375.5.75 x 15L255S16.886.53.596H329S9.753.94410.58.75 11.75 14.75 20.756M377S135.56410.58.75 11.75 14.75 20.75 12.38510.81 21.8892.942.311.375.31.75 x 16L549F209.06410.58.75 11.75 14.75 20.75614.31 28.88162.942.311.375.31.75 x 11215S Threaded connections standard NPT. F flange connections. Inlet and outlet connections are the same type and size.Dimensions are in inches. Weights are in pounds and are approximate.MJLJ2THCTOP hand(Optional Assembly)OSTD PIPEKRPS DIA.BNABHSQ. KEYEFBHCBOTTOM hand(STANDARD Assembly)CENTER TIMED FOR ROTATIONIN EITHER DIRECTIONGU FEET WIDTH SLOTS (4)CDCT7

Genuine Gardner DenverParts & Lubricants Maintain the Gardner Denver performance advantageand reliability with Genuine GD Replacement Partsavailable through authorized sales and servicerepresentatives Protect your Gardner Denver investment withAEON PD, the only lubricant specially formulatedfor all blowers in any environment– Now available: AEON PD-XD (eXtreme Duty) Designed specifically for high ambient and highdischarge temperature applications– Also available: AEON PD (standard applications) AEON PD-FG (Food Grade)Quality Promise Gardner Denver industrial blowers are manufacturedunder rigid ISO 9001 quality standards All models are thoroughly tested to meet the highestperformance standards for unequaled service lifeunder the most severe operating [email protected] Denver, Inc. 1800 Gardner Expressway, Quincy, IL 62305Customer Service Department Telephone: (800) 682-9868 FAX: (217) 221-8780Please recycle after use. 2009 Gardner Denver, Inc.Litho in U.S.A.PD-SBL-DSL 3rd Ed. 5/09

Sutorbilt Legend DSL Improving a great, trusted and proven product was the challenge. The Legend DSL integrates proven experience with world-class blower design and manufacturing to create a product worthy of the name “Legend.” Quality Tradition T