Download, Install and Activate Multisim BluePremiumOverviewThis tutorial shows how to download and install Multisim Blue Premium and the steps to activate it. Aclean computer were used to create this tutorial, your computer may have other applications that willcause the steps to be different.Download Installer1. Locate the Multisim Blue Premium installer from Mouser website.2. Save the Multisim Blue Premium downloder.exe utility to your computer.3. Locate the MultiSIM BLUE Premium 14 0 downloader.exe. Most internet browser will savethe file to: C:\Users\your login\Downloads. If you cannot locate the file, check your internetbrowser settings.4. Click the Run button run the downloader.

5. Wait for the MultiSIM Blue Premium downloader to complete.6. Click the Open button once the downloader is finished.Note: If you have Winzip, WinRar or anything other file extract tool, you may not see this dialog box.You can use those applications to extract the self-extracting zip file you just downloaded. You canproceed to step 8.

7. Click the OK button.8. Click the Install MultiSIM Blue Premium 14.0 to begin the installation.

Note: If you are using other file extracting tool, you can manually launch the installer by clicking onthe setup.exe, located in the folder you extracted.

9. Follow the installation wizard, use the default setup by clicking on the Next button. If you have a serial number, you can enter it during the installation wizard. You can alsoleave the serial number textbox empty and enter it later during the activation step. If you do not have a previous Multisim version installed, you will have to reboot thecomputer.

Multisim Blue Premium Launcher1. Once your computer have rebooted, click the MultiSIM BLUE Launcher icon on your desktop.2. Go through the initial setup and provide your required information. Enter you country, currency and language preferences. Click Next.

3. Set the database update preferences. In the Select Update Preference keep the default Multisim (All Supported) option toensure both Multisim Blue and Multisim have the latest database updates. Click Next.4. Review the Term and Conditions. After reviewing the terms and condition agreements check the Accept box. Click Next.5. Select which Multisim version to launch.

Select File»Settings»Settings. Other Mouser and Multisim 14 versions will be listed inthis window, select the version you want to launch by default. Click the Save button.6. Launch Multisim. Click the Launch Multisim button to launch Multisim. Step 5 determines which Multisimversion will start if you have more than one version installed. In the Multisim window there are several options:o Launch Multisim: This option launches Multisim in evaluation mode, you havefull access to all the Multisim features. However, after the trial period expiredMultisim will not start. The trial period is initially set to 7 days and you have theoption to extend it to 45 days total.o Activate Products: If you have a Multisim serial number, select this option toactivate the Multisim. If you do not want to activate Multisim at the moment,select the Launch Multisim option, you can activate at a later time.o Purchase Multisim: This option will take you to the Multisim web page.o Exit Multisim: This will end the launch.

7. Activate Multisim. There are many ways to activate NI Software, the following steps show the two mostcommon methods.

Automatically Activate through a secure Internet connection is easiest way to activateNI software and is the default.o Click the Next button.o Enter your serial in the Multisim 14.0 Schematic Capture and simulationtextbox. This number should have been provided to you when you purchasedMultisim. The serial format is similar what is shown below.

o Enter your email and NI password. Click the Create a New Account if you havenot created a NI account.

o You will see a message Product Successfully Activated message if Multisim wasactivated.

o Click the Finish button to launch Multisim. Apply one or more 20-character activation codes previously acquired for thiscomputer select this method if you computer is not connected to the internet. Thereare several methods to obtain an activate code, this tutorial shows how to the code Click Start»All Programs»National Instruments»NI License Manager.o Click the Display Computer Information button.o Copy the unique 20-character computer ID.

o Go to Click the Product down-arrow and Multisim Base Edition.o Click the Product Version down-arrow and select 14.0.o Enter the computer ID you copied from the NI License manger in the previousstep. Note the computer ID is a unique number that is based on your computerhardware, you cannot use the ID from one computer to obtain an activationcode for a different computer.oEnter your information for the remaining fields.

o Click the Submit button.o The next step will provide you with the activate code. You will also receive anemail with the code.o Copy the activation code.o In the NI License Manager select the Multisim Base then click the Activatebutton.o In the NI Activation Wizard click the Apply one or more 20-character activationcodes previously acquired for this computer radio button.o Click Next.o Enter your activate code in the Your current Activation Code window.

oClick Next.oClick the Finish.8. Place a component from the Mouser Database. In Multisim select Place»Component. Click Database drop-down arrow and select the Mouser Database. Select any component from the Component window. Click OK.

Note: If you have Winzip, WinRar or anything other file extract tool, . o Click the Product Version down-arrow and select 14.0. o Enter the computer ID you copied from the NI License manger in the previous step. Note the comp