Consultant Rheumatologist10 Programmed Activities –full time fixed termappointment for 12 monthsINFORMATION PACK AND JOB DESCRIPTIONSeptember 2020BRSG Approval (xxx)VAP Approval(xxx)

KING’S COLLEGE HOSPITAL NHS FOUNDATION TRUSTKing’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is one of the UK’s largest and busiest teaching hospitalswith over 1.5 million patient contacts a year and more than 13,000 staff based across five main sites inSouth East London and Kent.The Trust provides a full range of local hospital services across its different sites, and specialistservices from King’s College Hospital (KCH) site in Camberwell and the Princess Royal UniversityHospital (PRUH) site in Bromley, Orpington Hospital, and some services at Beckenham Beacon andQueen Mary’s Sidcup.The Trust is recognised internationally for its work in liver disease and transplantation, neurosciences,cardiac, haemato-oncology, fetal medicine, stroke, major trauma, and Emergency Department.King’s is a key partner in one of London's foremost Academic Health Science Centres, King's HealthPartners (KHP). KHP is one of only six Department of Health-designated AHSCs in England. It bringstogether a world-leading research-led university – King’s College London – and three successful NHSFoundation Trusts: King’s College Hospital, Guy’s and St Thomas’, and South London and Maudsley.With the acquisition of the PRUH and Orpington Hospitals in October 2013, the Trust increasedin size and importance, now caring for patients in the boroughs of Bromley and Bexley in additionto Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham. Many services, such as Trauma and Neurosurgery, aredelivered on a regional basis, whilst people from throughout the UK and beyond come to us for ourworld renowned specialist services such as Liver and Foetal Medicine. Already one of only 4 majortrauma centres in London, King's became the largest provider of stroke services with Hyper AcuteStroke Units based on both acute hospital sites in Kent and London. An elective orthopaedic centrewas established in 2013 at Orpington Hospital, and this has already grown to become the secondlargest orthopaedic centre in London.King's specialist services include some world renowned departments. The Liver Department has thelargest transplant centre in Europe, and is celebrated for its innovative practice, the development ofsplit liver transplants, as an example. In foetal medicine, the Harris Birthright Centre under ProfessorKypros Nicolaides has led the world in the development of foetal scanning and surgery. King's hastwo "A" rated hyper acute stroke centres, and the centre at King's Denmark Hill was rated as thebest in the country in a recent Royal College of Physicians national study. The Hospital also providesinnovative cardiac, neurosurgery and haemato-oncolgy departments, and the largest Bone Marrowtransplant centre in Europe.King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has an enviable track record in research anddevelopment and service innovation. In partnership with King’s College London, the Trust has recentlybeen awarded a National Research Centre in Patient Safety and Service Quality. It is also a partner intwo National Institute for Health Research biomedical research centres. The first is a Comprehensivecentre with King’s College London and Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and the second isa Specialist centre with the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and the Institute ofPsychiatry. King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has also recently strengthened its researchand development infrastructure in order to better support clinical researchers across the organisation.

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is part of CLAHRC (Collaboration for Leadership inApplied Health Research), a collaborative partnership between universities and surrounding NHSorganisations, focused on improving patient outcomes through the conduct and application of appliedhealth research. The work of the CLAHRC South London is funded for five years (from 1st January2014), by the NIHR (National Institute for Health Research).The Trust has an annual income of around 1 billion, around half of which is derived from ClinicalCommissioning Groups. However, education and research are also important sources of income,currently contributing around 8% of the total. The Trust is embarking on a strategy to achieve greaterdiversification of its income, with growth anticipated in tertiary referrals, research and commercialservices activities. There is also a developing fund raising partnership within King’s Health Partners forthe Institute programs in Cardiovascular, Haematology and Neurosciences.King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has a very positive culture, built on the core staff andservice values of: Understanding youInspiring confidence in our careWorking togetherAlways aiming higherMaking a difference in our communityWe offer a family friendly working approach for all staff to ensure a good work-life balance. The Trustprovides a supportive mentoring and career planning programme. Applications for job sharing arewelcome.King’s Health Partners Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC)King's is known as an innovative organisation and it is working hard to develop significantpartnerships with health and social care partners across London and with industry, designed toimprove the provision of integrated care to patients. It is a pivotal founding member of one of thecountry's Academic Health Sciences Centres (AHSC) known as King's Health Partners (KHP).King’s Health Partners is a pioneering collaboration between King’s College London, Guy’s and StThomas’, King’s College Hospital and South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trusts. Thisunique combination brings together one of the world’s leading research-led universities and three ofLondon’s most successful NHS Foundation Trusts.The driving purpose behind King’s Health Partners is to continually seek and bring about swifter andmore effective improvements in health and well-being for patients and people everywhere, bycombining the best of basic and translational research, clinical excellence and world-class teaching todeliver ground-breaking advances in physical and mental healthcare.King’s Health Partners (KHP) is one of only five Academic Health Science Centres in the UK accreditedby the Department of Health. This followed a selection process carried out by a panel of internationallyrenowned clinicians and researchers.

One of only six AHSCs in the UK, it brings together an unrivalled range and depth of clinical andresearch expertise, spanning both physical and mental health. The AHSC's combined strengths willdrive improvements in care for patients, allowing them to benefit from breakthroughs inmedical science and receive leading edge treatment at the earliest possible opportunity.The partnership brings together: Three of the UK's leading NHS Foundation Trusts;One of the top 20 universities in the world;Services provided across central and outer London locations, including seven mentalhealth and physical healthcare hospitals and many community sites;4.2 million patient contacts each year; 36,000 staff; 25,000 students; and a combinedannual turnover of 3.1bn.Further information on KHP can be found on its website

DEPARTMENT DESCRIPTION1.INTRODUCTIONThe Department of Rheumatology is one of the specialist services within the Division of non-acutespecialty medicine.The Division has a service portfolio as follows: Sexual Health & HIVDermatologyRheumatologyDiabetesProgrammed Investigation unitEndocrinologyAllergyImmunologyThe Rheumatology department delivers specialist musculoskeletal services with specialist clinics ininflammatory arthritis, connective tissue diseases and bone disorders. The service is outpatientfocussed, with facilities for day care and in-patient care when needed.Denmark Hill siteThe Department is based in the new Golden Jubilee Wing and occupies a purpose built outpatient suitethat is close to the entrance and is readily accessible for people with disabilities. Office and secretarialfacilities are in nearby Trust accommodation and research facilities for clinical research are in theWeston Education Centre. Rheumatology inpatients are usually cared for on Mary Ray ward, supportedby junior medical staff from acute medicine. Patients attending for infusions attend the programmedinvestigation unit (PIU) as day casesRheumatology activity at the Denmark Hill site comprises 3,200 new outpatient attendances and 14,200follow-up attendances.Orpington SiteThe Rheumatology Unit is located in the south of the borough in Orpington Hospital on the ground floorof the Canada Wing in newly re-furbished premises. This unit is the hub of the rheumatology serviceprovision in the Bromley part of the borough with daily clinics.In addition the department holds one outpatient clinic per week at Beckenham Hospital to the north.Additional clinics and regular cover for inpatient referrals is provided at the Princess Royal.Rheumatology activity at Orpington comprises 1,900 new patient attendances and 7,600 outpatientattendances.

2.TEACHING AND TRAININGMEDICAL STUDENT TEACHINGKing’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, as a major teaching hospital, works in partnership withKing’s College London to provide the highest possible quality of medical education. The mutual interestof the Trust and School in quality medical education is supported by the SIFT contract.All consultants are expected to be committed to teaching and to play their part in the delivery of theundergraduate curriculum. These activities would include the planning and review of teaching, and theassessment of students which could, where properly structured, be undertaken simultaneously withservice delivery commitments, including ward rounds and outpatient clinics.Of necessity, the requirements of the medical curriculum change over time and it is not always possibleto identify specific teaching commitments in job plans – when this is the case the general requirementfor teaching time should be made clear.The need for flexibility is acknowledged by the Trust and, for example, within a service department it ispossible that the overall teaching commitment to be unevenly allocated between staff to achieveoptimal teaching and service quality.MEDICAL STUDENT TEACHING IN RHEUMATOLOGYThe Department has a regular teaching commitment to Year 4 medical students and the post holder willbe expected to contribute to the teaching programme.POST-GRADUATE TEACHINGThe Trust has over 400 training posts in virtually all specialties. The post holder will be expected toparticipate in teaching and training postgraduate doctors, which in addition to direct clinical supervisionis likely to include acting as an ‘educational supervisor’ to one or more individuals, providing them withregular appraisal and support. Consultants that undertake educational supervision will be provided withappropriate training in accordance with national requirements and accredited by the Director of MedicalEducation.POST-GRADUATE TRAINING IN RHEUMATOLOGYThe department makes significant contributions to post-graduate training with 3 trainees attached to itat any one time, and additional visiting fellows.The post-holder will also participate in the regional postgraduate specialist training programme forspecialist registrars and have the opportunity to teach on the MSc course in Rheumatology.3.RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENTInvolvement in high quality research is strongly encouraged at King’s, as this supports both the deliveryof high quality clinical care, and our role as a partner in a major Academic Health Sciences Centre.Support for ResearchAn important component of the Trust’s R&D strategy is to strengthen the support available toResearchers, to make it as easy as possible to participate in, and to lead, clinical research.

Each Division has some local research infrastructure, including a nominated R&D Lead, and an R&DFacilitator linked to the central R&D Office. The Trust’s philosophy is to devolve research funding wherepossible, allowing most Divisions also employ research co-ordinators and research nurses, whosupport one or more active researchers within the clinical specialties. This includes devolving theTrust’s allocation of NHS service support funding (CLRN) in proportion to patient recruitment into CLRNadopted studies, for use in supporting CLRN activity. Divisions are encouraged to maintain a balancedportolio of research activity, including CLRN studies, commercial studies and health services research.Assistance for PIs is also provided in research design (through the Research Design Service, based atGuys Hospital), the statistics service (statistical support is available on the Denmark Hill Campus 3days a week supported by KCH R&D) and financial support for costing research proposals and grantapplications (R&D finance). Commercial trials are costed by the KHP Clinical Trials Office and thisoffice also provides CRAs to audit all non-commercial CTiMP studies. GCP training is supported by theKHP CTO. Multi-disciplinary involvement in the research process is strongly encouraged.Research and Job PlanningThe undertaking of research within a job plan should be discussed during appraisal and as part of jobplanning activities. All staff should be aware of the research being undertaken within their Division andin the Trust, and actively support recruitment into relevant open studies, whether or not they have aprimary research component to their Job Plan. All individuals undertaking research are expected tohave a good working knowledge of Research Governance standards, and are required to undertakeGCP training.Governance of ResearchAll R&D projects are registered with the Trust’s R&D office, which manages and co-ordinates the R&Dapprovals process. This ensures that all projects meet the prevailing standards of research quality, andare in receipt of appropriate ethical approval and local agreements, prior to R&D governance approvalbeing issued.Each Division is required to convene a local Research meeting, where feasibility is discussed and peerreview co-ordinated. This function will ultimately be taken on by Clinical Academic Groups within King’sHealth Partners (rather than the Trust’s Divisions), as these become established across KHP.RESEARCH IN RHEUMATOLOGYSince March 2009, the KCL Rheumatology Clinical Academic Group has become a single academicunit, integrating the portfolio of activities at three sites (King’s College Hospital and Guy’s and StThomas’ Hospital), working in close collaboration with its basic science partners in the Division ofImmunology, Infection and Inflammatory Diseases. On the Guy’s Campus, much of the basic researchactivity is now accommodated in the new Centre for Molecular and Cellular Biology of Inflammation(CMCBI) in New Hunt’s House. The academic group has recently been designated a EULAR Centre ofExcellence.The KCH department has an active research programme on clinical aspects of rheumatic diseases,under the general direction of Dr James Galloway. This is based in the Weston Education Centre. Onekey aspect is randomised controlled trials. The research is closely aligned with King’s Clinical TrialsUnit, which has full registration from the UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC). There areseveral ongoing clinical trials/research projects in progress at any one time and the postholder wouldbe expected to support these.

4.DEPARTMENTAL STAFFINGDenmark Hill SiteSenior StaffClinical Senior Lecturer / Honorary Consultant RheumatologistConsultant Rheumatologist / Hon Senior LecturerConsultant RheumatologistConsultant RheumatologistConsultant Rheumatologist (Clinical Lead)Consultant RheumatologistConsultant RheumatologistDr James GallowayDr Patrick Gordonvacant - this postDr Sanjeev PatelDr Andrew RutherfordDr Sophia SteerDr Arti MahtoJunior Medical StaffThe Department has three full time StR posts, a clinical fellow post and junior clinical fellow post.Nursing Staff1.6 Band 7 specialist nurses, two Band 6 specialist nurses, two band 4 pathway co-ordinatorsOne Band 6 research nurse and 0.8 Band 8a rheumatology matronOrpington Site:Senior StaffConsultant RheumatologistConsultant RheumatologistConsultant RheumatologistConsultant RheumatologistConsultant RheumatologistDr Richard Campbell(Lead Clinician Orpington)Dr Katherine IrvingDr Sarah MedleyDr Dee SreerangaiahDr Mohammed Shariff:Junior Medical Staff1 Specialty Registrar:Nursing Staff2 band 6 Rheumatology specialist nursesThe Trust supports the requirements for continuing professional development as laid down by the RoyalCollege of Physicians and is committed to providing time and financial support for these activities.4.CLINICAL GOVERNANCEThe postholder will be expected to contribute and participate in the Department’s ongoing clinical auditprogramme, and will carry out all necessary administrative duties associated with the care of theirpatients. The postholder holder also has a general duty of care for the health, safety and well-being ofwork colleagues, visitors and patients within the hospital, in addition to any specific risk management orclinical governance accountabilities associated with this post.The Trust supports the requirements for continuing professional development as laid down by the RoyalCollege of Physicians and is committed to providing time and financial support for these activities.

Arrangements are in place, as laid down by the Royal College of Physicians, to ensure that all doctorshave an annual appraisal with a trained appraiser and supports doctors going through the revalidationprocess.For new consultants the New Consultants Group was established in 2000 to support newly appointedConsultants throughout the Trust. It is aimed at Consultants within the first five years of appointment.The Trust also has a Mentoring Scheme for new consultants.Additionally, the Post Graduate Medical Dental Education centre runs an excellent formal managementdevelopment course for new Consultants.5.STUDY AND ANNUAL LEAVEThe postholder will be expected to comply with the CME requirements of the relevant Royal College.Study leave may be requested in accordance with the Trust’s Policy for Continuing Medical Education.Annual leave may be taken in accordance with the Trust’s Guidelines on Leave Arrangements forMedical and Dental Staff. To ensure the smooth running of the service the postholder will ensure that,in conjunction with colleagues, adequate arrangements are made to cover planned absences.The Trust supports the requirements for continuing professional development as laid down by the RoyalCollege of Physicians and is committed to providing time and financial support for these activities.6.TERMS AND CONDITIONSThe post is covered by the current Terms and Conditions - Consultants (England) 2003, the Terms andConditions of Service of NHS Medical and Dental Staff (England) 2002 and Trust Policies andProcedures where relevant. Appointment is conditional upon a satisfactory medical assessment, whichmay include an examination.

CONSULTANT RHEUMATOLOGIST[Full Time]JOB DESCRIPTION AND OUTLINE JOB PLANGENERALThis is a 12 month fixed term consultant post to enable the department to continue to provide a safeand effective outpatient and inpatient rheumatology service for a growing cohort of increasinglycomplex patients. Ideally we are looking for a candidate with an interest in CTD and vasculitis but thereis a degree of flexibility with the job plan and we would consider candidates with a wide range ofsubspecialty interests.This post is required to enable the department to support the acute hospital with timely review ofemergency and inpatient referrals, meet the 18 week referral to treatment, support the teaching andtraining of junior medical staff and the academic research environment. The remit of the post holderwill be to work within the multi–disciplinary team to provide and further develop care for rheumatologypatients from the local community and wider referral areas and to support the development ofRheumatology services for all King’s sites across south London. In addition, the individual will berequired to play an active role in the general workload of the department while having a significantcommitment to teaching and training of junior staff.The successful applicant will provide a comprehensive high quality rheumatology service based atDenmark Hill. The facilities available include separate consulting rooms/offices for the medical staff andrheumatology nurses. Secretarial support is available within the department.PURPOSE OF JOBThe post will be based at the Denmark Hill site and the post holder will provide outpatient clinics, inpatient care, and emergency cover during working hours as well as through participation in the out ofhours rheumatology service. This post would be an opportunity for an appropriately qualified candidateto develop the connective tissue disease and vasculitis services at the Denmark Hill site and to take onadditional management responsibilities if desired.The department has a strong focus on clinical research and therefore ideally seeks a candidate whohas (or is in the process of obtaining) a higher research degree. The advertised job plan would beadjusted to take account of any additional responsibilities undertaken.As a senior employee of the Trust you will work in close co-operation with, and support other clinical,medical professional and managerial colleagues in providing high quality healthcare to the Trust’spatients. Integral to these responsibilities is the following: The provision of a first class clinical serviceEffective leadership to all staff engaged in the specialtySustaining and developing teaching and research in conjunction with King’s College LondonUndertaking all work in accordance with the Trust’s procedures and operating policies

Conducting clinical practice in accordance with contractual requirements and within theparameters of the Trust’s service plansMaintaining the confidence of business plans and development strategies formulated for thespecialty, the Care Group or the TrustKEY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIESThe main duties and responsibilities of the post include:1. Provision of a high quality outpatient rheumatology service. This is provided by 4.5 clinics perweek at Denmark Hill.2. Care of rheumatology inpatients at Denmark Hill and provision of a consultation service. Atpresent there is a 1 in 4 monthly rota to provide cover for the ward during working hours. Withthe addition of this post the frequency would decrease to 1 in 5. During that month clinics arereduced to allow time on the wards.3. Contribute to rheumatology educational programme, including departmental meetings/auditmeetings and teaching rheumatology as required in the Trust.4. Clinical supervision of StR and specialist nurses in rheumatology clinics and monthly injectionclinics.5. Teaching of medical students in clinic and provision of student lectures6. Comply with the requirements for Continuing Medical Education as laid down by the RoyalCollege of Physicians. The trust is committed to providing the time and financial support forthese activities7. Responsible for covering colleague’s periods of annual leave and short-term sickness.8. Clinical supervision of junior medical staff as a shared responsibility with other consultantcolleagues.9. Responsible for carrying out teaching, examination and accreditation duties as required andcontributing to Continuing Medical Education and clinical governance initiatives.10. To contribute to departmental research interests in accordance with the Trust’s R&D framework.11. To contribute to the Audit Programme.12. To take an active role in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of the Care Group’sBusiness Plan. This may include assisting with discussions regarding service plans anddevelopments with both internal and external agencies.13. To conduct all activities within the contracted level of service and operating plan forrheumatology services.14. To exercise professional leadership for all staff working in the specialty. This will includefostering and developing projects focused towards these ends and ensuring that the momentumof post qualification professional education and other appropriate training is maintained.

15. To work in conjunction with clinical and professional colleagues to ensure that the productivity ofstaff within the specialty is maintained and their job satisfaction is enhanced. This may includeinvolvement in the appraisal process for junior colleagues.16. To undertake Care Group management duties as agreed with the Clinical Director.17. To be aware of, and comply with, all Trust infection prevention and control policies, to includehand hygiene, personal hygiene, environmental and food hygiene. To undertake annualtraining/updates in infection prevention and control.18. To be accountable for implementation of the Code of Practice within own department/area ofresponsibility.19. To prepare for and undertake the protective interventions that you are responsible for in amanner that is consistent with evidence based practice and maintaining patient safety.20. To be an active member of the Rheumatology Team ensuring the delivery of the Service Planand the targets in the NHS Plan.21. Contribute to good communications between the department and the other relevantstaff/departments within the Trust, outside agencies including Social Services, GeneralPractitioners, other Rheumatology Departments in neighbouring Trusts and the EmergencyServices.Generic Statements for inclusion in all job descriptions:1. You have a general duty of care for the health, safety and well-being of yourself, workcolleagues, visitors and patients within the hospital in addition to any specific risk managementor clinical governance accountabilities associated with this post.2. You are required to observe the rules, policies, procedures and standards of King’s CollegeHospital NHS Foundation Trust together with all relevant statutory and professional obligations.3. You are required to observe and maintain strict confidentiality of personal information relating topatients and staff.4. You are required to be responsible, with management support, for your own personaldevelopment and to actively contribute to the development of colleagues.5. The post holder has an important responsibility for and contribution to make to infection controland must be familiar with the infection control and hygiene requirements of this role. Theserequirements are set out in the National Code of Practice on Infection Control and in localpolicies and procedures which will be made clear during your induction and subsequentrefresher training. These standards must be strictly complied with at all times.6. All employees must hold an '' email account which will be the Trust's formal route foremail communication. You are therefore required to check this regularly and to deal with suchcommunication promptly.

7. This job description is intended as a guide to the general scope of duties and is not intended tobe definitive or restrictive. It is expected that some of the duties will change over time and thisdescription will be subject to review in consultation with the post holders.THE ABOVE REPRESENTS AN OUTLINE OF THE DUTIES OF THE POST AND WILL, TOGETHER WITH THE JOB PLAN,BE REVIEWED ON AN ANNUAL BASIS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TRUST’S PERFORMANCE REVIEW SCHEME FORCONSULTANTS

PERSON ble medical qualification1.QualificationsMRCP (UK) or equivalentHigher degree such as MDor PhDFull GMC Registration with License ToPractice2. RegistrationCCT in rheumatology at the time of takingup the post.On Specialist Register for rheumatologyon date of taking up appointmentWide experience in all aspects ofrheumatology3. Training and Experience4 AdministrationExperience in the management ofinpatients with connective tissue diseaseand vasculitisRelevant sub-specialtyexpertise in connectivetissue diseasePrevious experience in organization andmanagementFamiliar with current structure of HealthService and conversant with recentinitiatives and changes5. Management and LeadershipManagement course and/or qualificationAble to demonstrate leadership capabilitywithin multi-disciplinary teamsThorough understanding of principles ofmedical audit.6. AuditEvidence completed audit projects acrossrelevant aspects of specialty7.Research8.Teaching and TrainingRelevant research experience in one ormore aspects of rheumatologyExperience of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and exam preparationTrained in clinical research.Higher research degree (MDor PhD)Publication of peer reviewedpapers and reviews inrheumatologyQualified educationalsupervisor with experienceof supervising trainees

Teaching skills course/qualification.Effective communicator, able to work in aspecialist team and co-operate with all themultidisciplinary team9.Personal Skills10.Personal attributesFamiliar with information technology andgeneral computer skillsFlexible and able to cover colleagues’absenceProfessional attitude towards work,reliability, good record of attendance andtidy personal appearanceUnderstanding of King’s Values11. King’s ValuesCommitment to upholding King’s Values

CONSULTANT JOB PLAN (2003 Contract)NAME:SPECIALTY: RheumatologyCOMMENCEMENT DATE OF JOB PLAN:REVIEW DATE:YEAR:1. CONTRACT DETAILSa. Please indicate below which type of Contract(s) you hold. KCH NHS Foundation Trust Whole-Time/ Part-Time (please circle)Indicate number of Programmed Activities: 10 KCL Indicate number of Programmed Activities for KCH NHS Foundation Trust: Other Honorary: Indicate number of Programmed Activities for KCH NHS Foundation Trust:b. If Other Honorary, who is your main employer:2. WEEK

Consultant Rheumatologist 10 Programmed Activities . DEPARTMENT DESCRIPTION 1. INTRODUCTION . to identify specific teaching commitments in job plans – when this is the case the ge