The Embroidery Backing Guide

Backing Is Backing, Right?Wrong!Using the proper backing is vital to quality embroidery.Backing Guide IndexTearaways4Tearaways/Washaways5Cutaways6Cap Backings8Specialty9Product and Application Guides10-11

Nothing can enhance — or ruin —embroidery more than the selectionof your backing.There are many types of materials manufactured as embroidery backing, and evenmore that are mistaken for backing. Do you and your embroiderers know whichbacking to select for your application? This guidebook from Hollingsworth & Vosewill help you select and stock StitchBackers backing, the best brand for yourembroidery needs.Using the wrong backing can be expensive. So remember to meet these four standards for quality backing:— Highly stable— Perforation-resistant— Application-specific— Washable and dry-cleanableH&V StitchBackers embroidery backing meets and exceeds these standards.3

TearawaysA tearaway is the backing of choice for most embroiderers using stable fabrics.Tearaway material makes removing excess backing faster, cheaper, and saferthan using backing that must be cut with scissors.H&V’s wetlaid nonwoven StitchBackers backing uses natural and synthetic fibersthat are short enough to be easily torn, but long enough to be trapped undereach embroidered stitch. Other backing brands made with fibers longer than2 inches are difficult to remove, leave long strings of fiber behind, and tear inonly one direction. Remember, to avoid any chance of distortion, we recommendtearing the backing as close to the stitches as possible.Applications— Most stable and non-delicate fabricsKey Advantages— Safety: eliminates risk of cutting a garment with scissors— Speed: quick and easy to removeOur StitchBackers Brand— Provides excellent hoop stability— Will not perforate during the stitching process— Tears easily and cleanly in both directionsTearaway Products#1525 1.5 oz/yd²A general-use tearaway. Medium-firm hand. Available in black.#1825 1.8 oz/yd²A heavier, multi-blend tearaway. Medium-firm hand.#1885 1.8 oz/yd²Soft-hand tearaway. Perforation-resistant.#3020 3.0 oz/yd²Our heaviest tearaway. Perfect for caps and other heavy-duty embroidery.4

Tearaways/WashawaysIf you can stock only one type of tearaway, choose a washaway! This unique product line is one of several innovations from H&V, a long-standing world leader inmaterials testing and manufacturing.Our exclusive StitchBackers washaway products offer superior stability and tearexceptionally well in all directions. Even difficult designs and fabrics are leftunharmed. When laundered, any excess backing simply washes away while thestitches remain firmly locked in place!The result — a very soft embroidered design with no visible backing.Our specially formulated dissolvable, easy-tear backing often replaces two layersof tearaway, providing thread loop stability and superior stitch performance onhigh stitch-count designs. It is also a good problem-solver for difficult applications including socks and bathing suits.Tearaway/Washaway Products#1720 1.5 oz/yd²A popular lightweight tearaway/washaway backing.#2020 2.0 oz/yd²A best-selling tearaway/washaway backing for general use. Medium- to heavyweight.5

CutawaysStretchy and delicate fabrics require the stability of a high-quality backing. Cutaways are the favored choice for maintaining the design’s detail, as tearaways canoften distort the design on fragile fabric.In general, cutaways have more bulk than tearaways and aremore resistant to needle perforations. Soft cutaways can beespecially helpful for garment control. This is contrary to priorbelief that softness, ease of cutting, and stability are mutuallyexclusive. Today, we offer H&V StitchBackers backing in anexclusive Soft-n-Stable style that achieves all three objectives.Applications— Delicate and stretchy fabrics— High stitch-count designsKey Advantages— Stable base: stability both during and after embroidery— Smooth production: cutaways prevent fabric from being forced down thethroat plate of the machine— Design integrity: design’s shape retained after repeated washingsOur StitchBackers Brand— Is easy to cut— Remains stable after repeated washings— Provides excellent hoop stability— Resists perforations— Is machine-washable and dry-cleanable (low shrinkage)Tips for Working With Cutaways— Be careful not to cut too close to the design— Employ a gliding motion with scissors— Avoid blunt-end scissors that can cause snags; use 3.5- to 4-inch doublesharps for general utility— Use a stable backing— Forgo nippers and clips6

Cutaway ProductsStitchBackers cutaway products range between 1.5 and 3.5 oz/yd². Popularproducts for regular stocking include:#9915 1.5 oz/yd²A lightweight, economical alternative.#9920 2.0 oz/yd²A lightweight version for medium stitch-count applications.#9925 2.5 oz/yd²Our most popular, all-purpose cutaway for medium to high stitch-count applications. Available in black.#9930 3.0 oz/yd²Our heaviest cutaway for high stitch-count applications.Soft-n-Stable CutawaysThis premium line of high-quality, stable backings is uniquely soft to thetouch, delivering a comfortable and wearable final product.Soft-n-Stable Cutaway Products#8815 1.5 oz/yd²A lightweight, economical offering.#8820 oz/yd²A lightweight version for low to medium stitch-count applications.#8825 2.5 oz/yd²The most versatile soft cutaway for use in medium to heavystitch-count applications.#8830 3.0 oz/yd²A heavier soft cutaway.#8835 3.5 oz/yd²Our heaviest soft cutaway.

Cap BackingsNot all cap backings are created equal. Someare simply all-purpose buckram labeled as cap backing,while others are specifically designed for use in headwear. H&V’s StitchBackersbacking combines polyester and cellulose to provide a heavy, stiff material thattears exceptionally well in all directions, leaving a fuzz-free edge. Additionally,these cap backings provide superior stitch performance.Applications— All caps, particularly popular low-profile and unstructured capsKey Advantages— Fewer slowdowns: backing maintains bobbin tension, allowing embroiderersto switch projects without changing machine settings— Smooth operations: backing prevents cap fabric and fiber from being forceddown the throat plate of the machineOur StitchBackers Brand— Tears cleanly and easily from all directions— Won’t pull stitches— Provides good cap structure— Hoops easilyCap Backing Products#2520 2.5 oz/yd²Medium-weight cap backing recommended for low to medium stitch counts.#3020 3.0 oz/yd²A heavy tearaway for medium to high stitch counts. Perfect for caps, hats, andother heavy-duty applications.#3045 3.5 oz/yd²Our heaviest tearaway, suitable for higher stitch counts and caps.8

Specialty BackingsH&V StitchBackers offers superior backing that meets the most stringentrequirements. For children’s sleepwear and other fire-safe garments, ourmaterials are tried and tested to ensure their premium quality.Children’s SleepwearAll components in children’s sleepwear must be fire-retardant. For thisapplication, ask for binder-free StitchBackers backing whose fiber composition meets this requirement! Our offering achieves a Class 1–NormalFlammability classification in compliance with current Standards for theFlammability of Children’s Sleepwear (16 C.F.R. Parts 1615 and 1616)under the Flammable Fabrics Act.StitchBackers Fire-Retardant Products#6315 1.5 oz/yd²Lightweight, soft cutaway.Kevlar — Heavy-Duty, Fire-RetardantThis backing meets fire-retardant standards necessary for use in firefightingsuits and turnout coats. This Kevlar material holds stitches very well and delivershigh-quality design registration.8-69 2.2 oz/yd².9

H&V Product cialty/KevlarGeneral useBlack for dark garmentsLightweight tearawayMedium-firm tearawaySoft tearawayBest-selling tearawayLightweight soft cutawayMedium soft cutawayMedium soft cutawayHeavy soft cutawayHeaviest soft cutawayLightweight cutawayLightweight firm cutawayMedium-firm cutawayBlack for dark garmentsHeaviest firm cutawayMedium-weight cap backingHeavy cap backingHeaviest cap backingChildren’s sleepwearFire-retardantH&V Applications GuideItem TypeApronsBaby BibsBandanasBlack Leather JacketsBlack Sweats & T-ShirtsBlankets (Baby)Blankets (Horse)Blankets (Stadium)Blouses (Silk/Polyester)Caps (Canvas, Cotton)Caps (Knit)Children’s SleepwearCoat LiningsDouble Knits10Backing (in order of preference)2020, 15252020, 17202020, 17201525B, 9925B9925B, 1525B63152020, 1720, 18852020, 18851720, 15253020, 20208820, 9920, 3020, 2020, 304563151525B, 20208825, 9925

H&V Applications Guide (cont.)Duffle Bags (Cotton/Nylon)Emblems (Heat Seal)FeltsFleecewear (7 oz. Light)Fleecewear (9 oz. Medium)Fleecewear (12 oz. Heavy)Fleecewear (Promotional)Golf Shirts (Herringbone)Golf Shirts (Interlock)Golf Shirts (Light)Golf Shirts (Loose)Golf Shirts (Pique)High-Density Stitching DesignsJackets/Baseball (Satin)Jackets/Windbreaker (Nylon)Jackets/Varsity (Wool)Karate BeltsLeather/Suede/VinylScarvesSheets/Pillowcases (Percale)Sheets/Pillowcases (Satin)Shirts (Denim/Twill)Shirts (Linen)Shirts (Oxford Cloth)Shirts (Turtleneck)Shorts (Bicycle)Shorts (Cotton/Nylon)SocksSweaters (Fine/Tight)Sweaters es (Knit)Ties (Silk)Tote BagsTowels (Bath)Towels (Golf)T-Shirts (4 oz. Medium)T-Shirts (6 oz. Heavy)Turnout CoatsUmbrellasWebbing/Belting2020, 1720, 188563152020, 1525, 18858825, 9925, 20208825, 9925, 20202020, 9925, 9920, 88208825, 99258825, 9925, 20208825, 9925, 20208820, 9915, 20208830, 8825, 9925, 99208835, 8830, 8825, 9925, 9920, 20208835, 8830, 99302020, 9925, 88252020, 88208825, 992520201720, 2020, 15251720, 20201720, 20201720, 20202020, 1720, 15252020, 17201720, 20208820, 9920, 202020202020, 1720, 15251720, 15259925, 9920, 99158825, 8830, 9925, 993020201720, 20202020, 15251720, 15251720, 1525202020209915, 9920, 8820, 20202020, 1720, 99258-692020, 17201720, 152511

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Using the proper backing is vital to quality embroidery. Backing Guide Index Tearaways 4 Tearaways/Washaways 5 Cutaways 6 Cap Backings 8 Specialty 9 Product and Applic