Quick Registration for Online AccessView up to 3 years of pay statements and tax statements online at your convenience, safely and securely.Additional features are available depending on what’s offered by your company.1 Go to and click Register Now.4 Enter the code from your email.2 Tell us who you are.Use a middleinitial or suffix?Enter like this,with a space, butno commas orperiods.Contractors,click here toenter yourinformation.3 Request your Personal Registration Code.5 Complete yourregistration.Create your user ID andpassword and choosesecurity questions.Click Send Code,and then checkyour email.Copyright 2013-2017 ADP, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ADP is a registered trademark of ADP, LLC.ADP PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL.Indicate that you haveread and agree to theterms and conditions.

Getting Started with Employee Access Using Employee Access , you can view up to 3 years of pay statementsand tax statements online at your convenience, safely and securely.Depending on the features offered by your company, you may also beable to manage your direct deposit accounts, and enter timecardinformation.3. Employees: Enter your first and last name, date of birth, and SocialSecurity number.Contractors: Click Register as a contractor (1099), enter yourSocial Security number or Tax ID Number (TIN), and complete theremaining required fields.Tips for Using Employee Access . 2Help with Sign-In and Security . 3Viewing Your Pay Statements Online . 4Managing Your Direct Deposits . 5Viewing Your Tax Statements Online . 8Additional Features . 9Here’s How to RegisterYou must complete the one-time registration process in a web browserwindow on a PC, a Mac , or a mobile device. You can’t register using theADP Mobile Solutions mobile app.Get your personal registration code1. Go to On the Welcome screen, click Register Now.3.Does your legal name include a middle initial or a suffix?Your middle initial goes in the First Name field (John R) andyour suffix goes in the Last name field (Smith Jr). Separatewith a space, but don’t use periods or commas.If you get a message that there isn’t a match for your credentials,speak to your company’s payroll contact.4. Check the box to let us know you aren’t a robot. As an added layer ofsecurity, you may be asked to answer a question about an image.Just in case you need it, there’s help available under the image.5. A Personal Registration Code is required to continue. Verify youremail address and click Send Code.Only a portion of your email address is displayed. If what you seedoesn’t look correct, speak to your company’s payroll contact.Copyright 2013-2017 ADP, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.ADP PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL.1

Enter your code and finish registering1. Check your email for your Personal Registration Code. Enter it onthe next screen and click Next.This personal registration code is valid for 15 calendar daysafter it was first issued. If you try to use your code after 15calendar days, you’ll be prompted to request a new one.2. Enter the user ID and password you want to use to sign intoEmployee Access.User ID: must be 4 to 64 characters and may include upper andlowercase letters (A-Z, a-z), numbers (0-9), and any specialcharacters except spaces, , !, and #.Tips for Using Employee AccessOnce you complete your registration, go to or usethe link in your Welcome email to sign into Employee Access. Wesuggest that you bookmark the address in your browser so it’s easy tofind later.x Passwords expire every 180 days. You’ll be prompted to change yourpassword when it expires. For your security, an email is sent to theemail address on file when your password is changed.x If you have any issues signing in or if you have questions about thedata you see in Employee Access, speak with your company’s payrollcontact.Which Browsers Can I Use?Password: Must be 8 to 20 characters and may include upper andlowercase letters (A-Z and a-z), numbers (0-9), spaces, and specialcharacters. It must include at least one letter and one number, andis case-sensitive.On a PCOn a Mac x Microsoft Internet Explorer 9and abovex Safari 7.1 and aboveYour password can’t include the same character in four or moreconsecutive positions (for example, AAAa is valid, but AAAA isnot valid) and can’t have four or more sequential characters, inascending or descending order, in a row (for example, ABCDand 4321 are not allowed).x Google Chrome 32 and above3. For your security, you must select security questions and provide aunique answer for each one. If you forget your sign-in information,you’ll be asked to enter the answer to one of the questions to verifyyour identity.You may be asked to enter additional personal information, whichwill be used only for verification.4. At the bottom of the page, indicate that you have read and agree tothe terms and conditions.x Firefox 31 and aboveWant Access on the Go?Once you’re registered on, you can also usethe ADP Mobile Solutions app (on an Apple or Android mobile device, or your device browser) to view your paystatements and tax statements online. For more information,speak with your company’s payroll contact.To manage direct deposits, you must use Employee Access in a webbrowser on a PC or a Mac , not on a mobile device.5. Click Next to go to the Employee Access Dashboard.Copyright 2013-2017 ADP, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.ADP PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL.2

Help with Sign-In and SecurityForgot Your Security Answers?Forgot Your User ID?Ask your company’s payroll contact to request that ADP reset yoursecurity questions and answers.1. Go to Click Forgot your User ID.3. Enter your first name, last name, and email address and click Next.4. For your security, you may be asked to enter additional personalinformation, which will be used only for verification. Click Next.5. Enter the answers to your security questions and click Next.6. Your User ID is displayed. Click Next to sign in.Forgot Your Password?1. Go to to Change your Password?1. Go to and sign in.2. Click My Settings.3. Under Password, enter your current password, and then enter yournew password twice, to confirm.4. Click Save.Need to Change Your Email Address?If you need to change your email address, ask your company’s payrollcontact to update it for you.2. Enter your User ID and click Next.3. Click Forgot your Password.4. For your security, enter the answers to your security questions. Youmay be asked to enter additional personal information, which will beused only for verification.5. Click Next.6. Enter your new password twice to confirm and click Save.7. Click Next to sign in.Copyright 2013-2017 ADP, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.ADP PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL.3

Viewing Your Pay Statements OnlineThe convenience of online pay statements is available to you every payperiod through Employee Access. Pay statements are available on theactual date paid.Can I Stop Getting a Paper Copy of My Pay Statementand Just Get It Online?Yes you can, using the Go Paperless option!1. On the Dashboard, click My Settings.View My Pay Statement Online2. Under Statements, select Go paperless.1. Sign into Review the Terms and Conditions.To protect your personal data, your pay information is hidden whenyou open Employee Access.2. Click View Pay. The total gross pay, taxes, deductions, and takehome pay are displayed for the most recent pay statement.3. To view totals for a prior pay statement, click thedown arrow ( ) next to the current pay date and select the paydate you want.4. To view the details for a pay statement, select Pay in the menu onthe left and then select the pay statement you want to view. Up to 3years of pay statements are available.Print My Pay StatementThere are 2 ways to print your pay statement.A link is provided so you can review and print the signed PaperlessTerms & Conditions any time you want.You’ll receive an email confirming that you have opted to Go paperless.Depending on your payroll cycle, you may receive 1 or 2 paper vouchersbefore the paperless option takes effect.What If I Change My Mind and Want to Receive PaperPay Statements Again?If you change your mind, you can turn off Go Paperless at any time.1. On the Dashboard, click My Settings.2. Under Statements, deselect Go paperless.From the Dashboard1. Click the down arrow (the pay date you want.4. Select Pay Statement, and then click I Agree.) next to the current pay date and selectYou will receive an email confirming that you have opted to receivepaper pay statements.2. Click Download Pay Statement to open the statement in your PDFreader.You can still access your pay statement online at any time usingEmployee Access.3. Print the statement.What Do I Do If I Don’t See the Go Paperless Option?From the Pay Statements pageSpeak with your company’s payroll contact.1. In the left menu, click Pay.2. A list of pay statements is displayed. Click the statement you want,and then review the statement details.3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Print.Copyright 2013-2017 ADP, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.ADP PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL.4

Managing Your Direct DepositsDirect deposits are available in Employee Access only if your companyoffers this feature. You can have up to 4 direct deposit accounts.Add a Direct Deposit Account1. On the Dashboard, click Add Direct Deposit.If you already have a direct deposit set up, click Update DirectDeposit and then click Add an Account.2. Enter your bank’s 9-digit routing number, an optional Bank name,and click Next.Use the account information from the bottom of a voided checkfrom the account, not a deposit slip.Change a Direct Deposit Account1. On the Dashboard, click Update Direct Deposit.2. Click Edit for the account you want to change.3. Update the account information and click Done.4. At the top of the page, click Save.Delete a Direct Deposit Account1. On the Dashboard, click Update Direct Deposit.2. Clickfor the account you want to delete.3. Click Delete.4. At the top of the page, click Save, and then click OK.3. Enter your bank account number twice to confirm, and click Next.You have to type the number. You can’t copy and paste it.Can I Cancel My Changes?4. Select how much of your pay you want to deposit into this accountand click Next.If you make changes and decide you want to undo them, click Reset atthe top of the page. All changes since your last save will be undone.x A specific dollar amount – enter the amountx A percentage of my pay – enter the percentagex All of my pay5. Select the Account Type, Checking or Savings.6. Enter an optional name for the account (a nickname) and click Next.7. Review the details of the direct deposit.8. Review and accept the terms and conditions and click Done.The account details are displayed on a tile on the Direct Depositpage.If you have another direct deposit account, click Add an Accountand repeat the steps to set up the account.9. At the top of the page, click Save.Copyright 2013-2017 ADP, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.ADP PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL.Can I Stop Direct Deposit for One Paycheck?Ask your payroll contact to stop your direct deposit when processing thepayroll.What If there’s Money Left Over after Pay Is Depositedinto My Accounts?Any money that’s left over will be issued to you as a paper check. If youdon’t want a paper check, make sure you choose “the rest of my pay” forone of your accounts.Will I Get a Confirmation of My Changes?Whenever your direct deposit information is changed, you’ll get an emailconfirmation. If you get an email confirming that changes were made andyou didn’t make them, speak to your company’s payroll contactimmediately.5

Direct Deposit ExamplesYou want 200 deposited into a savings account, and the remainingamount in a paper check.You want 75% of your pay deposited onto a paycard, and 25% depositedinto a savings account.You want 200 deposited into a savings account, and the remainingamount deposited into a checking account.You want 200 deposited into a savings account, 300 deposited into achecking account, and the remaining amount in a paper check.You want 50% deposited into a checking account, and the remainingamount deposited into a savings account.Tips for direct depositsx The total of your percentage deposits can’t be over 100.x If you want to deposit 100% of your pay into one account, make sureyou don’t have any other accounts set up.x For a paycard or pre-loaded debit card, choose Checking as theAccount type. You may want to use Paycard as the nickname for theaccount.Copyright 2013-2017 ADP, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.ADP PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL.6

Direct Deposit FAQsWhich account type (Checking or Savings) do I select if Iwant all or part of my pay to be deposited to a paycard orpre-loaded debit card?Checking.Can I set up a direct pay account to pay a monthly bill, like mymortgage or a utility bill?No. Direct deposit is available only for bank accounts with a routingnumber and an account number.What does Reset do?Click Reset to undo any changes you made to your deposit accountssince the last time you saved in this session.Can I change my direct deposit accounts using ADP MobileSolutions?No. At this time, you can only manage your direct deposits usingEmployee Access on the web.When will my pay be available in my account?Usually on your pay date, although you may be able to view your paystatement in Employee Access 1 day before your pay date.I made changes to my direct deposits but didn’t get an emailconfirmation. What should I do?In Employee Access, click My Info. Make sure your email address iscorrect. If needed, ask your company’s payroll contact to update it foryou.What is a routing number and where do I get it?It’s a nine digit number that identifies your bank. You can find it on thebottom of a voided check from the bank account.I didn’t receive a direct deposit payment, a paper check, or a paystatement. What happened?Notify your company’s payroll contact immediately.I don’t have a voided check. Can I use a deposit slip?The deposit slip doesn’t show the bank’s routing number, but you cancontact your bank to get the number.I added my direct deposit information but still received a check.When will my direct deposit start?Can I manage my HSA direct deposit accounts using EmployeeAccess?No, this information must be maintained by your company’s payrollcontact.Typically with your next pay. Check with your company’s payroll contactfor the exact date.Why don’t I see an option to enter my direct deposit details inEmployee Access?Speak to your company’s payroll contact, who must activate the featurethat allows you to manage your own direct deposits.Copyright 2013-2017 ADP, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.ADP PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL.7

Viewing Your Tax Statements OnlineWhen is my W-2 or 1099 available online?W-2s and 1099s are available in Employee Access starting with tax year2015 for W-2s and 2016 for 1099s. You'll still get a paper copy of yourtax statement.Your W-2 or 1099 will be available soon after your company processesthe last payroll of the year.Your online tax statement is exactly the same as your paper taxstatement.How do I view my W-2 or 1099 online?1. Sign into On the Dashboard under Tax Statements, select the tax year youwant.How many years of tax statements are available online?3 years of tax statements are available, starting with tax year 2015 forW-2s and 2016 for 1099s.Why don’t I see my tax statement in Employee Access?Speak with your company’s payroll contact.What do I do if there’s an error on my tax statement?Speak with your company’s payroll contact.Why is the information on my paper tax statementdifferent from the online version?It’s possible that the W-2s or 1099s for your company were updated andyou haven’t received a revised hardcopy yet.xFor W-2s, click to Hide or Reveal your W-2 Box 1 wageamount on the Dashboard.xSelect Download Tax Statement to view andprint your W-2 or 1099.xIf you have more than one W-2 or 1099 for the tax yearyou selected, you’ll see all of them (up to 5) listed.Copyright 2013-2017 ADP, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.ADP PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL.The “Current as of” date is displayed for W-2s. At this time, it is notdisplayed for 1099s.8

Additional FeaturesTimeFor more information about any of these features, speak with yourcompany’s payroll contact.If your company uses eTimecard solution or ADP’s Time & Attendancefor RUN Powered by ADP , you can manage your time in EmployeeAccess.RetirementIf you participate in an ADP 401(k) plan and you have a balance, you’llsee the Retirement section when you sign into Employee Access. Justclick Reveal to see a snapshot of your retirement savings account.For in-depth information and to manage your plan, click Go to my401(K) to go to your ADP 401(k) Participant website. Since you alreadysigned into Employee Access, you don’t need to sign in again!The Time section varies depending on the Time features offered byyour company.eTimecardTime & AttendanceAsk your company’s payroll contact to check RUN Help & Support forguides that can help you get started.Copyright 2013-2017 ADP, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ADP and Employee Access are registered trademarks of ADP, LLC.Apple and Mac are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android is a trademark of Google.All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ADP PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL.9

Once you’re registered on, you can also use the ADP Mobile Solutions app (on an Apple or Android mobile device, or your device browser) to view your pay statements and tax statements online. For more information, speak with your company’s payroll contact. To mana