AF800 Range of Peek Materials for Oil and GasIndustry Utilising Genuine Victrex Peek PolymersIn most applications, it is a combination of three or more of these properties that dictates the use of AF800Peek Materials: High temperature resistanceGood electrical propertiesVery low creepHigh dynamic fatigueInsensitive to Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD)Excellent hydrolysis resistance High wear resistanceHigh erosion resistanceEase of processing and machiningExcellent chemical resistanceHigh mechanical strengthComparison with Other Thermoplastic Polymers used in Offshore and Onshore ServiceHDPEPA11PVDFPPSAF801 PEEK S.G.0.95–0.981.031.781.361.32Melting point ( 1000300–1300800–200032004100Tensile strength (MPa)20–3025–3037–4870105Shore D hardness55–7032–6175–779399(Rockwell M)Deflection temp at 264psiFlexural modulus (MPa)AF800 PEEK materials are used in a wide range of oil and gas applications due to the unique combinationof properties and range of compounds and unfilled polymersTypical applications: Logging toolsSeals and backup ringsConnectorsCompressor componentsPumps (surface and submersible) Plugs and packersCompositesCables and wirelineTubes and pipesInsulating components

Seals, Back-up Rings and PackingsEffective sealing throughout the oil production process is needed for differential pressures of up to 20,000 psi.Typical sealing materials such as elastomers and fluoropolymers display: good temperature and chemical resistance poor mechanical properties suffer high levels of creep (extrusion)The advantages of AF800 PEEK materials It has the right combination of properties to be used as a back-up ring or packing to the PTFE/elastomerseal:–– high temperature resistance–– chemically resistant–– mechanical barrier to ‘extrusion’AF800 PEEK can also be used itself as a direct sealing material AF800 ductility offers advantages in assembly as the seals are often scarf cut to allow the ring to beopened and clipped around the fitting High performance, spring energised seals PEEK is used for support, non-extrusion and sealing elements where pressures may exceed 1035 barat temperatures up to 230 C Seal assemblies utilised in various valves and chokes as stem packing or face seals and are used tocontain high pressure production fluids (and gas) at the wellheadDown Hole Electrical Connectors One of the most important parts of any drilling/production system is the transmission of both power anddata between the operating environment and the surface, this is achieved through systems of connectors Connectors must be insulated with a material capable of running at temperatures up to 200 C, in veryaggressive chemical environments and at a differential pressure of 20,000 psi without suffering from‘extrusion’ and loss of electrical properties Historically made from glass, ceramic or metal composite which gives:–– assembly problems–– different materials give problems with jointing and differential thermal expansion–– high tooling costs/design modifications very costly

PropertiesPropertyStandardUnitAF801PEEK 450GAF816PEEK HTTensile strengthISO 527MPa100111Elongation at breakISO 527%10020Secant modulusISO 527GPa3.63.8Flexural strengthISO 178MPa131185Flexural modulusISO 178GPa3.94.1Izod impact strength (notched)ISO 180kJ/m6.47Hardness (Rockwell)ASTM D785R126108Thermal expansionASTM D69610-5/ C4.74.7%23540ISO 11833g/cm1.321.3HDTISO75 C152165RTIUL 746B C260260Glass transitionDSC C143157Melting pointDSC C343373Limiting oxygen indexDensityElectrical PropertiesDielectric strength (50 μm film)190 kV/mmComparative tracking index150 V 450G AF801170 V 450GL30 AF802Dielectric constant nearly independent of temperature and frequencyExcellent electrical insulation properties above 200 CElectrical applications at high temperatures and aggressive environmentsAF800 PEEK materials retain a high electrical strength in the varied and aggressive conditions of oilexploration and production.High Temperature Performance Continuous Use Temperature (CUT) of 260 C Glass Transition Temperature of 143 C Heat deflection temperature (HDT)–– Unfilled materials 160 C–– Carbon-fibre and glass-fibre reinforced materials 310 C No loss in tensile strength after ageing at 200 C for one year

Mechanical Properties Excellent high temperature mechanical properties High levels of strength and stiffness at very high temperatures Flexural modulus of 5 GPa and flexural strength of 100 MPa at 250 C for e/ºCChemical Resistance Excellent chemical resistance to hydrocarbons, bases, acids, organic and inorganic reagents evenat high temperatures AF800 PEEK materials are not subject to explosive decompression following high pressure exposureto oil field gases Exceptional hydrolysis resistance. AF800 PEEK components retain a high level of mechanical propertieswhen continuously conditioned in water or brine at elevated temperatures and pressuresRapid Gas Decompression ionRate (PSI/min)AF801AF816AF801AF81617514600200Data measured and complied by MERL Ltd (UK).In NO case was any cracking observed in these specimens following decompression.Gas% Changein 3.125.654.70Flexural Modulus/psi332450CA30300Flexural Strength/MPa232Flexural Modulus/GPa350132Flexural Strength/psi32

Resistance of AF801 PEEK 450G for Various Gases180.00%160.00%Retention of 00%0.00%SO2H2SCONH4Tensile StrengthTensile ModulusElongation at breakNotched IzodCH4Samples were aged for 7 days at 200 C.Wear Resistance Excellent friction and wear properties Specially formulated tribological grades which exhibit outstanding wear resistanceover wide ranges of pressure, velocity, temperature and counterface roughness Excellent resistance to abrasion in sand slurry environmentsIssued April 2013. AFT Technical Department.Images are for illustrative purposes only. Please contact AFT for alternative or specific designs. This does not represent a legallybinding guarantee of certain properties or the suitability for specific applications. All information is provided in good faith at time of print.AFT FluorotecSolutions and components in Fluoropolymer PlasticsPhone:Fax:Email:Website: 44 (0) 1992 515880 44 (0) 1992 [email protected]

PEEK 450G AF816 PEEK HT Tensile strength ISO 527 MPa 100 111 Elongation at break ISO 527 % 100 20 Secant modulus ISO 527 GPa 3.6 3.8 Flexural strength ISO 178 MPa 131 185 Flexural modulus ISO 178 GPa 3.9 4.1 Izod impact strength (notched) ISO 180 kJ/m2 6.4 7 Hardness (Rockwell) ASTM D