The handbook of rife frequency healing holistic technology for cancer and other diseases pdfPraise for The Rife Handbook Natural therapies and healing have been ridiculed as quackery by the medical-pharmaceutical complex for a century. Yet consumers spend thirty billion out-of-pocket dollars a year on alternative therapies. Why? Not because people are gullible, but because many of these modalities work. Holistic health is complex. Itaddresses the entire body, all one hundred trillion cells. Supported by abundant research, Nenah Sylver does an amazing job explaining the plethora of options, techniques and technologies that will help readers make informed decisions about how to naturally support their health and innate healing power. Simply put, The Rife Handbook is anencyclopedia of holistic health. It’s so comprehensive, it’s mind boggling. This stellar body of work belongs in every household as well as every practitioner’s office. —Bernard Straile, DC author of One Thousand Shades of Pink and developer of the IMAET quantum energy wellness equipment This book is incredibly well written and comprehensive,relevant to students and practitioners alike. Covering an array of topics in medicine and holistic health, it comes at a most crucial time in the bourgeoning field of alternative and complementary health care. Having read scores of books on electromedicine, l count this book as my number one reference on the topic. I only wish I had the knowledgepresented in these pages many years ago. As a scientist with over forty years of clinical and academic experience, I am mesmerized by Nenah Sylver’s quality of writing and knowledge. She explains the most difficult topics clearly so anyone can understand and benefit from what she has to offer. Dr. Sylver is sure to inspire and educate those fortunateenough to hold a copy of her book in their hands. Without question, she will be included as one of the great minds of the 21st century. It is with great pride and honor that I recommend The Rife Handbook without hesitation to all physicians and students in the health field. —John A. Amaro, PhD, DC, LAc, Dipl Med Ac past president, InternationalAcademy of Medical Acupuncture and developer, Electro Meridian Imaging (EMI) acupuncture diagnostic instrument In this 5th edition of The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health —the definitive work on Rife, resonant frequency, pulsed energies, and related technologies for therapeutic use—Nenah Sylver has set an evenhigher bar of excellence. She has conveyed so much new and important information in an even more organized and cohesive manner, that this edition is a “must have” even if you enjoyed the previous volume. Dr. Sylver’s unique ability to translate complex information into accessible content, suitable for health professionals and laypersons alike, leavemost hard-core technical persons (like myself) in total awe. Her attention to accurate historical detail as opposed to myth, and inclusion of new, cutting-edge complementary healing modalities, allows readers to strategize a practical and effective approach for their often serious health issues. This latest edition empowers the reader by providing awealth of knowledge compiled, sorted, and refined over the last decade. It offers information that few have time to research for themselves when their health requires it the most. This book is an incredibly valuable resource that everyone needs. If you have but a single reference in your library on the science and practice of these technologies andtherapies, The Rife Handbook should definitely be the one! —Jimmie Holman co-founder, Pulsed Technologies Research (USA) and Bioenergetics & Pulsed Technologies (EU) Traditional medicine, with its faulty paradigm and obsolete Neanderthal protocols, is already in a state of decline. In its wake, Integrative Medicine has begun to fill the void withbio-mechanical therapies, electromedicine, and more natural remedies to heal. Keeping up with the many advances is a monumental task. The previous edition was a first-rate, comprehensive, extremely well organized and documented manual to help laypersons and physicians better understand the concepts of vibrational medicine and the power ofcomplementary health protocols. As an author, researcher and international lecturer with over forty years of clinical experience, I was literally blown away by that masterpiece and gave it a definitive five-star rating. This revised 5th edition of The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health is a perfect example of intelligent evolution.Dr. Nenah Sylver has compiled an even more comprehensive holistic bible. In an improved format, it provides frequencies to treat new diseases, plus expanded sections on the politics of medicine and vaccines, more breakthrough complementary therapies, historical electromedicine references, and other topics to help one survive the pitfalls ofmodern medicine. It’s a must for everyone’s reference library. —Gerald H. Smith, DDS, DNM past president, Holistic Dental Association Dr. Nenah Sylver has brought together the sciences of bioelectronics and naturopathic health care in a truly integrated approach. The Rife Handbook is the bible of holistic medicine for the 21st century. —BrianMcInturff creator of the Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL), Dr. Nenah Sylver has gifted humanity with a magnificent, comprehensive, thoroughly researched guide to holistic health as well as the science and application of the work of a great medical pioneer, Royal Raymond Rife. This book will help physiciansexpand their base of practical and theoretical knowledge. I highly recommend it for any clinical practice utilizing complementary and energy medicine therapies. —Robert S. Ivker, DO co-founder and past president, American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM) and author of Sinus Survival At a time when health conscious individuals areconcerned about drug-resistant infectious diseases, the government’s push for mass inoculations, the over-medication of children, bioterrorism, and negative effects of vaccines and drugs, along comes a well researched, easy-to-read treatise that revives non-invasive and effective frequency therapy. The Rife Handbook is sophisticated enough for theseasoned health professional, yet thorough and understandable enough for the novice. This book does more than discuss the genius of Royal Raymond Rife; it superbly explains holistic approaches to treating disease. Even if the reader does not (yet) own a frequency device, this book is one of the best primers I have ever seen on holistic health.Anyone interested in alternative healing protocols must have this book. —Rose Marie Williams, MA Townsend Letter columnist, and natural health and environmental advocate This 5th edition of The Rife Handbook is huge. Our definition of “handbook” must expand to include the book’s thousand-odd pages—making it a little unwieldy in the field, butabsolutely worth keeping at the desk. It’s enormous in scope, but Nenah Sylver eases us into the text by explaining, in the Introduction, the premise under which she operates: “It became clear to me that I couldn’t just create a list of numbers [frequency settings] to go with the equipment . . . it wasn’t enough to receive frequency sessions; [people]had to actively eliminate the conditions that had allowed their illness to occur in the first place.” The end result is truly a comprehensive volume of healing. Healing invariably makes us think of germs. But as Dr. Sylver writes, “As long as we perceive ourselves as helpless victims of germs, we’ll continue to rely on pharmaceuticals to help us get well.”A famous senior executive at GlaxoSmithKline (whom she quotes) once publicly admitted that over 90% of pharmaceuticals are only about 30%–50% effective (depending on the genetics of the person to whom they are administered). Dr. Sylver discusses the effectiveness and toxic effects of pharmaceuticals in depth. The political aspect of bothpharmaceutical drugs and their marketing is also discussed and referenced extensively. The section on vaccination is to be particularly noted—the history, politics, science, and their incorporation into our own genetic material (a sort of biologic gene editing phenomenon). And that is only Chapter 1. Other highlights made a particular impression aswell. Dr. Sylver discusses the inventions of Royal Rife and the discoveries of other healers in this field of holistic medicine. The entire history, as recounted in this book, is sordid, and reflects very poorly on the medical establishment, including the American Medical Association. We are given a multitude of choices for healthy living—with the caveatthat “one size fits all” does not work for either bathrobes or diets. I was especially drawn to the section on gratitude, toward both the animals and plants that provide us with our food. The Brix measurement of plant vitality was a brand new one to me. High Brix means more nourishment, and is measured by placing a drop of plant juice on a devicecalled a refractometer and seeing how much the light is bent as it passes through the prism. There is also a very interesting discussion of wheat, and how it has become modified from the original 14-chromosome glutenpoor grain to the current 42-chromosome gluten-rich grain associated with multiple forms of illness known as “gluten intolerance.”One of the appendices gives an excellent discussion of various electromagnetic frequency devices and magnetic therapy in general. Another appendix satisfies the research junkies among us, a list of published papers and books on electromedicine dating back to 1877. Plus, there are still all the chapter references, almost five hundred for Chapter 1alone. Appendix E gives a tantalizing glimpse of current research on frequency treatment of cancer cells in vitro. And Appendix F lists commonly used chemicals, almost all of which are toxic to human life. There is so much more to this book that you need to read it for yourself and decide what your favorite portions are. If you want to learn about Rifetherapy or the context in which it is best used, this book is an excellent place to start. It is also an invaluable reference manual for complementary therapies and holistic living in general. The writing is superb. The information is well researched, logically presented, and accurate. “We cannot die in peace without living in love,” writes Nenah Sylver.The overall impression this book leaves is one of light and healing. I am beyond impressed. —Martha M. Grout, MD, MD(H) Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine Scottsdale, Arizona Dr. Nenah Sylver’s 2001 edition offered an impressive collection of long-suppressed information to help people break away from the self-serving deceits employed byconventional allopathic medical care and the pharmaceutical industry. With this new volume, Dr. Sylver demonstrates her mastery of this complicated field with massive amounts of hands-on information that you must learn if you are to finally be well. She courageously demonstrates how each of us has the power to take charge of our own lives andcreate our own wellness protocols, without abdicating responsibility to anyone else. The Rife Handbook is destined to become the definitive reference on attaining self-directed, holistic health. —S. Nathan Berger, DDS, PC Rife researcher and biological dentist It doesn’t happen very often, but occasionally I read a massive book on natural health andhealing that just plain blows me away. Dr. Nenah Sylver’s huge and impressive Rife Handbook is more than merely the best and most complete compendium on frequency healing that I’ve ever seen. In addition to a massive cross-referenced frequency directory for most human ailments, this wonderful book also features detailed, helpful, andgroundbreaking information on complementary therapies—and much, much more. —Chet Day Health & Beyond Online, As an AAMA Board Certified Alternative Medicine Practitioner, I have many fine modalities from which to choose. I recently experienced a health issue that failed to be helped by either conventional allopathicmedicine or even alternative medicine treatments. However, after a Rife frequency square wave treatment protocol was applied, this health issue was completely resolved. Rife technology, until now, has been largely questioned by both alternative medicine and allopathic practitioners for efficacy and disease resolution. But The Rife Handbook willdispel your doubts. It is the recommended work for practitioners who need to understand how and why this therapy works, and who want to utilize frequency therapies in conjunction with current preferred interventions to help their patients heal. Nenah Sylver’s definitive interpretation of frequency therapy identifies applications, indications,contraindications, safety, and specific treatments along with directions specifying “how, when, and what frequency” for therapy sessions. The detail with which the author examines treatment modalities is remarkable; she presents a variety of protocols to resolve most health issues. It is rare that I read another’s views of various alternative medicinetherapies that exude such succinct clarity and comprehension as hers. Dr. Sylver has a remarkable grasp of what works, how it works, and on whom it may be effective. This well-referenced treatise provides treatment options when progress falls short, or when there appears to be an impassable plateau in the way of optimal recovery. —Bill Misner,MS, PhD AAMA Board Certified Alternative Medicine Practitioner When Nenah Sylver published the first edition of The Rife Handbook in 2002, it received excellent reviews as the best book in the field. This new version is substantially updated and improved, reflecting many of the advances in frequency therapies that have occurred in over a decade.Frequency therapy, properly applied, may well replace every other modality. Frequencies can alter DNA, kill or enhance cells, affect all chemical interactions, break up toxic substances and cause them to be eliminated from the body, kill pathogens that disrupt bodily function, and enhance and stimulate all cells and organ systems to higher levels ofperformance. There are superbugs and bioengineered diseases out there that might make it to your neighborhood. Will your local medical clinic help you when thousands of people are dying from a strange disease? Don’t count on it! If you want to live long and prosper, learn about frequency therapy. Dr. Sylver spends a lot of time in her book to helpyou use frequencies safely. Even if you just want to make life a little better for your family and friends, you will want to read The Rife Handbook. —Jeff Sutherland, PhD co-principle investigator of research grants, National Cancer Institute assistant professor, Department of Radiology, University of Colorado School of Medicine co-founder, Center forVitamins and Cancer Research Frequency Foundation, Boston, Massachussetts, United States We work in the area of complementary and holistic cancer healing education and recommend Rife therapy to all our clients. The Rife Handbook is a bible in our office, an invaluable tool toward the healing of dozens of cancer victors. Nenah Sylver’s researchis thorough and detailed. The book sits on a prominent place on my shelf next to every frequently used manual in my practice. —Ellyn Hilliard, CNC, PhD former co-owner of Twelve Ways Healing Center in Colorado, US and author of Cancer Healing Victories Royal Raymond Rife discovered one of the most groundbreaking medical tools of the lasthundred years. Due to political and financial interests, his discoveries were driven underground. But today, people suffering from cancer and other diseases can base their treatment on authentic science instead of politics. A scientist in the true definition of the word, Dr. Sylver methodically guides readers through Rife’s life and achievements, with ahistory of the technology and the scientific foundation for its use. She also provides practical tips that can be easily integrated into a comprehensive protocol for a wide variety of health conditions. Nenah Sylver is the “researcher’s researcher”; I habitually turn to her work as a trusted reference. I recommend The Rife Handbook without reservation toevery health seeker, patient, physician, and scientist who values objectivity and innovation in medicine and wants guidance on complementary healing modalities. —Bryan Rosner author of Lyme Disease and Rife Machines, The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments, and Freedom From Lyme Disease This page is intentionally left blank The Rife Handbookof Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health an integrated approach for cancer and other diseases Updated and Expanded 5th Edition Nenah Sylver, PhD Desert Gate Productions LLC Surprise, Arizona 2018 by Nenah Sylver, PhD published by: Desert Gate Productions LLC 16772 West Bell Road, Suite 110-246 Surprise, Arizona 85374 USA Tocontact the author: You must use the contact form at, as the author is unlikely to respond initially to phone calls. To request an interview, a private consultation, group class, educational seminar, the author’s participation at a conference or on a panel, or to secure testing of products and equipment, please use the contact form.For all domestic and foreign book orders (retail, or wholesale bulk for resale outlets)—as well as related materials, including DVDs—contact the author’s sales agent: Barner Books 3 Church Street New Paltz, New York 12561 USA phone: 845-255-2635 fax: 845-255-7050 email: [email protected] website: The Rife Handbook ofFrequency Therapy and Holistic Health: an integrated approach for cancer and other diseases. Updated and Expanded 5th Edition The first softcover edition of this book, with a different title, was published in 2001 by The Center for Frequency. Two larger, revised hardcover editions, with substantially new material, an index and also different titles,were published in 2009 and 2011 by Desert Gate Productions LLC. This updated and expanded 2018 edition is published by Desert Gate Productions LLC. All rights reserved. New interior book design by Nenah Sylver. Cover design by Duane Burchett and Nenah Sylver. Index by Nenah Sylver. Cover Images, Back. Top: Bipolar nerve cell, as seenthrough the Ergonom microscope. Middle: Cross section of a bone 3.5 mm thick, as seen through the Ergonom microscope. Bottom: Cell division, as seen through the Ergonom microscope. ISBN: 978-0-9818075-2-2 Library of Congress Control Number: 2008904590 This book is dedicated to all peoples everywhere— black brown red white yellow whoseek clean food pure water dependable shelter right livelihood and radiant health who want to be acknowledged in community respected for their humanity and honored for their divinity. May they find the dignity joy peace and love that is their birthright and may they always have freedom to choose the course of their own lives. Disclaimer Theinformation given in this Handbook is for educational, informational, and investigational purposes only. It is not to be construed as diagnosis of disease, treatment of disease, prevention of disease, or as a replacement for consulting a qualified medical practitioner. Be careful when investigating this technology! Protocols may need to be modified, orused with only certain types of equipment and not others—or this technology may be contraindicated entirely—if you have a heart condition, are wearing a pacemaker or autodefibrillator, are pregnant, are nursing, have blood clots, are taking strong medications such as chemo, are taking herbal or nutritional supplements, have a medical need tosuppress your immune function (such as organ transplant recipients who are taking immunosuppressive drugs), are wearing metal implants or stents, have breast implants, are especially sensitive to radio frequency (RF) or other electromagnetic radiation, or have especially sluggish detox/eliminative functions (liver, colon, kidneys, and lymphsystem). Before using any equipment, and to see if you should even be experimenting with this technology, please read the beginning of Chapter 4, which explains these circumstances and the precautions to take. The author, publisher, distributors, and sellers of this book are not responsible or liable for the results of your experimentation with RifeTherapy or your use of any other protocols described in this book. The reader accepts full responsibility for any and all consequences of trying or using these modalities. If you have a medical condition, see a qualified health professional of your choice. Table of Contents Acknowledgments.xiiiForeword Steve Haltiwanger, MD, CCN.xv Introduction .xix Chapter 1: The Politics of Medicine and the Nature of Health. 1 Chapter 2: The History of Pleomorphism and the Inventions of Royal Raymond Rife. 187Chapter 3: Healthy Living and Complementary Therapies. 243 Chapter 4: Frequently Asked Questions About Rife Equipment and Sessions. 509 Chapter 5: Frequency Directory. 601 Chapter 6: Creating a Better World, Inside and Out.853 Appendix A: Resources. 897 Appendix B: Legal Implications of Rife Sessions. 913 Appendix C: Healing with Electromedicine and Sound Therapies. 919 Appendix D: Published Studies inElectromedicine. 957 Appendix E: Rife Research in the United States. 971 Appendix F: At-A-Glance Review of Common Toxic Chemicals. 973 Appendix G: Safe Substitutes for Common Toxic Chemicals. 989 Appendix H: Create aDetox Footbath for Ten Dollars. 997 Appendix I: Recent Studies on the Dangers of Harmful Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). 999 References .1007 Index .1045 Detailed chapter outlines,containing up to four levels of headings and subheadings exactly as they appear in the text, are at the beginning of each individual chapter. Royal Raymond Rife with one of his microscopes, 1929. San Diego Historical Society; used with permission Acknowledgments This book would never have been written without the pioneering discoveries andgreat personal sacrifices of Royal Raymond Rife. Likewise, this book could not exist without the contributions of the archivists, electronics engineers, microscopists, medical researchers, and others who came after Rife and continue to refine the growing field of frequency healing. This Rife Handbook is not intended to replace anyone’s research,discoveries, or devices. Rather, it is meant as a guide to complement the Rife resource material that has been reemerging after being suppressed for over half a century. Throughout the years, as this book has grown in size and detail, more and more people have critiqued it, adding to the book’s complexity. There are many researchers in the RifeTherapy field who deserve to be acknowledged for their efforts to promote this drug-free, non-invasive modality, although not all are in the public eye (or want to be). Of those who can be named, I thank Brian McInturff for his early Consolidated Annotated Frequency List and continuing contributions to the Rife community; Jeff Sutherland, PhD, forhis eclectic approach and assistance to me in the early days of this manuscript; and Jeff Garff, Shawn Montgomery, Jason Ringas, and Stanley Truman for allowing me to use documents and photos from their archives. Dave Felt spent many hours patiently answering my questions and explaining technical issues; Bryan Rosner provided valuableinformation and enthusiastic support; and Edna Tunney and her staff at Resonant Light Technology Inc. have continually offered me moral support and the kindest, most polite encouragement as only Canadians can. Peter Walker, founder of Rife Research, Europe and the Rife Forum (, has graciously provided information andpractical assistance over the years. With her usual incisive and detailed focus, Charlene Boehme explained technical information and reviewed my history of Royal Rife, correcting errors (many of them widely disseminated on the Internet) that had appeared in previous editions of this book. Richard Loyd, PhD, has shown exceptional kindness, sharingnot only his extensive knowledge and many wonderful articles but also his clinical findings, which includes what doesn’t work along with what works better. Jimmie Holman of Pulsed Technologies deserves special mention. Over the course of four editions of this book, this brilliant scientist has become a close friend as well as a mentor. I will alwaystreasure his willingness to share his innovative research, accompanied by a generous dose of patience as I sometimes struggled to understand what I was being taught. Special mention also goes to Steve Haltiwanger, MD, CCN. Steve’s giant intellect, encyclopedic knowledge, kind heart, and many hours of discussion helped me include moreimportant information. Rife therapy should be administered holistically, as part of an overall wellness protocol. Therefore, this book addresses many complementary modalities. A project of this scope and depth could not have been completed xiii xiv The Rife Handbook without input from health professionals and educated laypersons versed inacupuncture, biology, chemistry, chiropractic, herbology, massage therapy, physics, and even law. There are too many people to name who provided input for both past and current editions. I trust that you all know who you are and will accept my thanks. Some of the organizing assistance for past versions of Chapter 5, provided by Linda Thieman,MA, were retained for this current edition. Ann Rogers and Ron Strauss, who provided the index for earlier editions, laid the foundation for my indexing of this current book. Duane Burchett, with abundant patience, provided many versions of this new cover until I was satisfied. Special mention goes to David Friedman of Barner Books, who in theprocess of working as my sales agent became a good friend. Because this is a book about healing, it’s important that I acknowledge some very talented healers who, at different times, helped me through some rough periods: Ataana Badilli; Martha Grout, MD, MD(H); Steven Haltiwanger, MD, CCN; Marcelle Hanish, PhD, LAc, RN, FNP-C; and RichardLoyd, PhD. A fortunate outcome of my having health challenges, and my subsequent investigations into the most effective therapies, is that my readers can also benefit. Many of the healing protocols I used for myself made their way into this book. If I haven’t acknowledged someone I should have, it was inadvertent, so please consider yourselfincluded. In the personal arena, I am blessed by two wonderful people who have become my family and constantly show me that our companions in life can help us work miracles. Throughout the many years that I labored on all versions of this book, Paul Silverfox helped with countless everyday tasks so that I could spend uninterrupted hours writing.He reviewed all of the previous editions as well as this current one, remaining cheerful no matter how many rewrites I asked him to critique. From his perspective as a licensed massage therapist, he offered sage advice on many topics concerning health and gave me encouragement whenever I needed it. I will always treasure his friendship, support,and common sense. For this fifth edition, James Dutcher provided enthusiastic and loving encouragement as well as highly personalized computer and software support. He upgraded, repaired, and debugged my computer when it was needed. And he spent many hours helping me navigate a frustratingly complicated software program for professionalpublishing. Doing my own manuscript layout was not only exhilarating and empowering, it heavily influenced my writing. I cannot emphasize enough how formatting this book myself allowed me to include more, essential, and timely information, organized in a way to make complex data easier to absorb. In a sense, this book has been created for youby three people. I could never have written it without Paul and James. There are many others who I want to acknowledge, even though I’ll never meet them face-to-face. On a daily basis, members of Internet health groups from all over the world shared their sometimes very personal stories about how they were helped by frequency therapies andother complementary modalities. I found these accounts informative, inspiring, and often moving. I also want to acknowledge the thousands of laypeople and health professionals who, over the course of two decades, telephoned or emailed me with questions and comments. By propelling me to search for answers, their questions helped me create abetter book. Finally, there’s one more person I want to sincerely thank: you, the reader. Your open-mindedness to investigate new ways of healing, your desire to learn, an

McInturff creator of the Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL), Dr. Nenah Sylver has gifted humanity with a magnificent, comprehensive, thoroughly researched guide to holistic health as well as the science and application of