Flush Channel Installation Guide

Flush Channel Installation GuideNODE FLUSH CHANNEL INSTALLATION GUIDEv001 2020 Price Industries Limited o/a PARC. All rights reserved.TABLE OF CONTENTSProduct Overview. 2Read and Save These Instructions. 3Before You Start. 3Tools Required. 3Site Conditions, Storage and Handling Instructions. 3Flush Channel Installation Sequence. 4Access Cables. 4Connecting Node Flush Channel Face to Mounting. 5Connecting Node Flush Channels. 5End Caps. 6Cutting Node Flush Channels to Length. 6Node Device Installation. 6Node Device Removal. 7Waste Disposal Management. 7v001 Flush Channel Installation Guide1

Flush Channel Installation GuideProduct OverviewThe Node Flush Channel assembly consists of two mounting angles held together by intermittent mounting brackets,which interface with the channel face.9.84250OVERALL WIDTH11.81300OVERALL WIDTH3.5791CHANNEL HEIGHT4.16106CHANNEL HEIGHT.236RECOMMENDED CLEARANCEW/ SURROUNDED CEILING4.72120EXPOSED WIDTH.4010Flush Channel with Weave Panel4.72120FACE WIDTH.123RECOMMENDED CLEARANCEW/ SURROUNDING CEILINGFlush Channel with Soft Cell PanelFlush Channel with Weave PanelFlush Channel with Soft Cell PanelFigure 1The Node Flush Channel is designed to be installed between ceiling panels or plasterboard, in ceilings with recessedvoids.The following guide should only be used for Node Flush Channel where PARC is not providing the diffuser or plenum.Please refer to our Node Flush Channel with Diffuser Installation Guide if you are installing with the Node with Diffuser.It is recommended that the Node Flush Channel length is coordinated with the manufacturer to the required sizes tomatch the building design. The Node Flush Channel can be site cut if required.The Node devices are supplied separately from the channel assemblies.Note:All mounting hardware and sub structure is to be supplied and installed alongside the Node Flush Channel.Lighting and other services must be installed by qualified personnel.For further information regarding product or installation, please contact [email protected] Flush Channel Installation Guide2

Flush Channel with DiffuserFlush Channel Installation GuideInstallation GuideRead and save these instructions before beginning to install the Node Flush Channel.Read and deFlushobserveChannelthewithDiffuser:Warning!To reducerisk of fire,electricshock, ortoinjurypersons,following:Warning! Torisk ofelectricinjurydotonotpersons,observethe following: reduceWhen thecuttingor fire,drillinginto shock,wall ororceilingdamageelectricalwiring and other hidden utilities Usethis cuttingunit onlythe mannertheIf youhaveandanyotherquestions,contactWhenor indrillinginto wallintendedor ceilingbydonotmanufacturer.damage [email protected] Use this unit only in the manner intended by the manufacturer. If you have any questions, contact theBefore You Startmanufacturer [email protected] all product parts for flaws and shipping damage.You isStart:IfBeforeanythingdiscovered to be damaged, contact the shipping company and manufacturer immediately.Inspect all Damagedproduct partsfor flawspartsand shippingWarning!or missingmust bedamage.reported to PARC at [email protected] immediately, PARC willIf anythingis discoveredto bedamaged,contactshippingcompanyand manufacturerimmediately.notbe responsiblefor anydamageor lossthattheoccursduringunpackingor installation.ToolsNode RequiredFlush Channel with Diffuser Installation Tools Required:LEVELLASER LEVEL4 MM HEX KEYDRIVER5/16” / 8MMSOCKET ORWRENCHMEASURING TAPENODE REMOVALTOOLT25 TORX DRIVERSite Conditions, Storage and HandlingSite Conditions, Storage & Handling:Readthis guidethe product.product.Read ThisGuide beforebefore handlinghandling the theReadthe InstallationGuidehandling.before handling.ReadInstallationguide beforeAlwayswear appropriatehand protectionwhen handling. Alwayswear appropriatehand protectionwhen handling.Only store in clean dry conditions Only store in clean dry conditions.Do not over stack.notinoverstack.Do notDostacka waylikely to cause falls. Donot stackin alikelyoftothecausefalls.on corners or edges may cause damage to the product orPoor or roughhandling,rollingorwaydroppingproductcause the product to deteriorate.Poor or rough handling, rolling or dropping of the product on corners or edges may cause damage to the product orcause the product to deteriorate.Lengths of node should not span between points as any load applied mid-span may cause product damage.Site storageof itemsshouldflat,betweenpreferablyon aassuitablepallet(supportingthe mayentirecauselengthof the NodeFlushLengthsof Nodeshouldnotbespanpointsany loadappliedmid-spanproductdamage.Channel with Diffuser) without additional top loading.Site storage of items should be flat, preferably on a suitable pallet (supporting the entire length of the Node FlushChannel) without additional top loading.Consideration should be given to the advice of the Site Occupational Health & Safety Representative regarding manualhandling. An assessmentmadeof anyrisk Siteand Occupationalif necessary mechanicalliftingequipmentshould beusedConsiderationshould be shouldgiven tobetheadviceof theHealth andSafetyRepresentativeregardingmanual handling. An assessment should be made of any risk and if necessary mechanical lifting equipment should beused.3The storage space must be cleared of debris and, in general, should be enclosed. The Node Flush Channel should be keptclean,dryandprotectedfromtheelements.Flush Channel with Diffuser Installation GuideSite conditions should be prepared for installation of the Node Flush Channel. The site should be clean, dry and clear ofother trades working in the ceiling void.v001 Flush Channel Installation Guide3

Flush Channel Installation Guide118.113000MAX LENGTH56.061424Flush Channel Installation SequenceBefore installing the Node Channel, ensure whenever possible, there is access to both sides.MOUNTING ANGLEChannelwith heldSoft CellPanelby intermittent mounting bracketsThe Node Flush Channel assembly consists of twoFlushmountinganglestogetherwhich interfaces with the Channel FaceMOUNTING ANGLE118.113000MAX LENGTH35.43900MAX RECOMMENDEDSUPPORT SPACING5.91 MOUNTING SLOT SPACING15010.63270MOUNTING WIDTHMOUNTING BRACKETFlush Channel with Soft Cell PanelFlush Channel with Weave Panel118.113000MAX LENGTH56.061424MOUNTING ANGLEFlush Channel with Weave PanelFlush Channel with Soft Cell PanelFigure 2Suspend the mounting angles and mounting brackets at the required level.118.113000MAX LENGTHMOUNTING ANGLEFix suspension hangers to the mounting angles using the slots provided in the mounting angles.35.43900MAX RECOMMENDEDSUPPORT SPACING5.91 MOUNTING SLOT SPACING150It is recommended that the Node Flush Channel is supported no more than 150mm [6”] from an end or 150mm [6”]from any joint.10.63270MOUNTING WIDTHAccess CablesMOUNTING BRACKETOnce the mounting assembly is installed, attached the Node access cables to the bridging plate in the mountingFlush Channel with Weave Panelassembly through the hole provided.Before connecting the channel face to the mounting assembly, connect the other end of the Node access cable to theflange on the inside of the channel face in the hole provided.BRIDGING PLATEACCESS CABLESFigure 3When lowering the channel onto access cable, the face should be lowered gently to avoid damage, ensuring that thereis no-one standing below.v001 Flush Channel Installation Guide4

Flush Channel Installation GuideConnecting Node Flush Channel Face to MountingThe Node Channel Face pushes onto the mounting brackets until you hear a click.BRIDGE BRACKETCHANNEL FACEFigure 4Connecting Node Flush ChannelsNode Flush Channels can be connected together by way of plastic alignment clip. Alignment clips should be used toensure a high quality joint between adjacent channel faces.ALIGNMENT CLIP(INSTALLED BY OTHERS)FLUSH CHANNEL FACEFigure 5Connect all required sections ensuring no visible gap between both sections.Finished installation should be as shown below.9.84250OVERALL WIDTH11.81300OVERALL WIDTH3.5791CHANNEL HEIGHT4.16106CHANNEL HEIGHT.236RECOMMENDED CLEARANCEW/ SURROUNDED CEILING4.72120EXPOSED WIDTH.4010ChannelwithWeaveWeave PanelFlushFlushChannelwithPanel4.72120FACE WIDTH.123RECOMMENDED CLEARANCEW/ SURROUNDING CEILINGFlushChannelwith Soft CellPanelSoftFlushChannelwithCellFigure 6v001 Flush Channel Installation Guide5

Flush Channel Installation GuideEnd CapsThe Node Flush Channel can be provided with or without end caps as project design requirements. End caps are factoryinstalled as requested.END CAPEND CAPFlush Channel with Soft Cell PanelFlush Channel with Weave PanelFlush Channel with Weave PanelFlush Channel with Soft CellFigure 7Cutting Node Flush Channels to LengthWhere possible, the channel should be ordered to length based upon contractor site measurements.Since end caps are factory installed and welded in place, cutting channels to length is not recommended where endcaps have been selected. If the channel must be cut to length, this should be done at the end, rather than a joint, tominimize visual impact. The maximum length that can be trimmed is defined by the position of the bridge bracket.Node Device InstallationNode devices can be integrated into the system at design stage and can be purchased separately from the NodeChannel.Outer Node housings will be factory installed in the required locations.The Node devices are installed in the housing by aligning the snap tabs and pushing the inner casing directly into thehousing.OUTER NODE HOUSINGINSERT NODE DEVICE INTO HOUSINGFigure 8v001 Flush Channel Installation Guide6

CAMERAO 3.75O 3.75O 3.7595.295.295.2RECOMMENDED CUTOUTRECOMMENDED CUTOUTRECOMMENDED CUTOUTCEILING SURFACEFlush Channel Installation GuideCEILING SURFACE CEILING SURFACE.08.08.08222DEVICE FACE TODEVICE FACE TODEVICE FACE TOUNFINISHED CEILING SURFACEUNFINISHED CEILINGUNFINISHEDSURFACE CEILING SURFACECEILING CROSSCEILINGSECTIONCROSSCEILINGSECTIONCROSS SECTIONNode Device RemovalTo remove the Node device, insert the Node removal tool, supplied by PARC, into the shadow gap between the outerhousing and device. Slide the Node removal tool anti-clockwise until the Node device is released.Figure 9Waste Disposal ManagementPARC Node Channels are shipped and packaged with protective material that should be disposed of in an appropriatemanner. Please remove or recycle waste and packaging materials as per your local waste disposal requirement.EMERGENCYEMERGENCYLIGHT EMERGENCYLIGHT LEDSPRINKLERSPRINKLERPENDANTSPRINKLERPENDANT PENDANTSPRINKLERSPRINKLERBACNETMULTISENSORBACNET MULTISENSORBACNET DALIMULTISENSORSENSORDALI SENSORDALISENSORLUTRON SENSORLUTRON SENSORLUTRON SENSORCHANNEL SPEAKERCHANNEL CHANNELSPEAKER SPEAKERThe information contained in this document only provides guidance for the installation of PARC products. All PARCproducts should only be installed by trained professionals and installation responsibility remains with the LIGHTSPOTLIGHTLINEAR LIGHTLINEAR LIGHTLINEAR LIGHTPARC reserves the right to review, alter, amend or remove publish data without noticeas ourpolicyis one of constantimprovement. The information contained in this installation guide is believed to be correct at the date of publication.Whilst PARC will endeavor to keep its publications up to date, reader will appreciate that between publications there willbe changes in laws or other developments affecting the accuracy of the information contained in this installation guide.v001 Flush Channel Installation Guide7

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