Praise forThe Seven Levels of CommunicationThe ability to build relationships is the backbone of a successful business. Thephone call, the handshake, the lunch meeting—that’s where business is done, andMichael Maher knows how to do it. If you want to win in business, you’ve got tolearn how to win with people, and this book will show you how to do just that.Dave Ramsey, Host of The Dave Ramsey Show and NY Times Bestselling Authorof The Total Money Makeover(7L) is the clearest, most concise book I’ve read on what it takes to be a greatsalesperson. It is obvious why Michael J. Maher is one of the greatest salespeople in the world. (7L) will become a classic and I plan to use it in ourtraining.Larry Kendall, Author of Ninja SellingIt’s easy to focus on what we say rather than how we say it. Maher’s book willteach you how to communicate in a way that literally turns your relationshipsinto referrals: most of the time without you even having to ask.Tom Hopkins, Sales Trainer and Bestselling Author of How to Master the Art ofSelling and How to Master the Art of Listing and Selling Real Estate.Every real estate agent needs to read this book and give it to all their referralpartners! In (7L), Michael Maher shows you how to build a recession-proofnetwork that will continue to send you business no matter what the marketconditions.Dr. Ivan Misner, NY Times Bestselling author of Masters of Sales and Founderof BNI and Referral InstituteReady to stop wasting money on advertising? Learn from the man who built aworld-class business by investing in relationships. It’s warm it’s effective.Michael Maher has shown that building a referral generating community is notonly a nicer way of doing business, but a superior business model that can workfor you.Howard Brinton, Founder and Former CEO of Star Power Systems, Hall ofFame Speaker (RE/MAX, CRS).Think your market is down? Maybe it’s you! Michael Maher—one of the bestinnovators and professionals of the 21st Century— will show you how to

recognize and adjust to today’s market and build a business that can weatherany recession! Read (7L) now.Allan Domb, Star Power Star and commonly known as North America’s TopProducing Real Estate Agent.It’s easy to focus on what we say rather than how we say it. Maher’s book willteach you how to communicate in a way that literally turns your relationshipsinto referrals. You will never look at real estate the same way after reading (7L)The Seven Levels of Communication. This is a proven method to explode yourbusiness without cold calling or expensive advertising.Dr. Tony Alessandra, author of Collaborative Selling & The Platinum Rule forSales MasteryMichael Maher’s (7L) The Seven Levels of Communication is a must read forthe serious real estate pro. He knows what it takes to deliver 5 Star CustomerService from the heart with commitment and generosity.Danielle Kennedy, Bestselling Author of How to List and Sell Real Estate—Dominate Every Turn of the Market. 30th Anniversary Edition (Cengage), realestate sales trainer.Michael Maher explains that there are certain levels of communication that offera very high return on your investment. With that in mind, I can’t think of a betterinvestment than this book.Floyd Wickman, founder of Sweathogs, Bestselling author of six books, NSAHall of Fame Sales Trainer, one of REALTOR Magazine’s 25 Most InfluentialPeople in Real Estate.(7L) The Seven Levels of Communication is a terrific book. A proven, no-failformula for success in real estate sales (though, these principles would work inany type of sales) from one of the most successful real estate professionals inmodern times. Rarely have I read a book that teaches so powerfully whilekeeping the reader so involved. This book – written in the form of a fictionalstory – is a gem that will help anyone who follows its instruction touch a lotmore lives and make a lot more money in the process. If you run a salesorganization, consider promoting this book to everyone on your team. If you arebeginning in sales or even a long-time veteran of the sales profession, invest inthis book for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.Bob Burg, Bestselling Author of Endless Referrals and Co-Author of The GoGiver and Go-Givers Sell More

There are few people that I consider a master at the referral business andMichael Maher is at the head of his class. This compelling story weaves a taleof how to create a network of people that is so powerful yet so simple toimplement. By simply following and implementing the concepts in (7L) TheSeven Levels of Communication, your foundation for a successful career insales will be automatic. So set aside the time for some serious, yet fun reading!Bob Corcoran, Founder of Corcoran Consulting & Coaching, Author - Make aCommitment: Soar to Success in Real EstateA true relationship is a treasured gift. Michael Maher shows us the path tobuilding a relationship and the value each and every one has not just to ourbusinesses but to us as people.Alex Charfen, CEO of STAR POWER Systems, Distressed Property Institute,LLC, and Relativity PressIn (7L), Maher does a great job in showing how to leverage technology but notbe consumed by it. He states in Chapter 8 that our online interaction is a“promise” - the promise of a future interaction whether via phone or in person. Ibelieve many sales and relationships fail because at times we can rely tooheavily on social media and emails. Maher provides tools, ideas and moreimportantly the concepts of how to do business the right way.James Nellis, #11 in RE/MAX USA (2009), Certified CRS Instructor and StarPower Star.“I couldn’t put this book down until I finished it! Michael J. Maher has nailed it!(7L) The Seven Levels of Communication: Go from Relationships to Referralsis a text book on growing your business without the methods many typically thinkare required to do so.Michael takes the concepts learned from the masters of sales and relationshipmarketing and boils it down to an easy to duplicate strategy to take you from“zero to hero” in a great read that won’t take you weeks or months tounderstand and implement.If you are in the business of serving people in the field of sales, this is a mustread. Regardless of your field, it’s the people you already know who can lead youfrom where you are to where you want to be and Michael is living proof that thisworks. It will work for you too. Act now, not later! Do it now! Your family, yourclients, your wallet and you will appreciate it.”Jim Sahnger, Chief Faculty Member Loan Toolbox and Top-Producing Lender.

“There are very few books where the reader learns, is inspired and, at the sametime, enjoys the reading experience. That is precisely what Michael Maher hasaccomplished with his (7L) The Seven Levels of Communication: Go fromRelationships to Referrals. This easy read takes you on a journey of provenstrategies to increase your business success and you’ll find it rewarding to knowthat nice guys/gals can finish first!”Rick DeLuca, Rick DeLuca Seminars, internationally-renowned Real EstateTrainer.“Michael has mastered the art of relationships, and in (7L) he truly inspires usall to take our businesses to the next level.”Brad Korn, Owner of Cyberstars, Star Power Star, and Top-Producing RealEstate Agent.“Michael J. Maher goes straight to the heart of success for anyone in business:it’s all about relationships. Rather than theorize on this, though, Michael uses(7L) to craft a tangible, actionable strategy for doing exactly what every smartbusinessperson needs to do to build a lasting, meaningful, extraordinarybusiness. When you’ve heard someone say, ‘It’s really pretty simple to besuccessful’ you’ve likely shrugged it off. Now, with (7L), let me tell you withcertainty, success is simple AND here’s the book to help you do it. All of mycoaching clients will have this as a required read, and I’m recommending it tocolleagues and family members as well. Congratulations, Michael – your dad isproud of you.”Amy Stoehr, Founder and CEO of Real Estate Masters Guild and Founder andCEO of Changing Lanes Consulting

The Seven Levels of CommunicationGo from Relationships to ReferralsMichael J. Maher

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ContentsDedicationIntroductionLunch of a LifetimeJay Michaels SpeaksCommunicating with YourselfYou Can’t Even Spell Communicate Without TimeYou’re in the People BusinessPhone CallsCommunication PlansElectronic CommunicationTransformationJay Michaels Speaks AgainAnother Lunch of a LifetimeEpilogue: The GenerosityGenerationGlossary of TermsHeartfelt AppreciationEnd Notes

DedicationTo my father, Patrick Joseph Maher. He was a high school teacher and coachwho taught me and many others until his death at the age of 54 after a three-yearbattle with cancer. During those three years, I learned more about my dad than Ihad in the nearly 20 years before. One of his regrets was not writing his memoirs– and what words of wisdom those would have been! You will not only belearning from me during your time with this book, but you will also be learningfrom my father. He passed away on September 1, 1992 and had over 1000people at his funeral.Dad, we wrote this together.

IntroductionI heard my heart flat-line. The heartbeat monitor screamed its alarm.Soon after, I opened my eyes to a large German woman all in white hoveringover me. Heaven? No, Heaven wasn’t quite ready for me yet.“Welcome back. You gave us quite a scare there,” said the head nurse.I wasn’t even thinking I was dying. Not me. It was too unbelievable. It wasn’tmy time. It couldn’t be. I was in good health. I looked around the hospital roomand I realized I almost DIED just now. Reality hit me. Tears welled up in myeyes. I fear very little, but I was scared. I am NOT a crier, but as they preppedme for surgery to implant a temporary pacemaker, I was frightened to tears.I remember looking at the nurse’s chalkboard in the room on which December18, 2007 was written. I thought, “I can’t die on that date. There is nothingsignificant about December 18, 2007.” Then I thought of my wife, Sheri. Shewould kill me if I died! She does not take loss well and I knew she would bemad as well as sad. The cardiologist asked me her name and number. I told himquietly and asked him to hold off on calling her. I would have to coach him onhow to approach her.Another thought flashed through my mind. I don’t have any children. Sheriand I had discussed children, but never seriously. I was ambivalent to the idea –until that moment. I now wanted a child.Something else came to mind and frankly, it surprised me a little. I thought ofmy father. My father was a high school teacher. He was very influential in thecommunity and coached three sports. With that schedule, he was busy. When wetalked, it was mostly about sports until he got cancer. During a poignant

moment just before his death, he shared with me his only regret; he had notwritten his memoirs. Thinking about him and his words that day made me realizeI had knowledge, a system, and a belief that needed to be shared. This book, theone you have in your hands or on your screen at this moment, is theaccumulation of my learning, implementing, failing, and evaluating thestrategies necessary to build a business based on others recommending me andmy services. In your hands, you hold the strategies, techniques, and systems Iused – and continue to use daily - to become known as “America’s MostReferred Real Estate Professional.”As I have been blessed with greater success, I have had the privilege ofteaching and coaching others to do the same. This book tells the story of many ofmy coaching clients and members of my team; men and women who are ready toevolve from the Ego Era to the Generosity Generation. They are ready to stopwasting money on costly personal promotion and invest in relationships. Theywant to build more than a business; they want to leave a legacy.If you want a business that will outlive you, this book will show you how tobuild it. If you are ready to build a large, highly profitable business usingnothing but word of mouth, this book will provide you with the strategies,techniques, and resources you need. It is my hope that it will lead you not only togreater financial freedom, but also to a more fulfilling existence.I wish my dad had put together his memoirs. It would be such a great read. Iam now the father of a precious little boy. I imagine sitting on the floor duringreading time with Max and reading my dad’s stories, advice, and wisdom. Afterreading this book again, I realize that my dad and I wrote this together. I amhonoring his legacy by passing on this knowledge. I survived that fateful day tohelp, teach, and coach others.What had almost killed me? It turned out to be blood clots – a complicationfrom knee surgery I had four days prior. There is a Friedrich Nietzsche quote,“What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.” Here’s my advice to let you knowyou don’t have to nearly die to truly live:“Don’t wait for a life-changing event to change your life.”

1Lunch of a Lifetime“When written in Chinese the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters – one represents danger and theother represents opportunity.”John F. Kennedy“Rick, to be honest with you, I don’t think you’ll be in the business a year fromnow.”The words rang in Rick’s ears as the alarm jolted him out of an uneasyslumber. Two weeks had passed and he still couldn’t get the image of thatsmirking, self-satis