MEAL PLANNING FOR MECHANICAL SOFT DIETDefinition of TermsCaloriesUnits of energy.ProteinA nutrient used by your body for growth and repair. The best sources aremilk, meats, fish, eggs, cheese, peanut butter, and dried beans and peas.BlenderizedFood which is soft or cooked until tender and blended in a blender or afood processor.PureedThe thick, smooth consistency of food which has been blenderized.Indication For UseThe mechanical soft diet is recommended for people who have trouble chewing.GoalThe goal of the mechanical soft diet is to provide a balanced diet with adequate amounts ofprotein and calories for people who have trouble chewing.General GuidelinesEase of chewing may be increased by mashing, chopping, or blenderizing.The following guidelines will help you prepare foods with a blender:1. Scrub all equipment with hot soapy water and rinse well.2. To prepare food for cooking, remove skin, pits, or seeds. Remove bone, gristle, and fatfrom meat. Bring to a full boil and cook until tender. Vegetables do not need to beovercooked to blend well.3. Add 1 cupful of food at a time to the blender with ¼ cup liquid.* More liquid may beneeded for meat to allow blades to operate: care should be taken, however, to use as littlewater as possible so product is not too diluted.

*Possible blending liquids include: Juices from canned vegetables and fruits. Water used to boil vegetables, rice, or spaghetti for a fuller taste. Pan gravy. Water-flavored adding parsley, carrots, celery, and a mixture of herbs whenboiling meats or potatoes. Sour cream, cream, and clear soups, ice cream, tomato and vegetable juice, waterwith an added bouillon cube, and whipped cream.4. Force food through a strainer to remove large particles that could clog your syringe.5. Save time! Prepare several days’ feedings at once and freeze.TO MAINTAIN YOUR CURRENT WEIGHT,YOU NEED CALORIES EVERY DAY.Your weight is your best indicator of your intake of calories. If you find yourself losing morethan five to six pounds, try the suggestions for increasing calories.YOU NEED AT LEAST GRAMS OF PROTEIN EACH DAY.Good sources of protein are meat, eggs, milk, cheese and yogurt. To help you decide if you aregetting enough protein, here are some examples of the amount of protein in different foods.FOODPROTEINgramsCALORIES1 cup whole milk1 cup skim milk*1 cup double strength milk*1 cup milkshake with whole milk*1 serving blender eggnog made with whole milk1 cup yogurt, plain1 egg1 cup instant breakfast with whole milk2 tablespoons peanut butter1 ounce of meat, fish, or poultry1 ounce of cheese½ cup of cottage cheesefruits and vegetables1 jar strained meats 29023075100150varies120* Recipes in page 5.Avoid drinking raw eggs. This can lead to Salmonella food poisoning.

DAILY FOOD GUIDEFOOD GROUPALLOWED FOODSAVOIDMilk and milk productsMilk; all typesYogurtCustardIce creamCottage cheeseCheeseEggnogMilk drinks*Protein FoodsTender meats and poultry, Tough meatsground or choppedEggs, egg saladTuna saladMeatloaf, meatballsSoft fishCasserolesSmooth peanut butterFruits and VegetablesAll juicesAll canned fruitsFresh fruits:ApplesauceBananaCantaloupeMelon (seeded)Grapefruit sections(without membranes)BerriesAvocadoApple (peeled)Pear (peeled)Fresh fruit with membranes ortough skinsDried fruitWell cooked soft or pureedvegetablesTomato pasteTomato catsupTomato pureeRaw vegetableVegetables with tough skinsor membranes

FOOD GROUPALLOWED FOODSAVOIDGrain GroupsSoft bread including:ToastRollsBiscuitsMuffinsCornbreadCooked cerealsDry cereals with milkCooked noodlesRiceCrackers with beverageWafflesPancakesHard rollsBread sticksBagelsPopcornButterMargarineMayonnaiseSalad dressingsCream:SourWhippingCoffeeCream cheeseGravyOlivesBaconNutsDeep-fried; crispy foodSherbetGelatinPuddingsCakesPiesCookies with beverageDesserts containing nuts ordried fruitsSaucesSoupsSeasoningsPotato chipsSnack chipsFatsDessertsMiscellaneous

HINTS AND SUGGESTIONS If constipation is a problem while you are on this diet, you may wish to try: adding bran to milkshakes, cream soups, yogurt. including a whole grain cereal in your breakfast such as cream of wheat or oatmealOR eating a whole grain cold cereal soaked in milk. prune juice. Since it is now more difficult for you to eat, you may find it easier to have six smallmeals each day instead of three larger ones. Remember, when snacking, choose snackswhich provide protein, vitamins, and minerals rather than empty calories. Try adding dry milk to mashed potatoes to help increase the protein content. Add grated cheese to mashed potatoes or vegetables.RECIPES FOR DRINKS HIGH IN PROTEIN AND CALORIESVanilla Milkshake – makes 1 cupVanilla ice creamWhole milkSkim milk powderVanilla½ cup½ cup1 tbsp1/8 tspCaloriesProteinFatCarbohydrate289 per cup12 grams13 grams31 gramsChocolate Milkshake – makes 1 cupChocolate ice creamWhole milkSkim milk powderChocolate syrup½ cup½ cup1 tbsp 1 tsp1 tbspCaloriesProteinFatCarbohydrate321 per cup11 grams13 grams40 gramsSwiss Miss Drink – makes 1 cupVanilla ice creamWhole milkSwiss Miss mixEggnog mix*1 cup¼ cup 2 tbsp1 package or 1/3 cup3 tbspCaloriesProteinFatCarbohydrate478 per cup14 grams18 grams65 gramsPeanut Butter Drink – makes 1 cupHeavy whipping creamSmooth peanut butterChocolate syrupVanilla ice cream½ cup3 tbsp3 tbsp½ cupCaloriesProteinFatCarbohydrate829 per cup15 grams65 grams46 grams

Creamy Milkshake – makes 1 cupVanilla ice creamHeavy whipping creamEggnog mix*Sugar½ cup½ cup 2 tbsp2 tbsp1 tbspCaloriesProteinFatCarbohydrate680 per cup16 grams54 grams32 gramsIf any of these drinks are too thick, thin them with milk.Avoid overblending the drinks which contain whipping cream; they may become too thick.*Egg custard mix, or Carnation Instant Breakfast Egg Flavor may be substituted for the EggnogMix.Nutritional AdequacyIf an individual consumes a variety of foods from all food groups, the diet will be nutritionallyadequate.File # 14.1

The mechanical soft diet is recommended for people who have trouble chewing. Goal The goal of the mechanical soft diet is to provide a balanced diet with adequate amounts of protein and calories for people who have trouble chewing. General Guidelines Ease of chewing may be increased by mashing, chopping, or blenderizing.File Size: 527KB