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Websense TRITON - The first and only unified content security solution.It’s time for a new solution.A whole new type of security needs to emerge to combat these threats.Content is the lifeblood of every organization. The way we create, consume, and communicate it hasradically changed so, too, must security. And it’s no wonder. Just consider today’s threats and theenormous challenges they pose. Attacks are more blended, sophisticated, and targeted, and most attacksare out to do one thing: steal precious data. Every channel of communication is vulnerable, from email andmobile computing devices to a multitude of Web-enabled technologies. Attackers have adapted theirstrategies to prey upon social and dynamic websites and to circumvent traditional security measures byembedding malware in legitimate websites.Only one solution has what it takes to meet this converged problem head-on: The Websense TRITON solution, the industry’s first and only provider of unified content security. The TRITON solution safely enablessocial media, cloud computing, mobile workers, and remote offices and helps prevent data loss while reducingcosts and complexity.79.9% of websites with malicious codeare legitimate sites that have been compromised-Websense 2010 Threat ReportLegacy security solutions fall short. In 2010, sophisticated attacks used blended tactics to break intohundreds of organizations — firewalls, network intrusion prevention, and antivirus were useless instopping them. Zeus, Stuxnet, Aurora and WikiLeaks prove that legacy security products are totallyineffective in protecting against modern threats, preventing data leaks, and ensuring compliance. Thesepoint-based solutions also slap together a hodgepodge of consoles, appliances, and vendors in a costly andcomplicated tangle. Even worse, a lack of shared security awareness between point solutions further limitstheir ability to fight threats that span Web, email, and other channels.This is the beginning of the era of the content-secure enterprise.What is the TRITON solution?The Websense TRITON solution is a true unified solution.This means you get a solution that combines industry-leading Web, email, and data security technologies on acommon architecture with a variety of solution packages. This comprehensive coverage plugs the security holes inlegacy products like antivirus, firewalls, and proxy devices.Unlike solutions based on disparate productsthat rely on overlapping or duplicate multivendor“TRITON takes integration, consolidation,management tools, you gain superior control ofand hybrid delivery to another level.”your security through a single managementconsole, the Websense TRITON Console. You can– Content Security Predictions: 2011 and Beyond,also extend protection from corporateForrester Research, Inc., November 10, 2010.headquarters to remote offices and mobileworkers through the power of on-premise controlscombined with the flexibility and cost efficiencies of a cloud-based Security-as-Service (SaaS) platform.No other solution offers you the flexibility to meet content security and deployment requirements that maychange based on your business needs, while offering the best security against modern threats at the lowest totalcost of ownership (TCO).Websense TRITON solutionThis approach radically alters the security landscape and will shift the entire security paradigmThe industry’s first and only provider of unifiedcontent securityHow Does It Work?Now you can safely enable: Social media. Cloud computing. Mobile workers.Prevent data loss and reduce costs and complexity.The TRITON solution consolidates Web security, email security, anddata loss prevention (DLP) into a highly flexible and scalablearchitecture that unifies content analysis, platforms, and securitymanagement.Unified content analysis includes real-time threat analysis provided bythe Websense Advanced Classification Engine (ACE). Powered by theWebsense ThreatSeeker Network, ACE combines multiple analyticmethods to dynamically classify both incoming and outgoing content.The unified platform offers several benefits. First, the freedom of deploying content security solutions in the cloudor on-premise offers the flexibility to meet changing security requirements. Second, the on-premise platform ishighly integrated, enabling Web, email, or data security solutions to operate on a single appliance. Finally, tightintegration between the cloud-based and on-premise platforms through Websense TruHybrid deploymentenables you to best meet the needs of headquarters, remote offices, and mobile workers.1

Websense TRITON - The first and only unified content security solution.Unified management spans our hybrid deployment option ensuring that remote office and mobile workers receivethe same high-quality protection consistent with their headquarters-based colleagues. And you receive a singleinterface with management and reporting capabilities for Websense Web, email, and DLP technologies. Comparedwith narrowly focused point solutions, the TRITON solution provides unrivaled visibility into an organization’scomputing environment and application traffic, thereby delivering superior flexibility and control.With the TRITON solution, you receive: Uncompromised security that enables your business to be more effective and flexible. With thereal-time classification that ACE provides, the TRITON solution stops threats that legacy products fail tocatch. Because ACE is a common engine that underlies the TRITON solution, intelligence is sharedamong the security technologies to deliver an incomparable level of protection. Only Websenseintegrates Web, email, and DLP into a unified architecture — offering protection that is greater thanthe sum of its parts. Maximum savings through consolidation of management, platforms, and unified content analysis,combined with the efficiency of the cloud. You can build the solution you need, using any Websensesecurity module across Web, email, and DLP, and manage all from a single console. The TRITON solutionhelps you lower your security risks, save money, and free up valuable resources.89.9% of all unwanted emails contain links to spam sitesor malicious websites-Websense 2010 Threat ReportThe TRITON SolutionFast, Flexible, PowerfulThe TRITON solution brings together the industry’s leading Web, email, and DLP security technologies into asingle, unified content security solution, combining an integrated architecture with exceptional power andflexibility. The resulting combination of Websense technologies offers a unique and incomparably effectiveset of security capabilities.Unified AnalysisSecurity threats have evolved to be more advanced and persistent, leaving traditional security vendors strugglingto keep up with the flood of new threats emerging every day. Rich Internet applications and dynamic social Websites have combined with old-world-style attacks designed to evade legacy security controls and exploit gaps incoverage. To combat this new age of threats, Websense has built the Websense Advanced Classification Engine(ACE), an advanced composite content classification engine embedded in the Websense TRITON solution. ACEprovides real-time threat analysis for the most sophisticated threats.ACE correlates multiple analytics to identify complex security threats that slip past legacy, point-basedtechnologies. ACE is also backed by the Websense ThreatSeeker Network, a global network that analyzespotential security threats through the use of advanced, real-time reputation analysis and behavioral analysistechniques. This network feeds newly discovered security findings to ACE.2Websense solutions deliver real-time protection against blended and emerging threats no matter where theyreside through its unified content analysis. You avoid the cost and complexity of point security solutions, gainenhanced regulatory compliance capabilities, and enjoy the ability to enable new, Web-based communicationand collaboration technologies.Unified PlatformA modern enterprise network infrastructure extends far beyond a single location to branch offices and mobileworkers. Websense addresses this challenge with a hybrid solution that integrates both cloud-based andon-premise delivery platforms. Websense fast, flexible, hybrid deployment lets you: Extend coverage to protect branch and mobile office workers as effectively as at corporateheadquarters. Streamline security infrastructure by eliminating boxes, servers, and other hardware or theneed to buy additional hardware. Scale with maximum resiliency and minimum investment with less infrastructure to evaluate,specify, deploy, and manage.A unified platform enables you to better manage risk, reduce complexity, take full advantage of existinginfrastructure, and eliminate management overhead — lowering TCO.With the Websense TRITON solution, you have the option of choosing a platform or mix of platforms thatbest suits your needs:Websense V-Series Appliance – Extensible, Simple, PowerfulThe V-Series appliance delivers a unique mix of flexibility, performance, and simplicity. V-Series appliancessignificantly reduce deployment time and operational costs yet are scalable enough to support even thelargest enterprise environments. The V-Series appliance integrates seamlessly with the Websense SaaSplatform, giving you additional options for deploying and managing Websense content security solutions.Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) – Fast, Simple, EffectiveWebsense SaaS provides a quick deployment path for Websense products. SaaS shifts all security inspection,enforcement, and management processes from your organization’s location to 10 globally available,ISO 27001-certified data centers “in the cloud.” You gain all the benefits of the industry’s leading contentsecurity solution, while shedding the burden of deploying and upgrading on-premise hardware.Unique to Websense, TruHybrid deployment enables you tocombine the power of on-premise with the efficiency andflexibility of the cloud.WEBSENSETRITON UNIFIED SECURITY CENTERWeb SecurityData SecurityV-SeriesesncenceeApplianceSaaSSaBRANCH OFFICEHEADQUARTERSEmail SecuritySaaSMOBILE WORKERSV-SeriesriesApplianceLARGEE BRANCH OFFICE3

Websense TRITON - The first and only unified content security solution.Unified SolutionThe TRITON solution combines the management and reporting capabilities for Websense Web, email, anddata loss prevention technologies into a single interface, providing greater visibility, control, andmanagement capabilities. The Websense TRITON Console lets you set policies, manage incidents, runreports, and perform administrative tasks from a central, Web-based manager, regardless of solutionmodule (i.e., Web, data, or email security) and platform (i.e., on-premise or cloud).Email SecurityWith Websense email security solutions, you’re able to implement mission-critical security and todevelop a consolidated security strategy. Websense email security protects against converged Weband email threats, as well as simplifies regulatory compliance and protects against data loss. OnlyWebsense email security provides email compliance and security backed by the intelligence andpower of ACE. Websense email security is available as an on-premise appliance, a cloud-based or SaaSplatform, or a hybrid combining the two.Web SecurityWebsense Web security solutions inspect inbound and outbound content, protecting organizations againstdynamic Web malware, preventing sensitive data loss, and enhancing employee productivity. WebsenseTruHybrid deployment supports on-premise appliances and SaaS while managing the entire environmentfrom a single policy and reporting infrastructure. Unlike with alternative approaches, you’re free to choosea deployment option that suits your unique operational requirements, without being forced to managemultiple systems or to deal with multiple vendors. The Websense Web Security solution can be deployedas on-premise software, a V-Series appliance, SaaS, or a hybrid offering.Data Loss PreventionWebsense is a recognized market leader in DLP technology. Leveraging the unified content analysisdelivered by the TRITON solution, Websense DLP solutions accurately prevent data loss, securebusiness processes, and manage compliance and risk. For data at rest, in use, and in motion, ourDLP solutions identify sensitive data, monitor its use, discover where it’s stored, and protect it on thenetwork and on remote devices. Websense DLP solutions empower organizations to address their datasecurity challenges at a lower cost and with less complexity than competing solutions.45

Websense TRITON - The first and only unified content security solution.The TRITON solution offers these unique features and benefits:Websense TruWeb DLP Capability and TruEmail DLP CapabilityIncluded in Websense Web and email security solutions respectively, the TruWeb DLP capability andTruEmail DLP capability provide data security for the two most critical channels: Web and email. Customerscan easily expand these deployments to cover other channels as their data security needs grow, simply byentering a new license key.Real-Time Content ClassificationMany of the most commonly used sites cannot be accurately classified by traditional URL filtering.For example, a single iGoogle or Facebook page may contain a mix of content spanning multiplecategories — making it impossible to apply any single classification. As a result, many organizationsare forced to indiscriminately block valuable resources or ignore acceptable use policy by allowing fullaccess to dynamic social Web sites. It’s not an open-or-shut decision thanks to Websense real-timecontent classification.You get:You get: Enterprise-class DLP that prevents outbound data loss and helps you establish required compliancecontrols. Analysis of content “on the fly” on uncategorized, personalized, and dynamic social Web sites notidentified by URL filtering alone. Enterprise-class accuracy, unlike rudimentary DLP capabilities relying on regular expressions oftenincluded in Web and email security solutions. Broad access to social Web business destinations while maintaining productivity and acceptableuse policy compliance. Robust workflow reporting and administration, unified content analysis through ACE, unifiedmanagement.No other solution delivers real-time content classification for more than 95 content categories. An easy-to-use, three-step policy wizard with more than 1,000 built-in templates.Real-Time Security ScanningAntivirus technology alone cannot keep pace with the dynamic and scripted attacks that dominatethe Web threat landscape. Websense proprietary real-time security scanning analytics address these“zero-day” threats.What you don’t get is a complex, bloated set of technologies that require an abundance of third-partyproducts, tons of infrastructure, manual setup and administration, or a bunch of separate managementconsoles. No other solution embeds enterprise-class DLP.52% of data stealing attacks occur over the Web-Websense 2010 Threat ReportYou get: Identification of malicious content “on the fly” without the need to reference previously knownattack databases. Protection against legacy file-based attacks as well as Web scripts and dynamic threats that evadetraditional antivirus. The power of the Websense Advanced Classification Engine (ACE), a composite engine that scansFlash, Java Script, XML, and the code that makes up the modern Web for advanced malware.Websense TruHybrid DeploymentTruHybrid deployment provides unified management of on-premise and SaaS deployments.You get: Lower TCO. Consistent policy. Greater security coverage. For email, enforcement of outbound DLP on premise with SaaS prefiltering of inbound email. For Web, the flexibility to choose the mix of platforms that best fits your operational requirements without the cost of managing multiple systems.For example, SaaS may be used to provide coverage to branch offices or mobile users cost effectively,while on-premise appliances may cover the headquarters with maximum security and performance.No other solution has TruHybrid deployment with its maximum security, coverage, and savings.No other solution delivers this level of protection against dynamic and scripted Web malware.Websense Advanced Classification Engine (ACE)The Websense Advanced Classification Engine provides a real-time threat analysis infrastructure. WithACE, you receive security way beyond anything that legacy solutions offer. Antivirus, for example, onlyprovides coverage for binaries, leaving gaps for script-based attacks and Web exploits. Reputationservices are ineffective against modern threats that often now infiltrate legitimate, trustworthy sites.URL filtering provides little coverage for dynamic properties in the social Web. When combined,however, these technologies do away with gaps in coverage.You get: Analytics that include antispam, antivirus, reputation analysis, code scanning, content scanning,data fingerprinting, URL filtering, and more. Elimination of gaps in coverage through layered protection and unparalleled accuracy.No other solution includes social Web browser scanning or composite risk scoring.67

Websense TRITON - The first and only unified content security solution.Websense TRITON ConsoleThe Websense TRITON Console provides unified management of Websense Web, data, and emailsecurity solutions.You get: Lower TCO by reducing the policies, management servers, and reporting systems that mustbe supported. Consistent coverage for all enterprise users regardless of location or communication channel.For example, a single DLP policy is automatically applied to both Web and email communications. Thereis no need to duplicate DLP management activities in two separate Web and email “DLP-lite” solutions.No other solution unifies management of Web, email, and data security across on-premise and SaaSplatforms.40% of all Facebook status updates have links and 10%of those links are either spam or malicious-Websense 2010 Threat ReportWebsense Email Security Gateway AnywhereWould you like an email solution that offers three times the security at half the cost compared withother vendor solutions? Websense Email Security Gateway Anywhere delivers that. You get a hybridsecurity solution that combines the power of the cloud to compute intensive inbound mail processingwith a robust gateway appliance to enforce outbound DLP. Customers experience the next generation in email security innovations with fully integrated, market-leading enterprise-class DLP, superiormalware protection with world-class Web security analytics powered by ACE and centralized management of email, data, and Web security across both on-premise and SaaS platforms in a single, unifiedconsole. With Email Security Gateway Anywhere, you gain a superior solution that delivers maximumperformance and resiliency coupled with simplified compliance and reduced costs.Websense Data Security SuiteDo you want to deploy an enterprise-wide data security solution but avoid the headaches of deployingand managing disparate solutions? Websense Data Security Suite includes all the data securitycapabilities your organization needs together with the high integration and simplicity of the TRITONsolution. Data Security Suite enables you to gain visibility into your network by monitoring all networktraffic, manage compliance with its built-in regulatory policies, enforce business processes with itsflexible and accurate policy definition tools, and take full advantage of social Web applications withoutthe concern of data loss. It also enables enforcement of your data security policies at the endpoint.With laptops being very susceptible to data loss through removable media and a lack of offline controls, no data security solution would be complete without this ability to secure employee laptops.TRITON Solution ModulesThe following TRITON solution packages are available to you:Websense TRITON EnterpriseWhy choose TRITON Enterprise? Because you can have maximum flexibility, security, and control,along with lower total cost of ownership across the enterprise. With TRITON Enterprise, you have accessto all Websense solutions, which includes the entire Websense TRITON architecture consistingof Web, data, email, on-premise, and cloud-based technologies. This means it’s easy to scale the solutionto fit changing business requirements. With this market-leading unified content security solution, youcut out the complexity and costs associated with deploying, managing, and maintaining multiplesecurity products while getting the best security against modern threats.Websense TRITON Security Gateway AnywhereDoes superior protection for Web and email channels interest you? With Websense TRITON SecurityGateway Anywhere, you receive a consolidated gateway solution that combines the power of WebsenseWeb Security Gateway Anywhere with the power of Websense Email Security Gateway Anywhere.World-class security analytics provided by ACE deliver superior malware protection together withenterprise-class DLP. Websense TruHybrid deployment combines appliance and SaaS platforms tolower hardware costs, extend coverage efficiently, and offer superior protection.Websense Web Security Gateway AnywhereDo you want to enable your business to take full advantage of today’s dynamic Web while lowering costsacross the enterprise? Websense Web Security Gateway Anywhere is the only secure Web gatewaysolution that lets you do that. Based on the Websense TRITON architecture, Web Security GatewayAnywhere consolidates real-time social Web security, enterprise-class DLP, and email security both inthe cloud and on-premise. This unified approach means that Web Security Gateway Anywhere is farmore than the industry’s leading secure Web gateway solution — it’s a scalable content security platformthat can lower purchasing, hardware, and operational expenses across your enterprise.8For a free evaluation of all Websense products or to view our online demos,visit

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Websense TRITON - The first and only unified content security solution.The Websense TRITON solution deliversthe best protection for modern threatsat the lowest total cost of ownership. 2011 Websense, Inc. All rights reserved. Websense, the Websense Logo and Threatseeker are registered trademarks of Websense, Inc. in the United Statesand/or other countries. TRITON, Websense Security Labs, and Advanced Classification Engine (ACE), V-Series, TruWeb DLP, TruHybrid, and TruEmail DLPare trademarks of Websense Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners. 02.01.11

The Websense Web Security solution can be deployed as on-premise software, a V-Series appliance, SaaS, or a hybrid offering. email security With Websense email security solutions, you’re able to implement mission-critical security and to develop a consolidated security strategy. Websense email