Planningyour EventAnyone who plansan event has a loton their plate.The flowers. The band.A million little thingsthat could chip the shinyveneer of perfection.Our expert event plannersare more than on your side.They’re at your side.Allowing hosts to lift theirheads from the tiny details.And see the bigmagnificent – picture.

PLANNING YOUR EVENTBOOKING YOUR EVENTAs the exclusive event manager and caterer for the Chase Center on the Riverfront, Sodexo looksforward to making your event memorable. A Sales Manager will tentatively hold a function dateup to14 days without a deposit or contract. To confirm an event as definite, a non-refundableBusiness Namedeposit of 25% of the estimated revenue or the food and beverage minimum for the spacereserved, whichever is greater, and a signed contract is required.Promotion TitleFACILITYThere are no facility rental fees if you meet a minimum purchase of food and beverage for eachspecified room. Please inquire with our sales staff for minimums or facility usage fees.GUARANTEESA final attendance guarantee must be specified by 12 Noon, four business days prior to the event.This guarantee is not subject to reduction. If a guarantee is not received four business days prior tothe event, the estimated count will be used as the final guarantee. Attendance increases after thefinal guarantee, is subject to Chef’s approval who reserves the right to substitute menu items. Wewill prepare for 2% above the guarantee, and you will be charged whichever is greater, theguarantee or number of guests served.EVENT DETAILSAll arrangements should be finalized at least four weeks in advance of your function. A BanquetEvent Order and floor plan of your event will be submitted to you for approval. It is the client'sresponsibility to review all arrangements, notify your event coordinator of any changes, and returnthe agreement signed at least three weeks prior to the date of the function.PAYMENTSodexo accepts payments by money order, personal and/or corporate check. A signed copy of thecontract and deposit of 25% of the estimated food, beverage and rental fee(s) is due within tenbusiness days. The final balance must be paid in full by 12 noon, four days prior to the event basedon the final guaranteed number of guests. Should proper payment not be received within thedesignated time, Sodexo reserves the right to cancel the event. Any additional charges during theevent will be due within 5 business days following the completion of the event.STAFFING CHARGEAll food and beverage is subject to a 22% staffing charge unless otherwise specified in a packagedmenu. The Staffing Charge is not a gratuity, but covers labor expenses for staffing your event andmay exceed our actual labor cost. Gratuity is offered at the sole discretion of the customer.Additional line item labor charges may still apply. Check with your sales manager for furtherclarification.EVENT GUIDELINESPlease see our facility event guidelines for all additional information for hosting an event at theChase Center.Chase Center V 6.17

EVENT PLANNING TIMELINEAt the Chase Center we want to provide you with the very best and well organized service. I amproviding this timeline to assist in that endeavor. By providing the information below in the timeframespecified we will be able to plan for and order staff, food, beverages and linen needed for your event.Business NameBanquet Event Order Requirements (BEO)Timeframe Due Prior to EventSigned Contract & Security DepositWithin 10 days of contract being sentPromotion TitlePre-Payment due (50% of event value)Due 6 months from event date for SOCIAL clientsDue 3 months from event date for CORPORATE clients(See contract for pre-payment schedule)Menus15 Business DaysEstimated # of Guests15 Business DaysRental Needs15 Business Days (or as early as possible)Linen Choices15 Business Days (or as early as possible)Timeline of Event15 Business DaysPreliminary Floor Plan(s)15 Business DaysSpecial Menu Requests15 Business DaysMeeting Details15 Business DaysSigned BEO10 Business DaysFinal Guest GuaranteeFinal Floor Plan4 Business Days(15 Business Days for Weddings)7 Business DaysGuarantee Invoice4 Business Days prior (when paying by Credit Card or Cashier’s Check7 Business Days prior (when paying by check)14 Business Days prior (for Weddings)Post Event InvoicePayment due within 5 days of receiptPlease Note: Changes made to the final BEO within 72 business hours may result in the Chase Centernot being able to accommodate the change and if so, additional charges may apply.Client Signature/Date:

EVENT GUIDELINESAUDIO VISUAL SERVICESAll Audio Visual needs are serviced and provided by Riverfront Audio Visual, the exclusive in-houseprovider. Their services may include, but are not limited to, podiums, staging, sound, video projection,Business Nameelectric, power, internet, easels, flipcharts, drape, lighting, set design and production labor. There is aseparate contract and separate invoice from Riverfront Audio Visual for these services. To speak tosomeone in RAV sales, call 302.472.0118 x3 or visit TitleBANNERS AND SIGNAGEEvent Signage should be delivered no more than 3 business days prior to the event, to the Chase CenterSecurity Office, located in the rear of the facility. Signage should be light-weight material, suitable forhanging indoors, with roping and grommets. No signage may be hung outdoors, unless renting theentire facility. All signage will be hung on interior pre-determined guide wires within your rented eventspace at the following pricing:One to three banners 50Four to six banners 100Seven to nine banners 150Ten banners 200Each additional banner 10 eachRoping or zip ties 2 per bannerComplex or custom designed displays will be charged on an hourly basis to cover lift, time and labor.Signage is hung and removed during regular business hours. Special requests may incur additional fees.It is the Client’s responsibility to pick up signage within 3 business days after the event from the SecurityOffice, or it may be discarded. No banners, posters or signs may be hung by anyone other than facilitystaff.Signage is most commonly hung in the following locations dependent upon facility usage:Above the entrance to Christina Ballroom – maximum dimensions are 26’ wide by 8’ high.From the center beam in the Lobby – maximum dimensions are 12’ wide by 12’ high.From any of the columns (vertical signage only) – maximum dimensions 28” wide by 7’ high.From guide wires in Christina Hallway (max. of four) – maximum dimensions 10’ wide by 6’ high.Above the entrance to Riverfront Ballroom – maximum dimensions 12’ wide by 6’ high.From the first row of beams in Governors’ Hall – maximum dimensions 18’ wide by 6’ high.BARTENDER FEESCash and Consumption Bars require one bartender per every 75 guests up to 200 guests, thenapproximately one additional bartender for every 100 guests thereafter. 100 for each bartender up tofour-hours and 35 for each additional hour. Please Note: All cash bars close 15 minutes prior to theconclusion of the event time.Chase Center V 6.17Page 1 of 5

BUSINESS CENTERLocated behind the information desk, the business center is available upon request for copier, fax andoffice services, additional costs may apply. Complimentary wireless Internet access is available throughoutthe facility, with a password. An ATM is located on site.COAT CHECKAt the clients’ request, coat check will be provided in seasonal weather with one attendant per 150 guests, 100 for up to four-hours, and 35 for each additional hour.DANCE FLOORSThe Chase Center will provide the following sized wood parquet dance floors on a first come basis.Should your event require additional panels or if the Chase Center’s inventory is depleted, additional3’ x 3’ squares are available for 22 each.30’ x 30’ in Wilmington Hall27’ x 27’ in Riverfront Ballroom24’ x 24’ in Governor’s Hall21’ x 21’ in Christina BallroomDECORATIONSDecorations, posters, signs or displays brought into the Chase Center must be approved before the event.Items may not be attached to walls, windows, drapes and/or columns. The following machines are notpermitted: Popcorn, Peanuts, Snow, Fog or Bubble, Spray String, Confetti and Cotton Candy. No openflame décor is permitted. Balloons are permitted only when weighted. Charges may apply if a lift isrequired to remove any balloons from the ceilings after an event.A recommended list of service vendors will be provided for any additional services your event may need.EQUIPMENTWhile the Chase Center may have a large inventory of equipment, this inventory may be limiteddepending on the number of guests or the type of events at a given time. We may determine there will beadditional costs based on your event.3’ square section of installed Dance Floor8’ high Black Banjo Pipe & Drape per linear foot60” Round with a two 85” Linens6’ x 30’ Table with boxed Linen & Chairs8’ x 30’ Table with boxed Linen & Chairs8’ x 18” Classroom Table with Boxed Linen30” High Top with two 85” Linen36” Round with 85” Linen & ChairsWhite or Black Wood Foldable ChairWhite Plastic Foldable ChairUpholstered PodsCollapsible A-Frame EaselsCoat Racks with hangersStanchionsSmall Trashcan 22 7.5 18 18 18 18 18 18 5 2 10 14 30 5 4Please inquire for our boothing package pricing and any other equipment needs.Chase Center V 6.17Page 2 of 5

EVENT PROMOTION AND ADVERTISINGAll advertisements, invitations, flyers, posters and promotions associated with your event should use thefollowing name and address below. Please do not publish the Chase Center phone number for anyreason.Chase Center on the Riverfront815 Justison StreetWilmington, DE 19801www.centerontheriverfront.comThe Chase Center Logo or photography may be requested for use with consent from our marketingdepartment, contact us at [email protected] or x 138.To have your event listed in our calendar of events on the Chase Center and Riverfront Wilmington’sweb sites, please submit a calendar release form (8) eight weeks prior to your event. The form isavailable on our web site.EVENT TIMESThe Chase Center is available for events from 7 AM – 1 AM. Food and Beverage events will be booked forthe following event windows.The sellable window for a Breakfast and Lunch event is two hours longThe sellable window for a Cocktail Reception event is one hour longThe sellable window for a Three-course Dinner event is three hours longThe sellable window for a Station Reception event is three hours longThe sellable window for a Four-course Dinner event is four hours longShould the client request to extend the event time, there will be an additional 3% staffing charge addedto the food and beverage purchases per additional hour.FOOD AND BEVERAGESodexo Leisure is the exclusive caterer, who holds the liquor license and board of health permits within theChase Center. No outside food, beverage or alcohol may be brought into the facility.HOLIDAYSAny event occurring on a holiday will be charged an additional 10% staffing charge.LINENThe Chase Center provides Sandalwood color table cloths and napkins for all tables. A limited palette ofnapkin colors is available at no charge. Ivory, white and black table clothes may be available in limitedquantities with advance notice. Specialty items such as chair covers with sashes, slip covers, overlays,spandex and custom colors are available for an additional charge.LOAD-IN AND LOAD-OUTAll vendors with and/or including: displays, exhibits, decoration, equipment and entertainment mustenter and check in at the Chase Center Security entrance at the rear of the building.Chase Center V 6.17Page 3 of 5

NON-PROFIT EVENTSNon-Profit Organizations receive a 5% Discount on Food & Beverage once the Food and BeverageMinimums are met. A 10% Non Profit Discount is available during the months of January, February, July,August and December. To receive this discount a current 501C3 is required to be in the file.PACKAGES AND PACKAGE HANDLINGParcels or packages may be delivered up to three days prior to your event. A 10 per package or 150per pallet charge will apply to all incoming and outgoing packages. Outgoing packages must havepre-arranged shipping charges through a carrier. Incoming packages must include the following:Event NameClient’s NameAttention: Chase Center on the Riverfront815 Justison StreetWilmington, DE 19801PARKINGThere are over 2,400 complimentary parking spaces surrounding the Chase Center, available on a firstcome, first serve basis. Valet Parking is available upon request for an additional cost.RISERS AND STAGINGEach ballroom will be provided with a complimentary 12’ x 8’ x 1’ skirted riser. Handicap access isavailable upon request. Additional staging requirements including additional decks, leg heights and stairoptions may be available based on the facility inventory.SECURITYThe Chase Center is a 24-hour secure building with an on-site security command center. All uniformsecurity guards are CPR/First Aid trained. Cameras are located on the perimeter and in select interiorrooms and hallways. As the exclusive provider of security, the Chase Center will determine the extent ofyour security needs and arrange for licensed interior/ exterior security, police, traffic police, and/or EMTs.City Council Ordinance 05-062 requires the City of Wilmington Police Department to be notified of anygatherings over 100 guests to determine if, and to what extent, a police presence is required at the costsbelow. Facility security is on-site from 5 AM – 1 AM. Should your event require overnight on-site security, there will be an additional charge.SecurityArmed SecurityWilmington PoliceEMTs 35 per man hour 40 per man hour 60 per man hour 60 per man hourSMOKINGThe Chase Center is a smoke free facility as mandated by state law. Designated outdoor areas areavailable at the West Entrance and Christina Vestibule doors.Chase Center V 6.17Page 4 of 5

STAFFINGEach event requires specific staffing to meet the needs of the event. Sodexo will determine the number ofstaffing required for your event based on the anticipated number of guests.Set-Up/Break-down Porters – required for every eventCoat Check Attendants (1 for every 150 guests)Bartenders (1 every 75 guests up to 200, then every 100)Restroom Attendants (1 for every 150 guests)Cashiers for Concession StandsUtility Personnel for trash removalEvent Managers 100 each 100 each 100 each 100 each 100 each 100 each 150 eachSTORAGEThe Chase Center has limited storage facilities and does not provide storage prior to, or following anevent for decorations, flowers, auction items, equipment or materials brought in by you, yoursubcontractors or your guests. Items the client wishes to keep must be removed from the premisesimmediately following the event. The Chase Center will not be held responsible for items left once theClient departs. Should you require storage prior to, or following your event, your event coordinator cansupply room rental charges.TRASHA 30-yard dumpster will be required if excessive trash from an event is anticipated for a charge of 390.Sodexo has the right to determine if an event will require a Dumpster. Excessive clean-up after an eventthat is not left “broom swept clean” will be charged to Client at 75 per hour.Chase Center V 6.17Page 5 of 5

PLANNING YOUR EVENT . BOOKING YOUR EVENT . As the exclusive event manager and caterer for the Chase Center on the Riverfront, Sodexo looks forward to making your event memorable. A Sales Manager will tentatively hold a function date . A Banquet Event Order and floor plan of your event