Photographers of theUnited States of AmericaComplied by T. K. Treadwell & William C. DarrahUpdated by Wolfgang Sell, Curator OWHSRL National Stereoscopic Association 1994Updated 11/28/2003

NameLocation20th Century View Co.Buffalo, NYA & A Lightning ViewingCo.Los Angeles, CAA.C. Co.Chicago, IL; NewYork, NYA.W.UnknownAbbey, Lewis C.Kalamazoo, MIAbbot, L.L.Rumford, MEAbbottJackson, OHAbbott & KraftChicago, ILAbbott & LoringSpringfield, MAAbbott & TinsleyChicago, ILAbbott, A.A.Utica, NYAbbott, B.S.Biddeford &Comments[8-9] Issued rare [2] "Scenes for theStereoscope", city street, Hudson River scy. ontan/tan CMs; photog. ID printed on front, titlehandwritten on back. All seen have beennon-stereo, 1 tinted.[8-9] "Published by."; 137 S. Main St.; rare[2] CA views, nature, street scy. F.H. Rogerswas active in Los Angeles during late 70s; hadat least one "company" designation 80; workedat above add. for several years; since he wasnext door to the Electric Light Works it'sprobable that he was connected with the A & ALightning Viewing Company; also poss. that thisfirm was a successor to him.[0] [Darrah stated that A.C. is abbrev. for AsteCo., but this is prob. error; much more likelyThe American Colortype Co. whose other outputthey closely resemble.] Issued lithographicviews which are uncommon, compared to otherpubs., with some 250 titles; middle-qualityreproduction, but on very poor cardboard stock;broad coverage, Yosemite, CA, other U.S.; viewsof Klondike dtd. 25; some views have "CR 1925,."; among last producers of lithoviews, 1927. SEE article on lithoviews, STEREOWORLD, Vol. 18, #1. Major collection, T.K.Treadwell.[7-8] Issued uncommon "American Scenery", of CA,SW US, all seen have been pirated. Full name &loc. unknown but may be A. Warner of Providence,RI who issued several pirated views of CA &southwest.[7-9] "Photographer"; views rare, farm, ruralscy.; said to have worked 74-95.[0-1] [Lee L. Abbot] Also seen as Abbot ViewCo.; "Views of Rumford", winter scenes of falls,businesses; common, on curved RMs; poss. waspublishing earlier.[7] "Photo. Artist"; views rare [3], loc. scy.,school on red RMs.[7-8] [Jordan H. Abbott, Louis A. Kraft; Abbottalso worked alone in Chicago; no other ref. toKraft found] 150 State St.; two views reported,both of Chicago streets; active 79.[6-7] [No other firm ref. found to these men inMA] 4 Pynchon Bank Blk. Single view reported onyellow/yellow SCM, group of people in street;successors to David B. Spooner; listed inSpringfield 60-70.[7] [Jordan H. Abbott, either John W. or T.R.Tinsley] 150 State St.; views rare (2), Chicagostreets. Active 73-75.[7] "Photographer"; views scarce [5], loc. scy.,groups, on organge/white RMs.[7-8] Issued scarce local scenes, no detailedPage 1

NameLocationAbbott, J.H.Kennebunk, MEHenry & Waukegan,ILChicago, ILAbbott, J.H. & J.L.Albany, NYAbbott, Ralph R.Syracuse & UnionSprings, NYAbbott, S.C.Herkimer & St.Johnsville, NYAbbott, W.R.Opelika, ALAbbott, W.W.Union Springs, NYAbbott, William H.Little Falls, NYAbeline, TonyHerkimer, NYAbell & PriestSan Francisco, CAAbell, Frank G.San Francisco, CA;Portland, ORAbbott, C.E.Commentsinfo.[7-8] Views scarce [4], all seen have been ofWaukegan but photog. credit mentions Henry also.[6-7] [Jordan H. Abbott; also in partnershipwith Tinsley 73-75, "Artist from New York, withTinsley Bros." written on photo.; partnershipwith Louis A. Kraft, 79] "Publisher"; variousChicago adds. 70-78; "Ruins in Chicago" onyellow/yellow RMs; "Stereo Views of ChicagoRuins"; "Views of Chicago & Vicinity Before &After the Great Fire", views on both sides ofmt.; local scenes; some pub. by J.A. Pierce Co.,117 W. Madison St. Name also found as "& Co.".[7] "Photographers"; single view reported onyellow/yellow RM but #24, of unid. city street.[6-7] "Photographed & Published by."; "Forsale by."; "Cayuga Lake Scenery", B/L, 60;"Union Springs, Aurora, & Cayuga", mainly ruralscy., some city streets, hotels, bldgs., most onorange or magenta RMs.[7-8] "Photographer"; issued uncommon "HerkimerViews", 50 loc. scy., few genre., most on RMs;"Office at St. Johnsville, Wednesday & Thursdayof each week."[8-3] [William Robb Abbott] Single viewreported; B. 62, D. 38; listed in Opelika 87-37.[7] "Phot. Artist"; single view reported, of"Stewart Home" on RM.[6-9] "Photographer"; also as "Abbott'sPhotographic Rooms"; loc. city/country scy.,bldgs., studio portraits, birds, some dtd. 76;also made CDVs. B. 38, D. 98.[8-9] Views uncommon, on RMs., area scenes,factory interior, river; many sold by WilliamCase of Herkimer.[7] [Frank G. Abell who also worked alone & inother partnerships in San Francisco, CA &Portland, OR, 60s-00s.; no other ref. to Priestfound] single view reported, portrait ofOriental man.[6-0] *"Photographer"; "Published by."; Nos.167 and 169 First St.; "Views of Residences,Steamers, Machinery, Etc., Made to Order, atReasonable Prices". Made scarce OR scenes,landscape, town scenes & bldgs.; made rare viewsof CA, Chico area, Yosemite, etc. Later outputwas primarily studio portraiture. Was operatorwith William Shew, San Francisco 65-70 ; poss.worked briefly at Grass Valley; mid-70s,traveled in northern CA & into OR; activePortland, OR 78-87, ret. to San Francisco 88-97;reopened in Portland 97-00; retired 01;partnerships include: Priest in San Francisco,70s, Welsh at some point, Abell-Herrin Co. atsome point, etc. In 85 brought in son George L.Page 2

NameLocationAbell, J.N.Aber, E.E.Martinsburg, WVBath, NYAbercrombie, H.Skaneateles &Weedsport, NY;Orlando, FLAbraham -- SEE Wechsler,Abraham, & Co. (NY)Abraham, A.Abrams, E.K.El Paso, TXBrownsville, PAAbrams, Lester F.Tecumseh, MIAbrams, N.H. & E.K.Brownsville, PAAcademy of Music, TheKalamazoo, MIAcademy of NaturalSciences of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, PAAce & AebischerLogan, UTAckart, D.Wallingford, CTAcker, G.G.Ackerman Bros.Olathe, KSBoonville, NYAckleyIthaca & FortPlain, NYAcme View Co.Lincoln & Omaha,NECommentsAbell & operated as Abell & Son. In 88,Elbridge W. Moore listed himself as "Successorto Abell & Son". B. Roscoe, IL 44; D. Tacoma,WA 10.[6-7] Views uncommon, 20 local scenes known.[7] "Photog."; single view seen, unid. home onRM.[7-8] [AKA H.A. Abercromby] "Photographedby."; "Dealer in Pictures, Frames, etc.";"Gems of Skaneateles" series, 40, views scarce,portraits, genre, bldgs., homes, on CMs. Alsoworked as H.A. Abercromby in Weedsport &Orlando, FL where he was listed as"photographer".[8] Single local view reported.[7] [Sometimes found as Abrams & Co.]"Photographer"; views rare [2], 1 of church, 1of home.[9-0] "Photographer"; "The Sunbeam Studio";views scarce, MI scy.; some L.F. Wheeler viewsare stamped "From the Sunbeam Studio"; unclearhow many of his output were original with him.[7] [Both men also worked under their ownimprints in Brownsville] "Photographers"; viewsuncommon [ 20] area scy. on yellow/yellow RMs.[8] 3 known views, "The Gem Theater of the West,Seating Capacity 1,450. Stage 35 x 60., twoviews of interior. Mailed. (for). 50 cts.".Photog. for these advertising views unknown, butthey resemble format of S.C. Baldwin.[7] 19th & Race Sts.; the academy issued & CR in76 at least 6 interior views of academyexhibits, on CMs; most seen are of vertebratepaleontology exhibits; photog. unk.[7] [Aebischer also worked alone in Logan, 70s;no other ref. to Ace] Views uncommon, area scy.[7-8] Views scarce [6], primarily city scenes;Wallingford tornado, 79.[7-8] View recorded by Darrah; no further info.[7-0] "Photographers"; views common, localcity/country scenes, #s to 183; also issuedscarce "Views Across Canada", 05; most views onCMs.[7] "Ackley's News Emporium"; issued severalviews of area scy. on RMs.; prob. distributoronly, though poss. publisher.[7-0] [J.M. Calhoun] Produced many mediocrequality genre & scenic views of various NEtowns, events, people under his own name as wellas "The Acme View Co."; different rubber stampsused for ID; some reports he was active as earlyas late 70s, but most seen are late 90s-early00s.Page 3

NameLocationAdamsAdamsOgden, UTAlexandria, PAAdams & ShearDecorah, IAAdams -- SEE Wilson &Adams (PA); Cressey, Adams& Co. (IL); Brownell &Adams (MA); Titus & Adams(OH)Adams Bros.Groton, NYAdams GalleryBethel, VT;Worcester, MAAdams Novelty Co.Lowell, MAAdams, A.W.Decorah, IAAdams, BradWashington, DCAdams, C.W.Whitehall, NYAdams, E.Boston,Charlestown,Chelsea, &Gloucester, MAPhiladelphia, PAAdams, F.G.Comments[8] View recorded by Darrah; no further info.[7] "Artist"; single view known, unid. citystreet on yellow RM.[6] [Asa W. Adams, S.R. Shear; Adams workedalone in Decorah, 70s; Shear worked alone inOssian, 70s] Views rare, loc. scy.[6] "Artists"; single view known on yellow SCMof men working on buggy. Photographer IDstamped on back.[6-7] [Lemuel R. Adams] "Photographed by.";views rare [2], on yellow/yellow SCM & RM, ofcity street & fire of 12/10/77 with B/L of 12views, both from Bethel address; listed inWorcester 62-70 but no views seen from thatloc. Relationship between Lemuel R. Adams &Watson R. Adams who both worked in Bethelsimultaneously unknown.[0-2] "Jokes, Tricks, Magic, Puzzels,Novelties"; outlet for several risque &pornographic stereo makers, such as Climax ViewCo., Ecstacy Series, Fine Arts Photo Co., &Universal Views. Often put their strip label onback of view. Adams set up peep-show stylestereoviewers in arcades, & likely also sold theviews to individuals. Prob. didn't make viewsthemselves but may have commissioned them fromother companies.[6-7] [Asa W. Adams; also in partnership withS.R. Shear in Decorah in 60s] Issued scarce loc.scy., most on CMs, town overviews, bldgs.,farmyard, church ext. with group; blizzard of 73with B/L of 16 views. Active in 70s.[7-8] "Brad Adams' Views of the Public Buildingsat Washington, D.C."; "Golden, Artist"; singleview seen on yellow/pink CM of Smithsonian.[7] [Reported to be Charles W. Adams]"Photographer"; views scarce, family groups,loc. city/country scenes. Photographer IDstamped on back.[6-9] [Elliot Adams] "Photographer"; 101 MainSt. Charlestown. Views rare [3], loc. scy.;listed as active 69-73 Boston & Charlestown,73-74 & 78 Chelsea, 76-94 Gloucester.[7] [Also in partnership with Edward L. Wilsonin Philadelphia, 70s] "Photographer"; issued"Views of Camp Spangler & Vicinity, nearAlexandria, Pa., Third Season 1871" with B/L 32views of group outing, area scy.; also 12views, same type, "Camp Life in the Mountains,by permission of and dedicated to Juniata Club",Page 4

NameLocationAdams, G.Worcester &Uxbridge, MAAdams, G.A.Mattoon, ILAdams, G.H.Walnut, IAAdams, Hiram D.Needham, MAAdams, J.Waterloo, NYAdams, J.Elgin, ILAdams, J.H.South Thomaston,MEElmore, OHAdams, J.H.Adams, J.M.Terre Haute, IN;Wheeling, WVAdams, J.O.Garnett, KSAdams, K.Cambridge &Franklin, MAAdams, L.R.Bethel, VTAdams, Robt.Worcester, MACommentsRMs., 70; 71 series pub. by John F. Joy, 504Callowhill Road, Phila.; no views other thanthese series seen by Adams.[4-9 [George Adams] Started as daguerreotypistin 47; later worked in ambrotype & ferrotypeformats and paper prints. Views scarce [7], allfrom Worcester address, 1 studio portrait ofman, rest of city scy. Listed 47-53, 62-66,70-78, 94-96 in Worcester, 72 & 76-84 Uxbridge.[6] [Gerson A. Adams] "Artist"; single viewreported on SCM of residence.[6-8] [George H. Adams] "Photo. Artist"; viewsrare [2] reported of farmhouse & group on CMs.In McGregor 63-65, Walnut, Avoca & Lewis 80s.[7-8] "View Artist"; few groups, children, localscenes, sawmill, funeral wreaths, single view ofNH known; most on yellow & red RMs, few onorange/magenta CMs, one dtd. 79. Some views ofME seen, so was likely a travelling photog.based in Needham. Photographer ID stamped onback.[6] Single view reported on SCM, group in frontof church; also made CDVs.[6-8] [John Manley Adams] ".'s PhotographicArt Gallery", "Views of Elgin & Vicinity";established 61; views uncommon, 25 local sceneson RMs with photog. ID printed on front; alsoDevils Lake, WI vicinity, scy., city bldgs.;joined by son, S.M. Adams, 84.[7] View recorded by Darrah; no further info.[7] [John H. Adams; poss. in partnership withTitus in Cincinnati, 70s] Few local scenes knownon RMs.[7-8] [A J.M. Adams is known to have operatedWright's Gallery, 105 Main Street, in TerreHaute in the early 70's; no views seen under hisown imprint from IN] Single view known fromWheeling, of capitol, on CM, also by J.M. Adams;likely same man who went to Wheeling later andopened own gallery.[6-8] [John O. Adams] "Photographer"; views rare[2], subjects not reported.[8-0] [Kilburn Adams] "Franklin PhotographStudio", 83; "Photographer"; 1868 Mass. Ave.,Cambridge. Views rare [2], all of Franklin scy.Assoc. at some period with Franklin Photo Co.Listed 83-87 in Franklin, 00 in Cambridge; B.58, D. 05.[7-8] [Relationship between L.R. Adams & W.R.Adams who worked in Bethel simultaneouslyunknown.] "Photographer"; views rare [4], allloc. scy. both city & rural.[7] "Photographer"; Morrison Bldg.; single viewseen on yellow RM of crowd of people in front ofPage 5

NameLocationAdams, S.F.Fall River,Edgartown, NewBedford & OakBluffs, MAAdams, S.M.Elgin, IL; SanFrancisco, CAAdams, W.G.Adams, W.I.Waterloo, IANew York, NYAdams, W.R.Bethel, VTAdamsonBrownsville, PAAdamson, S.J.Waynerburg, PAAddis & KochSan Francisco, CAAddis & NoelLeavenworth, KSAddis, Alfred S.Santa Barbara, CA;Tucson, AZ; SilverCity, Los Cruces,& Lake Valley, NM;Commentsstore.[6-7] [Stephen Fellows Adams; poss. also inpartnership with Alexander C. Brownell in FallRiver and New Bedford, 70s] "Photographer";"Publisher"; "Stereoscopic Views Manufacturer","Pictures made from Negatives taken by theBierstadt Bros."; 130 Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs;succeeded Bierstadt Bros., pub. their negs. &added others by himself & other photogs. such asL.M. Rutherford; gener. scy., floral, animals,Cooper Institute, Highland House, etc., most onRMs; views of Martha's Vineyard on CMs. His ownwork adequate but not of equal quality toBierstadts. Listed 65, 67-75 in New Bedford, 77Edgartown; B. New Bedford 44.[7-8] "Artistic Photographer"; ".'sPhotographic Art Gallery", est. 61; "Views ofElgin & Vicinity", scarce loc. scenes, activitysuch as building, street construction. Son ofJohn Manley Adams; listed as operator for him78-79, partner, 84; also listed in SanFrancisco; active 70s-88.[8] View recorded by Darrah; no further info.[6-7] Was partner with Wilson in the CentennialPhotographic Co. of 76, exact role unknown.[7] [Watson R. Adams] "Landscape & PortraitArtist"; Best Work In The State"; Issued scarcelocal scenes, studio portraits on RMs.Relationship between Watson R. Adams and LemuelR. Adams who both worked in Bethelsimulataneously in 70s is unknown.[7-8] [Poss. Robt. Adamson, loc. unidentified,who made CDVs of people which were identified byowner as being of Brownsville] Single view seen,of bank lobby, on red CM; used rubber-stamp IDon each end of view.[7] [Saul J. Adamson] Rare [4] farm views;horses & personnel at race track on RMs; madeCDVs, tintypes which are more common.[6-8] [Alfred S. Addis, who also worked aloneand in other partnerships in Santa Barbara, CA,Tucson, AZ, Silver City, Los Cruces, & LakeValley, NM & Dubuque, IA, 60s-80s; no other Koch found] View reported by Darrah. Listedin San Francisco, 65.[6] [Alfred S. Addis, who also worked alone andin other partnerships in Santa Barbara, CA,Tucson, AZ, Silver City, Los Cruces & LakeValley, NM & Dubuque, IA, 60s-80s; no other Noel found] View recorded by Darrah, ofIndians.[6-8] "Photographer"; started in Dubuque, IA60s; in 65, at 425 Montgomery St., SanFrancisco; thought to have had studio, 3 BeaudryTerr., Los Angeles, 75, and on Bunker Hill Ave.Page 6

NameLocationDubuque, IAAddis, Robert W.Washington, DCAddleman & SonSpringfield, OHAddleman, B.T.Athens, OHAddleman, J.P.Adolph -- SEE Moses &Adolph (IL)Adt, A.A.Eaton, OHAdvertising Displays, Inc.Covington, KYAeberli, F.Allegheny, PAAebischerLogan, UTAebischer -- SEE Ace &Aebischer (UT)Agate, A.J.Brooklyn, NYWaterbury, CTAgramonteAgrell -- SEE Lonsbury &Agrell (MI)Agrell, Charles G.Salt Lake City, UTAhlstrom, CharlesAhrens, F.Lawrence, KSTarrytown, NYAllegan, MIComments78; "California Scenery"; issued "Silver City", 50 mostly southwest NM views; 2 views known ofCA; R.R. scy., post office, newspaper office,stores. Operated gallery with Porter, 79; movedto NM 80, Silver City 81-82, Lake Valley 82; inpartnership with Koch in San Francisco, 65;Lucas & Fryett took over his stock 82, put theirlabel over his; D. El Paso, TX 86.[6-7] "Photographer"; "Addis PhotographicGallery", 308 Pennsylvania Ave., 62-64. Listedin Washington till 73.[8-9] [Prob. B.T. Addleman who worked in Athens,OH in 70s-80s] "Photographers"; views rare [2],both city streets.[7-8] [Prob. same man who worked in Springfield,OH as Addleman & Son in 80s][6-7] View recorded by Darrah; no further info.[8] *[Alfred A. Adt] "Landscape Photographer";"High Rock Grove Scenery"; "Naugatuck Railroad";"Naugatuck & Vicinity"; "Waterbury Scenery"; 250 common & generally fine area scy., genre &people; 1 view of Scoville fire, 81. Also madecab. cards, CDVs. Listed "& Bro." 86, brotherwas Leo F. Adt. Listed 84-89.[0-1] "Adiscope Color Slides", certainly thesmallest format of any known commercialstereoviews, these tiny images were on strips of16mm film, but as vertical pairs arranged insequence on a horizontally viewed strip, mountedin a narrow card about 10" long with letteredcaptions on one end. The cards featured severalscenic subjects & were prob. intended foradvert. use as well. They advanced by handthrough a simple but sturdy black plasticviewer.[7] "Photographer"; views rare [3], loc. ruralscenes on RMs.[7] [Also worked in partnership with Ace at somepoint in Logan] Views rare [3], area scy.[6-7] "Mercantile Photographer"; singleadvertising view reported of interior ofOvington Bros. store in Brooklyn.[8] View recorded by Darrah; no further info.[7-8] [Also in partnership with Lonsbury inAllegan, 70s-80s] "Photographer"; issued scarcelocal scy. on yellow RMs.[7] Reported to have issued stereos of Lawrence.[7-8] "Photo."; single view seen on yellow/grayRM, of Irving's home at Tarrytown. Photog. IDPage 7

NameLocationCommentsprinted on front, photo ID written on back.[7] [Frank J. Aiken] "Mammoth Traveling Saloon".Single view seen, of unid. city street withcrowd. Listed in Cambridge 73, Concord 78.[7] "Artist"; Brewers Block; issued scarce localscenes, groups on RMs.[8] Issued rare loc. scenes, church int. Alsomade CDVs & cabinet photos.[0-1] Views uncommon [single group of 14reported] of mostly rural scy. in Pollock area.[6] [John Franklin Aitken] "Published by.";353 Broadway; views rare [5], all cream SCMs, 3of Rogers groups of statuary, bearing JohnRogers 1864 CR line, 2 of NYC bldgs. Aitken wasthe first photographer to have a formalagreement with John Rogers to photograph &publish his statuary.[7] "Photographer"; single view seen of unid.home with group on porch & in yard.[8] "Publisher"; issued "City of Utica" series, 100 on RMs; seems to have made original views,but also issued those by Scofield & others.Aiken, F.J.Concord andCambridge, MAAiken, J.B.Franklin, NHAinsworthPleasant Hill, MOAitken, G.S.Pollock, IDAitken, J.F.New York City, NYAitkin, W.Millvale, NJAkehurst, E.L.Utica, NYAladdin Stereographs -SEE Doubleday, Page & Co.(NY)AlbeeRochester, NY[9-0] View recorded by Darrah under thisimprint; no further info.; prob. the man assoc.with Webster & Woodward.Albee -- SEE Webster &Albee (NY); Woodward &Albee (NY)Albee, M.H.Marlboro, MAAlbee, S.V.Pittsburgh, PAAlbemarle SeriesUnknownAlbert, A.Albright Bros.Alden -- SEE Eve & Alden(NY)Alden Photographic Co. -SEE Alden, A.E. (MA)Alden, A.C.Ashtabula, OHWooster, OH[7-9] [Milton H. Albee] Issued rare local city &farm scenes, genre. Listed 71-94 & 97 inMarlboro.[7-8] Issued scarce loc. scy.; B/L, 44 views ofthe Great Railroad War at Pittsburgh, PA, 77,views of destroyed cars & trackage, etc. on RMs.[7] Issued 200 common, low-quality piratedviews, mostly foreign scy., usually badly faded.Said to have been located in New York City butthis not verified.[7] View recorded by Darrah; no further info.[7] Single view reported, business bldg.Alden, A.E.Springfield &Boston, MA;Providence, RINew York &Saratoga, NY;Boston, MA[6-7] [Also in partnership with Eve in New York,80s-90s] Poss. another of the active &well-known Alden brothers which included A.E.,A.J., & A.O. Views under his own imprint rare[2], of Saratoga scy.[6-0] *[Augustus E. Alden; also in partnershipwith A. Judson Alden in Springfield, 70s & withA.O. Alden in Providence, RI, 80s] "Alden'sPage 8

NameLocationAlden, A.E. & A.JSpringfield, MA;New York, Troy &Saratoga, NY;Providence, RIAlden, A.E. & E.TTroy, NYAlden, A.J.Springfield,Boston &Pittsfield, MAAlden, A.R.Oberlin, OHAlden, D.R.Newton, KSAldrich, G.H. & Co.St. Johnsbury &Barnet, VT;Littleton, NHAldrich, H.B.Catskill, NYAldrich, T.A.Huntingville,Que., Canada;CommentsStereoscopic Views."; "Views Made to Order";"Recently refurbished & renovated, with Rustic &Landscape backgrounds"; "Tintypes & Ferrotypes, 1, other prices in proportion"; 503 WashingtonSt., 63 Court St., Boston; #s 58-65 Arcade,Providence. One of longest-lasting and mostprolific of area workers; several B/Ls, manyarea scenes; 48 Mill River flood views, 74; 25camp of 1st Prov. Light Inf., etc. on SCMs;Plymouth views on CMs. Listed 68-77 inSpringfield, 77-86, 93-98, 01 in Boston, 73 inProvidence. Some views issued as "Alden Photo.Co.".[6-8] [Augustus E., A. Judson, A.O. Alden] Majorproducer of N.E. views; many B/Ls, broad area &topic coverage; 48 of Mill River flood. A.E. Alden; moved to Stoneham, MA 81; A.E.Alden was partners with A.J. in Springfield, MA69-71; A.O. Alden in Providence, RI; listed inSpringfield 69-71. Few views issued from "AldenBros.".[7] Apparently a brief & unprolific partnershipsince views are rare; J.M. Capper was successor.[7-8] [A. Judson Alden] 687« Dudley St. & 104Brook Ave., Boston. issued 50 local scenes.Later joined A.E. Alden. 74 in Springfield,77-79 Pittsfield, 87 & 89 Boston.[7] [Arlo R. Alden] Views rare [2], both ofrural scy.[7] "Photographic Artist"; single view reported,subj. not given.[7-8] [George H. Aldrich] "Publisher";"Photographed & Published by."; worked firstin VT; in Barnet pub. scarce "Stereoscopic Viewsof White & Green Mountain Scenery". BoughtWilliam Weller's studio in Littleton in 75. InJune 79 bought Franklin G. Weller's negs.,listed himself as "successor to F.G. Weller".Issued catalog about 79 with #s to 881 but only682 actual titles. Also seems to have takenover negs. from C.P. Hibbard since severalimages are found under both labels. Stereobusiness sold in 83 to George and WilliamBellows who continued issuing views by Weller &Aldrich under imprint of Littleton View Co.Most views pub. by Aldrich were of New Englandscy. and genre, most from negs. by F.G. Weller,few in cabinet format by himself added. Alsoissued 25 scarce views of Yosemite, #s 857-881,photog. unknown. B. 42, Strafford, VT.; D. 89,Littleton, NH.[6] [Harry B. Aldrich] Produced rare views ofCatskill Mtns. area; little info. on him.[6-7] "Photographer"; "Photographer & Viewer";89 Moody St., Lowell; Huntingville scy. on RMs;Page 9

NameLocationCommentsLowell, MAMA views; views usually poorly mounted.Alesworth -- SEEAylesworth (RI)Alexander & StevensMillvale, NJ[7] [No other ref. to these men found in NJ]Single view reported, of factory exterior.Alexander -- SEE Mulhall &Alexander (CO); FordGallery (KS)Alexander, D.Poultney, VTAlexander, D.G.Arlington, MAAlger, I.F.Winchendon, MAAlger, T.Royal Oak, MIAllbee, B.H.Hackensack, NJAllbright, FrankMauch Chunk, PAAllderidge, J.W.Waterbury, CTAllderige, F.W.New Britain, CTAllderige, WilliamSouthington,Unionville,Plainville & NewBritain, CT;Skinnerville, MAAllenClinton, MAAllenAllenSacramento, CAWarren, MEAllenProvidence, RIAllenBoston, MA[6] "Artist"; single view reported, on creamSCM, of city street.[6-7] [Daniel G. Alexander] "ArlingtonPhotograph Rooms"; views rare [4], churches,streets; listed 69-72.[6-7] [Israel F. Alger] "Views in Winchendon", 40 area scy., animals, group portraits. Listed67-77.[0-2] [Thomas Alger] "Photographer"; uncommonDetroit st. scenes; state fair 07-08; Royal Oak & Birmingham, MI andChatham, Ontario; many unusual subjs., one oflast independent photogs. in midwest; usedblind-stamp "T. Alger".[1] Amateur; member, United StereoscopicSociety, 1913.[6] "Artist & Photographer, Pictures in Crayonor Oils, Photographs in Every Style." Singleview seen, of a large home or hotel, on RM.[7] "Photographer"; 42 Bank St.; single viewseen of Wallingford tornado of 9 Aug. 78 ongreen RM.[8] "Photographer"; views rare, of fire & icestorm, on yellow CMs; prob. son of WilliamAllderidge.[7-8] *[Son was prob. F.W. Allderidge]"Photographer"; "Local Views"; common MA/CTlocal scenes; Lake Compounce series;flowers/gardens, floral wreaths; Skinnerville 78disaster on CMs; Tarriffville train wreck, 78 onCMs; tornado at Wallingford, CT, 78; children inscenes from "Alice in Wonderland" & other plays.Listed in Unionville 82-86; Southington 66-81;Plainville 73-89. Few also found as "& Son".[7] "Photo. by."; single view reported of citybldg. on RM.[7-8] View recorded by Darrah; no further info.[7] 3 views reported, bridge, school withchildren, houses across pond.[7-8] "Photographer"; views rare [3], on RMswith autograph photog. ID and titles on back,all seen are of local zoo.[6-7] [C.E. Allen, usually found only as lastname] "Allen's Stereoscopic Views"; "Publishedby."; "Residences, Scenery, &c., large or forthe stereoscope, taken at short notice.Particular attention given to Interiors"; No. 13Page 10

NameLocationAllenMcFall, MOAllenKeokuk, IAAllenPhoenix Park, PAAllen & HortonBoston, MAAllen & RowellBoston, MAAllen -- SEE Gove & Allen(CA); Chatfield & Allen(IA)Allen, A.Decatur & Dunton,ILAllen, A.M.Columbia &Pottsville, PAAllen, C.Keene, NHAllen, C.D.Newcastle, INAllen, C.F.Denver, COCommentsWinter St., later 6 & 24 Temple Place; produced 60 fine early area views, mostly of Boston, onRMs; interiors, genre, live & stuffedbirds/animals, still-lifes, coastal ME (most areof Mt. Desert Island), on yellow/yellow SCMs,many bearing RS; rare [3] PA oil region viewswhich look original, on yellow/yellow RMs.Relationship to E.L. Allen of Boston who alsopub. ME scy. unknown.[7-8] 12 views reported, blind-stamped, allmounted pseudoscopically; loc. scy., townsquare, creek baptism, etc.[7] [Also worked in partnership with Chatfieldin Keokuk, late 70s] Single view seen, on yellowRM, of church and large crowd. Photographer IDprinted on back.[7] "Landscape & Studio Photographer"; singleview reported of some sort of factory bldg., onRM. Photographer ID printed on back.[6] [Edward L. Allen, Henry W. Horton; Allenworked alone & in other partnerships in Boston &poss. Washington, DC, 50s-90s; no other ref. toHorton found] "Photographers"; 13 Winter St.Views rare [3], all area scy. on cream SCMs.Listed 61-62 in Boston.[7-9] [Edward L. Allen, Frank Rowell; Allenworked alone & in other partnerships in BostonMA & poss. Washington, DC, 50s-90s; Rowellworked alone in Boston, 59-74] 25 Winter St."Photographers"; views scarce [7], on variety ofmts. from yellow RMs to orange CMs, all areascy. Listed 74-92 in Boston.[6-7] [Alexander Allen] "Portrait & LandscapePhotographer"; 3 views seen of Des Plaines campmeeting on RMs.[6-7] *[Worked with G.M. Bretz & M. LutherHeisey occasionally] "Photographer"; issued widevariety of fine & common PA scy. in severalseries: "Tumbling Run Scenery"; "Sharp MountainScenery"; "Pottsville City"; "The Scenery ofSchuylkill County"; etc., on RMs to 232;Pottsville ruins from fire, 73; coal mining,machinery. SEE "The Art of Photography inLancaster", Lancaster Co. Hist. Soc., 47.[6] [Poss. the same Allen listed in Claremont,NH] "Artist"; views rare [2], both city bldgs.on yellow SCMs. Photographer ID printed onback.[6] "Artist & Photographer"; single viewreported, on yellow SCM, of home & group onlawn.[6] View recorded by Darrah; active 60s.Page 11

NameLocationAllen, C.V.Boston &Fitchburg, MAAllen, CharlesClaremont, NHAllen, E.H.Bradford, VTAllen, E.L.Boston, MA,Washington, DC (?)Allen, F.Catskill, NYAllen, H.S.Manchester, VT;Syracuse, NYAllen, J.Amsterdam, NYAllen, J. HenryUnion & SouthThomaston, MEAllen, Norman E.Allen, Robert L.Dexter & Jackson,MIDetroit, MIAllen, S.A.New York, NYAllen, Samuel V.Freeport, ILComments[5-6] [Charles V. Allen] Washington St., Boston.Issued rare [2] views of Boston sts.; madestereo dag. & ambro. portraits, some dtd. 55-56.Listed 54-56 in Boston, 66 in Fitchburg.Sometimes seen as "& Co.".[6] "Photo. Artist" Issued rare localstereoviews, details not reported. Listed inClaremont 60-65.[6-0] [Eliphaz H. Allen] Opened gallery 60;closed almost immediately when he went intoarmy. Seriously wounded & invalided out in 65,spent several years recuperating & trying to getgov't. pension; reopened gallery in 70. Issuedrare [4] views of area scy. on cream RMs; alsomade CDVs, other SI formats. B. Bradford 39, D.there 04. Listed 60 & 70-02.[5-9] [Edward L. Allen; also in partnership withFrank Rowell in Boston, 74-92 & with Horton inBoston 61-62] "Photographer"; many differentaddresses in Boston. Issued variety of commonarea scy.; "Mt. Desert Is. Scenery, ME", B/L,40 , hotels, scy., ships, DC government bldgs,statues; some pub. by Chas. Pollock; B/L, 95mostly DC, some nearby VA. The May 1, 1860Photographic and Fine Arts Journal lists an E.T.Allen as contributing funds to defend againstthe Cutting patent. Listed 51-60, 62-73, &93-99 in Boston. Relationship to C.E. Allen ofBoston who also pub. ME scy. unknown.[6-7] [Frank Allen] "Artist"; few local scenes &interiors known, mostly made to order forbusinesses, hotels, etc.; issued Catskill Mtn.scy. on both RMs & CMs.[7-8] [Henry S. Allen] "Photographer"; issued 160 New England scenes,

Photographers of the United States of America Complied by T. K. Treadwell & William C. Darrah Updated by Wolfgang Sel