TECHNICAL RIDERGodsetJens Holms Vej 5, 6000 Kolding 45 79 79 10 [email protected] planningJacob Holst ( 45 40 34 20 64 - [email protected])Stage techniqueClaus Breiner Henriksen ( 45 52 50 60 74 – [email protected])1

PA OG MONITORSAll PA and monitors are driven by D&B D80 ampsPAD&B Audio44411xxxxxV8V12V-subJ-ultra subJ-infra -seriesMONITORS8 x D&B M4 2-way active on 6 sends2

FOHMIXERSoundcraft Vi4:64 preamps96 desk handles32 busser (assignable for groups, aux’es, matrixes and effects)8 lexicon pid 14Ipad for remoteOUTBOARDWaves DBMax.Tascam SS-CDR200 (cd player og recorder, for cd, sd-card, usb.)RME madi computer interface, up till 64 Ch.Offline editing possibleBy prior agreement, we can record shows on 64 tracks, please bring usb harddrivePatchbay (mounted on stage wall US SL)Remote boxes and passive monitor split3

MICROPHONES1 x Audix D61 x Audix D42 x Audix D21 x Audix I52 x AKG D71 x AKG D 1121 x EV ND 8681 x RE 27 N/D1 x Shure Beta 52A10 x Shure SM 575 x Shure SM 585 x Shure Beta SM 58A1 x Shure Beta SM 874 x EV RE 5103 x AkG 535 EB2 x Shure SM 812 x Sennheizer MD 4216 x Sennheizer E 604 (clips for toms)2 x Sennheizer E 504 (clips for toms)2 x EV RE 90B4 x ND 40882 x Audio-Technica At 20201 x Audio-Technica ATM 250 DE12 x Klark Teknik LBB LinedriversSTANDS18 x small with boom20 x tall with boom4 x tall without boom4

LIGHTCONSOLEMOVINGHEADSAvolites Tiger Touch8 x Robe Robin 300 wash LED (mode 2)8 x Martin Mac 250 (mode 4)PARS & SIML.34 x Par 64 Cp60/Cp612 x Minueter 650 W Zoom prophile spot4 x 2way blinderFLOOR CANS6 x Par 64 Cp60/Cp61HAZER1 x Le Maitre hazer1 x fan 60 cmDIMMERS30 Ch 3kw Elektron with ”Free Patch” krydsfeltRIGFronttruss: 6 m TX 25cm 3-angle trussOver stage: 7 x 3 m grid TX25 3-angle truss,VARIOUSMirror ballLODE STAR6 x Lodestar DC D8 F 250 kg1 x Kinesys digital hoist control with remote5

RIG - loweredRIG - elevated6


POWERPart from power to drive in house equipment, there is power as follows:220 V under stage1 stk. 3x63 A CE under stage, stage left1 stk 3X63 A CE backstage, stage leftMobile PSU (supplied with 63 A) with various outletsYou can not draw full supply from all sources simultaneously.There is no 110 vSTAGEHeight: 76 cmWidth:6,65 m between columns8,90 m from edge to edgeDepth: 5,80 mClearance: App. 8 m from stage floor to ridge. There are tie beams 2,72 mand 5,60 m from stage floor surrounding the stage. US 1,10 m from back wallhas clearance 2,72. Please see floorplan and photo.All measures differ slightly, since it is an old houseOTHER EQUIPMENTProjectorScreenat wall US (bredde 3m.)Projector screens on each side of the stage with projectors(recording not possible)8

SLSR8,00 m to ridge6,65 m2,72 m0,76 mSee also floor plan (above this picture)9

GREEN ROOMS / DRESSING ROOMSSMALL GREEN ROOM (1st floor)Room with direct access to stage:KitchenetteTable with 6 chairs.Mirror, Vanity table, 220 V powerRefrigeratorTVPrivate shower and toilet”THE MAIL WAGGON” (ground floor)”The mail wagon” is a train waggon from 1964, wich has been turned into agreen room.From the wagon there is direct access to the backstage and stage area, abouta 4 meter walk under half roof.Seats for 20 dining peopleSmall kitchenLoungeToilet.10

”THE ATTIC” (1st floor)(only by agreement)More than 200 m2KitchenetteTable with 15 chairs. Sofa and tableMirror , 220 V powerRefrigeratorsTable tennis, Pool og Airhockey, Dart , TV , small PA systemToiletNo direct access from The Attic to stage. To get from The Attic to stage withoutentering the audience area after doors are opened, you need to walk approx50 down stairs and outside (under half roof). This can be coordinated withpromoter on the day, since some doors need to be opened / closed11

PARKING & SHORE POWERFree bus parking at rear end of the building (at load in). Shore power 16 CEsingle phase. 3x16 A is possible by prior agreement.GodsetJens Holms Vej 56000 KoldingDenmarkwww.godset.net12 45 79 79 10 60

Tascam SS-CDR200 (cd player og recorder, for cd, sd-card, usb.) RME madi computer interface, up till 64 Ch. Offline editing possible By prior agreement, we can record shows on 64 tracks, plea