Flushometer Care &Service 101Part 2: Manual Piston Flushometers

PresentersDominick PacioneSenior Field and TechnicalSupport TechnicianSloan Valve CompanyFranklin Park, ILProprietary and ConfidentialAndrew WarnesTechnical Training ManagerSloan Valve CompanyFranklin Park, IL2

AgendaThis presentation will cover: Manual piston flushometer overview Most common field service issuesand solutionsCrownGemNavalDolphin Maintenance recommendationsUnderstand how to extend the service life of Sloan productsProprietary and Confidential3

History1906Sloan invents theDiaphragm Flushometer1928Sloan invents thePiston Flushometer Replaced overhead tanks Relied on water pressure, not gravity Used less water and energy Withstood hard water* Better under low pressure Tolerated debris**Not piston advantages todayProprietary and Confidential4

Which Sloan Flushometers are Diaphragmor ietary and ConfidentialNavalDolphin5

Manual Piston FlushometerApplicationsWater ClosetsUrinalsMaritime*Bedpan WashersSquat Toilets** Naval and Dolphin only Gem Exposed and Naval Concealed onlyProprietary and Confidential6

Manual Piston Flushometer ComponentsStop CouplingControl StopValve BodyStop CouplingCoverCoverHandle CouplingControl StopValve BodySupply FlangeSupply FlangeTailpieceTailpieceHandle AssemblyHandle AssemblyOutlet CouplingOutlet CouplingFlush Connection(Vacuum Breaker)Flush Connection(Vacuum Breaker)Spud FlangeSpud FlangeSpud CouplingSpud CouplingGemCrownProprietary and Confidential7

Basic Piston Function①Incoming pressure to the upperchamber seals the piston downover the main seat②Moving the handle causes thepiston to slide up, releasingwater into the fixture③The piston re-seats as theupper chamber re-pressurizesAll Sloan Piston flushometers are “non-hold open” designSloan Piston vs Diaphragm FlushometerTraining WebinarProprietary and Confidential8

Field Issues &Solutionsfrom most common to least commonProprietary and Confidential9

Run-onsImage courtesy of Time MagazineDebris under pistonDebris blocking bypassSymptomContinuous flush with noshut-offDegraded relief valveseatLow pressure dropCauseSolutionDebris blocking bypassClean piston to clear bypass orificeDebris under pistonRemove debrisDegraded relief valve seatReplace the piston assemblyLow pressure dropCheck facility or municipal line pressureIn all cases, it’s good to flush debris from the lineProprietary and Confidential10

No FlushHigh static pressureSymptomNo activation when handle isdepressedWorn out handleFrozen or stuck relief valveCauseSolutionHigh Static Pressure(above 80 psi / 5.5 bar)Adjust pressure regulatorBring static pressure below 80 psi/5.5 barWorn out handleRepair or replace handleFrozen or stuck relief valveClean or replace relief valveProprietary and Confidential11

Short FlushWorn out handlePiston lip seal degradationSymptomLow volume delivered whenhandle is depressedHigh flow pressureIncorrect pistonCauseSolutionPiston lip seal degradationReplace piston assemblyWorn out handleRepair or replace handleHigh flow pressureAdjust control stop to reduce flow pressureIncorrect piston installedMatch piston gpf (Lpf) to fixture gpf (Lpf)Proprietary and Confidential12

Long FlushLow flow pressureSymptomSymptomWorn out handleIncorrect Low flowpressure(Belowbar)bar)(above2080psi/1.5psi / 5.5Adjustpressureregulatorflow pressureAdjustcontrolstop to sidera SloanA19Arelief noutouthandlehandlewhenhandleis depressed Wornhandleis depressedRepairor replacehandlehandleRepairor replaceFrozenstuckrelief valve MatchCleanor ton(Lpf) tofixturegpf (Lpf)Proprietary and Confidential13

Noise at Shut-offHigh flow pressureSymptom“Thump” or “Bang” uponvalve shut-offPiston lip sealdegradationIncorrect pistonLoose plumbingCauseSolutionHigh flow pressureAdjust control stop to decrease flow pressureDecrease plumbing system flow pressurePiston lip seal degradedReplace piston assemblyIncorrect piston installedMatch piston gpf (Lpf) to fixture gpf (Lpf)Loose plumbingSecure piping properlyCheck hammer arrestorsProprietary and Confidential14

No EvacuationLow pressureSymptomIncorrect pistonPiston lip sealdegradationCauseSolutionLow pressure( 25 psi/ 1.7 bar)Adjust control stop to increase flow pressureAddress plumbing system deficienciesNo evacuation when handleIncorrect piston installedis depressedPiston lip seal degradedMatch piston gpf (Lpf) to fixture gpf (Lpf)Replace piston assemblyContact Tech Service for a list of piston kitsProprietary and Confidential15

Cover LeakAlways use a fixed smooth jaw wrench .Cover not tight enoughSymptomWater leaking from threadsbeneath flushometer coverWorn cover gasket(Gem)Worn inside cover(Crown/Naval)Worn cover gasket(Naval)CauseSolutionCover not tight enoughTurn off water and tighten coverWorn cover gasket (Gem)Replace cover gasket (G106)Cracked inside cover (Crown)Replace inside cover (CR124A)Worn cover gasket (Naval)Replace cover gasket (CN76/CN105)Proprietary and Confidential16

Tailpiece LeakTailpiece with O-ringSymptomCauseLeaking at tailpiece next to control stop Worn or degraded O-ringSloan H553 O-ringSolutionReplace H553 O-ringClean the tailpiece O-ring groove and the control stop bore before replacing the O-ring.Use 100% silicone grease (not petroleum based).Proprietary and Confidential17

Handle Socket or Handle Coupling LeaksHandle socketHandle couplingWorn handle gasket(Crown/Naval)Worn handle sealSymptomLeak from handle socketLeak from handle couplingWorn handle gasket(Gem)CauseSolutionWorn handle sealReplace with proper handle repair kitCracked handle bushingReplace with proper handle repair kitLoosened handle couplingTighten handle couplingWorn handle gasketReplace A31 (Crown/Naval) or G35 (Gem) handle gasketAlways use a fixed smooth jaw wrench .Proprietary and Confidential18

Vacuum Breaker LeakVacuumBreakerCouplingWorn vacuum breaker sackSymptomSloan V651A repair kitCauseSloan V551A repair kitSolutionDripping from above thevacuum breaker couplingduring or after flushVacuum breaker sack damaged by overtightening the vacuum breaker couplingDripping from below thevacuum breaker couplingduring or after flushWorn or degraded vacuum breaker sackClean vacuum breaker tube and replacevacuum breaker sack with V551A orV651A high backpressure VB repair kitWet the gasket prior to installation and hand tighten then “snug” with wrenchProprietary and Confidential19

Control Stop LeakControl Stop ScrewSloan H541ASD repair kitSymptomLeaking from controlstop adjustment screwSloan H543ASD repair kitCauseSolutionO-ring inside thecontrol stop is wornReplace with H541ASD control stop repair kit (forolder urinals, use H543ASD control stop repair kit)If unsure of which urinal control stop kit you have for unitsmanufactured between 1964 and 1994, contact Sloan Tech ServiceProprietary and Confidential20

Spud Flange Coupling LeakSpudFlangeCouplingSloan F3 friction ringSymptomLeaking from spudflange couplingSloan VBF5 gasketSloan F5 gasketCauseSolutionThe spud flange coupling has loosenedTighten spud flange couplingSpud flange coupling gaskets havebecome wornReplace F3 friction ring andVBF5 gasket (1-1/4” or 1-1/2”) orF5 gasket (3/4” or 1”)Clean the threads prior to installation and never use pipe dope or grease!Proprietary and Confidential21

Inconsistent FlushAlways use a fixed smooth jaw wrench .Image courtesy of Time MagazineSloan B73AStandard Handle(Crown/Naval)SymptomFlush duration israndomly normal,long, or shortSloan B73A-CVCuVerro (Crown/Naval)Sloan B73A-SGSani-Guard(Crown/Naval)Sloan G143A (Gem)CauseSolutionHandle is worn out due to age or abuseReplace handle using a B73A or G143A kitRelief valve is worn out due to age or highstatic water pressureReplace relieve valve or piston assemblyPressure fluctuation within the facilityCheck plumbing system pressure and flow capacityProprietary and Confidential22

MaintenanceRecommendationsProprietary and Confidential23

Best Practices No pipe dope No Teflon tape Tighten couplings and covers byhand, then “snug” with a wrench Fixed smooth-jawed wrench Avoid compression wrenches“Snug” – don’t over tighten Carry 100% silicone grease Clean threads with a brass bristlebrush Wet the gaskets before installing Clean with soap and water onlyClean with soap and waterProprietary and ConfidentialUse Genuine Sloan Parts24

MaintenanceSchedulesSloan Flushometer MaintenanceSchedule BrochureProprietary and Confidential25

Part Supply USA madeReadily availableNo planned obsolescenceInterchangeability of componentsEasy upgrade to sidemount sensorGenuine Sloan Parts (how do you know?)Beware of knock-offs (what are the risks?)Proprietary and Confidential26

Summary Sloan invented the piston flushometerin 1928 Made in the USA Easy access to Genuine Sloan Parts World class Tech Support team Vast network of reps to provideassistance Follow best practicesProprietary and Confidential27

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