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With a location in Oberbiel in central Hessen, IBC Wälzlagercontinues in corporate terms the tradition of the companyRobert Kling Wetzlar GmbH that was established in 1918. Geographically speaking, it is also located only a stone’s throw fromthe premises on which the previous company was located until1974. IBC Wälzlager has been writing its own success storyfor almost 45 years, but without forgetting the traditions of dayspast. This makes the location so much more than just a piece ofour own history. It is a gateway to the world. Because, thanksto the favourable location of our head office in respect of trafficconnections, with the plants in Solms-Oberbiel and Asslar, thecompany has excellent all round connections. The direct connection to major north/south routes as well as to the main routes leading east and west not only provides a central position inGermany, but also for the whole of Europe. Additionally FrankfurtAirport connects IBC conveniently with customers and suppliersworldwide. Therefore in recent years the company has developedinto a global player not only because of its geographical locationbut also because of its know-how in all matters concerning technology and innovation.

IBC Wälzlager GmbH, Industrial Bearings and Components,has made a name for itself worldwide as a manufacturer ofhigh-precision rolling bearings for applications in machine tools,separators, centrifuges, compressors, gearboxes, printing machinery, textile machinery, fast running machines, in drive technology,the construction of special machines and general machine construction. The success of our company is based on the developmentand economically viable manufacture of small and medium-sizedbatches with maximum precision and also the innovativeimplementation of customer solutions.In addition to its range of well proven rolling bearings IBC alsomanufactures linear motion bearings guided in rails with an X- orU-section and with the raceway running internally. This results in avery compact and space-saving system. Areas of application arehousings for machine tools and telescopic runners, for example, inthe rail vehicle industry, medical systems or warehouse logistics.Proof of our competence and technological capabilities is provided by products that are constantly evolved further, optimised andmanufactured at the plants in Solms-Oberbiel (Germany), Asslar(Germany), Grenchen (Switzerland) and Aurangabad (India). IBCis a reliable partner for customer-specific systems and individualsolutions for precision rolling bearings, not only in drive systemsand in the construction of machine tools but also in all areas ofindustry and commerce, with sales affiliates and representativesworldwide.The constant and more stringent requirements placed on qualitybearing systems are leading to the development of a wide varietyof technologies and new materials for use in increasinglydemanding and very specific technical and economical fieldsof application. We are taking responsibility for this fact by acontinuous increase in the performance of our products andtechnical processes, as well as extending our range of products.The strategic importance of quality and the commitment to following a corporate strategy has made a major contribution to thesuccess of our products in all the important market sectors andregions worldwide.In our role as a reliable partner for our customers it is our intention to be able to recognise special requirements in particularmarket segments. to be able to offer cost-effective and energy-saving problemsolutions with high product quality that are the rightchoice for the market. to attain a leading position worldwide in these market segments. to assist our customers through flexibility, reliability andtechnical support for their applications. to reliably guarantee availability by a comprehensive rangeof materials and products.

Quality policyA quality-based way of thinking and an awareness of quality aredeeply embedded in our corporate DNA. The quality of our staff,our technical developments and our production work flows ensures a maximum degree of product reliability.and form the basis of the TQM system that was introduced byIBC. Constant quality checks and inspections that are integratedinto the manufacturing process ensure an equally high level ofquality for all our products.The company management is primarily responsible for thefulfilment of a commitment to a quality policy throughout. Bysetting an example with their behaviour they guide all the stafftowards attaining the jointly agreed goals. Our business activitiesare based on the basic values of integrity, an appreciation ofvalue, reliability and sustainability, and apply both to ouremployees and our suppliers.Our highly effective quality management system has been implemented for the design, development, production and marketing ofrolling bearings and linear guides and has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.These common guidelines and constructive teamwork lead toa permanent increase in the performance of our products andprocesses and to sustainable prosperity.Continuous staff training and an intensive form of partner-likecooperation with customers and suppliers and contactwith universities serve for definition of the common goalsHigh-quality production is assured with due consideration forquality management criteria. Flexibility, closeness to ourcustomers and first-class technical consultation, combined withtop service and on-time delivery, are the requirements of thismarket. At the national level (within Germany), the companyhead office in Hessen (Oberbiel and Asslar) ensures that theserequirements are met. The capabilities of the location withtradition lie in the planning, development work and qualityassurance devoted to all IBC products. All the sales andmarketing decisions are likewise made here, both on a domesticand an international basis.

DevelopmentThe development, designing and construction of products andapplication solutions substantially determine their performance.New items are conceived with the aim of finding the bestinnovative solution for our customers. We attain this through amaximum degree of competence, efficiency, innovativeness,reliability, creativity and customer orientation. Of course, this isalways combined with the lowest possible emissions and energyconsumption, and a commitment to environmental friendlinessthroughout.This commitment to a soundly based combination of design,construction, customer requirements and marketing offersnumerous advantages through a rational collection, evaluationand forwarding of information that contributes to permanentimprovement in all areas from production to our suppliers and toour customers.Our great commitment to innovation is, amongst other things,reflected in our intensive activity in research and development.The main areas we focus on are basic research, materialtechnology and tribology, but also the optimisation of ourmanufacturing processes. An example for this is the variation inmaterial and ATCoat coating of bearing and linear motion components, which means an increase in the efficiency of the products.The products are tested under varying and extreme conditions ontesting facilities at IBC as well as in independent institutes and infield tests. More than just serving research, our modern equipment - in the hands of trained, skilled workers - goes even furtherthan this, thus allowing the production of high-precision bearingsto the highest standards of quality and guaranteed for a longperiod of time.


Product RangeDeep Groove Ball BearingsSpindle BearingsAngular Contact Ball BearingsHigh-Precision BearingsTapered Roller BearingsHybrid BearingsCylindrical Roller BearingsAngular Contact Ball Bearings forBall Screws (Single and Double Row)Spherical Roller BearingsThrust BearingsShaker Screen BearingsHeavy Machinery BearingsSpecial BearingsCompetencePrecision Bearing UnitsPrecision LocknutsATCoat coated Rolling BearingsLinear Motion BearingsLinear GuidesPrecisionFuture

ProductionCommunicationThe use of the most modern production technology makes avery significant contribution to the manufacture of high-precisionrolling bearings and guarantees the very best product reliability.This is the only way to achieve the goal of error-free performance.Despite all the technical aids, the personal communication ofour staff between customers, development and production hasa great value that is not to be underestimated. Partnership dialogues serve to define common goals and to ensure a commitmentto achieving them. This is fundamental to achieve a customeroriented and global way of thinking and acting.In addition to considerable investments in our main location inSolms-Oberbiel (Germany), and in the production capacities inGrenchen (Switzerland) and Aurangabad (India), additionalproduction facilities were established in Asslar (Germany). Amongother things, these are all equipped with full air conditioning and aclean room for measurement and assembly.The monitoring of all processes, from the purchasing of the rawmaterials through to the hardening processes up to automatedproduction using the very latest CNC machines and flexiblemanufacturing systems, ensures consistently high product quality.The setting up of rolling bearing databases and the use of moderncalculation programs provide an important competent servicepackage in the field of bearing design, established by dialoguewith our customers, and is constantly being further developed,and includes the topic of vibration analysis.The most recent information about IBC, such as, for example, important national and international fairs on which IBC is represented,can be found on the Internet under: documents such as installation drawings in digital formare also available here for direct downloading.

Product RangeIn many cases bearing problems cannot be solved with thestandard ranges of bearings. Thus the factors of quality,reliability, functionality, technology and economic efficiency are inthe foreground to optimise the requirements of our customers forrolling bearings. Complemented by superlative service and on-timedeliveries mean that we retain our customers in the long term.In addition to precision angular contact ball bearings therange of products has been supplemented by performanceoptimisedhigh-performance cylindrical roller bearings,40 angular contact ball bearings and single- anddouble-row60 ball screw support bearings.Matched angular contact ball bearings, rotary tablebearings with axial-radial table bearings (ARTB),deep-groove ball bearings, hybrid bearings and rollingbearings in special designs, as for example for use in turbochargers, compressors, separators and vacuum pumps in thefield of precision rolling bearings, complete the comprehensiveproduct range.Depending on the application, IBC high-precision angular contact ball bearings can be delivered in different materials and withdifferent contact angles, with different ball diameters, made ofsteel or ceramics, in open or sealed versions, in single- or doublerow form. Direct lubrication through the outer ring is anotherpossible variation for spindle bearings.Precision spindle bearings of the HM series with an internaldesign optimised for high speeds were developed to meet theongoing trend for higher rotational speeds in machine toolspindles and to resolve the conflicting requirements of therotational speed and the load bearing capacity.Depending on the requirements, the most convenient bearingscan be chosen with regard to rotational speed, load capacity,rigidity, lubrication options as well as any additionalenvironmental parameters.Furthermore, IBC manufactures high-precision roller bearingsas spindle bearings in the well-known NN and N ranges. Inaddition to this, there are precision tapered roller bearings andspherical roller bearings, thrust bearings and angular contactball screw support bearings as well as shaker screen bearingsand bearings for heavy-duty machines.Additional components of the bearing systems such as precisionlocknuts and labyrinth seals have been an essential part ofIBC’s range of products for many years now.

Additionally IBC produces an extensive range of precisionflange units and pillow block units as well as special units.The large number of applications with their various requirements can be met from the created variable module system thatgives the designer a maximum amount of freedom, for example,when designing variants. Added to this is ease of assembly andinstallation, and the low maintenance requirements allowoptimisation of the entire machine tool system.The IBC linear motion bearing product range for a wholeseries of different applications complements the well-knownand proven bearing product range. For example, if machine oroperating parts need to move smoothly for prolonged periods orto guide heavy masses precisely and in an energy-saving way,then IBC linear motion bearings are a proven solution with theirdurability and economic efficiency. Thus what are basically twodifferent types are produced and they meet very differentconstructional requirements: the telescopic rolling bearingsystem and the carrier system.The range of products offered by IBC has also been extendedto include precision rolling bearings and linear guides for specialapplications with ATCoat thin chrome coating.Properties that extend the service life together with superlativeresistance to wear and corrosion are the main value-addedbenefits of ATCoat coated high-precision bearings and linearmotion bearings.More detailed information on the various bearing designs, as wellas the choice of the right bearing and correct, safe integrationinto individual applications and designs can also be found in therespective product catalogues.It is this extensive product range and worldwide support for ourcustomers on site by our service department and technicaldepartments that enables us to find specific and economicalbearing solutions, working together with our customers, for theirbearing requirements.Präzision mit Zukunft, Precision with future, remains withoutalternative.We are future-oriented. We have the creativity and visions toperform and provide.

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IBC - Precision with Future. IBC - Precision with Future. With a location in Oberbiel in central Hessen, IBC Wälzlager continues in corporate terms the tradition of the company Robert Kling Wetzlar GmbH that was established in 1918. Geo - graphical