TS Series—Rotary Screw Air Compressors100-600 HPTS-20100-200 HPTS-32200-350 HPTS-32S400-600 HPEnergy efficiency andtwo-stage durability.

SULLAIRSULLAIR: A COMPRWITH A FOCUUnchallenged leadershipFor decades, Sullair has been a leader inrotary screw technology. Our ability torespond to our customers’ needs, with new,cutting-edge advancements is solid evidenceof our leadership. Sullair compressor innovations include our encapsulated compressors,our energy efficient two-stage tandem compressors and our unprecedented 24KT 10-year air end warranty. Building on a solidbase of experience and innovation, Sullair’sleadership in rotary screw technology isunparalleled in the world today.About the cover.Since their introduction in 1984, theSullair Two-Stage Tandems have beenmaking headlines in trade journals,magazine articles and case histories -each story highlighting the unmatchedenergy efficiency of these compressors.2

RESSOR COMPANYUSED VISION.Focus on rotary screw technologySullair’s global reachSullair Corporation is one of the world’sleading authorities on rotary screw compression technology. Since it began manufacturing rotary screw compressors in 1965, Sullair has focused on this area of specialization. Sullair uses its extensive resources inMichigan City, Indiana to further developand advance rotary screw technology. Thecompany continues to compile a body ofresearch and expertise that is unparalleledin the field.Sullair serves the world marketplace. Inaddition to its manufacturing complex in theU.S., Sullair has manufacturing facilities inChina and France. From these centers, Sullair coordinates a sales and service networkthat provides comprehensive product support to customers around the world.ISO 9001Member3

ENERGY SAVINGSTHE SULLAIR TS TWO-STAGSINGLE-STAGE VWhy two-stage tandem compressorsTwo-stage compressors have a poweradvantage over equivalent size single-stagecompressors of 11 to 13 percent for twokey reasons:compressor operating at the same pressurewill have a compression ratio of 2.8 to 1in each stage (2.8 is the square root of 7.8)achieving the compressor’s power savings.1. Compression is dividedbetween the two stages.2. Internal leakage losses are reduced.Reduced pressure difference acrosseach stage facilitates reduction inleakage losses.In a single stage compressor operating at100 psig at sea level, the compression ratiois 7.8 to 1 (in absolute terms). A two-stageIntake–14.5 psiaIntake–14.5 psiaCompressionRatio–2.8 to 1CompressionRatio–7.8 to 1Interstage–41 psiaDischarge–114.5 psia4CompressionRatio–2.8 to 1Discharge–114.5 psia

GE TANDEM COMPRESSORVS. TWO-STAGESullair’s superior end-to-end designefficiency: often providing a two-yearpayback in energy savings compared witha single-stage compressor. With thetandem’s spiral valve capacity control,further operating efficiencies can beachieved during part-load operation.Sullair’s TS two-stage tandem compressorsuse two sets of rotors arranged in a uniqueend-to-end design that achieve higherefficiencies than other two-stage rotorarrangements. This design is based on Sullair's proven technology used in itssingle-stage units, particularly the SullairLS-25S and LS-32, which has set thestandards for efficiency and reliability insingle-stage compressors for 3 decades.Introduced in 1984, the Series TS tandemcompressors offer unmatched full-loadExtended bearing lifeBy dividing the compression ratio acrosstwo stages, the two-stage tandem willsignificantly exceed the life of the averagesingle-stage compressor.RSRS7SH00H0080 SAVINGS (IN THOUSANDS) PER 1000 CFM108040060Incorporates interstageinjection which atomizes thecool lubricating fluid intofine particles. This dynamicprocess rapidly absorbs theheat of compression from thefirst stage and precools theair entering the second stageprior to compression, dramatically reducing powercosts.Constant capacityWith a pressure increasefrom 100 to 150 psig, thecapacity in single-stage compressors decrease as much asthree percent; however, thecapacity of the two-stage tandem compressor remains virtually the same.POWER SAVINGS PER 1000 CFM9InterstageCoolingProcessHR6High pressure efficiency520004HRS31000 HRS210. /kW. savings per 1000 cfm. Two-stage tandem vs single-stage rotary screw at full load—At a power cost of .05/kW/hr, the fine dotted line shows that a tandem two-stage compressor will save 9600per 1000 cfm over a single-stage compressor operating for 8000 hours at 100 psig. For 1500 cfm, multiply by1.5 for savings of 14,400.5Designed for the mostdemanding applications, Sullair two-stage tandems actually gain efficiency, compared to single-stage compressors, as pressure increases. For instance, an increaseof one psi in full load pressure will increase power consumption by 0.42 percent inthe two-stage compressor,while the single-stage compressor will increase 0.5 percent. This represents a 16percent advantage for thetwo-stage design as line pressure increases.

Facing up to power costsEnergy savings built inSullair two-stage tandem compressorshave been proven to be 13 percentmore efficient than single-stage screwcompressors at full load operation.At 60 percent load, the Sullair two-stagetandems provide up to 30 percent savingsover single-stage compressors.It’s a fact: the electric power cost to runan air compressor continuously for oneyear is often 2 to 3 times greater than thepurchase price of the compressor itself.That's why Sullair developed the TSSeries two-stage tandem compressor. Bycombining two-stage compression and aspiral valve, the TS performs withunmatched full-load and part-loadefficiency and often provides a two-yearpayback in energy savings compared toa single-stage compressor.1003509080% OF BHP USED300BHPMORE SAVINGSTHE SULLAIR TS TWO-STAGPART Y, CFM1650010 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100% OF FULL LOAD CAPACITYPower Comparisons—300 hpPart-load Capacity Control Comparisons Single-stage, 300 hp compressor withmodulation control. Two-stage, 300 hp compressor with actualload/no load control.* Sullair TS-32, 300 hp tandem two-stagecompressor with standard spiral valvecapacity control.The curve shows how a rotary screw compressor with spiral control valve reduces powerconsumption as the compressor load drops.More importantly, it illustrates the substantialpower savings at part load when compared toother capacity control systems. * Based on 1 gallon per cfm air storage.6Actual Load/No Load *Theoretical Load/No LoadSuction ThrottlingVariable Displacement (Spiral Valve)

GE TANDEM COMPRESSORD SAVINGS.Sullair’s Spiral Valve cuts energy costs dramaticallyCompressed air volume is varied byrotating the spiral valve, which opens andcloses by-pass ports in the stator, andreturns excess air to suction rather thancompressing it. By matching compressordisplacement with output need, thisenergy-saving system uses up to17 percent less power.Sullair’s simple and reliable capacitycontrol system consists of a proven spiralvalve and an inlet butterfly valve. Thissystem delivers greatly improvedpart-load performance, especially whencompared with compressors having othercapacity control systems.Fact: After the initialpayback period, powersavings continue to addup, day after day, yearafter year.By-passPortsBy-passPortsSpiral Valve (withdrawnto show basic configuration)7

COMPRESSORSDURABILITY AND RELIATHE SULLAIR TANDRotary screw simplicityRotary screw reliabilityTwo asymmetrical lobe profile rotors ineach compressor stage are the only majormoving parts in the compressor air end.These TS models use a two-stage rotaryscrew air end, featuring Sullair’s ruggedbearing design: tapered roller bearings onthe discharge end and cylindrical rollerbearings on the inlet for high load-carrying capacity. On standard TS models, theair end is warranted for 5 years(1). On TS24KT models, the air end is warrantedfor 10 years(2).Proven dependabilitywith more than 150,000 Sullair compressors in use around the world. Time-testedair ends have been running in compressorssince 1965.8(1)Sullair’s 5-year warranty also includes motor,air/fluid receiver and cooler(s).(2)Sullair’s 24KT warranty also includes 5-years on the motor,air/fluid receiver and cooler(s).

ABILITY ARE BUILT INTODEM COMPRESSOR.Continuous dutyBroad range of modelsThe Sullair Series TS-20 and TS-32 haveestablished themselves as highly efficientcompressors in the 100 to 600 hp range.They offer the inherent reliability of Sullair’s rotary screw design and providecontinuous-duty performance. With spiralvalve capacity control, additional energysavings can be achieved during part-loadoperation.Series TS-20 and TS-32 compressors areavailable from 100 to 600 hp with capacities of 515 to 3100 acfm, and pressureratings of 100 to 175 psig.The TS Series offers more features andoptions than most compressors in thissize range.5YEARSCOMPRESSORHEALTHASSURANCE10-YEARAIR ENDWARRANTY9

PACKAGE DESIGNSULLAIR TANDEMDESIGNED FOR EFFICI➊ Two-stage compressor air end➍ Heavy-duty air filterReduces power consumption.Extends air end bearing life.Includes remote air intake connection.Protects premature failure of keycomponents.Extends separator, filter and fluid life.End-to-end designReduces pressure drop through stages.Easier serviceability.Fiberglass fluid filterComposite glass media, coreless elementprovides better filtration, and ease ofdisposal.Up to 20% more efficient thanconventional paper elements.Lengthens life of the compressor.➋ Spiral valve capacity controlLowers part-load operating costs.Reduces cycling duty on package.Maintains consistent plant pressure.Simple control.Reduces bearing load.Sullair Supervisor State-of-the-art technology.Four-line, full text display.Accurately monitors and controlsthe compressor.Computer-based controller allowssequencing of multiple compressorsand communication capability.Service and preventative maintenanceinformation built into the controller.➍❸❸ Multi-stage air fluidseparation❶ ❺Dual nested Optimizer separatorelements, reduce fluid carry-over to amaximum of 1 ppm.Reduced carryover lowers make-upfluid costs.Pleated Optimizer elements lower initialpressure drop for greater efficiency andextend life of the elements.Easy to change with built-in lid liftingdevice10

M COMPRESSORSENCY AND DURABILITY.❺ Interstage Cooling ProcessBearing Fluid ReservoirsAbsorbs heat of compression.Dramatically reduces power costs.Ensure that fluid is available at startup.Extend air end life.Reduces fluid carryover.❻ Integral Air-Cooled Oil andAftercoolersSelect one of these long-life fluids.Sullube is standard factory fill.5-year air end warranty.Biodegradable.One year or 8000 hour service life.Reduces fluid disposal costs.24KT is optional.Exclusive 10-year air end warranty.Eliminates annual fluid changes.Eliminates annual fluid disposal costs.With large, hinged cooler clean-out ports(through 450 HP).Versatile Control SystemMatches output to demand.Stabilizes system pressure.Minimizes need for an air receiver.Extends package life.Free fluid sampling and analysis programwith either fluid.Motor and compressor aredirect coupled❻Allows the compressor torun in modulation orload/no load operation.Dual control operationincludes automaticstart/stop.Spiral Valve is standard.Motor coupled to air-end through nonlubricated, flexible coupling.Allows use of standard NEMA frame motor.Simplifies installation and start-up.Easy MaintenanceAccess to all critical components even witha sound enclosure installed.❷Extends bearing life.O-Ring Oil Connection, Discharge Flex,Flanges, Tube and Tube FittingsCools air from first stageof compression before itenters second stage.11

FEATURESSullair Supervisor microprocessor controllerThe reliableSullair air endCompatibleand userfriendlyDecades ofprovenreliability aretestimony tothe quality ofthe Sullairair end.This ntroller has a four-line, full text displayand an easy-to-read keypad.Although theprinciple of rotary screw compressionremains the same, Sullair is continuallyimproving materials, engineering anddesign of its air ends and compressorpackages.Featuring: Constant readout of pressure andtemperature. On-demand readout of all operatingand maintenance conditions. Monitors key functions and safetyshutdowns. Power failure auto re-start. Dual control, provides automaticstart-stop operation. Lead-lag and sequencing withmultiple compressors. Service and preventative maintenanceschedule. “Run”, “Loaded” and “ConsumableParts” hours. Fault history with sensor readings. “Help” key provides built-in troubleshooting.No loss of capacity or efficiencySullair air ends have only two movingparts: the asymmetrical profile rotors.Contact occurs only on a lubricatedpitchline, so wear is virtually eliminated.As a result, Sullair compressors do notlose capacity or efficiency.Longer air end lifeControlled pressurelubrication and BFR (Bearing FluidReservoirs) assure a reliable supply offluid to rotating elements.Lower operating costsDischarge port matches ratios of volumeand operating pressure for maximum efficiency. Axial air inlet avoids preheatinginlet air for further savings.Two-way communicationsRS 485 and RS 232 communicationsports allow for several communicationand remote monitoring/control options.12

Sullube Sullair’s standard long-lifecompressor fluidAir qualityis one of the bestin the industryWhile others can claim a low carryover of5 ppm, Sullair's TS compressors offer acarryover rate less than 1 ppm— the lowest in the industry. Sullair’s MSS designuses a sump design, which allows use ofoversized dual nested separators.Environmentally compatibleSullube is a biodegradable fluid that isrecyclable. Low levels of Sullube carriedover in condensate may be accepted fordirect sewer disposal without additionalseparation/equipment. Contact localauthorities for approval.Sullair OptimizerAir/Fluid Separator8,000-hour fluidA high-efficiencyseparator that willpay for itself(during the lifeof the separator)in reducedcompressor fluidcarryover andelectrical power consumption.Because Sullube can operate for three fullshifts for one year, labor related to fluidchange-out and associated downtime costsduring this time are virtually eliminated.Non-varnishingBecause of its unique chemicalformulation, Sullube will not varnish.Air End ExchangeIf your Sullair compressorrequires a replacement airend, Sullair will provide onewith updated componentsfeaturing the latest technology. The replacement unit isfully warranted and is easyto install. If the replacementoccurs during the warrantyperiod, all parts and laborare included.Longer fluid lifeOil carryover ounces per 24 hoursConversionUnique additive package maintains desiredcharacteristics over a wide range of operating conditions for extended periods.6PPM18PM145POil Carryover oz./24 Hours1612PM104P83P62 PPPMM41 PPM200200400600800 1000 1200 1400 1600CFM13Remote CoolerThe optional remote cooler package gives you theflexibility of locating thecooler away from thecompressor.

OPTIONS24KT compressor fluid andthe 10-year warrantyAcoustical enclosures10-year compressor air-end warrantyAcoustical enclosures minimize noise level.24KT fluid formulation is so revolutionary, Sullair is the only compressormanufacturer to offer this unprecedentedwarranty.Optional sound-attenuating enclosures areattractive and functional. The enclosure’slift-out panels replace inconvenient swingout doors to save valuable floor space andprovides ease of maintenance.Sullair’s 24KT warranty includes 5-years on the motor,air/fluid receiver and cooler(s).Routine fluid disposal costs areeliminatedThere is no foreseeable end to the usefullife of 24KT fluid, when used accordingto Sullair recommendations. Fluid-relatedmaintenance costs are drastically reduced.TS-20 model shown with optionalclean air inlet.24KT Fluid extends compressorcomponent life24KT is chemically inert and does notbreak down or varnish. It works clean.Filters, separators and coolers will notplug. Bearings last longer. Associatedlabor costs are also reduced.TS-32 model shown with optionalenclosure.Compressor operates at peakperformanceOther OptionsConstant viscosity insures excellentlubrication to all rotating parts.StartersSullair offers a wide range of starterswhich include: wye-delta, solid state andother types of reduced voltage starters.MotorsSullair's motor policy also allows for theuse of special motors for high voltage andspecial seals for mining applications.Cold Weather PackagesOutdoor modifications for low ambientinstallations.14

EESheat recovery systemconverts wasted energyThis option offers big benefits andmaximum return on investment. Heat canbe recovered and converted into recirculating air for comfort heating in plants orpre-heated process air. When not required,heat is rejected to the outdoors.In the past 25 years, Sullair has supplied over oneand a half million gallonsof 24KT fluid as a factoryfill for its compressors.That’s the equivalent of300 tanker trucks.Provides savings on heating billsA 100 horsepower compressor can deliver4662 Btu/minute. That represents usableheat worth 1,400 per 1,000 hours ofcompressor operation, at 0.50/therm.Pay-back in less than two yearson the resulting saving. The EES can beinstalled for an initial investment equal toor less than nearly any heat recoverysystem.Control temperaturewith thermostatic monitoring and the capability to mix outdoor air with recirculatingair. Temperature range can be adjusted from50 F to 90 F (10 C to 32 C).Negative pressure problem solved24KT is based on siliconefluid (polydimethylsiloxane–PDMS), which posesno known hazard to theenvironment. PDMS is notclassified as a hazardouswaste and has demonstrated no adverse effects onanimal or plant life.By bringing in a continuous flow of outside air, the EES System will provide positive make-up air to virtually eliminatenegative pressure in the plant.15

AIR QUALITYSullair Air Quality Guarantee.It’s as good as gold.Sullair assures that its System—compressor, dryer and filter—will meet specificperformance levels throughout its operational life. We offer a one-year test/reviewperiod, backed by a purchase refund guarantee, to verify the performance of the Sullair System.Level 1.This System consists of a Sullair compressor and Sullair MPF and MPH or PF/PHfilters. The compressed air from this systemcontains particulates no larger than .01micron, including coalesced liquid waterand lubricants. Maximum remaining oilaerosol content is 0.01 parts per million byweight (ppm/w) @ 70 F, including oilvapor. The air from this Sullair Systemmeets the most stringent ISO standard (ISO8573.1, Class 1) for air quality.The Sullair System.The Sullair System matches a Sullair compressor, a Sullair dryer and Sullair filters.Dry air is filtered to remove atmosphericparticulate, aerosols and other pollutants toprovide compressed air for general purposes to the most critical application.Level 2.Level 2 offers the highest quality compressed air for critical applications. The airfrom this Sullair System exceeds the ISOstandard (ISO 8573.1, Class 1) for air quality with the use of the MPC or PC filter. TheSystem includes a Sullair compressor andSullair MPF, MPH and MPC or PF, PH andPC filters. The odor-free compressed airfrom this system contains particulates nolarger than 0.01 micron, including waterand oil aerosol content of 0.01 ppm/w @70 F. The remaining oil vapor content isless than 0.003 ppm/w.Select the System.Select the air quality level to meet yourplant air or process requirements. You canbe assured that the quality of air from theSullair System you specify will remain consistent for the life of the equipment. Sullairguarantees it. And that’s as good as gold.Two levels of air quality.Sullair recognizes that the requirements forair quality vary according to each compressed air application. For this reason, weprovide Systems that achieve two distinctlevels of air quality.These Systems are not intended to remove carbon monoxide, methyl isocyanate or other noxious, corrosive or toxic gases, vapors or fumes. Thesystem does not provide breathing air.16

Standard andoptional equipmentTS-20TS-32TS-32S100-200 HP 200-350 HP 400-600 HPSupervisor Controller Electro-Mechanical Controls Direct Coupled Highly Efficient Air/Fluid Separation—MSS Fiberglass Fluid Filter Spiral Valve Heavy Duty Intake Filter Sullube 8000 Hour Compressor Fluid Optimizer Separator Bearing Fluid Reservoir—BFR Wye Delta Starter (1) Solid State Starter Full Voltage Starter ODP Premium Efficient Motor (2) TEFC Premium Efficient Motor TEFC Premium Efficient Fan Motor (TEAO on TS-32) Emerald 5-year Health Assurance (3) (4)24KT (10-Year Air End Warranty) Sound Attenuating Enclosure Sullair’s Versatile Control System—VCS Cold Weather Package Energy Efficiency System—EES SCD Zero Air Loss Condensate Drain Standard Option(1)Standard on TS-32, 200-450 HP and optional on TS-32S, 500-600 HP.(2)Standard on TS-32, 200-350 HP and optional on TS-32S, 400-600 HP.(3)Sullair’s 5-year warranty includes air end, motor, air/fluid receiver and cooler(s). “L” and “H” models only.(4)Sullair’s 24KT warranty includes 10-years on the air end, 5-years on the motor, air/fluid receiver and cooler(s).“L” and “H” models only.17

SUPPORTGlobal servicesupport and worldwideparts availabilityYour investment is supported by anexperienced team of compressed airsystem experts. Our globalnetwork of authorized Sullairdistributors and field servicerepresentatives provide responsive,knowledgeable service, includingon-site and factory-based technicalassistance, to Sullair customersaround the world.Because Sullair believes that using Genuine Sullair Replacement Parts is criticalfor optimum compressor system performance, we make them available on a globalbasis. Through Sullinet, our on-line network, distributors can procure Genuine Sullair Replacement Parts for any piece of Sullair equipment in any part of the world,quickly and efficiently.18

SPECIFICATIONS 50HZSpecifications for TS-20 50Hz100L 100H 100HH 125L 125HCompressor PerformanceCapacity (m3/min)15.7 14.2 12.3 19.3 16.8Full Load Pressure (bar) 6.9 8.6 10.36.9 8.6Motor (kW)74 747493 93Dimensions and Weight, Enclosure, Air-CooledLength (mm)3050 3050 3050 3050 3050Width (mm)1830 1830 1830 1830 1830Height (mm)1727 1727 1727 1727 1727Weight (kg)3675 3675 3675 3720 3720125HH 125XH 150L 150H 150HH 150XH 200L 200H 200HH 200XH15.710.39314.2 22.3 20.412.1 6.9 8.693 112 11218.310.311216.712.111228.0 26.36.9 8.6149 81030501830172738103050183017273900Specifications for TS-20KT 50Hz100L100HCompressor PerformanceCapacity (m3/min)15.714.2Full Load Pressure (bar) 6.98.6Motor (kW)7474Dimensions and Weight, Enclosure, Air-CooledLength (mm)30503050Width (mm)18301830Height (mm)17271727Weight 1727381030501830172739003050183017273900Sullair is committed to a program of continuous improvement. Features and specifications may change without notice. Consult your Sullair representative or authorized Sullair distributor.19

SPECIFICATIONS 50HZSpecifications for TS-32 50Hz200L 250L 250HCompressor PerformanceCapacity (m3/min)30.9 38.4 33.5Full Load Pressure (bar) 6.96.9 8.6Motor (kW)149 186 186Dimensions and Weight, Enclosure, Air-CooledLength (mm)3912 3912 3912Width (mm)1981 1981 1981Height (mm)2184 2184 2184Weight (kg)5660 5770 5770250HH 250XH 300L300H300HH 300XH 350L350H350HH 8461783912198121846178Specifications for TS-32KT 50Hz200LCompressor PerformanceCapacity (m3/min)30.9Full Load Pressure (bar)6.9Motor (kW)149Dimensions and Weight, Enclosure, Air-CooledLength (mm)3912Width (mm)1981Height (mm)2184Weight 84602039121981218461783912198121846078Sullair is committed to a program of continuous improvement. Features and specifications may change without notice. Consult your Sullair representative or authorized Sullair distributor.20

Specifications for TS-32S 50Hz400L400HCompressor PerformanceCapacity (m3/min)59.555.0Full Load Pressure (bar)6.98.6Motor (kW)298298Dimensions and Weight, Enclosure, Air-CooledLength (mm)44454445Width (mm)21342134Height (mm)23622362Weight 13423627455Specifications for TS-32SKT 50Hz400LCompressor PerformanceCapacity (m3/min)59.5Full Load Pressure (bar)6.9Motor (kW)298Dimensions and Weight, Enclosure, Air-CooledLength (mm)4445Width (mm)2134Height (mm)2362Weight 342362745544452134236274554445213423627455Sullair is committed to a program of continuous improvement. Features and specifications may change without notice. Consult your Sullair representative or authorized Sullair distributor.21

SPECIFICATIONS 60HZSpecifications for TS-20 60Hz100L 100H 125LCompressor PerformanceCapacity (acfm)575 500 680Full Load Pressure (psig) 100 125 100Motor (hp)100 100 125Dimensions and Weight, Enclosure, Air-CooledLength (in)120 120 120Width (in)727272Height (in)686868Weight (lb)8100 8100 8200125H 125HH 125XH 150L 150H 150HH 150XH 200L 200H 200HH 6801501506161751501035 960100 125200 8400120 120727268688400 840012072688400120 120 1207272726868688400 8600 86001207268860012072688600Specifications for TS-20KT 60Hz100L100HCompressor PerformanceCapacity (acfm)575500Full Load Pressure (psig) 100125Motor (hp)100100Dimensions and Weight, Enclosure, Air-CooledLength (in)120120Width (in)7272Height (in)6868Weight 2688600Sullair is committed to a program of continuous improvement. Features and specifications may change without notice. Consult your Sullair representative or authorized Sullair distributor.22

Specifications for TS-32 60Hz200L 250L 250H 250HH 300LCompressor PerformanceCapacity (acfm)1105 1335 1240 11001640Full Load Pressure (psig) 100 100 125150100Motor (hp)200 250 250250300Dimensions and Weight, Enclosure, Air-CooledLength (in)154 154 154154154Width (in)7878787878Height (in)8686868686Weight (lb)12480 12720 12720 12720 13270300H 300HH 300XH 350L 350H 350HH 350XH 350ZH1440125300133015030012401753001875 1733100 125350 8613270154154 154154787878788686868613270 13620 13620 13620154788613620154788613620Specifications for TS-32KT 60Hz200LCompressor PerformanceCapacity (acfm)1105Full Load Pressure (psig)100Motor (hp)200Dimensions and Weight, Enclosure, Air-CooledLength (in)154Width (in)78Height (in)86Weight 620154788613620Sullair is committed to a program of continuous improvement. Features and specifications may change without notice. Consult your Sullair representative or authorized Sullair distributor.23

Specifications for TS-32S 60Hz400L 400H 400HH 450L 450H 450HH 500L 500H 500HH 600L 600H 600HHCompressor PerformanceCapacity (acfm)2200 194316812350 2135 1943 2530 2350 2220 3000 2700 2530Full Load Pressure (psig)100125150100125150100125150100125150Motor (hp)400400400450450450500500500600600600Dimensions and Weight, Enclosure, Air-CooledLength (in)175175175175175175175175175175175175Width (in)848484848484848484848484Height (in)939393939393939393939393Weight (lb)15900 15900 15900 15900 15900 15900 16400 16400 16400 16400 16400 16400Specifications for TS-32SKT 60Hz400LCompressor PerformanceCapacity (acfm)2200Full Load Pressure (psig)100Motor (hp)400Dimensions and Weight, Enclosure, Air-CooledLength (in)175Width (in)84Height (in)93Weight 16400175849316400175849316400175849316400Sullair is committed to a program of continuous improvement. Features and specifications may change without notice. Consult your Sullair representative or authorized Sullair distributor.This is one of several compressed air products that comprise the Sullair System.The System includes oil-free and lubricated air compressors, dryers, filters andrelated accessories, designed to deliver peak performance and energy efficiency.Sullair is pleased to beISO 9001 certified by Lloyd’sRegister Quality Companywww.sullair.comSULLAIR CORPORATION, 3700 E. Michigan Blvd., Michigan City, IN 46360 Telephone: 1-800-367-6737 or 219-879-5451SIP-7000 Specifications subject to change without notice. Copyright 2003 Sullair Corporation. All rights reserved. E/1/03/6.5Printed on recycled paper.

single-stage compressor. Power savings per 1000 cfm. Two-stage tandem vs single-stage rotary screw at full load— At a power cost of .05/kW/hr, the fine dotted line shows that a tandem two-stage compressor will save 9600 per 1000 cfm over a single-stage compressor operat