Hiring Manager Training ManualTechnomedia Hiring Manager Manual1

Hiring Manager Training ManualTable of Contents:Logging into TechnomediaPage 4Assigning Search Committee MembersPages 5-7Viewing ApplicantsPages 8-11Updating Status and RankPages 12-16Sending resumes/applicants to Search CommitteePages 17-18Completing Hiring Manager TaskPages 18-20Sending Regret LettersPages 21-23QuestionnairePage 242

Hiring Manager Training Manual1.Complete the Request to Hire Form:2. After the form has divisional and budget approval it is sent to HR, where the job is posted inTechnomedia and the hiring manager is assigned and sent an email.3

Hiring Manager Training Manual3. In this email sent to the hiring manager, the link for Technomedia is identified and it is stated thatall search committee members including the hiring manager must complete the Search CommitteeTraining. The EEO office sees to it that the hiring manager complies with training.4. When the hiring manager logs into Technomedia for the first time, please follow these instructions:1. Click new user2. Company ID 18023. Username full Rowan email address4. Then click green arrow and it will send a temporary password to your Rowan email account.5. Come back to this page and enter your information again, using your temporary password6. This will then prompt you to create a new password.4

Hiring Manager Training Manual5. From this screen click on the Job Posting title.By clicking the Job Posting Title it brings you to this screen:6.Next click on the Search Committee Form5

Hiring Manager Training Manual This is the Search Committee Form that opens up.Please complete the form using Rowan email addresses.When done click on Update Search Committee.You must select close after you have updated the form.The Office of Equity and Diversity will approve or reject your search committee members,depending on if they completed the Search Committee Training.6

Hiring Manager Training Manual7.The search committee members that are added are notified by an email that automatically isgenerated. The EEO Office is also notified by an email in order to verify that all search committeemembers have completed the required Search Committee Training.Example of Search Committee Member email:Example of EEO email:7

Hiring Manager Training Manual8. How to view the applicants that have appliedFrom this screen click on the number under the “ALL” heading. “All” represents all candidates thatapplied, “Last 24 hours” is the number candidates that applied in the last 24 hours, and “Last Logout” isthe number of candidates that applied since your last logout of the system.You now can view the applications and supporting documents of the candidates that applied. You canview these by clicking on the candidate’s name.By clicking on the candidates name it brings you to this screen.8

Hiring Manager Training ManualFrom this screen you can open their documents. Jane Doe has a cover letter and resume she uploadedand also the “resume” that the system generates automatically. You will see a formatting differencebetween the resume documents. Not all candidates will have additional documents. All documents aredependent upon what the candidate uploads when they are applying.Viewing a larger number of candidates using the Resume RemoteIf you have a larger number of applicants you can use the resume remote function. This function allowsyou to view and update statuses/ranking when you have a large amount of resumes to review.First select the applicant’s empty white boxes at the end of their line.*(you can only select one page ofcandidates at a time). One page will hold and let you view/select 20 candidates at a time. To select allcandidates at once, click on the top right box.Next:Select the resume remote button at the bottom of the screen.9

Hiring Manager Training ManualYou now can view these resumes from this screen using the arrow and have the option to print andemail the candidates. Also, you can update the status or ranking from this screen.Use the “Next” to view the next applicant you had previously selected from the list.View the candidate’s uploaded documentsUpdate the candidate’s status or rank.By selecting these icons you can print or emailresumes. Check the “flag for print” box on anycandidate you wish to print or email.10

Hiring Manager Training Manual9. Another way to update candidate statusClick on the candidate’s name (as shown previously under #8 ).From this screen you will notice a gray box on the right hand side of the screen labeled WorkflowManager. In this box are a list of actions. Any action that has anext it signifies an email willbe sent. The action “ Submit interview feedback” sends an email to the hiring manager. All other actionswithnext to it send an email to the candidate. * When you click on the plus sign to theright of each status it allows you to change the date to reflect when that status truly happened. If not, itwill populate the current date in the system.Definitions of Actions:The drop down selection in Ranking:11

Hiring Manager Training Manual Most Competitive: used to label candidates whose qualifications meet and exceed the needs forthe position(typically the candidate who you want to bring in for an interview) Competitive: used to label candidates who meet the qualifications of the position (typicallythese are the one’s after your first review of all applicants who may want to bring in for aninterview) Unranked: default ranking given to all new candidates Not Competitive: used to label candidate who did not meet the qualifications for the position Recycle for different position: Rowan University does not use this ranking Knocked Out: used to flag candidates who fail to meet the basic needs of a position or did notfollow the application instructionsoExample:1. An external candidate who applies for an internal position2. A candidate who answers a question on mandatory questionnaire not in favor withwhat the department is looking for. (I.E. Are you willing to work holidays and weekend?Candidate answers no and gets “knocked out” by the system)Drop down selection of “Not Selected Reason”: (None) Applicant:oAccepted another joboCertification and/or license requirementoEducationoExperienceoIncomplete application materialsoOtheroReferencesoSalary expectationsoWithdrawal of application12

Hiring Manager Training Manual Send Legal Application: this sends Rowan University’s application for employment to thecandidates email they provided. Application Materials Reviewed-Qualified: You have reviewed the candidates resume andsupporting documents and found them qualified for the position. Application Materials Reviewed-Not Qualified- You have reviewed the candidatesresume/supporting documents and found them not qualified for the position. Phone Screen: A phone interview was conducted First Interview: First interview was conducted Second Interview: Second interview was conducted13

Hiring Manager Training Manual Submit interview feedback: This is for the Hiring Manager to complete. Once the hiringmanager selects this action the form will pop up on the screen. This is to be completed for allcandidates who had a face to face to interview. Not selected: the candidate has not been selected for the position Send External Regret Letter: This sends the candidate who has not been selected for theposition a “Thank you for your interest, but no thank you letter” to notify them they have notbeen selected for the position. References checked: You have verified the references of your qualified candidate Offer extended: You made an offer of employment to the candidate Offer Accepted: The candidate has accepted your offer and is ready for hire Offer Rejected: The candidate has rejected the offer of employment Offer Pending: You made the offer to the candidate and you are waiting for them to accept orreject*Discuss the offer with your recruiter prior to making the offer.14

Hiring Manager Training ManualWhen you select any of above defined actions or rankings you must click the blue “Update Status Rankand Reason button”. If not selected the status will remain unchanged.10. How to send the candidates to your search committee members using smart view.From your Technomedia “home” screen”. Click on the number of all candidates:15

Hiring Manager Training Manual1. From this screen select the candidates you wish to send to your search committee members byselecting the empty box and the end of their line. Or you can select all candidates (one page at a time)by selecting this icon.2. Then click on email.When you select email a pop up screen appears. (Please see figure on the next page)16

Hiring Manager Training Manual3.Enter in your search committee members Rowan email address and enter a subject line. After all infohas been entered click on the “Send e-Mail” button at the bottom of the screen. This will send yoursearch committee members a link to access the candidate’s application information.*The Smartview must remain selected.*Select Yes to submit candidate.17

Hiring Manager Training Manual11. Winning candidate identified/completing hiring manager tasksThe Hiring manager and search committee members have come to an agreement after review of theapplicants and completing interviews on the qualified. The hiring manager must complete these steps: Indicate a status on all candidates that have been interviewed in some way – phone screen,interview Select the status “Submit Interview Feedback” for each candidate that was interviewed face toface. This will become part of the EEO Hiring Record. When you select the status “submitinterview feedback” and click on update status rank and reason, the form will pop up on your18

Hiring Manager Training Manualscreen.ooooAttach a rationale to the candidate chosen for hire by attaching a rationale to thecandidate’s record (see below**). The rationale is defining why you chose to hire thiscandidate over the others.Attach any documents related to an applicant (interview notes, references, etc.) to theindividual candidate’s recordIf the hire requires a higher level supervisory approval, attach an email or documentationshowing that the approval was obtained. Some new hires require the Deans or Directorsapproval before that person can be hired.** Save documents to your computer. From the candidate’s detail screen, click on thedocuments icon at the bottom of the screen. Select document from yourcomputer. Select yes to the question “Share with Hiring Manager” and then click uploaddocument.19

Hiring Manager Training ManualThis screen pops up next.20

Hiring Manager Training ManualTo send External/Internal Regret Letters:This letter is used to notify candidates that they were not selected for the position. This should be thelast step you complete as the hiring manager.Follow the steps below to send these letters.* All regret letters must come from the Technomedia system. Select the candidates who were not successful Click on Batch21

Hiring Manager Training Manual This screen will open First change the reason to: Other22

Hiring Manager Training Manual Next change status to: Send External Regret Letter(or if you are completing an Internal searchthe option will be send Internal regret letter) Last step is to click save all and the letter will be automatically sent to the candidates emailaddress. Now your unsuccessful candidates statuses have been updated to “send external regret letter”23

Hiring Manager Training ManualQuestionnaires:Questionnaires can be used to screen the candidates as the apply to a position. If your department islooking for a certain license/certification for example, a questionnaire could be developed for yoursearch and “knockout” any candidates who apply and do not have the license/certification needed forthe job posting.*You would have to draft the questions and send them to your recruiter to be added to your jobposting. For further clarification please speak with your recruiter.24

Hiring Manager Training Manual 4 3. In this email sent to the hiring manager, the link for Technomedia is identified and it is stated that all search committee members including the hiring manager must complete the Search Committee Training. The EEO office sees to it that th