Epson Screen Print EditionSureColor P800SP - 17”SureColor T3270SP - 24”

Screen PrintEpson SureColor Screen Print EditionsAvailable Configurations17 24Epson SureColor P800Screen Print EditionEpson SureColor T3270Screen Print Edition17” Desktop Solution24” Wide Floor Standing Solution 1,795MSRP 3,495MSRP

Epson SureColor Screen Print EditionsKey FeaturesUltraChrome Pigment Ink Technology-High Dmax and UV Opacity for precise screensSuperior reliability- not a “hacked” ink solutionEpson Screen Print Film– 5 mil, high resolution microporous coating optimized for UltraChrome HD Inks– Instantly dry and will not transfer to the emulsionAccuRIP Black Pearl SE Software-True Adobe Postscript based workflow software optimized for Screen PrintingComplete halftone options in a simple, easy to use interfaceStandard Epson Printer Hardware-No Expensive modifications or 3rd party inksSold and supported by Epson - One person to call for supportAlso prints posters, banners, proofs and comps on standard media

Epson UltraChrome Ink Technology

Screen PrintEpson UltraChrome Ink Technology OverviewKey Features17 24All Pigment 4 or 8 Color ink solution-Up to a 4.0 DMAX when using Epson ScreenPrint Film-High UV opacity for precise screen positivesInstant dry - expose the screen right off the printerOptimized for use with Epson Screen Positive FilmSuperior reliability– Genuine Epson Ink- not a “hacked” ink solutionAvailable in various cartridge sizes– From 80 ml to 700 ml sized cartridgesVersatile ink– Also print proofs, comps, photographic posters on standard paper

SureColor P800 Screen Print EditionFront Loading InksNine Front-Loading Ink Cartridges8-Color configuration including Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, LightBlack, Light Light Black, Matte Black, and Photo BlackAvailable in 80 ml sizeEpson UltraChrome HD InksRepresenting our next-generation of photographic ink technology, the all-new 8color Epson UltraChrome HD ink set resets the standard for photographic imagingand accuracy. Utilizing new core pigments - including Photo Black with 1.5greater pigment density than previous generations - the level of photographicclarity, optical density, and vibrancy represents a new benchmark for Epson.

SureColor T3270 Screen Print EditionLarge Capacity - Front Loading InksFive Front-Loading Ink Cartridges5-Color configuration including Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Matte Black, and Photo BlackAvailable in three fill sizes – 110 ml, 350 ml, or 700 mlYou can mix-and-match different sizes for each colorEpson UltraChrome XD InksSpecially formulated pigmented ink delivers brilliant color and crisp lines onvirtually any paper type, as well as being truly archival and extremely smudge andwater-resistantThe SureColor T-Series printers are designed to be used exclusively with thesespecially-formulated inks, and not with other brands of cartridges or inks

Screen PrintEpson MicroPiezo Print Head Technology17 24Extreme Print Quality-Capable of up to 65 lpi-Capable of print resolutions up to 2,880 x 1,440 dpi-Precision ink drop control for outstanding clarity and sharpnessFast Print Speeds-True 720 dpi per color channel per single pass-Quite possibly one of the fastest printers in its classCommercial Grade Reliability-Developed for use with Epson UltraChrome aqueous inks for high reliability-Capable of high-volume printing with very little downtime for maintenance

Screen Print17 24Existing Screen ProductionSureColor P800SureColor T3270Printing PerformanceEpson Screen Print Edition3 Films per Hour6 Films per Hour40 Films per HourInformation based upon 16” x 20” Films printed at 720x1440 dpi

Epson Screen Positive FilmEpson Professional Media

Epson Screen Positive FilmKey FeaturesHigh Resolution Microporous Coating-Instant dry coating when used with Epson UltraChrome InksWont stick to the emulsion layer of screens during transfer5.3 Mil thick PET Film Base-High dimensional stabilityWont wrinkle and cause issues when burning screensAvailable in Rolls-Rolls: 17” and 24” widths (36” and 44” TBD)Sheets: 8.5” x 11”, 12” x 18” and 13” x 19” (TBD)High UV DensityOver 4.0 DMAX for precise text and sharp edges on even the smallest typePremium Quality Film at Production Grade Pricing

AccuRip Black Pearl SE RIP SoftwareFreehand Graphics

AccuRIP Black Pearl SE coupled with Epson printing performance, film, and ink, deliver a quality,easy-to-use output solution to the screen print industry. The team at Freehand is excited to be anintegral part of delivering these special edition screen printers to users that appreciate the valueof a fast, professional turnkey solution.- Charlie Facini - Freehand Graphics

AccuRip Black Pearl SE RIP SoftwareKey FeaturesSuperior Solids and Halftones-Streamlined configuration and halftonesSimple ink density controlsAdvanced PostScript Engine-Works with all the latest Adobe PostScript design softwareSimple Easy to use interface-Preconfigured for Epson Screen Print Editions and Epson Screen Positive FilmOne click pop down menusAutomatic connection wizard- simple installationSingle toggle controlCurrent Channel Sells and Supports AccuRIP-Thousands of copies in use today!

AccuRip Black Pearl SE RIP SoftwareUser Interface

Screen PrintWarranty & Customer SupportSureColor Screen Print Editions17 24Standard 1-Year Epson PreferredSM Service-Free technical support Monday thru Friday-If required, usually next-business day on-site service (SC-T3270)-If required, usually “whole unit” exchange service (SC-P800)-Covers the printer, genuine Epson optional accessories, and softwareOptional 1 or 2–Year Epson Preferred Plus Service Extensions-Extends same Epson coverage when the standard in-box warranty ends-Can be purchased at any time while still under an Epson Preferred ServiceProgram-Provides up to 3-years of complete coverage from Epson

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Screen PrintWhats in the BoxScreen Print Editions17 24Epson SureColor P800 Screen Print Edition 1,795 Epson SureColor T3270 Screen Print Edition 3,495MSRPStandard Epson SureColor P800 PrinterAccuRip Black Pearl SE Software Epson EditionFull Roll of 17” Epson Screen Positive FilmRoll Media HolderFull Set of Starter Ink Cartridges 64 ml MSRPStandard Epson SureColor T3270 PrinterAccuRip Black Pearl SE Software Epson EditionFull Roll of 17” Epson Screen Positive FilmFull Set of Ink Cartridges - 110 ml

Why to Buy Epson ScreenPrint EditionsSureColor Screen Print EditionsHigh Quality Screens up to 65 lpi Preserve fine details with precise halftone dot controls Excellent registration with negligible drift - Even on long outputEpson Screen Positive Film Consistent, reliable screen positive film Instant dry- wont stick to the emulsionEpson UltraChrome Pigment Ink High black density up to 4.0 DMAX High UV opacityFastest Speed in Its Class Save time producing film positives - up to 40 films per hourSupported By Epson Complete solution (hardware, ink and software) supported by Epson Uses genuine Epson ink- no need for hacked systems on discontinued Epson printersVersatile Use Create screen positives, proofs, posters and pop-up banners with the same printer

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AccuRIP Black Pearl SE coupled with Epson printing performance, film, and ink, deliver a quality, easy-to-use output solution to the screen print industry. The team at Freehand is excited to be an integral part of delivering these special edition screen printers to users that appre