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RENOLINGear and Circulating OilsFacts and figuresCompany: FUCHS SCHMIERSTOFFE GMBH, a company ofthe FUCHS GroupHeadquarters: MannheimProduct range: A full range of more than 2,000 products and6,000 articlesCertifications: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949:2009,DIN EN ISO 14001:2004 BS OHSAS 18001:2007, KTA 1401References: Leading lubricant OEM for the Germanautomotive industryFUCHS has developed, produced and sold high-qualitylubricants and related specialties for more than 85 years –for virtually all areas of application and sectors. With over100,000 customers and 60 companies worldwide, the FUCHSGroup is the leading independent supplier of lubricants.A team of more than 800 specialists across Germany worksto guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. Whatevertheir requirements, we have the ideal lubricant for their specific applications and processes. In our technology centerwe link interdisciplinary expertise in a quick and efficientway – and work on innovative lubricant solutions to meetthe demands of today and tomorrow every single day.FUCHS lubricants stand for performance and sustainability,for safety and reliability, for efficiency and cost savings.They represent a promise: technology that pays off.3

4An important design element – industrial gear oilsGear oils for all applicationsGermany is among the world‘s largestproducers of drive technology andtransmissions. Transmission oil is animportant construction element indrive technology and is used in nearlyall areas of application.The demands placed on transmissionoils have grown sharply. Furtherdevelopments in the field of drivetechnology usually result in an in crease in the power density of components: Greater performance mustbe transmitted in ever shorter times.At the same time, the componentsand transmissions are becoming eversmaller and more compact.As one of the most important andcomplex machine elements, gear oilmust be capable of handling thesealtered application conditions andrequirement criteria. Oil volumesbecome smaller, oil circulation cyclesbecome larger and the energy transferred to the lubricant increases.This leads to an increase in thethermal and oxidative load on thelubricants. And in addition, thetechnical demands on industrial gearoils have changed dramatically overrecent years – these have becomesignificantly more stringent. New,complex bench tests with exactthresholds and extreme test conditions have been developed to betterreflect the demands and problemareas in drive chains in test facilities.Gear oils can be divided into two maingroups according to their use: Lubricating, circulating andgear oils for industrial applications(stationary gear oils) as perDIN 51517, ISO 6743/6, AGMA requirements – wind turbin es and lubricants – ISO 61400/4 Lubricating and gear oils forautomotive applications, motorvehicle and commercial vehiclegear oils, automatic transmissionfluids (ATFs) as per API GL 4,GL 5 etc.

RENOLINGear and Circulating OilsGeneral classification of gear oilsAutomotive transmission oilsAPI GL4, GL5Gear oilsIndustrial gear oils DIN 51517 (2004) /DIN 51502ISO 67 43 / 6 undISO 12925-1»AGMA old«AGMA 9005 / D94»AGMA new«AGMA 9005 / E02Lubricants for foodstuffapplications as per NSFCL –RENOLIN DTACKB – R&OR&O OilsAGMA 0-6:ISO VG 32 – 320R&O Oilsinhibited oilsISO VG 32 – 3200NSF H1 USP white oilCLP –RENOLIN CLPCKC – R&O,EP / AWCLP (D) –RENOLIN CLP PLUSCKD – R&O,EP / AW, HTCLPF (D) –RENOLIN CLPF SUPERCKE – CKB friction reducerCLP-HC (PAO) –RENOLIN UNISYN CLPNEW:RENOLIN UNISYN XTCKS – SyntheticR&O, LT, HTCKT – Synthetic(AW / EP – high), LT, HT NSF H1 PAOR&O Oils with »low friction«AGMA 7 Comp. – 460AGMA 8 Comp. – 680AGMA 8A Comp. – 1.000EP Oils anti-scuffing /anti-wear oilsISO VG 32 – 3200EP Oils withR&O performanceAGMA 2 EP – 9 EPISO VG 68 – 1500CP Oils compoundedoils R&O with»low friction«ISO VG 100 – 3200Synthetic gear oilsAGMA 0S – 8SISO VG 32 – 680CLP-PG (PAG) –RENOLIN PGNEW: RENOLIN PentoGear 320 WTCLP-E (Ester)(biodegradable fluids) –PLANTOGEAR SGEARMASTER 320 ECOThe product ranges listed are available in various viscosity classes.5

6FUCHS industrial gear oilsFUCHS industrial gear oil, performance in line with ISO 6743-6, ISO 12925-1Product nameCKBCKC**R&OCKDCKECKSCKT**R&O AW / EP“extreme temp.”**R&OAW / EP**R&O AW / EP“higher temp.”**R&O“low friction”**R&O“extreme temp.”RENOLIN DTA/CLl–––––RENOLIN CLP–ll–––RENOLIN CLP-PLUS*–ll–––RENOLIN CLP SUPER*–ll–––RENOLIN UNISYN CLP–ll––RENOLIN PG–llPLANTOGEAR S–ll––RENOLIN UNISYN XT–ll––RENOLIN HIGHGEAR*–ll––RENOLIN HIGHGEAR SYNTH*–ll––RENOLIN SYNGEAR HT–llRENOLIN PentoGear 320 WT–llPerformance tests were passedProducts for reducing friction with EP / AW additivesProducts with AW / EP additives for extreme operating temperaturesOxidation test for CKC at 95 COxidation test for CKD at 121 COxidation test for CKT at 150 COxidation test for CKS at 150 COxidation test for CKE at 95 CLubricating OilsISO-LComposition and propertiesSymbolll––* DD (Detergent / Dispersant) products** R&O – R&O – Circulating oils with antioxidants and corrosioninhibitors AW/EP – Wear protection and high-pressure additives“higher temp.“ – for high operating temperatures“low friction” – low friction coefficients“extreme temp.” – for extreme operating temperaturesOthersISO-LComposition and propertiesSymbolCKBRefined mineral oils with oxidation stability, anticorrosion(ferrous and non-ferrous metal) and antifoam properties.CKCRefined mineral oils with oxidation stability, anticorrosion(ferrous and non-ferrous metal) and antifoam with enhancedextreme pressure and antiwear properties.CKDLubricants with oxidation stability, anticorro- sion (ferrousand non-ferrous metal), antifoam, extreme pressure andantiwear properties, with enhanced thermal / oxidativestability that permits use at a higher temperature.CKELubricants with oxidation stability, anticorrosion (ferrous andnon-ferrous metal) and antifoam properties, ensuring lowcoefficient of friction.CKSLubricants with oxidation stability, antifriction and anticorros ion (ferrous and non-ferrous metal) properties usable underextreme temperature conditions (low and high).CKTLubricants with oxidation stability, antifriction and anticorrosion (ferrous and non-ferrous metal) properties usableunder extreme temperature conditions (low and high) andunder high load.CKGGreases with extreme pressure and anti-wear properties.CKHProducts usually of bituminous type with anti-corrosionproperties.CKJProducts of CKH type with enhanced extreme-pressure andanti-wear properties.CKLGreases with improved extreme-pressure, anti-wear and anticorrosion properties and improved thermal stability.CKMProducts with improved anti-seizing properties that permituse under extreme load conditions, and products withanti-corrosion properties.

RENOLINGear and Circulating OilsNew mechanical tests for industrial gear oils – WEC whiteetching cracksOver the last few months and years, there have been moreand more discussions on failures of roller bearings, gearteeth and transmissions as a result of the damage phenomenon known in the market as „white etching cracks“.The damage observed led to this question:To what extent do certain additives and gear oil formulations prevent or promote white etching cracks in rollerbearings and gears?This in turn led to development of a roller bearing benchtest, as these machine elements are particularly susceptibleto the WEC phenomenon. The FE8 pitting test as perVW-PV-1483 was used to investigate the WEC-phenomenon.The test was performed on axial cylinder roller bearingswith an axial load of 60 kN at speeds of 350 and 750 rpm,at an oil temperature of 100 C and oil flow rate of2 x 0.1 l / min.The fatigue life of the bearing and the influence of the oilformula are determined and the occurrence of the WECdamage on the cylinder raceway/cylinder roller is investi gated.An ATI GL4 manual transmission oil was defined as the lowreference oil and used to bring about WEC damage on theroller bearing raceway.RENOLIN CLP, RENOLIN UNISYN CLP, RENOLIN UNISYN XT,RENOLIN PG and PLANTOGEAR S are used as the highreference oil. With the high reference RENOLIN industrialgear oils, ISO VG 100, a service life 9 million revolutionswas reached in this roller bearing test without any WECtype damage occurring.RENOLIN gear oil formulations were also investigated withvarious anticorrosion oils, metal working fluids and criticaladditive components added. The robustness of the formulations displays excellent wear protection characteristics andoptimum protection with regard to the white etchingcracks phenomenon.Requirements of industrial gear oilsThe demands made on industrial gear oils are increasing.Although the new DIN 51517 (dated 2006) only specifiesa scuffing load carrying test in line with FZG A/8.3 90 andthe roller bearing test FE8 in addition to the physicalcharacteristics, many leading gear manufacturers‘ specifications contain additional requirements: More stringent scuffing load carrying test according toFZG A / 16.6 / 140 Micropitting test at 60 C and 90 C as per GFT, FVA I-IV,C / 8.3 / 90 and C / 8.3 / 60 FE8 roller bearing wear test as per DIN 51819,Part 2 (and variations) – D / 7.5 / 80-80 FZG slow speed wear test FZG pitting test Load-carrying capacity as per Brugger Filtration behavior – dynamic tests Foaming behavior (e.g. Flender inhouse test) Low-temperature-behavior Cold flow properties etc.These additional bench tests attempt to replicate theex treme conditions which gearboxes and gear oils aresubject to and quantify the performance of the variousformulations. FUCHS has state-of-the-art test rigs for thetesting of industrial gear oils on which customer demandscan be simulated. Close cooperation with the relevantDIN and ISO committees and working groups and intensivecooperation with the German research association forpower transmission engineering (FVA) as well as renownedgear manufacturers and international customers results ina constant refinement and improvement of both standard ized test procedures and FUCHS in-house bench tests.7

8For the power transmission engineering of today andtomorrowHeavy-duty synthetic gear oilsAlthough mineral oil-based gear oils continue to dominate,synthetic oils are becoming increasingly popular in therapidly growing power transmission engineering market.Synthetic gear oils already had a total market of 20% to25% in 2014.Compared to mineral oils, synthetic gear oils have a significantly longer life, generate lower service costs and excel interms of reducing wear to gears and rolling bearings. Theyare more expensive than mineral oils but these higher costsare compensated by increased operating hours (lifetimetwo to three times longer), lower maintenance costs, wideroperating temperature range (multigrade characteristics),lower disposal costs, better technical performance, lowercomponent wear and improved energy efficiency.FUCHS synthetic oils: A full rangeFUCHS offers a comprehensive product range of mineraloil-based gear oils RENOLIN CLP – demulsifying RENOLIN CLP PLUS – detergent with AO booster RENOLIN AWD – »High Brugger« lubricating oils RENOLIN CLPF SUPER – black, containing MoS2 RENOLIN HighGear – flow-stabilizing/plastic deformation RENOLIN GEAR VCI – special corrosion protectionIn addition, a complete range of fully synthetic gear oilshave been developed and refined over recent years.Products in the series RENOLIN UNISYN CLP – polyalphaolefin-based (PAO) RENOLIN PG – polyalkylene glycol-based (PAG) PLANTOGEAR S – saturated ester-based (E) RENOLIN HighGear Synth – polyalphaolefin-based (PAO) RENOLIN UNISYN GEAR VCI – polyalphaolefin-based(PAO) NEW: RENOLIN UNISYN XT NEW: RENOLIN PentoGear 320 WT – syntheticmake up a complete portfolio of new-generation syntheticgear oils boasting maximum technical performance.FUCHS is a leading player in the field of power transmissionengineering and its product range covers all industrial gearoil applications and performance levels. In addition, specialgrades are also available which were specially developed tomeet specific customer demands.The optimum gear oil for every application.The optimum solution for every problem.

RENOLINGear and Circulating OilsThe ranges of fully synthetic gear oilsRENOLIN UNISYN CLP rangeThese synthetic polyalphaolefin-basedgear oils are characterized by a highnatural, shear-stable viscosity index.This provides effective lubrication atboth high and low application temp er atures (multi-grade lubricants).Their compatibility with paints andelastomers is comparable with that ofmineral oils. Compared to mineral oils,the service life of these oils is two tothree times longer. RENOLIN UNISYNCLP displays exceptional wear-protection characteristics. As a result of theirextremely low pour point, these oilsdisplay outstanding cold flow properties. They represent the most important group among synthetic gear oils.This range also includes an approvedwind turbine gear oil in the form ofRENOLIN UNISYN CLP 320.RENOLIN PG seriesProducts from the RENOLIN PG seriesare based on special polyalkyleneglycols. They display very low frictioncoefficients in tribological conditions.Their high natural viscosity indexmakes them shear-stable. RENOLIN PGoils can be used at both high and lowtemperatures. RENOLIN PG oils areprimarily used to lubricate steel / bronze worm gears and are recommendedfor applications subject to unfavorablefriction conditions and very high temperatures (e.g. calender lubrication andpaper machine oil). Its compatibilitywith components still needs to be verified. Polyglycols are neither misciblenor compatible with mineral oils.PLANTOGEAR S seriesThe rapidly biodegradable PLANTOGEAR S series of oils are based on fullysaturated, synthetic ester oils. Theyboast very low friction coefficients,a good load-carrying capacity and ahigh natural shear-stable viscosityindex.The polar structure of ester oils provid es for good cleaning properties anddirt holding capacity. Furthermore,saturated esters display excellenttherm al stability.Products from the PLANTOGEAR Sseries can be used to clean gearboxeswhich have been contaminated withdeposits and sludge.This technology is also referred to as aplastic deformation (PD) reaction orsurface roughness smoothing.As opposed to the previously availabletechnologies, RENOLIN HighGear wasfurther developed in particular interms of thermal and oxidation stability, long-term stability (to avoid sludgeformation) and its excellent corrosionprotection.Surface damage, pitting,wearThe PLANTOGEAR S series has beenawarded the European EEL Ecolabel.GEARMASTER ECO 320 is an approv ed, biodegradable wind turbine gearoil.A highlight of our latest research anddevelopment activities is our newRENOLIN HighGear series of gear oils.These contain special additive systemswhich form high-performance protective films on gear teeth and protectmachine elements against wear, evenunder extreme loads, mixed frictionconditions, high pressures, high specific contact pressures, at low speedsand when the surfaces of the teeth aredamaged.This is achieved by the use of syner gistic additive combinations of mildsulfur carriers, surface-active phosphorous and zinc additives togetherwith mineral oil-soluble molybdenumcompounds.Smoothing effect ofPD additives»HighGear« technologyBoth mineral oil-based and polyalphaolefin-based products are thusavailable which fulfill the highesttechnical standards. The results oftests performed in extreme conditionsand with pre-damaged machineelements in large-scale gearboxes (inunderground mine conveyor drives)as well as spindle drives in forgingpresses confirm these outstandingcharacteristics.9

10RENOLIN Gear and circulating oils – an overviewRENOLIN DTA – demulsifying circulating, spindle and hydraulic oilsCL / HL oils (demulsifying)Product nameDescriptionDensityat 15 C[kg/m3]FLP.Cleveland[ C] 40 C[mm2/s] 100 C[mm2/s]VIViscosityindexRENOLIN DTA 2Spindle, hydraulic and lubricatingoils (machine oils) on the basis ofselected base oils with additivesto improve aging behavior andcorrosion protection.All RENOLIN DTA products areDIN 51524-1 (HL) hydraulic oils andDIN 51517-2 (CL) circulating oilsbased on mineral oil, demulsifying(water-separating) and free of 01–24RENOLIN DTA 68882250688.799–18RENOLIN DTA 10088124810011.297–18RENOLIN DTA 15088926615015.594–15RENOLIN DTA 22089328022018.895–12RENOLIN DTA 32089828032024.095–12RENOLIN DTA 46090431546030.495–12RENOLIN DTA 68091330268037.992–12RENOLIN DTA 5RENOLIN DTA 7RENOLIN DTA 10RENOLIN DTA 15RENOLIN DTA 22RENOLIN DTA 32RENOLIN DTA 46ISO 6743 / 4, HL,ISO 6743-6 andISO 12925-1: CKB.Pourpoint[ C]Mainapplication areaFor thermally-stressedbearings and hydraulicsystems with peaktemperatures ofapprox. 120 C.General lubricationwithout specific wearprotection requirements (withoutAW / EP).(Refer to productinformation 4-1292*for further details)Mineral oil-basedRENOLIN CLP – demulsifying EP / AW gear and circulating oilsCLP oils (demulsifying)Product nameDescriptionRENOLIN CLP 68High-performance gear and circulating oils with good aging stabilityand additives to improve corrosionprotection (also combat steel andnon-ferrous metal corrosion causedby moisture). Outstanding antiwear characteristics – good EP / AWperformance, excellent scuffingload carrying capacity and protec tion against micropitting, excellentFE8 roller bearing wear protection,good demulsifying properties, verygood foaming behavior, zinc-freeand silicone oil-free.RENOLIN CLP oils fulfill and exceedthe minimum requirements ofCLP lubricating oils according toDIN 51517, Part 3 (2004),ISO 6743-6 and ISO 12925-1: CKC,CKD. US Steel 224, David BrownS1.53.10.Approved by leading gearboxmanufacturers.RENOLIN CLP 100RENOLIN CLP 150RENOLIN CLP 220RENOLIN CLP 320RENOLIN CLP 460RENOLIN CLP 680Densityat 15 C[kg/m3]FLP.Cleveland[ C] 40 C[mm2/s] 100 036.888–10* PI Product-informationEP Extreme pressure additives, to avoid wear and scuffi ng at high pressures and loadsAW Anti-wear additives, to avoid wear in mixed friction areasPourpoint[ C]Mainapplication areaUniversal gear oilsfor industrial applications such as inbearings, joints, spur,bevel and wormgears and wheneverthe manufacturerrecommends an oilof this type.(Refer to productinformation 4-1208*for further details)Mineral oil-based

11RENOLIN CLP PLUS – detergent EP/AW gear oils with improved oxidation stabilityCLP-D oils (detergent)Product nameDescriptionRENOLINCLP 46 PLUSHigh-performance gear and circulating oils offering excellentwear protection, good EP performance and excellent corrosionprotection. Carefully selectedantioxidants guarantee goodaging stability and special surface-active substances lower fric tion, which can reduce operatingtemperatures and increase efficiency. Special detergent/dispersant additives offer very goodcleaning properties and dirt holding capacity. RENOLIN CLP PLUSoils have excellent foaming characteristics and offer good protection against micropitting. TheRENOLIN CLP PLUS series of oilsare free from zinc and siliconeoil. RENOLIN CLP PLUS oils fulfillthe minimum requirements oflubricating oils according toDIN 51 517, ISO 6743-6 andISO 12925-1: CKC, CKD.CLP PLUS were developed specially for the extreme conditions inwhich mining industry conveyorsoperate and can increase servicelife in such conditions.RENOLINCLP 68 PLUSRENOLINCLP 100 PLUSRENOLINCLP 150 PLUSRENOLINCLP 220 PLUSRENOLINCLP 320 PLUSRENOLINCLP 460 PLUSRENOLINCLP 680 PLUSDensityat 15 C[kg/m3]FLP.Cleveland[ C] 40 C[mm2/s] 100 2489926022018.996–24Improved oxidationstability.89925532024.095–18(Refer to productinformation 4-1226*for further urpoint[ C]Mainapplication areaSpecial gear oils forhighly stressedmechanical industrial,spur, double-spur,bevel and wormgears. Long-life oils(tested for 30,000hours in browncoal open pit miningconveyors andapprov ed).RENOLIN CLPF SUPER-EP / AW gear oils with MoS2 (solid lubricant / black color)CLP oils / blackProduct nameDescriptionDensityat 15 C[kg/m3]FLP.Cleveland[ C] 40 C[mm2/s] 100 C[mm2/s]VIViscosityindexPourpoint[ C]Mainapplication areaRENOLINCLPF 100 SUPEREP gear oils with synergistic chemical EP / AW additives and physical MoS2-based solid lubricantadditives. The MoS2-based solidlubricant additives cover a widerange of temperatures in mixedfriction areas. They reduce frictionand have a damping effect.Excellent wear protection inmixed friction areas, good dirtholding capacity (detergenteffect), excellent foaming behavior, very good FE8 roller bearingwear protection, free from zincand silicone oil. The RENOLINCLPF SUPER series of oils surpassthe minimum requirements ofCLPD lubricating oils according toDIN 51517, Part 3 (2004)together with DIN 51 502,ISO 6743-6 and ISO 12925-1:CKC, 2024.095–1491127046030.495–12For highly-stressedgearboxes operatingat low circumferentialspeeds and high loads,even when subjectto shock loading, fornoise reduction andfor the lubrication ofspindles and gearboxes in forging presses.92227068036.888–10(Refer to productinformation 4-1264*for further details)9062401.50070.5104–12Mineral oil-basedRENOLINCLPF 220 SUPERRENOLINCLPF 320 SUPERRENOLINCLPF 460 SUPERRENOLINCLPF 680 SUPERRENOLINCLPF 1500 SUPER* PI Product-informationEP Extreme pressure additives, to avoid wear and scuffi ng at high pressures and loadsAW Anti-wear additives, to avoid wear in mixed friction areas

RENOLINGear and Circulating OilsRENOLIN AWD – detergent EP/AW gear oils with high Brugger performanceCLP-D oils /  high BruggerProduct nameDescriptionRENOLINAWD 68Special gear and circulating oilswhen products with particularlygood wear protection propertiesare required. Special additivesreduce friction and form reactionlayers which offer excellent wearprotection in extreme mixed friction and load conditions. Bruggervalue 70 N / mm2, excellent FE8roller bearing wear protection,good dirt holding capacity (detergent  dispersant), free from zincand silicone oil, high additivereserves. The RENOLIN AWDseries of oils surpass the minimum requirements of CLPDlubricating oils according toDIN 51517, Part 3 together withDIN 51502, ISO 6743-6 andISO 12925-1: CKC, CKD.Approved by leading pressmanufacturers.RENOLINAWD 100RENOLINAWD 150RENOLINAWD 220Densityat 15 C[kg/m3]FLP.Cleveland[ C] 40 C[mm2/s] 100 12Pourpoint[ C]Mainapplication areaFor highly-stressedindustrial gearboxesand circulatingsystems, especiallywhen good loadcarrying capacity inextreme mixed frictionand load conditions isrequired.High Brugger value of 70 N / mm2. Used inapplications includingpress lines in theautomotive industry.(Refer to productinformation 4-1060*for further details)RENOLIN UNISYN CLP – fully synthetic, high-performance EP / AW gear oils based on polyalphaolefin (PAO)CLP-HC oils / PAO-syntheticProduct nameDescriptionRENOLINUNISYN CLP 68Fully-synthetic gear and circulating oils with excellent thermaland aging stability, very highviscosity index (shear-stable),outstanding low-temperaturebehavior, very good flow behavior at low temperatures, excellentair release properties and foam ing behavior, good protectionagainst micropitting, excellentFE8 performance, good demulsifying properties, free from zincand silicone oil.The RENOLIN UNISYN CLP seriesof oils surpass the minimumrequirements of CLP-HC gear oilsaccording to DIN 51517,Part 3 together with DIN 51 502,ISO 6743-6 andISO 12925-1: CKC, CKD, CKE,AISE 224, David BrownS1.53.101.Approved by leading gearboxmanufacturers.RENOLINUNISYN CLP 100RENOLINUNISYN CLP 150RENOLINUNISYN CLP 220RENOLINUNISYN CLP 320RENOLINUNISYN CLP 460RENOLINUNISYN CLP 680RENOLINUNISYN CLP 1000Densityat 15 C[kg/m3]FLP.Cleveland[ C] 40 C[mm2/s] 100 nt[ C]Mainapplication areaFor the lubrication ofbearings and gearboxes which are subjectto high thermal loads.RENOLIN UNISYN CLPoils are also suitablefor lubricated-for-lifeapplications and ingearboxes withextend ed oil changeintervals. Miscible andcompatible withmineral oils. Excellentlow-temperaturecharacteristics, high,shear-stable viscosityindex.RENOLIN UNISYN CLP320 is used in windturbine gears worldwide and is anapprov ed gear oil forwind turbines.(Refer to productinformation 4-1104*for further details)* PI Product-informationEP Extreme pressure additives, to avoid wear and scuffi ng at high pressures and loadsAW Anti-wear additives, to avoid wear in mixed friction areas12

RENOLINGear and Circulating OilsRENOLIN PG – synthetic, high-performance EP / AW gear oils based on polyalkylene glycol (PAG)CLP-PG oils / polyglycolProduct nameDescriptionRENOLIN PG 32Fully synthetic gear and circulating oils based on specialpolyalkylene glycols (PAG)for applications subject toextreme thermal loads. Highoxidation and aging stability,high viscosity index (shearstable), good viscosity-temperature behavior, excellentload-carrying capacity, lowcoefficients of friction, highFZG, good protection againstmicropitting, excellent FE8performance, very goodresistance to pitting.The RENOLIN PG series ofoils surpass the minimumrequirements of CLP-PGlubricating oils according toDIN 51517, Part 3 togetherwith DIN 51502, ISO 6743-6and ISO 129251: CKC, CKD,CKE, (CKS), CKT.Approved by leading gearboxmanufacturers.RENOLIN PG 46RENOLIN PG 68RENOLIN PG 100RENOLIN PG 150RENOLIN PG 220RENOLIN PG 320RENOLIN PG 460RENOLIN PG 680RENOLIN PG 1000Densityat 15 C[kg/m3]FLP.Cleveland[ C] 40 C[mm2/s] 100 36Pourpoint[ C]Mainapplication areaFor gearboxesoperat ing in extremethermal and mechanical conditions, suchas worm gears andcalender lubrication.Can also be used ascompressor oils forprocess gases such asmethane, ethane,propane, etc.Particul arly suitablefor steel / bronze sliding pairs in wormgears. Not miscible orcompatible withmineral oils.(Refer to productinformation 4-1293*for further details)PLANTOGEAR S – brapidly biodegradable, high-performance EP / AW gear oils based on saturated estersCLP-E oils / synthetic estersProduct nameDescriptionPLANTOGEAR100 HVI**EU Ecolabel DE / 027 / 177Biodegradable, high-performance gear oils based onspecial saturated esters.Extremely high thermal andaging stability, high viscosityindex (shear-stable), good viscosity-temperature behavior,for low-temperature applications, excellent clean ingpower due to polar esterstructure, reduced friction,excellent wear protection,good FZG scuffing load carrying capacity, good protec tion against micropitting, out standing FE8 performance,rapidly biodegradable and selfcleaning. The PLANTOGEAR Sseries of oils surpass the minimum requirements of CLP-Elubricating oils accord ing toDIN 51517, Part 3 togetherwith DIN 51502, ISO 6743-6and ISO 129251: CKC, CKD,CKE. ThePLANTOGEAR S range hasbeen awarded the EuropeanEEL Ecolabel. Approved byleading gearbox manufacturers.PLANTOGEAR150 HVI**EU Ecolabel DE / 027 / 178PLANTOGEAR220 S**EU Ecolabel DE / 027 / 102PLANTOGEAR320 S**EU Ecolabel DE / 027 / 103PLANTOGEAR460 S**EU Ecolabel DE / 027 / 107PLANTOGEAR680 S**EU Ecolabel DE / 027 / 108GEARMASTERECO 320Densityat 15 C[kg/m3]FLP.Cleveland[ C] 40 C[mm2/s] 100 C[mm2/s]VIViscosityindex927 27010013.7138–33928 3094328032035.1155–33* PI Product-informationEP Extreme pressure additives, to avoid wear and scuffi ng at high pressures and loadsAW Anti-wear additives, to avoid wear in mixed friction areas**Pourpoint[ C]Mainapplication areaFor highly-stressedspur, bevel, planetaryand worm gears,above all in areaswhere leakages couldpresent a hazard to soiland the ground or surface water. For bothhigh and low applica tion temperatures.High, shear-stableviscosity index. Can beused as a cleaningfluid.GEARMASTER ECO320 – rapidly biodegradable and approv ed wind turbine gearoil.(Refer to productinformation 4-1387*for further details)13

14RENOLIN Gear and circulating oils – an overviewRENOLIN HighGear – industrial gear oils based on the latest additive technology. Smoothing PD technologyPD technology, mineral oil, smoothingProduct nameDescriptionRENOLINHighGear 220RENOLIN HighGear oils are basedon selected mineral oil-basedbase oils. Synergistic additivesguarantee the outstanding wearprotection performance of thesenew high-tech gear oils. Highlyeffective tribo-protection layersreliably protect wetted machinecomponents against wear. Thisnew additive technology is alsoreferred to as a smoothin

RENOLIN Gear and Circulating Oils 3 Facts and figures Company: FUCHS SCHMIERSTOFFE GMBH, a company of the FUCHS Group Headquarters: Mannheim Product range: A full range of more than 2,000 products and 6,000 articles Certifications: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949: