Granite Sinks from Swan

Inspired by Nature, Made for YouFrom the sweeping majesty of the Grand Canyon to the inspirational vistas ofYosemite, the natural world is full of beauty that results when stone and waterartfully work together. With Swan Granite Sinks, we combine those same elementsright in your own kitchen.Swan Granite Sinks are created with the clean lines, profiles and sweeping, organiccurves that echo natural elements with a sophisticated design aesthetic. Our sinksare made with 80% natural quartz stone, making them extremely durable, lowmaintenance; retaining their solid good looks for 325-70083

Great Colors – A Natural for Your KitchenThe timeless, elemental nature of Swan Granite Sinks are an attractive choice forkitchens. They're available in four soft, organic tones that are not only beautiful ontheir own, but enhance their surrounding surfaces, making them look richer too.4swanstone.comBianca (075)Espresso (170)Granito (076)Nero (077)(800) 325-70085

Functional, Beautiful Sinks to MaximizeYour WorkspaceThe real beauty of Swan Granite Sinks goes deeper than just surface appearances.Available in a range of single and double bowl configurations, our drop-in andundermount style sinks are ideal for both new construction and remodelingprojects.With design features like extra deep bowls, low dividers and integrated dryingplatforms, you can enjoy a level of utility and performance that rivals topprofessional kitchens – right in your own 325-70087

QZAD-3322QUAD-3322Drop-In33"W x 22"D (838mm x 559mm)10" (254mm) deep bowl, 6" (153mm) deep shelfUndermount32"W x 21"D (813mm x 533mm)10" (254mm) deep bowl, 6" (153mm) deep shelfThe innovative raised platform with decorative channels is great for food prep, dishwashing and cleanup – and it’s beautiful, too.Dishes drying on the platformstay out of sight8swanstone.comThe platform is an optimumheight for filling a potThe platform's curvatureallows more space in thesink basinFilling the sink is fasterand takes less water, thanksto a smaller basin area(800) 325-70089

QZDB-3322Drop-In33"W x 22"D (838mm x 559mm)9" (229mm) deep bowlsQUDB-3322Undermount32"W x 21"D (813mm x 533mm)9" (229mm) deep 325-700811

QZED-3322QUED-3322Drop-In33"W x 22"D (838mm x 559mm)9" (229mm) deep bowlsUndermount32"W x 21"D (813mm x 533mm)9" (229mm) deep bowlsThe contemporary design is integrated with classic sink features—such as large, deep double 325-700813

QZSB-2522QUSB-2522Drop-In25"W x 22"D (635mm x 559mm)9" (229mm) deep bowlUndermount24"W x 21"D (610mm x 533mm)9" (229mm) deep bowlThese standard sizes makes this an ideal replacement sink for a quick and easy kitchen 325-700815

QZLS-3322QULS-3322Drop-In33"W x 22"D (838mm x 559mm)10" (254mm) deep bowl, 7" (178mm) deep bowlUndermount32"W x 21"D (813mm x 533mm)10" (254mm) deep bowl, 7" (178mm) deep bowlThis style's low divider means plenty of room for large pots and pans.The low divider allowsfor the enormous capacityof a large single-bowl sink,holding large pans andbaking sheets16swanstone.comThe divider is an optimumheight for filling a potThe curvature allows morespace in the sink basinThe low divider providesseparate areas for foodpreparation and cleanup(800) 325-700817

QZRC-3322Drop-In33"W x 22"D (838mm x 559mm)9" (229mm) deep bowlsAsymmetrical, sweeping bevels and tight corner radii make these sinks truly unique.QURC-3322Undermount32"W x 21"D (813mm x 533mm)9" (229mm) deep 325-700819

QZLD-3322QULD-3322Drop-In33"W x 22"D (838mm x 559mm)9" (229mm) deep bowlsUndermount32"W x 21"D (813mm x 533mm)9" (229mm) deep bowlsThis artfully lowered divider preserves the sink’s graceful outer lines from across the 325-700821

QZSQ-3322Drop-In33" W x 22"D (838mm x 559mm)9" (229mm) deep bowlsLarge, flat deck surfaces and “thin edge” rims visually integrate with countertops.QUSQ-3322Undermount32"W x 21"D (813mm x 533mm)9" (229mm) deep 325-700823

QZSB-3322QUSB-3322Drop-In33"W x 22"D (838mm x 559mm)9" (229mm) deep bowlUndermount32"W x 21"D (813mm x 533mm)9" (229mm) deep bowlOur biggest workspace for large pots and 325-700825

QZBS-1816QZES-3011Drop-In / Undermount18"W x 16"D (457mm x 406mm)8" (203mm) deep bowlDrop-In / Undermount30"W x 11"D (761mm x 280mm)8" (203mm) deep bowlA compact size makes this sink ideal for an island or bar installation.26swanstone.comThis innovative platform design is ideal for bar and food prep and cleanup.(800) 325-700827

.com/swancorpWhatever your kitchen’s aesthetic, there’s a Swan Granite Sink that’sdestined to be its centerpiece. To find the sink that’s perfect foryou – or to learn more – call (800) 325-7008 or visit swanstone.comForm #585-08-13

8 (800) 325-7008 9 The platform is an optimum height for filling a pot Dishes drying on the platform stay out of sight QZAD-3322 Drop-In 33"W x 22"D (838mm x 559mm) 10" (254mm) deep bowl, 6" (153mm) deep shelf The platform's curvature allows more space in the sink basi