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workbook answer keyUnit 1(page 7)Topic Vocabulary (page 4) She was texting while she was crossing the road.2. I really need a new computer.3. How long ago did you buy that phone?4. We are working on our project later today.5. After my phone screen broke, I took the phoneto the lab for repair.81. He never goes out during the week.2. Somebody stole our camera while we weren’tpaying attention.3. They suddenly changed their plans and are arrivingtomorrow.4. We never made it because our car broke down. networks, csearch engines, asocial networking sites, dTweets; b2. e3. d4. apoweraccess the Internetcharge a mobile phoneuse a landline phone5. bcrashaccountdesign softwaresocial media(page 5)45671.2.3.4.device, store informationout-of-date, go online, do a searchdownloaded apps, deleteup-to-date, user-friendly1. b2. a3. a1.2.3.4.turn offcome up withkeep up withcatch on1. onwent onlinepost updatescheck messagesuploaded photos4. b5. a6. bturn ongoing onbreak intobreak downExtra Reading (page 8)post commentssocial networking siteskept in touchaccountssolve a problemGrammar (page 6)121. at the moment2. tonight3. never4. this year5. occasionally6. every day134c51. current2. valuable1. d2. b1. T; “In 2011, Twestivals in 155 cities raised morethan 500,000 for local charities.”2. F; “There were no Twestivals in 2012, .”3. T; “. all donations go to charity.”3. took place4. dedicated toCommunication (page 9), isn’t workingdoesn’t useDo . downloadaren’t selling, recommendis living, keeps in touchgo out, is coming oversmells, Are . baking31., leftwere . playing, talkingwas waiting, was checkingdidn’t buy, brokerang, was having41. What were you doing at nine o’clock last night?2. I didn’t read your updates while I was travelling.3. How long ago did you close your Facebookaccount?4. They were uploading photos when the power wentoff. GPS isn’t working.How much does your laptop weigh?I am going to football practice tomorrow.She seldom posts updates on Facebook.We didn’t enjoy the concert last night.playreleasedcaught onwas / were developingwas . strugglingcontinue / are continuingopened11. g2. h31. Hi ha algun descompte en aquests aparells?2. Vaig eliminar el teu correu electrònic sense voler.3. El meu telèfon mòbil va fallar mentre estavadescarregant una aplicació.4. Apago / Apagaré el meu ordinador d’aquí a unahora aproximadament.5. De quants llocs web de xarxes socials tenscomptes?6. Em vaig oblidar de mirar els missatges desprésque acabés la pel.lícula.7. Aquests aparells estan inclosos en el preu?8. Espero que mantinguis el contacte amb nosaltres.Can I help youIs there a discounttickets are . eachHave you got change forHere are your . and your3. c4. d5. b6. i7. a8. e9. fWriting (page 10)11. Unfortunately, Clearly2. pretty, fairly3. carefully, accurately4. beautifully, perfectly5. quite, rather21. very2. Unfortunately3. completely4. easily5. quickly2Trends 1 B Burlington Books

workbook answer key3Accept all logical and grammatically correct answers.31. Has anyone ever stolen your wallet?2. A burglar broke into my neighbour’s houselast night.3. They haven’t found any evidence yet.4. He has been a reporter since 2010.5. Mary has just gone out.6. Did you see the mugger’s face when he grabbedyour purse?41. hadn’t driven2. had published3. had . begun1. Your Progress (page 11)11. go online2. charge a mobile phone3. delete21. develop5. post updates6. solve a problemupload networking sites7.device8.turn on9.turn off10.wireless technologydownload appsbreak intoout-of-datebreaks down31. How many texts did you receive yesterday?2. Is / Are Apple developing a new iPhone now?3. My new tablet doesn’t weigh a lot.4. I was writing an e-mail when the computercrashed.541.2.3.4.(page 15)5are uploadingaren’tstartedwas workingPossible answers1. not at all2. unfortunately5. asked6. were getting ready7. took1. How long had they looked for evidence before theyfound the knife?2. I heard a strange noise after I had gone to bed.3. They hadn’t felt safe in their new home until theyinstalled a burglar alarm.4. Before she became a TV reporter, she had writtenabout crime for a daily newspaper.5. By the time the ambulance arrived, the woman haddied.71. The police have just spoken to the witnesses.2. Has she already held a press conference?3. The burglar had left by the time I got home.4. She has been a police officer for five years.5. I guess he didn’t steal my laptop because hehadn’t seen it.81. Had . ever interviewed2. are arresting3. was attackingUnit 2Topic Vocabulary (page 12)1. patrol2. prevent3. thieves231. b2. d3. e4. a5. c1. c2. b3. b4. a5. c3. c4. b5. e4. safe5. robbery6. suspects(page 13)451. d1. cover the news2. front page, tabloid3. published4. news . harmless6. helpful7. defenceless1.2.3.4.thiefskilfulgets awaylocks5. agrabsevidencethe pressheadlines11. has covered2. haven’t arrested3. have . finished4. Have . watched5. hasn’t held6. has grabbed21. guardedhas robbedhas hadHave . heard4. Did . watch5. haven’t shown6. are holdingExtra Reading (page 16)11. ongoing2. accuracy231. b41. They check facts for accuracy.2. It’s a way for people to learn about problems intheir community.51. challenges2. shockGrammar (page 14)have usedhave . reliedputchosefinished, had . senthad got, arrestedrobbed, had forgottenhad . shoplifted, washad . known, realised63. fairly4. quickly14. had told5. hadn’t broken6. had . broken into3. thrust4. attitude2. c1. they’ve had a shock2. the family know about the crime3. have to keep details of a crime out of the press3. feel differently4. valuableCommunication (page 17) happenedWhen did it happenWhere were youWhat happened nextThen whatWhat happened in the endHow did you feel when it was all over3Trends 1 B Burlington Books

workbook answer key21. La policia va trobar proves que el/la reporter/adel diari sensacionalista havia infringit la llei.2. Vaig veure el titular sobre els lladres de joies.Saps què va passar al final?3. Fins que el robatori de cotxes es va convertiren un problema important aquí, el diari no haviapublicat cap article sobre aquest problema.4. La policia patrulla aquest barri a peu des de fa mésde cinquanta anys.5. Quan la policia va arribar, els testimonis havienmarxat.6. Mai hem tingut una alarma antirobatori, peròsempre hem tingut bons panys a les nostresportes i finestres.7. Has sentit la notícia d’última hora? El/Lapresident/a està a punt de fer una roda de premsa.8. Em vaig sentir indefens/a quan uns homesencaputxats van robar el banc on jo era.Writing (page 18)11. so that2. in order to3. to21. to / in order to2. so that3. to / in order to3Accept all logical and grammatically correct answers.4. so that5. toCheck Your Progress (page 19) awaypatrol5. go off6. attack7. prevent21.2.3.4.updateturn oncarelessdo a search5. going on6. reporters, live broadcast7. device, thief, break into31.2.3.4.have just gotarrived, had got awayhave called, haven’t comebroke into, had put41. watchinghas existedcame uphad publishedwas attacking51. so that2. in order to / to3. in order to / to6.7.8.9.operatesadvisehas shownDoes . have / Has gotUnit 3Topic Vocabulary (page 20)11. overcome . fear2. Book a . session3. Go trekking231. d2. e3. c4. make a reservation5. make . way4. a5. b1. F; When something is unforgettable, we don’tforget it / we remember it for a long time.2. T3. F; When people hike / go trekking, they follow atrail.4. F; It’s dangerous to do something risky.5. T(page 21)41. take2. hurt3. face4. lose5. set6. run51.2.3.4.rescuebraveseriously injuredsurvival skills5. fascinated / amazedfrightening6. worriedthrilling7. exhaustingfascinating / amazing71. offmake their waytraillose their amazedfitbook a sessionGrammar (page 22) She isn’t going to take surfing lessons nextsummer.2. Put on this helmet. It will protect your head.3. Do you think it will snow tomorrow?4. Move! That cyclist is going to crash into you!5. They are going to go trekking in Mexico nextmonth. will be swimming2. will have completed3. will have drivenAre . going to enterwill doare going to hurtwill bewill teachwon’t beam going to comewill improveare going to burnwon’t loseam going to take / am takingwon’t bewill leave / is leavingare . going to wear / are wearingwill help4. won’t be cycling5. will have built6. will be making4Trends 1 B Burlington Books

workbook answer key(page 23)Writing (page 26) Travel will be very different in the future.2. This time tomorrow, I’ll be flying to Hawaii.3. You look tired. I will carry your backpack for awhile.4. Tourists will be taking space flights in the next fewdecades.5. By 1st July, will you have returned from yourholiday? / before thatIn the beginning / At firstThen / LatereventuallyIn the end / FinallybeforeNext / Then21. / In the beginningThen / Nexteventually / finally / in the endAfter that / Then / NextThen / Finally / EventuallyFinally / Eventuallythen / finally / eventuallyFinally / In the end3Accept all logical and grammatically correct answers.78will be livingwill have learnt / learnedwill have overcomewon’t be postingwill have gotAccept all logical and grammatically correct writinghave . completedwill have takendoesn’t meanhave tried6.7.8.9.have reacheddiedwere trekkingwill . forgetCheck Your Progress (page 27) risksexhaustingterrifying21. a searchworriedkeep in touchworrying31.2.3.4.will be hiking, will bewill have passed, will takewon’t wantis going to hit41. up withhas foundare lookingcontainswas recoveringhad decidedare setting off / are going to set offwill be searchingwill have found51. At first, then, In the end2. First, After that, FinallyExtra Reading (page 24)123c41. Spending a night in a hammock high up in a tree.2. To learn proper climbing and descenttechniques. / To judge if a tree is suitable forclimbing. / To learn how to use safety equipment.51. awesome2. caring for1. a1. din order to protect their headsthe beginning of recreational tree climbingare climbed by many peoplefinish the tree climb3. improperly4. attemptingCommunication (page 25) likePerhaps / Maybeat the foregroundcould bein the backgroundlooks1. Sembla que ens quedarem sense aigua aviat.2. Va ser un dia increïble! Ens ho vam passar molt bé!3. Mira aquesta foto. El paisatge és impressionant.4. Per al final del dia (d’avui), hauràs assumit unsquants riscos i t’hauràs enfrontat a alguns perills.5. Estarem viatjant per una regió muntanyosa tot elmes, però no farem res arriscat.6. Porta sabates adequades o et faràs mal.7. Aprendrem tècniques de supervivència en aquestcurs de tres dies.8. De matí, ens posarem en camí per un senderde vint quilòmetres que suposa un repte. their waythrilledsurvivesteep6. broadcastawesomeskilfulstuntUnit 4Topic Vocabulary (page 28)11. fell out2. shared3. trusted231. d1. tell . lies2. tell . the truth3. feel uncomfortable4. shake your head5. rely on41. athletic build2. fair3. average height4. slim2. e4. noticed5. got along3. a4. c5. b5Trends 1 B Burlington Books

workbook answer key(page 29)56781. d2. cExtra Reading (page 32)3. e1. good-looking2. stubborn3. rude1. a5. bappearance5. personalitysuggestion6. descriptionrelationship7. argumentsadness8. ggreat sense of humournoticemake a good impression21. need to, must2. mustn’t, can’t3. should, ought to4. can’t, aren’t able to5. could, might31. Could / Can2. can’t3. have to / must4. might5. should / ought to41. have calledmight have wokenwould have answeredmust have hadshouldn’t have continued841. differences in food choices when it comes tofriendship or romantic relationships2. pleasant and unpleasant sensations3. like crackers51. differences2. revealed2. c1. They are high-achievers and might be quitecompetitive.2. Conduct their own informal research.3. formal4. sociable1. not have rememberedmust have goneought to have invitedcould have helpedcouldn’t have seenshouldn’t have toldwould have helped1. should have answered your text yesterday.I may not go to the party.We mustn’t talk too loudly.You would have enjoyed the film.I couldn’t have passed the exam without it! I borrow your leather jacket?You shouldn’t have read my diary!You mustn’t wear shorts in the restaurant.Could you have avoided an argument with him?There may be a good band at the club tonight. . helpam havingCould . givecriticisedwas having6. all logical and grammatically correct answers.1. Pots parlar-me dels teus amics?2. Hauries de començar a fixar-te en el llenguatgecorporal de la gent.3. Podries haver intentat avenir-te amb ella.4. Podria ser que ell no hagi escrit una descripcióexacta de la seva personalitat o el seu aspecte.5. Ella va aconseguir la feina de seguida, així quedeuen haver-se quedat impressionats amb ella.6. No crec que ella estigui dient la veritat.7. Has de fer una bona impressió quan coneixes algú(per primer cop).8. Què t’agrada fer el cap de setmana?Writing (page 34)(page 31)71. b124. a, mustn’t5. d, might not6. b, have to623Communication (page 33)1. c, can2. e, ought to3. f, am not able to51. American2. potato crisps, cheese-flavoured crisps, pretzels,dried meat, crackers3. three4. selfish5. shy6. skinnyGrammar

workbook answer key. 2 T 1 workbook answer key Unit 1 Topic Vocabulary (page 4) 1 1. mobile networks, c 2. search engines, a 3. social networking sites, d 4. Tweets; b 2 1. c 2. e 3. d 4. a 5. b 3 1. power 5. crash 2. access the Internet 6. account 3. charge a mobile phone 7. design software 4. use a landline phone 8. social media (page 5) 4 1. device, store information 2. out-of-date, go .