Pupil Premium Plan 2018 – 2019: What do Devizes School students in receipt of Pupil Premium need in order to close theachievement gap?At Devizes School we target all of our students with minimum expectations.These come under the following key performance indicators: Attendance and Punctuality – no late marks and above 95% attendance Behaviour – no ‘behaviour’ points for disruption to learning, no visits to the Isolation Room and no FixedTerm Exclusions Achievement – positive Progress 8 score Reading – above chronological age for reading Home Learning – no ‘behaviour points’ or detentions for lack of Home LearningTo align the strategies for students in receipt of Pupil Premium to our whole school foci, we have 5 HIGHLY ASPIRATIONAL KeyPerformance Indicators (KPIs).Fewer than 5% of students in receipt of Pupil Premium will have an overall attendance of less than 90% be excluded from school (FTE) have a negative P8 score have a reading age below their chronological age be in SLT detention for failing to complete Home LearningInterventionTruancy CallEducationWelfare Officer &EducationOutreach OfficerATTENDANCE & PUNCTUALITY : Fewer than 5% of students in receipt of Pupil Premium will have an overall attendance of less than 90%Teaching &WhoLearning orCostDescription of interventionIntended outcomesImpact of interventionresponsible ?WelfareTo ensure all studentsTo ensure all students areAbsent PP students are targeted at the start of every daymeet the school target forsupported to attend andthat they are absentattendance and to buildachieve. Parents are targetedVXG/DXHup a positive relationshipWelfare 2,200to understand how best tobetween the school andsupport their children atSutton Trust: Parental involvement 3 monthsthe more difficult to reachschool.parents.The school employs a full time EWO to support highTo ensure all studentsTo ensure all students areattendance at the school. Use of text messages to sharemeet the school target forsupported to attend andinformation with parents who are reluctant or unable toattendance and to buildachieve. Parents are targetedWelfare 23,500 engage with usual channels of communication (schoolVXGup a positive relationshipto understand how best towebsite, emails etc)between the school andsupport their children atthe more difficult to reachschool.Sutton Trust: Parental involvement 3 monthsparents.

Inclusion team: 3x PLsWelfare 43,370Daily monitoring by PLs of more vulnerable students toensure that they come to school in a positive state of mindand ready to learn.To work closely with KS2 staff in Primary Schools and sharegood practice. To contact all Year 6 PP families and todevelop relationships to ensure a smooth transition.TAB, JAM, HXBSutton Trust: Social and emotional learning 4 monthsParent SupportAdvisorWelfare 20,994The PSA works with parents of some of our most vulnerablestudents by going round houses to liaise with them aboutstudent issues and progress where parents are reluctant tocome into school. Phone call to personally invite all parentsof students in receipt of PP to Parent’s Evening and otherevents etc. STOP programme used to improve Parentinterventions.AXRThese members of staff focuson removing barriers tolearning through 1-1 support,contact with parents andother agencies. Students’behaviour and attendance istracked so they are able tofully concentrate on theirlearning.For these students to havefewer conduct logs, fewervisits to the BehaviourImprovement Zone, fixedterm exclusions, improvedattendance as applicable.Parents will understand whatthe school is doing to supporttheir child and the outcomesexpected i.e. closing the gap.Parents will attend all eventsaimed at them.Improved attendance atparent’s evening etc. byPP parents. For identifiedstudents to meet theirtarget grades, for theirattendance and behaviourto improve if highlighted.A number of vulnerablestudents, including some withPP are supported toovercome difficulties.Anonymous case studiesof success with a numberof students.Sutton Trust: Homework 5 months, Parental involvement 3 monthsSchool CounsellorWelfareInterventionTeaching &Learning orWelfare 15,954A Counsellor is employed to support vulnerable students,many of whom are students in receipt of PP. All students areoffered a 6 week intensive course plus there is a lunchtimedrop-in one day a week.Sutton Trust: Social & emotional learning 4 monthsSXHBEHAVIOUR : Fewer than 5% of students in receipt of Pupil Premium will be excluded from school (FTE)Social &EmotionalBehaviourIntervention PlanT&L /WelfareWhoresponsible ?CostDescription of intervention 8,000Working closely with the SENCo/Alternative ProvisionManager, KS3 RAL & Assistant Principal, we will buy in anexperienced motivational mentor to conduct collaborativelearning projects with 3 groups of Y8 and Y9 PP students atrisk of exclusion and their parents ( 3000). We will also useCameronthe SENCo/Alternative Provision Manager to boost theseParker, TWA,sessions for one day per week ( 5000). All students will beAJA, VMM,responsible for their own positive attitudes to learning.JAMStudents will be expected to behave appropriately everylesson without any disruption from peers. Positive behaviourwill be frequently rewarded and acknowledged, promoting aculture of success.Sutton Trust: Behaviour Interventions 3 months, Collaborative Learning 5monthsIntended outcomes/Impact of interventionThe groups of studentswill improve theirattendance, behaviourand reduce their risk ofexclusions.Students in receipt of PP willmodify behaviours to ensure thatthey thrive in a more positivelearning environment with fewerdistractions and negativeinfluences.

AlternativeprovisionEnsuring that all students receive the curriculum which bestsuits their needs. This may be by attending courses off site orby on-line learningT&LVMM, RALs,PLs, SLP, DPF,PNB 21,800Sutton Trust: Behaviour Interventions 3 months, Outdoor AdventureLearning 4 monthsRewards &EnrichmentPupil Premium students will receive positive discrimination inrewards and enrichment events.T&L 10,000VMMSutton Trust: Behaviour Interventions 3 monthsFor those studentswho attend suchprovision full time togain a suitable range ofqualifications.For those who attendpart time to be able tofully reintegrate backin to school.Personal profiles of studentsreflecting the impact ofAlternative Provision:qualifications gained, improvedattendance, reduction inincidents of unacceptablebehaviourTo improve aspirationsand extrinsic motivationImproved behaviour andand ensuring fullattendanceinclusion of all PPstudents.

ACHIEVEMENT : Fewer than 5% of students in receipt of Pupil Premium will have a negative P8 score.InterventionVice Principal –Pupil PremiumLeadCareersCoordinatorTeaching &Learning orWelfareT&LDescription of intervention 200To raise awareness of pupil premium and closing the gap withGovernors. To produce the annual pupil premium outline anddetailed plan for parents, which includes allocating funding.To produce a review of the effectiveness of the previous year’sSLPplan. All of these to be available on the school’s website. Toprovide PSA & EWO with mobile phone communication toparentsNot evidenced by Sutton TrustThe school employs a part time careers coordinator who willprioritise support for PP students beginning in Y9T&LWhoresponsible ?CostDPF, SXW 4,000Sutton Trust : Aspirations 0 monthsIntended outcomesImpact of interventionGovernors and parentswill be fully aware of PPand how funding is usedin the school.For the gap between PPstudents’ progress and others inthe school to have narrowed.Enable more PP studentsto realise the importanceof pre 16 education andits impact on post 16plans.For all year 11 PP students toleave the school with a clearprogression plan. To ensure thatno PP student is NEET when theyleave.CPD training & T&L principles- All PP students identified on seating plans and satstrategically to maximise learningAll of these strategies willresult in PP studentsmeeting their targets.- All PP students receive positive discrimination for rewards- All PP students are targeted with questions every lessonIn class supportT&L 3,000- All PP students have their books checked & work markedfirst- All PP students are checked for HL in Planners- All PP students receive green pens and use them to respondto feedback which is checked by teachersSutton Trust: Meta-cognition 7 months ; Feedback 8 monthsALL TEACHERSStaff will be fullyequipped with a varietyof strategies to help PPstudents maximise theirlearning within theclassroom environment.All PP students to achieve orexceed their targets grades. Forthe gap between PP students’progress and others in theschool to have narrowed.

Targeted numeracy support within the curriculum for studentswho struggle with basic numeracyNumeracy Support T&L 1,000MTS, DPFFor identified students tomake expected and goodlevels of progress in all ofthese areas.Sutton Trust: Small group tuition 4 months; MasteryLearning 5 monthsMentoring provided through Pastoral support systems (Tutors,Pastoral Assistants, Attached tutors, RALs, SLT & 6th FormRALs, PastoralMentors) prioritising HAPPI (High Ability Pupil PremiumteamsIndicator) students. Underachievement is based on theirprogress 8 data (Ave points diff)MentoringT&L 10,000Disadvantaged Year 7 students mentored.KAH, TABIdentified Year 8 & 9 students mentored.AJA, JAMSutton Trust: Social and emotional learning 4 months, Meta-cognition & selfregulation 7 monthsIncreased staffingin Maths andEnglishT&L 20,400Additional staffing employed to increase the quality ofteaching and learning in the key subjects. This should enablegreater progress of PP students regardless of ability as classsizes are reduced.MTS, RPS, DPFSutton Trust: Small group tuition 4 months, reduced class size 3 monthsCamp Xtra/ afterschool clubsT&L 2,000There are many out of school hours clubs aimed at all agegroups.All PP students to be personally invited to take part. PPStudent voice to be used to ensure the right clubs areavailable where possible. Camp Xtra is the school’s literacyand numeracy based summer club aimed primarily at KS2students.AAB, CRT,PXW, KAH,TAB, RALs,TUTORSSutton Trust: Summer Schools 2 months / Extended School Time 2 monthsThese identified studentsmake expected/goodlevels of progress;predicted and actualgrades improve;achievement &attainment improve byend Yr11. Behaviour andattendance improve ifhighlighted. Lessintervention required.Greater studentprogression beyond KS4.To enable smallerteaching groups to becreated and for there tobe more opportunities forteam teaching to supportPP students in these keyareas.For all PP students whoattend after school clubsto broaden their range ofactivities and social skillsin a supervisedenvironment.To reinforce theimportance of homelearning and to provide asuitable environment forIncreased levels of progress ofidentified students. Improvedattainment seen throughachievement of or bettering oftarget grades. We would expectall of these students to make aminimum of 12 months progressin an academic year.Numbers of PP students makingexpected and good levels ofprogress improve.Attendance and behaviourimprove if identified, shown bybehaviour points andattendance data. Number ofstudents progressing to Post-16increase.To secure greater levels ofprogress for all PP students andfor KS4 students to make 3 ormore levels of progress in mathsand English.For those Year 6 PP studentswho attend Camp Xtra to makeat least one level of progress intheir literacy and/or numeracy.For a majority of all PP studentsto participate in after schoolclubs.

Support FundT&L 2,500Monies available to fund access to the school and itscurriculum i.e. revision texts, uniform, essential educationaltrips, equipment such as cameras, laptops & reading pens etc.SLPSutton trust: Digital technology 4 monthsPP Champion forKS3T&L /Welfare 22,500A 0.8 Pastoral Assistant will be employed to support the most vulnerable PPstudents in Y8 and Y9 as their key worker, to remove all barriers to theirachievement and promote positive outcomes and welfare.SLP & To Be appointedSutton Trust: behaviour Interventions 3 months, Meta-Cognition & selfregulation 7 monthsall PP students withsupport available.To remove any possiblebarriers to learningNo practical barriers to PPcaused by deprivationstudents’ learning.and ensuring full inclusionof all PP students.Numbers of PP students makingexpected and good levels ofprogress improve.For identified students tomake expected and good Attendance and behaviourlevels of progress in core improve (if identified) shown bybehaviour points andsubjects, attendance,attendance data.behaviour and HLThe risk to these students of notcompletion rates.successfully completingeducation at Devizes School willbe minimised.READING : Fewer than 5% of students in receipt of Pupil Premium will have a reading age below their chronological ageInterventionRaising profile ofreading andwritingTeaching &Learning or CostWelfareT&L 5,000Description of interventionUse of new exercise books to increase focus on literacy skillsand SPAG; regular competitions linked to raising profile ofreading and writing e.g. Spelling Bee competition, Readingchallenges, Reading quizzes, Risky Reading competitions andvisits to book shops & BBC Bristol.Whoresponsible?Intended outcomesImpact of interventionSLP, PML, EXE,RPSAll students in receipt of PupilPremium in Y7 will have theopportunity to visit a bookstore; all students in KS3 willengage in Spelling Beecompetition, will receivefrequent rewards andincentives for reading.Students in receipt of PupilPremium will increase thefrequency and quality oftheir reading and writtenwork as measured by workscans and AR data; Readingages will increase abovenational average.VMA, TWA,DPFIncreased levels of progressFor identified students to makeof identified students.progress so that their readingImproved attainment seenage is close to, at or abovethrough achievement of orSutton Trust: Reading Comprehension strategies 6 months /Aspirations 0 monthsLiteracy support &SpecialisedLearningT&L 4,000Targeted Literacy support for all students in receipt of PP whoare below their chronological reading age

their chronological readingage.Sutton Trust: Small group tuition 4 months; MasteryLearning 5 monthsAcceleratedReadingT&L 4,500All PP students in Years 7, 8 and 9 to be guided in their readingand choice of books. To have one literacy lesson a week (oneSLP, PML, EXE,lesson per fortnight for Y7) in the Learning Resources Centre.HXH, RPSTo work with parents to discuss these books with theirchildrenSutton Trust: Small group tuition 4 months / one to one tuition 5 months /reading comprehension strategies 6 monthsBook ClubT&L 50All students in Y7 – Y10 will engage in a regular ‘Book Club’which involves reading a ‘class reader’ out of their usual genreALL TUTORS Y7(to include classic novels and contemporary short stories). PP– Y10students will be targeted with challenging texts to ensureincreased exposure to high quality language.Sutton Trust: Small group tuition 4 months2 x Authors to visit more able KS3 and KS4 students in receiptof Pupil Premium to raise aspirations and writing skills.Author visitT&LSLP, PML, EXE 500To improve the reading andcomprehension skills of all Y7,Y8 & Y9 PP students.To make them aware of thetypes of books that areavailable and to impress onthem the value of readingespecially outside of school.To enable small group readingof more challenging andculture rich texts, modelled byteaching staff from alldisciplines.bettering of target grades.We would expect all of thesestudents to make a minimumof 12 months progress in anacademic yearFor all Year 7, 8 & 9 studentsto make at least 12 monthsprogress in their reading.For all Y7 – Y10 students tohave experienced thereading of more challengingtexts and increased readingcapabilities.More able students in receiptTo allow small groups of moreof Pupil Premium to increaseable readers and writers toaspirations of using writinglearn the skill of writing a career.Sutton Trust: Small group tuition 4 months / Aspirations 0 monthsHOME LEARNING : Fewer than 5% of students in receipt of Pupil Premium will be in SLT detention for failing to complete Home LearningInterventionFully equippedpencil case for allPP students &Home LearningClub to betargeted at PPstudentsTeaching &Learning orWelfareT&LCostDescription of intervention 500All PP students to be offered a fully equipped pencil case atthe start of Term 1.All tutors to be given a stock of basic classroom equipment tobe given out, without comment, to PP students as requiredPP students regularly failing to produce Home Learning to betargeted for HL club supportWhoresponsible ?Intended outcomesImpact of interventionSLP, RALs,TUTORS, PLsFor all PP students to begin eachday fully equipped & HomeLearning to have beencompleted so that students areready to learn and have thisbarrier to learning removedwithout commentNo practical barriers to PPstudents’ learning; activeencouragement of a safeand comfortable place tocomplete Home Learning

Sutton Trust: Homework 5 monthsY8 & Y9 HEI visits to explore meta-cognition and how it is usedat University including the importance of independent studyAspirations visitT&L 3,800SLP, AJASutton Trust : Meta-cognition & self regulation 7 months /Aspirations 0 monthsKS3 English &Maths mentors(TLR3a) including1:1 after-schooltuitionT&L 3,500Identified underachieving small groups of Y8 & Y9 students inreceipt of Pupil Premium targeted with Grade 4, 5 or 6 toSLPreceive 1:1 tuition in English & maths after school fromdesignated teaching staff to support with HL.Sutton Trust : Meta-cognition 7 months / Aspirations 0 months / Smallgroup tuition 4 months / one to one tuition 5 months ; Mastery Learning 5monthsTo ensure that all eligible PPstudents in Y8 & Y9 have accessto a University experience andtaster session with Universitylecturers building on metacognition – how best to learnY8 & Y9 PP studentseligible to go to University(according to attainmentdata) have a raisedawareness of theadvantages of going toUniversity and know howto achieve itFor the gap between PPPP Students in Y7, Y8 & Y9 willstudents’ progress andbe in a better academic positionothers in the school towhen starting their GCSE exams.have narrowed.Total 233,268.00The distribution of funding will be spent as follows:PROPOSED EXPENDITURE 2018 - 2019CULTURAL CAPITAL & ENRICHMENTCURRICULUMLITERACYPASTORAL & WELFARETEACHING & LEARNINGADMIN

offered a 6 week intensive course plus there is a lunchtime drop-in one day a week. SXH A number of vulnerable . PNB For those students who attend such provision full time to gain a suitable range of . Summer