CURRICULUM VITAEErin Elizabeth Capone, M.D.AKA: Erin Capone CarrawayCurrent Title: Assistant Professor of Clinical PsychiatryBusiness Address: 1542 Tulane Ave, 2nd Floor, Rm 242, New Orleans, LA 70112Business Telephone and Fax: 504-568-6009 (phone); 504-568-6006 (fax)Business email Address: [email protected] Address: 4617 Prytania Street, New Orleans, LA 70115Home Telephone or Fax: 504-265-8028 (phone)Birthdate and Birthplace: 04/14/1981; New Orleans, LASpouse and Children: Richard “Trey” Carraway III (spouse); Richard “Rex”Carraway IV (8), Maddox Carraway (6), Sidney Carraway (4)Citizenship: United States of AmericaEducation:Undergraduate:LSU Honors College, Baton Rouge, LA; 08/1999-05/2004Bachelor of Science in Psychology, cum laude; 05/2004Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, cum laude; 05/2004Graduate/Medical:LSUHSC-NO; 08/2005-05/2009; Doctor of MedicineInternship:LSUHSC-NO Adult Psychiatry Residency Program07/01/2009- 06/30/2010Residency:LSUHSC-NO/Ochsner Adult Psychiatry Residency Program07/01/2010-06/30/2013Other: (Career Development Courses)05/2013: APA’s Buprenorphine and Office-Based Treatment of Opioid

Dependence11/2018: NetCe “Effective Opioid Prescribing”Certification:05/13/2013: APA’s Buprenorphine and Office-Based Treatment of OpioidDependence09/15/2014- present; Board Certified in Adult Psychiatry by the American Boardof Psychiatry and Neurology11/20/2018: NetCe “Effective Opioid Prescribing”Licensure:06/2012- present:11/2012- present:12/2012- present:07/2009- present:07/2015- present:Louisiana, MD.205517Louisiana, FC3721241Louisiana, CDS.042648-MDLouisiana, 1871734830Louisiana, XC3721241Academic, Professional, and Research Appointments:07/01/2013- 10/22/2014: Townsend LA Recovery Center, part time staffpsychiatrist07/11/2013- 08/31/2016: Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority, part timestaff psychiatrist09/04/2014- 06/30/2016: LSUHSC-SOM-NO part time Clinical AssistantProfessor of Psychiatry07/01/2016 -present: LSUHSC-SOM-NO Assistant Professor of ClinicalPsychiatryMembership in Professional Organizations:07/2009- present: APA (American Psychiatric Association); member07/2009-present: LPMA (Louisiana Psychiatric Medical Association); member04/2017- present: ADMSEP (Association of Directors of Medical StudentEducation); member10/2019- present: AADPRT (American Association of Directors of PsychiatricResidency Training); MemberAwards and Honors:06/2013: Gene L. Usdin, MD Award for Excellence in Psychiatry ResidencyTrainingCurriculum VitaeErin Capone, M.D.Page 2

TEACHING EXPERIENCE AND RESPONSIBILITIESCourse/Clerkship/Residency or Fellowship/CME Directorships09/2016-present: LSUHSC-SOM-NO Psychiatry Clerkship DirectorAs director of this 6-week core clerkship in the third year of medical school, Ioversee/update the curriculum and site assignments, attend clerkship directors’meetings at least monthly, communicate with branch sites (Baton Rouge andLafayette,) and orient around 25 students every 6 weeks. The chairman and Imeet with the students every block for clerkship feedback. I integrated severalnew primary and secondary sites- including child psychiatry consults, forensics,and the BHER. I updated didactics by videotaping all lectures, telecommunicatingwith Lafayette for TBLs, creating a clinical skills evaluation, and adding variousresources- including a shelf review- to our moodle page. I also added voluntaryexperiences such as ECT shadowing and a forensic psychiatry court visit. Imaintain current awareness of medical student education by attending the annualADMSEP (Association of Directors of Medical Student Education) conference, andother conferences such as Mayo Clinic’s “Be a Better Educator” Webcast. I washeavily involved in LCME accreditation preparation and site visit in 11/2017. Thedirector must be flexible and resilient; I am currently involved in major curriculumadjustments and adaptations due to COVID-19.09/2016-present: LSUHSC-SOM-NO Director of Medical Student Education inPsychiatryThe Director of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry is responsible for theoversight of the third-year clerkship and the 4th year medical school rotations.I review and update the course catalogs annually, and I added a forensicpsychiatry elective, as well as a BHER elective, and a “sampler” electiveinvolving a week on the BHER, a week on addiction, and 2 weeks on CLservice. I also created a virtual 4th year student elective in 05/2020. I review allVSAS applications and offer rotations as fit. I help students in 4th year scheduleplanning if requested by the student. As director, I am is co-chair of the BickAward Selection Committee, the Student Intern Educator of the YearCommittee, and the Resident Student Educator of the Year Committee.05/2018-present: LSUHSC/Ochsner Adult Psychiatry Residency ProgramAssociate Director of RecruitmentThe Associate Director of recruitment is responsible for keeping track of allstudents interested in psychiatry- from home and away schools. In this position,I have worked with staff and residents to update the recruitment process asneeded. For example, we updated our interview day power point, andoverhauled our interview process- we added a “meet and greet” between theresidents and applicants during a journal club, and now have lunch with allthe residents at one of our clinics. Other responsibilities include readingall applications of students invited for interviews, interviewing at least half ofthe candidates and participating in the rank order meetings. General dutiesinclude attending weekly meetings with directors and chief residents, monthlymeetings with the directors, chiefs, and class representatives, bi-annualCurriculum Evaluation Committee meetings, and annual Resident PromotionsCommittee Meetings.Curriculum VitaeErin Capone, M.D.Page 3

Curriculum Development/Implementation03/2020- present: Developed a psychiatry clerkship and 4th year rotations to beentirely remote/virtual due to COVID-19 and developed a plan for students totransition back onsite while meeting guidelines of government, school, and site.Creation of Enduring Teaching Materials06/2017- present: Crisis Prevention and De-Escalation:30-minutes annuallyI created this interactive course with a power point as part of the incoming L3’s“bootcamp” to prepare them for the third year of medical school.06/2017- present: The Clinical Skills Evaluation:1.5-hours every 6 weeksAs psychiatry clerkship director, I created a new graded aspect and integratedIt into the clerkship. Each student in each block must be graded as the studentperforms and initial psychiatric evaluation on a patient. The student thenpresents the patient to the attending physician and formulates a differentialdiagnosis.05/2019- present: Motivational Interviewing TBL:2-hours annuallyAs part of the Human Behavioral Development course taken by the 1st yearmedical students, I created a power point and TBL, delivered on 05/08/2019(also delivered as a lecture on 05/12/2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions, butis planned to be an annual TBL.)08/2019-present: Motivational Interviewing Course:1-hour weekly x every 6 monthsAs part of the PGY-1 didactic curriculum, I created a motivational interviewingcourse to be delivered at a resident level of knowledge and training. It is aninteractive didactic, including videos and practice role play.05/2020- present: LSU Department of Psychiatry Virtual Senior Elective:4 weeks in duration during senior blocks 1-8, to 2 students per block.As part of the effects of COVID, students could not rotate in person at LSUHSCNO from outside institutions. I created this 4-week long virtual elective whichshowcases sections of psychiatry we have at LSU, the student is to pick 4 from:General Adult Inpatient Psychiatry, Behavioral Health Emergency RoomExtension (BHERE), Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry, Child/AdolescentPsychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry, and Forensic Psychiatry. The student willvirtually spend a week in each of the chosen 4 sections. In addition to awelcome tutorial by the clerkship director, an overview of the program by theresidency program director, and a meet/greet with the chiefs, the student willattend intern didactics and Grand Rounds. There will be weekly check-ins withthe clerkship director, and an exit/parting discussion.Formal Course Responsibilities07/2008-06/2009: LSUHSC-SOM-NO critical concepts psychiatry simulation lab:3 hours per month for 12 monthsCurriculum VitaeErin Capone, M.D.Page 4

Helped develop a script for 2 simulation cases and was an “actor” in both casevideos. Facilitated and proctored both cases monthly.09/2016-present: LSUHSC-SOM-NO Psychiatry Clerkship Orientation:2 hours every 6 weeksOrient the 3rd year psychiatry clerkship students with review of the syllabus,review of the psychiatry moodle page, and a practice TBL on “The PsychiatricInterview.” The students are also reminded of safety precautions.There is time for a question/answer session. Any site-specificdetails are provided, as well as confirmation of contact information.09/2016- present: LSUHSC-SOM-NO Mood Disorders TBL:2 hours every 6 weeksProctor/administer this TBL to every block of 3rd year medical students,questions are updated as needed.09/2016- present: LSUHSC-SOM-NO Cognitive Disorders TBL:2 hours every 6 weeksProctor/administer this TBL to every block of 3rd year medical students,questions are updated as needed.Departmental/Interdisciplinary Teaching Conferences07/2009 and 09/2009: Morning Report:Every 4th morning of internal medicine wards rotations presented a case of apatient who was admitted to our team during our overnight call. Audience wasother internal medicine staff and residents.04/2010: Presenter; LSUHSC-NO/Ochsner Psychiatry Residency Program CaseConference: “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”08/2012 and 03/2013: Presenter; LSUHSC-NO/Ochsner Psychiatry ResidencyProgram Grand Rounds: “Perinatal Psychiatric Disorders”10/2014: Supervisor; LSUHSC-NO/Ochsner Psychiatry Residency Program CaseConference: “Bipolar I or Bipolar II?”11/2014: IPQIPS (Interprofessional Quality Improvement Seminar)“TB or not TB”06/2016: IPQIPS (Interprofessional Quality Improvement Seminar)“Mental Health for Mental Health Professionals”07/2016: LSUHSC-NO/Ochsner Psychiatry Residency Program SWOT Analysis:Presented a detailed analysis of LSUHSC’s Residency Program with compatiblePrograms within the country to the Department of Psychiatry faculty during theBi-annual curriculum meeting.10/2016: Supervisor: LSUHSC- NO/Ochsner Psychiatry Residency Program CaseConference; “Out of the Box: Evaluation and Treatment of Atypical Psychosis.”Curriculum VitaeErin Capone, M.D.Page 5

05/2017: IPQIPS (Interprofessional Quality Improvement Seminar)“Burnout: Affecting Everyone”09/2017: Supervisor: LSUHSC-NO/Ochsner Psychiatry Residency Program CaseConference; “Chronic Schizophrenia: The Perfect Storm.”09/2018: IPQIPS (Interprofessional Quality Improvement Seminar)“Handoffs and How to Improve Them”10/2018: LSUHSC-SOM-NO “Psychopharmacology for Psychology Interns”11/2018: Presenter: LSUHSC-SOM-NO “Motivational Interviewing for Hotspotters”an LSUHSC student-organized and staff-sponsored patient outreach programcalled Hotspotters, which aims to decrease ER visits for reasons that couldbe resolved at level of outpatient follow up care.03/2019: Supervisor: LSUHSC-NO/Ochsner Psychiatry Residency Program CaseConference; “Fire in the Hole: Case Report of a Psychotic Former Prisoner”10/2019: Supervisor: LSUHSC-NO/Ochsner Psychiatry Residency Program CaseConference; “Thinking Outside the Box: Going off-label for an UnconventionalPsychiatric Patient.”02/2020: Supervisor: LSUHSC-NO/Ochsner Psychiatry Residency Program CaseConference; “Peripartum Psychosis”Teaching Awards:06/2015: Faculty of the Year Award in Adult Psychiatry,LSUHSC School of Medicine, New OrleansUndergraduate, Medical, or Graduate Students Trained:03/2020- present: Casano, Kelsey. Research advisor and co-author case report: “ACatatonic Patient’s Electroconvulsive Therapy is unexpectedlyCancelled Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic”Submitted for publication to Clinical Psychiatry on 05/09/2020RESEARCH AND SCHOLARSHIPJournal Publications:Referred08/02/2020; Capone, Erin, Casano, Kelsey. “A Catatonic Patient’sElectroconvulsive Therapy is Unexpectedly Cancelled Due to the CoronavirusPandemic”. Clinical Psychiatry, In-pressBook Chapters:6/14/2020; Erin Capone, MDBook Chapter, Title, “Katrina, Race and the Lessons (Not) Learned - A Call ForChanges in the Medical Education Curriculum to Address Systemic Inequities."Collection: Bodies at the Bottom of the Well: Critical and Creative Approaches toMedical Racism, eds. Kate Kelley and Kaleea Lewis (U of Missouri)Curriculum VitaeErin Capone, M.D.Page 6

2022 (accepted); Capone, Erin, and Tripp-Bodola, Ronja, "Intersectionality andMental Health", in: Palgrave Encyclopedia of Health Humanities, eds. P. Crawford, P.Kadetz, M. Stanley-Baker, London et al.Invited Presentations and Seminars:04/2013: “Perinatal Psychiatric Disorders”; Grand Rounds at Touro Hospital01/2019: Live Interview on Fox 8 Noon Broadcast; topic- “Anxiety”06/2019: Live Interview on Fox 8 Noon Broadcast; topic- “Bipolar Disorder”International Invitation: Cancelled due to COVID-1904/15-17/2020: Aldous Huxley in France Symposium. Seventh InternationalAldous Huxley Symposium, University of Toulon, Campus La Garde, TOULON FranceSERVICE ACTIVITIESUniversity/Institutional Service:Departmental committees2016-present: LSU Department of Psychiatry Intern Student Educator of the YearCommittee (Co-chair)2016- present: LSU Department of Psychiatry Resident Student Educator of the YearCommittee (Co-chair)2016-present: John C. Bick Annual Award Committee (Co-chair)2018-present: LSU Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds of the Year Committee,Voting member2018- present: LSU Department of Psychiatry Case Conference of the Year Committee,Voting member2018- present: LSUHSC-NO/Ochsner Residency Program Recruitment Committee(Co-chair)2018- present: LSUHSC-NO/Ochsner Psychiatry Residency Candidate Rank OrderCommittee, Voting member2018- present: LSUHSC-NO/Ochsner Psychiatry Residency Intern MilestonesCommittee, Voting member2018- present: LSUHSC-NO/Ochsner Psychiatry Residency Resident MilestonesCommittee, Voting member2019-present: LSU Department of Psychiatry Poster Presentation of the YearCommittee, Voting memberCurriculum VitaeErin Capone, M.D.Page 7

School committees2018- present: LSUHSC-SOM-NO (junior/senior) Student Promotions Committee,Member2020- present: COVID-19/Clerkship Directors’ Subcommittee, MemberSpecial assignments – ad hoc task forces/working groups, projects, etc.2018-2019:4 hours/monthHotspotters Faculty Advisor/Sponsor and Presenter05/2020- present:2 hours/weekLSU Psychiatry COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line for FirstRespondersNational Service:Professional society committee05/2020- present: ADMSEP Committee on Psychiatry Clerkship andCOVID-19 LeadershipClinical Service:In-patient service activities08/2014-06/2018 and 07/2019-present: Attending on UMC inpatient psychosisunit (admitting service), 4-5 hours/day, 5 days/weekIn-patient service activities, continued07/2016- 06/2018: BHER consults: Psychiatry consults on patients in the UMCemergency room or the BHER. 5-6 hours/day, 4 days per week07/2018- 06/2019: BHER consults: Psychiatry consults on patients in the UMCemergency room or the BHER. 8-9 hours/day, 5 days per week07/2019- present: BHER consults: Psychiatry consults on patients in the UMCemergency room or the BHER. 4-5 hours/day, 2-3 afternoons/weekCall08/2014- present: 48-hour weekend call once every other month covering UMCpsychiatry. 6-8 hours in the hospital on each weekend day on call, and availableby phone to talk and/or return to the hospital for all 48 hours.Administrative Responsibilities:Departmental09/2016- present: LSUHSC-SOM-NO Psychiatry Clerkship Director:The psychiatry clerkship is a 6-week core clerkship in the third year of medicalschool. In addition to regularly scheduled clerkship directors’ meetings, thedirector oversees curriculum and site assignments, works closely with students,staff, and branch sites, and regularly meets with the Aesculapian Society,Department chair, and students for feedback to maintain a positive learningexperience. The director ensures that the program is LCME compliant and readyfor site visits and must be able to quickly adapt the curriculum as needed.Curriculum VitaeErin Capone, M.D.Page 8

05/2018- Present: LSUHSC/Ochsner Psychiatry Residency Program- AssociateDirector of Recruitment:The associate director of recruitment keeps track of all students who areinterested in psychiatry as a career, participates in bi-annual residencyplanning days, works with staff and residents to update the recruitmentprocess as needed, interviews recruits, and participates in the rank ordermeetings. General duties include attending weekly meetings with directors andchief residents, monthly meetings with the directors, chiefs, and classrepresentatives, bi-annual Curriculum Evaluation Committee meetings, andannual Resident Promotions Committee Meetings.School09/2016- present: LSUHSC-SOM-NO Director of Medical Student Education inPsychiatry:The Director of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry is responsible for of theoversight of third-year clerkship and the 4th year medical school rotations byupdating the course catalogs annually, reviewing VSAS applications, andoffering rotations as fit. The director meets frequently with 3rd and 4th yearstudents to assist in residency planning and frequently writes Letters ofRecommendation. The director is co-chair of the John C. Bick AwardSelection Committee.Community Service Activities:2015-2018: NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) Annual Walk, participant04/2017: National Center for PTSD Psychological First Aid Training10/2017: SAFE Zone TrainingCurriculum VitaeErin Capone, M.D.Page 9

CURRICULUM VITAE Erin Elizabeth Capone, M.D. AKA: Erin Capone Carraway Current Title: Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry Business Address: 1542 Tulane Ave, 2nd Floor, Rm 242, New Orleans, LA 70112 Business Telephone and Fax: 504-568-6009 (phone); 504-568-6006 (fax) Business email Address: ec