Project from www.craftsmanspace.comRolling pin foot massager planPage 1 of 5Rolling pin foot massager planHere you can download 3 drawings according to which you can make 3 different rolling pin footmassagers. This type of foot massager is often referred to as the ‘foot massager roller’. Roolling pinmassagers are elongated cylindrical massage tools containing raised points (Nubs & Ridges) whichallow you to roll them up and down with your feet. In this way nubs target pressure points in the foot,relieve your tired feet and relax you. If you want to increase the effectiveness of massage, see our planto create a 12-roller massager. The difference is that with the latter you massage large foot areas whilewith the former you can better focus on specific areas.The good features of these massagers are:- Light, compact size, portable. You can use them either at home or anywhere you go (office, gym ,just carry them around in your bag if you want to);- ensure a proper circulation of the blood in your feet;- relieve foot pain and tension;- effective at treating heel spurs and plantar fasciitis;- feet will feel massaged and remain relaxed from tension or pressures at work or at home;- the rollers can be either cooled in the fridge or heated in hot water for effective relief from achesand pain.

Project from www.craftsmanspace.comRolling pin foot massager planPage 2 of 5However, there are also some bad features about them:- they are not intended for people with sensitive feet;- they are intended for massaging one foot only, but this problem can be solved by making twopieces so you can massage both feet simultaneously;- due to small pores in the wood, these massagers can retain moisture - it is advisable to wash themoccasionally and allow them to dry well before storing away;- they are quick and easy to make, but you must be equipped with a lathe.All 3 massagers presented in this plan are similar, with the main difference being the shape of thenubs. In the drawings, for each massager you have an enlarged detail where you can see the aboveshape. The first model of the massager has nubs of trapezoidal shape, while the other two arerounded. Trapezoidal or triangular (i.e. ‘spiked’) nubs are recommended if you want to have deeperfoot massage than it is the case when using cylindrical nubs. The precision of making the nubs is nottoo important - it is enough to find chisels in the workshop with which you can make nubs ofapproximate appearance and dimensions as in our plan. This set of three simple foot massagers canbe of great help if you have some kind of heel or foot pain. Of course, one of these wooden rollingpins can also be just the perfect present for the pregnant ladies, since they tend to have feet swellingproblems.But the best usage of a rolling pin massager will have office workers, since their long working hoursrequire a lot of sitting. They can hold the foot massager under the desk and role the sole of the feetfor a few minutes each day. This will help better circulation, relax muscles and relieve the feet joints.And at the end of working day, each of these massagers can be taken home, because they fit inalmost any bag. If you are engaged in the production of simple wooden objects and sell them atvarious fairs and exhibitions of handicrafts, this is the right product for you. In case you do notdispose of a lathe, it might be better to order your rolling pin foot massager online or buy it at thefair.

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Rolling pin foot massager plan Here you can download 3 drawings according to which you can make 3 different rolling pin foot massagers. This type of foot massager is often referred to as the ‘foot massager roller’. Roolling pin massagers are elongated cylindrical massage