CONTENTSContributorsXI -X II IT H E O R Y ANDESSAYSON ETWOTH REEPerformalism: a manifestoThe various dimensions ofArchitecture asfor architectural performancethe concept of"performance"performative artin architectureA NT O I N E PI C O NYAS HA J. G ROB MA N15- 19ERANN EU MA NA N D YAS HAJ . GR OBM A N3- 79- 13FO U RFI VESIXPerforming the contemporary,Informationism:The collapsing ofor: towards an even newerinformation as architecturaltechnological performancearchitectureperformanceand the subject's performanceSYLV IA L A VINAA RO N S PR EC H ERER A N N EU M AN2 1-262/ - 3 13 3 - 36SEV ENEI GHTNINEHigh-performance anxietyPerformance-oriented designPerformalism or performance-C HRI ST OP HER H IGH Tfrom a material perspective:based design?37- 4 2domains of agency andMARTIN BE CHTH O L Dthe spatial and material49- 52organization complexMI C HAEL43 - 4 8u.H EN SEL

ITHEARCHITECTURALPROJECTSTENEisenman ArchitectsTH E IMPLI CAT I ON S O F PERFOR MA Ll SM I P ETER EI SE N M A N54-6 1Church o f th e Year 2000, 54-5 5Do mplatz Hamb urg, 56- 57Sheikh Zayed Nati on al M useum , 58- 9San tu ario Station , eo-s:E L EV E NGreg Lynn FORMTHE I MM EA SU RA BILITY O F C U L T UR A L P E R F OR M AN CE I G RE G L Y NN62- 69BLOBWALI.O,62Bloom Ho use. 64- 65Slavin Hou se, 66-6 75900 Wilshire Boulevard Restaur ant and Trell is Pavil ion , 68-69TWE LVEPreston Scott Cohen, Ine.AR C H I TE C T U RA L A CR OBA TI C SI PRE ST ON SC orr C O HEN70- 79Taly uan Museum o f Ar t, 70-73Nanj in g Univer sit y Studen t Cen ter, 74- 75Tel Aviv Muse um of Art , 76- 79THIRTE ENArchi-TectonicsM EA N IN G- F O RM : AP ER F OR MATIVE A RC H I TEC T U RE I WI N KA80-89Brussels Town ho u se, 80Q Towe r, 82GW497 Proj ect , 84- 85Che stn ut Hot el and Condo m inium To w er, 86-87Smar t Ecol og y, 88- 89D U B BE L D A M

FO URTEE NContemporary Architecture PracticePERFORMA NCE A N D C O NTEM P ORAR Y A RC HI TE C T U RE PRA CTIC E IAL l RAHIM A NDH I N A JA MEL L E90- 99Fashio n Destoner Residenc e, 90- 93Co m mercial Off ice Tow er, 94- 95Mi gra t ing Fo rmati ons, 96- 97Reebo k Flag ship Store, 98- 99F I F TE E NR&Sie(n)" ( U N ) P OS T UR ES" I FR A N C;: OI S ROC HE A ND A NNA NEI MARK100-109He sho r me do w n, 100- 102Olzw eg, 104 - 106rve heard abo ut , 108- 109S IX TE ENKOLIMAC ARCHITECTUREF O RM N EV E R FOLL OWE D F UN C TI ON I SU LA N KO LATAN AND W I L LIAM MAe D O N A L D110-1 21Galataport, 110- 113Carlsberg Urba n Design Co mp et it io n, 114- 115FRAC C nrer Cornpen t ron, 116- 119INVERSAbrane, 120 - 12 1SEVENTEENGehry Partners, llP / Gehry Technolog iesPE RF O RM ANCE OF D ELIV ERY SY STEMS I DEN N I S R. SH EL D E N A N D SA M EER K A SH YAP122-1 3 1IAC Build ing , 127- 125Cleveland Clin ie l au Ruvo Center for Brain Health, 126- 127The Ray and Maria Stara Center for Co m puter, lnforrnatto n undIntell igence Sclences, ' 28-1 79Beekman St reet Housing, 130-131

EIGHTEENFranken Archit ektenP ER FO RM A N CE R / B E R NH A RDFR A NKE N132- 14 1Bubble, 132-133Ta ke o ff. 134- 135Dynaform, 136- 139Home Courure. 140 141NINETEENOCEANOCE A N D ES IG N RE SEAR CH A SSO CIATION / J EF FR EY P . T UR K O ,D UNE SU N G U ROG L U HEN SEL A N D BIRGER SEV A LDSO N142-1 49B re l y,14; -1 43Mem brane and cable -net systerns, 144 -1 4 5Me rn b re lle (MM-Ten t), 146--- 149T W EN TYOpen Source Architec tureI N TE N SIT Y, E XTEN SIT Y A N D PO TE N T I A LlTY:ARCH ITECT URE A N D T H E I N FO RM ED REALI T Y / A A RO N SPR EC H ER150- 159C-Chair, 150- 15 1Hylomorphic. 15) - 153N- ature, 15·; - 157Parasolar. 158- 159

TWENTY - ON EGramazio & KohlerD IG IT A L M A TE RI A LITY / FA B IO GR AM AZ IOA N D M A TTH I A S K O H L ER160 - 169A rc h ito n ic Conce p t Space. 160-161The Seq uen ti a! Wall , 167- 163Ort hod o x Syn ag og ue. 164- 165Ganten b ein Vineyar 6 Fa ;ad e, 156- ; 69TWE NTY - TWOReiser UmemotoA RC H I TE C TUR E P ER F OR M I N G IT SELF / JESSE REISER AND NAN AK O U M EMO TO170-1 810 14.1 / -1 73AEON . 174- l l'jTerm inal 3, Shen zhen tn te rnat io na] A irp o r t, 176- 179Taipei Po p Music Ce n te r, 180-1 8 1T W E NT Y -T HREEFoster PartnersPER FORM : P E RF O RM ANCE A S P RO DU C ER OF ARC H I TE C TU RAL FORM /GU EDI CAP E LU TOAN D ABR AHAM Y EZ IO RO187··19 1CöLA (Grearer Lo nd on Au th o rit y) Cit v Hall , IH2- 1B-lTh llbrary, Free UniV l ' rsit y, 186- 18 /Space p o rt A rne rica. 188- 189Khan Shaty r I n re rta tnrne ru Cente r. 190- 191Project credits197lllustrati on credits203Index204

The Sequentia! Wall, 167- 163 Orthodox Synagogue. 164-165 Gantenbein Vineyar6 Fa ;ade, 156- ;69 TWE NTY-TWO Reiser Umemoto A RC H ITE CTURE PER FOR M I NG IT SELF / JESSE REISER AND NANAK O U M EMOTO 170-181 0 14.1 / -1 73 AEON. 174-l l'j Terminal 3, Shenzhen tnternationa] Airp ort, 17