Chinese Cuisine

The most common way to greetpeople is to saynǐ hǎo你好!

25% of theworld’s population 7% of world’sarable land民以食为天nǐ chi fan le ma?你吃饭了吗?

Chinese food can be divided into8 regional cuisines34 provincialregions

Common features of Chinese foodColour, shape, aroma & taste

8 regional cuisinesShanghaisnackPeking duck(scallion, wrap, sauce )

8 regional cuisinesShandong Cuisine Stewed Meat Ball Yellow River Carp in Sweet and Sour sauceLion's Head Meatballs

8 regional cuisinesSichuan CuisineHot PotSichuan cooksspecialize in chiliesand hot peppers andSichuan dish isfamous for aromaticand spicy sauces.

8 regional cuisinesSichuan CuisineKung Pao ChickenMapo Dofu

8 regional cuisinesCantonese CuisineRoasted PigletShark Fin SoupSteamed Sea Bass

8 regional cuisinesCantonese CuisineDim Sum

JiangsuCuisine 8 regional cuisinesJiangsu CuisineFujianStewed Crab with Clear SoupCuisineLong-boiled and Dry-shredded MeatDuck TripletCrystal Meat Buddha JumpingOver the WallSquirrel with Mandarin Fish Snow ChickenLiangxi Crisp Eel

8 regional cuisinesHunan CuisinePeppery and Hot ��怕不辣

8 regional cuisinesAnhui CuisineStewed Snapper;Huangshan Braised PigeonZhejiang CuisineSour West Lake Fish,Longjing Shelled Shrimp,Beggar's Chicken

In general, southerners have a sweet toothnortherners crave salt

Traditionally, one typical mealcontains: Cold dishes (starter)Meat dishesUnlike British,VegetablesChinese will inviteSouphonorable guestsFishto dinner inrestaurants.Starch


Meat dish

鸡JiLuckChicken's feet are referred tophoenix feet.As

VegetablesLettuceBeansCeleryLotus root



Starch -MantouRice

NoodlesShui jiao

朝天锅 chao tian guoWeifanghaggisscallion, wrapsoupOrgan meat



Beggar's ChickenThis is a wonderful story. A homeless,starving beggar is wandering along a roadwhen he catches sight of achicken. Desperate for food, he kills thechicken by wringing its neck. Lacking astove, he covers the chicken in mud, makesa fire and bakes it. (One version has himplucking the feathers off the chicken as heeats).At this point an Emperor passes by with hisentourage. Attracted by the aroma of thebaked chicken, he stops and dines with thebeggar, demanding to know how hecreated such a delicious meal. "Beggar'schicken" is subsequently added to the listof dishes served at the Imperial court.

Chopsticks play an important role inChinese food culture. Chopsticks are Chinesecalled "Kuaizi" in Chinese and werecalled "Zhu" in ancient times (see thecharacters above). Chinese people havebeen using kuaizi as one of the maintableware for more than 3,000 years.Chopsticks can be classified into fivegroups based on the materials used tomake them, i.e., wood, metal, bone,stone and compound chopsticks.Bamboo and wood chopsticks are themost popular ones used in Chinesehomes. There are a few things to avoidwhen using chopsticks. Chinese peopleusually don't beat their bowls whileeating, since the behavior used to bepracticed by beggars. Also don't insertchopsticks in a bowl upright because itis a custom exclusively used in sacrifice.Chopsticks(Kuaizi)

New ones:

Philosophy about FoodYang foods increase the body's heatdense in food energyacne & bad breathYin foodsdecrease the body's heathigh water contentlethargic/anemic

Balance & HealthyThe Chinese ideal is to eat both typesof food to keep the body in balance.

Typical medicine cuisine Baby Pigeon Stewed with Gouqi (Medlar) andHuangqi (Membranous Milk VetchPork Simmered with Lotus Seed and lily

Lantern Festival

Chinese food culture. Chopsticks are called "Kuaizi" in Chinese and were called "Zhu" in ancient times (see the characters above). Chinese people have been using kuaizi as one of the main tableware for more than 3,000 years. Chopsticks can be classified into five groups based on