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Hello PSD Parents and Community Members!As your Superintendent of Schools, I believe in theinstitution of public education. I am dedicated to preparingour students for a changing future and I am committedto continuous improvement in all we do. I believe thateducation is one of the core foundations of our democracy.I am pleased to be a part of the PSD community which notonly values and supports education, but also works to assistthe district in achieving our mission to Educate.EveryChild, Every Day.While nearly 70% of PSD families choose to send their childto their neighborhood school, PSD also offers school choice options that meet stateregulations and allow parents to explore which school may best match their student’sunique learning needs. While our district is growing, and schools are becoming fuller,there are still options available within PSD.I invite you to review the information contained in this publication to help you withyour school decision. The various instructional programs and learning deliverysystems we offer in PSD are highlighted along with brief summaries of each school’sculture and academic focus. Check the tables inside to see which programs areavailable at each school as well as to view school locations. You can find additionalinformation on all of our programs at accomplish incredible things because we work together to build on each other’sstrengths. Our team, comprised of parents, students, staff, and community is onthe pathway to excellence. We are a community of learners. We are dedicated toindividual student success. We are committed to getting better in all we do.We are PSD!Sincerely,Sandra Smyser, Ph.D.Superintendent of [email protected]

stnetnoCTable ofPoudre School District at a Glance. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3PSD ProfileBoard of EducationCurriculum and InstructionPrograms and Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-5AthleticsB.A.S.E. CampChild NutritionCommunity EngagementHealth and WellnessInstructional TechnologySchool SafetySustainabilityTransportationRegistration and School Choice Options. . . . . . . . . . . . 6School RegistrationSchool ChoiceInstructional Focus Programming. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7Advanced PlacementArts & TechnologyAVIDBilingual/Dual Language ImmersionConcurrent EnrollmentCore KnowledgeExpeditionary LearningGifted and TalentedInternational BaccalaureateLeader in MeOnline/Hybrid LearningProject-Based LearningSTEM and STEAMEarly Childhood Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8School Program Listings. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-10School Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11-40Neighborhood SchoolsOption SchoolsAlternative High SchoolsCharter SchoolsSchool Locator Map. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41-42

ncea GlatatcirtsiDloPoudre SchoPoudre School District exists to support andinspire every child to think, to learn, to care,and to graduate prepared to be successful in achanging world.PSD ProfilePoudre School District, based in Fort Collins,Colorado, serves nearly 30,000 students within 50schools. As the 9th largest school district in thestate, PSD covers 1,856 square miles in northernColorado, including Fort Collins, Laporte, Timnath,Wellington, Red Feather, Livermore, Stove Prairie,and parts of Windsor.Board of EducationThe PSD Board of Education is the elected bodythat sets policy and governance for the schooldistrict. Seven board directors are elected bydistrict, but serve at large. Board meetings areconducted on the second and fourth Tuesdayof each month, except July and December, andare broadcast live on PSD-TV (ComcastChannel 10). Live stream of theboard meetings can also beviewed on the PSD website,along with meetingagendas, minutes, andpolicies.The District Ends, adopted in 2014, are:Foundations for Success: PSD students attainmilestones to ensure long-term academic success.PSD measures and monitors individual studentprogress against these milestones.Success in a Changing World: PSD students areprepared for post-secondary success. PSD ensuresaccess and encourages participation in a widerange of experiences that reflect expectations of achanging world.Above and Beyond: PSD students arechallenged, motivated, and inspired to reach theirpersonal level of excellence. PSD offers studentsa broad and diverse set of opportunities thatcultivate their talents and offers multiple pathwaysto high levels of success.Connections: PSD students feel academically andsocially connected to their school community.PSD provides engaging opportunities to supportstudents’ individual pursuits and interests.Curriculum andInstructionThe Poudre SchoolDistrict Board ofEducation is governedusing the policygovernance model. TheBoard of Education setsbroad policy that establishes thevision and direction of the districtfor the Superintendent to implement.The most significant policy the Board of Educationcreates is the District Ends. These are aspirationaland visionary goals for the district from whichthe Superintendent is able to create programs forstudents.3PSD’s ultimate educationalobjective is for every student tograduate prepared to succeedin this changing world. Theinstructional framework tosupport this goal consistsof teachers and principalscreating a positive classroomculture and learningenvironment that fosters the“whole child”; establishing a clearpurpose; implementing effectivecurriculum and instructional methods;promoting student engagement; andconducting assessments for student learning.PSD offers rigorous standards-based curriculumin all schools. Instruction is designed with highexpectations for all learners and is aligned withthe Colorado Academic Standards, which detail

Programs and Servicewhat a student should know and beable to do in each subject at each gradelevel. Enrichment and acceleratedprograms are available that complementthis standards-based instruction, whichis rooted in literacy, math, social studies,and science.All four comprehensive high schoolsoffer Advanced Placement courses forcollege earned credit and all high schoolsparticipate in concurrent enrollmentthrough Front Range CommunityCollege, AIMS Community College andColorado State University.PSD’s Integrated Services Departmentpartners alongside families to supportstudents with disabilities. By providingassistance where needed and ensuringsuccessful transitions, students willachieve positive academic goals andrealize meaningful outcomes.Poudre School District is a high achievingdistrict committed to individual studentsuccess, which can be seen through thefollowing achievement data. Visit for additional PSD dataand test scores. PSD students routinely perform 15%higher than students statewide – inall subjects and all 27 areas of theColorado Measures of AcademicSuccess (CMAS). Eight out of ten graduates completeat least one post-secondary,Advanced Placement, or InternationalBaccalaureate course prior tograduation each year. PSD graduation rates consistentlyexceed state averages.AthleticsPoudre School District offers a safe and dynamic athleticprogram at middle school and high school levels. PSDbelieves that athletic programs aid the development offavorable habits and attitudes that foster responsibleadults. PSD’s interscholastic athletic programs are incompliance with the Colorado High School ActivitiesAssociation.B.A.S.E. CampThe Before and After School Enrichment Program (B.A.S.E.Camp) offers a safe, affordable out-of-school learningenvironment that supports in-class learning. B.A.S.E.camps, which are owned and operated by an outsidecontractor, are located at most PSD elementary schoollocations. Visit for moreinformation.Child NutritionAll meals offered in Poudre School District are nutritious,safe, and balanced - exceeding all federal and USDAnutritional guidelines. Students are offered a variety offood prepared fresh daily including whole grains, localfresh produce, and local low-fat hormone-free milk.Students may be eligible for free or reduced lunches ifthey receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP) or if the household income is within the eligibilitylimits set by the federal government. Call the ChildNutrition Department at 970-490-3557 for information.Community EngagementCommunity support from parents, businessorganizations, and community members is a vitalcomponent to student success. Communitypartnerships, which foster real-world experiences andprepare students for the workforce and post-secondaryeducation, and volunteerism are developed throughPSD’s Partnership and Volunteer Center. Informationregarding how individuals and business organizationscan share expertise, experience or resources with PSDstudents can be found on the PSD website.4s

srviceeSdnasmarProgHealth and WellnessSchool SafetyPSD and the Board of Education place a high valueon the vital role that wellness plays in academicachievement. As a result, PSD is actively engagedin the application of wellness in education,partnering with various Colorado foundationsand organizations as well as the ColoradoDepartment of Education on wellness initiativesfor both students and staff. Examples of classroomwellness initiatives include: CSU partnershipswith elementary schools that emphasize theconnection between activity and learning; studentculinary competitions; staff wellness classes;nutritional education classes for students and staff;and healthy menu contests for the school lunchprogram.PSD is committed to an inclusive and safe climatefor all students. With Campus Security Officersserving as the eyes and ears of the district andSchool Resource Officers (certified police officers)based at all middle and comprehensive highschools, safety for students and staff is always a toppriority. PSD continually updates crisis plans andimplements prevention programs to ensure safelearning environments in all schools.PSD also offers mental health services for studentsand staff as well as a trained crisis responseteam. Prevention programs address substanceabuse, violence, character education and positivebehavior development.SustainabilityOver the past 18 years, Poudre School Districthas been recognized for more than 2 million inenergy savings due to its energy conservationprograms. PSD earned the nation’s first LEED Goldschool certification under the “LEED for Schools”rating system. PSD also has more buildings withEnergy Star awards than all other Colorado schooldistricts combined. Many PSD schools haveenergy conservation and recycling programsin which students participate and learn aboutsustainability on a daily basis.TransportationInstructional TechnologyPSD classrooms provide learning environmentsthat resemble 21st century workplaces withupdated computers, SMART Boards, and Netbooksused by teachers and students, starting inelementary school. Classroom teachers receiveannual training on new technology applicationand teaching tools.5Approximately 13,000 students are safelytransported to and from school every day.Transportation eligibility is based upon thedistance between the student’s home and hisor her neighborhood school. Students wholive outside of the designated walking areas areeligible to ride the bus. Round-trip transportationis provided for students in all-day programs thatmeet the distance requirement. Transportation isnot provided for School Choice students.

RegistratioSchool Chon andice OptionsSchool RegistrationPSD has 40 neighborhood schools, including28 elementary schools, eight middle schoolsand four high schools. In addition to rigorousstandards-based curriculum, neighborhoodschools offer various instructional andenrichment programs designed to teachthe whole child. Review the K-12 chartincluded in this booklet to learn more aboutthe programs offered at each neighborhoodschool. It is helpful for parents to visit theirown neighborhood school as well as otherschools of interest to learn what is offeredand to experience the school’s culture andenvironment prior to student enrollment and/orthe School Choice application deadline.New student registration begins in August beforeschool starts. New kindergarten students mustregister at their designated neighborhood school.All other new students may register at theirdesignated neighborhood school or at the schoolwhere they were accepted for School Choice.Kindergarten registration takes place in Februaryfor the following year. Kindergarten students mustbe five years old and first graders must be six yearsold on or before September 15 to register forschool. Registration information and enrollmentforms are available on the PSD website or at eachschool.Each spring, current PSD students areautomatically registered by their school for thefollowing school year. Students who wish tochange schools may apply through the SchoolChoice process.Option SchoolsPSD has five option schools including twoelementary, one middle school and two K-12schools. Option schools are 100% choiceand do not have a defined attendance area.Option Schools offer specialized instructionalapproaches to the learning process includingexpeditionary learning, online learning, andbilingual immersion. These schools are notconsidered neighborhood schools and require aSchool Choice application to be admitted.School ChoiceUnder state law and PSD’s School Choice policy,families may choose to apply for their child toattend a school outside of their neighborhoodschool attendance area through the SchoolChoice program. Students may apply to otherneighborhood schools or option schools withinPSD. Acceptance is based on space availabilityat individual schools and follows priority criteriaoutlined in the School Choice policy. Applicationsfor the first consideration deadline are due bythe last Friday in January for secondary schoolsand the second Friday in February for elementaryschools. Visit the PSD website for details on SchoolChoice and application information.Alternative SchoolsAlternative schools offer smaller class sizes andpersonalized programs that help students findsuccess when they may not have been able todo so in traditional school settings. Programsare designed to meet both academic andemotional needs of students and may includecommunity outreach and service relatedprojects. There are two alternative schoolfacilities and one Alternative GED Programwithin the school district. Placement in theseprograms requires a counselor or ood SchoolsNearly 70% of PSD families choose to send theirchildren to their neighborhood school, theschool located in the attendance area in whichthey live.6

gnimmargorPtional FocusInstrucAdvanced PlacementGifted and TalentedAdvanced Placement (AP) courses provide students theopportunity to take college-level courses and exams whileenrolled in high school. AP courses are college courses, utilizingthe same text and requirements as those that are taught in theuniversity, delivered by PSD faculty.Schools: Fort Collins, Fossil Ridge, Rocky Mountain, Poudre,Poudre Global AcademyAll schools offer resources for gifted and talented students. Thespecialized Beacon Program provides full and half day instructionfor students by a dedicated gifted and talented teacher. Schools:BeattieArts & TechnologyPSD curriculum delivered through a focus on arts and technologyusing visual, literary, and performing arts projects along withtechnology.Schools: LaurelAVID - Advancement Via IndividualDeterminationAVID is an elementary through post-secondary college readinesssystem that is designed to increase school-wide learning andperformance using methods based in effective instruction.Schools: Blevins, Boltz, Wellington, Fort Collins, PoudreInternational BaccalaureateA school with official International Baccalaureate status is known asan IB World School. IB schools follow a vigorous curriculum thatdevelops internationally-minded learners who take action to makea positive impact on the world. IB students ask questions, thinkcritically, construct their own meaning, and reflect on their learning.High school students may earn college credit based on their IB examscores.Schools: Bennett, Cache La Poudre Elementary, Dunn,McGraw, Riffenburgh, Cache La Poudre Middle, Lesher,Lincoln, PoudreLeader in MeThe Leader in Me program is an innovative, school-wide modelthat emphasizes a culture of student empowerment and helpsunleash each child’s full potential. It is based on Stephen Covey’sbook, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Schools: LopezBilingual/Dual Language ImmersionPrograms offered feature a dual language instructional methodwith 50% of teaching occurring in English and 50% in Spanish.Three schools offer a bilingual curriculum with immersion in bothEnglish and Spanish.Schools: Harris, Irish, LesherOnline/Hybrid LearningThis hybrid alternative to traditional school may appeal tostudents who learn best through blended instruction – acombination of online and on campus. Students are able to workat his or her academic level and learning pace.Schools: Poudre School District Global AcademyConcurrent EnrollmentThrough a partnership with local colleges, eligible students areable to take college courses while still in high school either on thehigh school campus or at the local college. Programs vary and arebased on eligibility.Schools: All PSD high schools offer concurrent enrollmentcoursesProject-Based LearningProject-Based Learning is an instructional approach built onauthentic learning experiences which naturally engage studentinterest and motivation. Projects are designed to answer a relevantquestion or solve a real problem that reflects the types of learningand work people do in the everyday world. Schools: OlanderCore KnowledgeSTEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math)The Core Knowledge Sequence is based on the concept that whatchildren are able to learn at any given moment depends uponwhat they already know, which in turn is a function of previousexperience and teaching. The Core Knowledge Sequencepresents a specific and sequential academic learning process forstudents to build knowledge and skills from year to year.Schools: Bethke, O’Dea, Traut, Zach, KinardSTEM offers a framework for teaching the interconnected natureof the various disciplines of Science, Technology, EngineeringExpeditionary LearningExpeditionary learning is a non-traditional, hands-on, experiencedbased approach to learning. It is based on the idea that studentslearn more by experiencing the world around them. Studentsengage in interdisciplinary, in-depth study of compelling topics, ingroups and in their community, with assessment coming throughcumulative projects, public presentations, and portfolios.Schools: Polaris7(Arts) and Math as it is practiced and experienced in the realworld. Grounded in the PSD standards-based curriculum,these programs incorporate problem solving, criticalthinking, scientific reasoning, inquiry, and innovation into theapplication of learning.STEM Schools: Shepardson, Timnath, Blevins, PrestonSTEAM Schools: Tavelli

Early Childhood Programs“Providing divyoung child erse developmental learen and their families, s rning experiences toupporting success nand in the fu owture.”History and CultureThe Early Childhood Education Program, which started more than 45 years ago as Head Start,includes the Colorado Preschool Program, Early Head Start, and Integrated Services (SpecialEducation), as well as tuition-based Preschool.AcademicsPSD’s Early Childhood Program, serving more than 1,200 children prenatal to age 5,also supports and provides resources for families. Our programs, which provide diverseexperiences, are supported by local, state, and federal funding sources.PSD’s Early Childhood Preschool classes give students an early start on success.Quality preschool, both no cost and tuition based, is available through the Early ChildhoodProgram. The program includes: Highly-qualified, Colorado Department of Education licensed teachers220 North Grant AvenueFort Collins 80521Grades: Early Childhood (prenatalage 5)Enrollment: 954Colors:: Blue, green, yellow & redMascot: Ernie the EnginePhone: 970-490-3204Fax: 970-490-3134Web: odStaff average years teachingexperience: 8 yearsTeacher education level: 59%of teachers hold graduate leveldegrees Social/emotional skills development Literacy and language development Individualized academic plansEarly Childhood Programs are located at the following school athEyestoneLaurelPutnamTrautCommunity Partner locations include:BASE Camp - Eyestone ElementaryBASE Camp - Red Feather ElementaryBASE Camp - Livermore ElementaryBASE Camp - Stove Prairie Elementary8

School Program ListingsSchool NameAddressPSD neighborhood and option schools teach board-approvedcurriculum aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards.PhoneSpecial OfferingsELEMENTARY SCHOOLSBacon5844 S. Timberline Rd.488-5300 Bacon Energy Savings Team 8 Keys of ExcellenceBauder2345 W. Prospect Rd.488-4150 Community Wellness Active Student LeadershipBeattie3000 Meadowlark Ave.488-4225 Beacon Program for Gifted & Talented Creativity & Wellness activitiesBennett, an IB World School1125 Bennett Rd.488-4750 IB Primary Years Programme Spanish classes; French language enrichment opportunitiesBethke5100 School House Dr., Timnath488-4300 21st Century Core Knowledge Arts and Technology Enrichment opportunitiesCache La Poudre, an IB World School3511 W. Co. Rd. 54G, Laporte488-7600 IB Primary Years Programme After-school enrichment opportunitiesDunn, an IB World School501 S. Washington Ave.488-4825 IB Primary Years Programme Spanish, French and Japanese languagesEyestone4000 Wilson Ave., Wellington488-8600 Robotics Club K-5 Intervention/Enrichment BlocksIrish515 Irish Dr.488-6900 Dual Language Immersion Program: English/Spanish Comprehensive after-school enrichment programJohnson4101 Seneca St.488-5000 Scheduling to meet each student’s needs Weekly rotation of arts, music, technology, counselingKruse4400 McMurry Ave.488-5625 Enrichment opportunities A wide variety of advanced level coursesLaurel School of Arts & Technology1000 E. Locust Ct.488-5925 Violin, Fiddle and Mandolin Nurtures creativity through dance and theatreLinton4100 Caribou Dr.488-5850 Creativity/Enrichment K-5 Full-time Gifted & Talented TeacherLivermore360 Red Feather Lakes Rd.,Livermore488-6520 Multi-age classroom Poudre River Ecology Partnership SchoolLopez637 Wabash St.488-8800 A “Leader in Me” School After-school enrichment opportunitiesMcGraw, an IB World School4800 Hinsdale Dr.488-8335 IB Primary Years Programme Spanish classesO’Dea Core Knowledge312 Princeton Rd.488-4450 Core Knowledge School Enrichment programs including STEM, Arts, WellnessOlander School for Project-BasedLearning3401 Auntie Stone St.488-8410 Authentic student-driven projects Wellness, Art, Gifted & Talented, and ClubsPutnam School of Science1400 Maple St.488-7700 Interdisciplinary Learning 21st Century After School Learning ProgramsRed Feather505 N. Co. Rd. 73C, Red Feather488-6550 Multi-age classrooms Poudre River Ecology Partnership SchoolRice7000 Third St., Wellington488-8700 Focus on Inquiry & Thinking Strategies After School EnrichmentRiffenburgh, an IB World School1320 E. Stuart St.488-7935 IB Primary Year Programme Spanish instruction, grades K-5Shepardson STEM1501 Springwood Dr.488-4525 Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) Whole Child & WellnessStove Prairie3891 Stove Prairie Rd., Bellvue488-6575 Multi-age classrooms Poudre River Ecology Partnership SchoolTavelli1118 Miramont Dr.488-6725 Dream Team (student mentoring program) Science Lab, Spark Lab & WellnessTimnath3909 Main St., Timnath488-6825 Connecting Traditions, STEM, 21st Century The Governor’s Distinguished Improvement AwardWerner5400 Mail Creek Ln.488-5550 Beyond school enrichment opportunities Intervention Support (Literacy, Math and Gifted/Talented)Zach Core Knowledge3715 Kechter Rd.488-5100 Core Knowledge Before & After School Enrichment9Programs andInstructional FocusX

School NameAddressPhoneSpecial OfferingsPrograms andInstructional FocusMIDDLE SCHOOLSBlevins2101 S. Taft Hill Rd.488-4000 Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) Promotes culture of “THINKING”Boltz720 Boltz Dr.472-3700 AVID and WEB programs Extensive GT and Elective offeringsCache La Poudre, an IB World School6515 W. Co. Rd. 54 G, Laporte488-7400 IB Middle Years Programme Small school prioritizing relationships and holistic learningLesher, an IB World School1400 Stover St.472-3800 IB Programme & Transitional Bilingual Program Gifted & Talented ProgramLincoln, an IB WorldSchool1600 W. Lancer Dr.488-5700 IB Middle Years Programme International Service Learning TripsPreston4901 Corbett Dr.488-7300 STEM Explorations; Global Collaboration Challenging Extracurricular ProgramsWebber4201 Seneca St.488-7800 Pre-Advanced Placement courses Aerospace Ventures in Education; Extensive ElectivesWellington4001 Wilson Ave., Wellington488-6600 Pre-Advanced Placement courses AVID & Eagles After HoursFort Collins3400 Lambkin Way488-8021 Excellent Advanced Placement Program Over 70 clubs & activities; Bioscience AcademyFossil Ridge5400 Ziegler Rd.488-6260 Advanced Placement Diploma 5A Athletics, 50 clubs & activities, Rachel’s ChallengePoudre201 Impala Dr.488-6000 IB Programme Art, Service Learning and Career Technical Ed. AcademicsRocky Mountain1300 W. Swallow Rd.488-7023 4 x 4 block - students focus on 3-4 classes per semester 70 clubs/activities that meet during common lunchXCOMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOLSALTERNATIVE HIGH SCHOOLS (require a referral to attend)Centennial330 East Laurel488-4940 Small closed campus; highly structured and supportive Discovery ProgramPoudre Community Academy2540 Laporte490-3295 Weekly and After School Learning Programs Small, closed campus with supportive environmentOPTION SCHOOLS (require a School Choice application to attend)Harris Bilingual (K-5)501 E. Elizabeth St.488-5200 Dual Language Immersion Program Accelerated foreign language; Option SchoolTraut Core Knowledge(K-5)2515 Timberwood Dr.488-7500 Parent Partnership, Core Knowledge, Character Education Mature Literacy, Student ResponsibilityKinard Core Knowledge (6-8)3002 E. Trilby Rd.488-5400 Core Knowledge; Parent Partnership Character EducationPolaris ExpeditionaryLearning (K-12)1905 Orchard Pl.488-8260 Experiential learning and instruction Week long immersions and adventure tripsPoudre School District GlobalAcademy (K-12)703 E. Prospect Rd.490-3086 Blended learning: on campus and online at home Academic & social events with support and mentoring CHARTER SCHOOLS (require registering directly with the school)Liberty Common School (K-6)1725 Sharp Point Dr.482-9800 Core Knowledge Curriculum Classical Education and Character EducationLiberty Common High School (7-12)2745 Minnesota Dr.672-5500 Core Knowledge Curriculum College Preparatory, humanities, arts, engineeringRidgeview Classical School (K-12)1800 S. Lemay Ave.494-4620 Core Knowledge Honors level courses in humanities and natural sciencesMountain Sage Community School(K-8)2310 E. Prospect568-5456 Inspired by Waldorf Education & Sustainable Living Arts-integrated, experiential educ. nurtures whole childFort Collins Montessori (PK-4)1900 S. Taft Hill Rd.631-8612 Full three-year cycles, beginning at age 3 Full complement of Montessori materials in all classroomsKey:Early ChildhoodCore KnowledgeInternational BaccalaureateXDual LanguageProgram Offerings Subject to ChangeAll PSD Elementary schools offer B.A.S.E. Camp (before and after school)10 XExpeditionary Learning

ELEMENTARYNEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOLSolohcSyratnemBacon Ele”ild, Every Day.hCryveE.tea“Educ5844 South Timberline RoadFort Collins 80528Grades: Pre K - 5Colors: Red & blackMascot: BulldogsPhone: 970-488-5300Fax: 970-488-5306Web: average years teachingexperience: 11 yearsTeacher education level: 68%of teachers hold graduate leveldegreesHistory and CultureBacon Elementary is named after Bob Bacon, who was a PSD teacher for 30 years. He wasalso a Board of Education member and has held several government positions in Colorado.Students are challenged to grow academically, socially, emotionally and physically. Bacon’sbuilding-wide positive behavior systems are; iBARK (Integrity, Be Responsible, Always WorkHard, Respect Others, and Kindness Counts) and the 8 Keys of Excellence. These positivestudent support systems help reinforce character throughout the day as we strive toEducate Every Child, Every Day.Academics and ActivitiesAcademic expectations at Bacon Elementary begin with strong universal instructionthat is balanced with high levels of support, intervention, and enrichment. Technology isincorporated daily through the use of SMARTBoards, laptops, and iPads. Bacon offers a widerange of before and after school enrichment opportunities including language enrichment,chess club, running club, choir, BEST (Bacon Energy Savings Team), Little Kids Rock, Battle ofthe Books, daily news production, and science fair.Bauder Elementary School“Making tracks forHistory and CultureBauder Elementary School is named after longtime PSD music teacher, Katharyn Bauder. Theschool’s mission is to provide students with challenging learning opportu

Wellington, Red Feather, Livermore, Stove Prairie, and parts of Windsor. Board of Education The PSD Board of Education is the elected body that sets policy and governance for the school district. Seven board directors are elected by district, but serve at large. Boar