WARNINGRead Before Using Your 3D0 Interactive Multiplayer System.A very small percentage of individuals may experience epleplic seizures when exposed fo cerlain lightpatterns or flashing lighs. Exposure to certain patterns or backgrounds on a television screen or whileplaying video games may induce an epileptic seizure in these individuals. Certain conditions may inducepreviously undetected epil c symptoms even in persons who have no history of prior seizures or epiIFyou, oF anyone in your iy, bos on epilaplc cordon, consul your phyeictan prior lo playing. youexperience any of the following symptoms while playing a video game—dizziness, alered vision, eye andmuscle twitches, loss of aworeness, disorientation, any involuntary movement, or convulsions—IMMEDIATELYdiscontinue use ond consult your physician before resuming ploy.NOTICETHE 3D0 COMPANY SHALL NOT BE LIABLE TO THE END USER FOR ANY LOSS OF DATA, LOST PROFITS, COST OFSUITABLE GOODS, “ONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, PUNITIVE, OR OTHER DAMAGESOF ANYKIND ARISING OUT OiE OR INABILITY TO USE THE SOFTWARETHE 3D0 COMPANY MAKES NO WARRANTIES,EXPRES , IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, REGARDING THE SOFTWARE, INCLUDING WITHOUT UMITATION THEIMPUED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITYAND FITNESFOR ANYPARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR ANY EQUIVALENT WARRANTIES UNDERTHE LAWS OF ANY JURISDICTION,DO NOT USE A FRONT OR REAR PROJECTION TELEVISION‘WITH THIS PRODUCT, YOUR PROJECTION TELEVISI‘SCREEN MAY BE PERMANENTLY DAMAGED IF STATION:‘ARY SCENES OR PATTERNS ARE PLAYED ON YOURPAUSE, IF YOU USE YOUR PROJECTION TELEVISION WITH THIS PRODUCT, NEITHER THESTUDIOS, INC, WILL BE ABLE FOR ANYuDANRESULTINGCAUSED BY ATHIS PRODUCT OR30 SYSTEM; OTHER FIXED OR REPETITIVEY CAUSE SIMILAR DAMAGE TO AIT RIGHTS, GRANTED ORAPPLIED FOR, IN CERTAIN COUNTRIEIASER OF THE 30SYSTEM IS UCPATENTcTHE 300. WAPLED OR OTHERWISE, IS GRANTED FOR THIEXECUTION OF OTHER SOFTWARE.ReretraCeThe Book of WarriorsGetting StartedELSPek)Game ControlsMoving the CharactersLESComn Yona)BreraSkull Points and MagicICU)THE COMBATANTS:NomeLOOMajor GainesShaky JakeSeemerOTE c)Fox(eT onyAbout the DesignersCeri

IntroductionWay of the Warrior is simply the mostadvanced and exciting fighting game avail-able, There are more moves, larger characters, faster animation and more specialeffects than you have ever seen before.Combat rounds take place in nine differentthree-dimensional arenas that each havetheir own advantages and hazards. Thegame's nine characters of various shapesand sizes have their own fightingstyles, sets of moves and unique animations. The photorealistic look ofthe arenas and characters make theaction far more intense than inother fighting games. Skill levelslet you and a friend (or the com-puter) fight fairly, Over sixtymegabytes of sound effects andupbeat music enhance the gamesaction, It only takes one round to seewhy Way of the Warrior is so special,so pop in the CD and ready your conwollers, Wartiors!The Book of WarriorsYou have been given the opportunity to compete with the greatest Warriors thisworld has ever known, past and present. If you accept this challenge and emergevictorious,you will become a legend in the Book of Warriors.Although the originof the Book of Warriors is a mystery, it is known that it is the complete compilationof the world’s greatest competitors, their methods, and their stories.Written by magic in the blood of champions, the Book has been kept in amouniaintop Citadel in the Himalayas since before history was recorded. It is at thisCitadel that the worlds strongest competitors fight for inscription in the Book. Goodand evil, mortal and immortal, convene once a century to compete under thewatchiul eye of the Guardian of the BookThe Guardian and his followers are devoted to the three true forces of naturegood, evil, and the pain caused by their eternal conflict.In an endless search forresolution to this struggle, the planet's greatest Warriors have again been broughttogether. This tournament, though, will be the last one, The Book of Warriors hasone empty page, and it is written that the ways of this tournament's winner will fillthis page, finish the Book, and tip the scales in favor of good or evil for eternityIn the Tournament Mode, you must defeat all eight of the remaining Warriorswith your chosen character, as well as the special end characters. Only the best willsurvive this tournament at even the easiest difficulty levels.In the following pages you will learn the basic strategies and moves that willallow you to get started on your quest for immortality. It is up to you to masterthose skills and discover the other secrets of the game that will help you to victoryagainst your opponents and entry into the Book of Warriors.Good Luck!@

GAMEGetting StartedVersus Mode - You and a friend select Warriors and battle it out in an arena of your1. Make sure the control pad is plugged into the Control Port on the 3DInteractive Multiplayer console.If you wish to play Way of the Warrior with afriend, plug a second control pad into the first one.NOTE: Throughout the manual, “left control pad” refers to the control pad pluggedinto the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer and “right control pad” refers to the controlpad plugged into that first control pad.2. Turn ON the power switch of your 3DO Interactive Multiplayer. The READY lightindicates that the unit is on.choice,Tournament Mode - Enter your name and birthdate with the Names option and thenselect Tournament mode to begin your long and arduous journey to complete thelast page in the Book of Fighting.Demo Mode -Select an arena and the computer will pick two Warriors at randomand automatically conduct a battle between them,ARENA - Choose from nine possible arenas. The Abbot's Choice will select an arenarandomly,NAMES - Follow the on-screen directions to enter up to two names and their birth-3. Press the OPEN/CLOSE button to extend the disc tray.dates for the Way of the Warrior competitions. The computer will track any wins or4, Place the Way of the Warrior disc onto the disc tray with the label side up. Pressyou reset them.the OPEN/CLOSE button to retract the tray.losses associated with those names and enter them into the high score tables untilThe top Names box corresponds to the player using the left controlpad and the bottom Names box is for the player using the right control pad. Name5. Watch the game's introduction and then select your options from the Main Menu.If you do not select any options after a short time, the game will automaticallyenter Demo Mode. (Note: You can skipthe introduction by pressing any button.)scores are recorded in both Tournament and Versus modes.NOTE: If you press both the Left Shift Button ANDoption, you will clear the high scores tables.the Right Shift Button while in thisSKILL - You can set the combatant skill levels for Equal Fighting or to give a heavy,medium or light advantage to either control pad, regardless of whether inMain MenuThis is the Main Menu for Way of theTournament or Versus modes.AUDIO - Press any button to switch between the Music and Sound Effects sliders.Use the left and right directions on the D-pad to increase or decrease the levels foreach audio element. The “ideal mix" is 4 for Music and 7 for Sound Effects, but feelWarrior from which you start the gameand select other setup and display options.Use the controller's D-pad to move upand down between options and left andright to cycle through the choices. Theoptions have the following functions:SUG:j COO lfree to crank up the music if you'd like.4)SCORE - Examine the High Score tables. The main Warrior table lists the wins andlosses for each Name entered into the competition. The tables for each of the ninecharacters list the wins, losses and number of consecutive wins or “streaks” againstother combatants for that character

Action ScreenThis is the Way of the Warrior action screen. It has as few game status elements aspossible so you can concentrate on the fight itself. Here are the elements on theaction screen you need to know about:Health BarNameNOTE: At the end of each round, the game will count down the timer to zero andaward half of that number in skull points to the victor. Ifa player uses a fatalitymove to finish off his opponent, another counter will tally fatality points that will alsoincrease the skull point total of the victor. And if you are lucky enough to have aperfect round without taking any hits at all, you will earn another bonus and receivea Second Wind. The Second Wind will appear as an icon at the top of the screenrepresenting a health boost that will be cashed in automatically the next time youare near death.TimerGame ControlsSkull PointsArenaThis is the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer control pad and its control buttons. Way ofthe Warrior requires lightning-fast moves and great familiarity with the control pad'sfunctions for success in game rounds. Each button except for the P button and Xbutton plays a part in a variety of character moves. Only practice and quick reflexeswill allow you to perform the moves associated with certain combinations ofbuttons, The P button and the X button have the following functions:Arena - where you and a friend (or the computer) compete in up to three roundsP button - pauses the gameactionof combat,Name - character name.- performs some option selectionsHealth bar - how much damage the character can take. When the bar is small andflashes, the character is near deathSkull points - number of skull points earned for moves. These points can be used toperform magic. The number of skull points awarded depends on the difficulty andX button - exits characterselection screen- stops a competition after pressingpower of the move.the P buttonTimer - counts down the seconds in the current round.X BUTTON P BUTTON

Left shiftMoving the CharactersRight shiftC ButtonThe D-pad controls the movements of the characters in Way of the Warrior,The following moves are accomplished by pressing the D-pad in the accompanyingaJump (Press up)Jump LeftJump right(up and Left)(Up and righD PadB ButtonMove right(Press right)Move Left(Press left)X ButtonP ButtonA ButtonSpecial MovesBasic MovesDUCK (Press Down)In order to perform special moves, you need to develop some special button techniques. First, it is important to remember that “forward” and “back” refer to theWay of the Warrior's best players will be those who master the moves for all of thedifferent characters, including special moves, airborne special moves and fatalities.Before you can perform the most complex moves and their accompanying buttondirection the character faces. Also, timing is crucial, Most special moves involve ashould also know haw to perform simple moves like charges and sweeps that canIf you struggle with the controller, you will never be able to use the most powerfulcombinations and sequences, you must be able to throw simple jabs and kicks. Youset up and even be part of special moves.The following moves are the most basic and work for every character:JabA ButtonBlock4B Button (hold button to block longer)eKoaaaoaceC ButtonPunchLeft ShiftRoundhouse Kick . . Right ShiftSuper Punch.A Button AND Left ShiftSuper KickC Button AND Right Shift distinct sequence of button presses. If the instructions say to press one button ANDanother THEN a third, you must press the first two buttons at the same time, releasethem and then press the third button. Your motions have to be effortless to succeed.maneuvers.Try instead to develop your skills with the basic moves first so that youdon't have to think about them when you need them.Over the course of manygames, try the more advanced moves every now and then.You will have to discover most of the special moves on your own. Here are some ofthe most common ones and their button sequences:Sweep attack - Press D-pad DOWN, THEN press D-pad DOWN forward, THENpress D-pad forward, THEN press an attack button (a backward Sweep attack worksthe same way, but with backward substituted for forward).

Charge - Push the D-pad to the back and hold for two seconds THENimmediately push the D-pad forwardTaunt - B Button AND push D-pad forwardClose attack - Push D-pad forward AND press any buttonHead stomp - While in midair after a jump, press D-pad DOWN AND C ButtonUppercut - Press D-pad DOWN and back AND Left Shift ButtonEscape - Double-tap the D-pad backward when in a BlockHere are some techniques you can use to discover special moves. Try them out foreach character. You will find that they all have different animations and specialmoves for certain button combinations.Try these methods to find special moves:Skull Points and MagicEvery time you perform a move in Way of the Warrior, you earn skull pointsdepending on the difficulty of the move and the damage it does to the opponent.The better the move the more points you earn. You can use skull points to performcertain magic spells that keep you alive longer or make it easier to defeat youropponent. Each magic spell involves a special button combination. It will take sometime to discover the magic spells and how many skull points they cost, but it willbe worth the effort. The more powerful spells cost a ton of skull points but mayquickly weaken an opponent. The weaker spells increase your character's healthbar. Have fun discovering these magic spells. They may make a big difference in afight against a cocky opponent who knows some good moves, but doesn't know themagic spell button sequences!Fatalities press several attack buttons at once (A Button AND B Button, etc.)Fatalities are the most satisfying special moves because they finish off an opponent- press a direction like left or right on the D-pad and an attack button at theand win you the round with one press of the buttons, They are also the most violentsame time- double-tap the D-pad forward or backward- turbo-press (press rapidly and repeatedly} an attack button- while in the air, try to attack enemies on the ground- combine any of the above methods and try many more!maneuvers in Way of the Warrior! Each character has several unique fatalities andfinishing moves. You perform a fatality when your opponent's health bar flashes andhe looks like he’s about to keel over. If you can perform a fatality, you not only winthe round, but you also earn alot of skull points. Listen for the announcer to saysomething like “end it" or “put him down" to use the fatality. In addition to theunique character fatalities, many game arenas also have their OWN fatality hazardsWatch out for that lava! @

THE COMBATANTSThe following pages highlight the nine characters in Way of the Warrior andtwo of their most unique moves. Experiment to discover their many morespecial attack moves.The NinjaINatOrsReal Name:eonBorn of American businessman MichaelCash and his wife Delores Cash duringjeremy Casha business trip to Japan, Jeremy Cashbegan his life in the fast-paced world ofAmerican descentinternational business, Tragically, his par-sth ea of the Sake can ois,Height:5 10"ents perished shortly before his fourthsimply call "The Ninja.” What IS knownWeight:102 Ibs.birthday in a plane crash that left himaehacenot much is known about the one theyUnknown6'2"is that his services are affordable only tothe very rich, that his methods are knownharely alive in the Japanese mountainsRescued and adopted by a local Japanese farmer, Cash began his formativeyears as the only’ gaijin (foreigner) in the tawn of Kyosaka where he wasis perfectRapidly overtaking his master, Cash quickly developed his own individualnaarnanWeight:190 Ibs.Age:Height:KonotoriNationality: Japanese, but ofonly to him, and that his service recordThe Ninja has many enemies - Konotori and the Dragon are but two.His only “friends” are the members of his clan and a select group of outsiders whom he has met on one or more of his missions. It is known thatne of these people is Major Gaines, with whom the Ninja has found him-self fighting alongside in more than one private war. It is also known that ifthe price were right, his friendship would be put aside and the Ninja wouldfight anyone.Little else is known of the Ninja. Beware!The Ninja uses his stealth and powers of invisibility to edge out the competition, His motion is so fast and planned so well that hes like a well-oiledmachine. Do a little experimentation and you'll see why The Ninja is sodeadly and has such great powers of escape, His close moves are: Elbow,Throw, Head Butt, and Roll.raised. In order to help him, the farmer began to teach Cash the martial arts.techniques, taking advantage of his seemingly supernatural light weight toallow him to extend his talents past that of other martial artists.Soon after his sixteenth birthday, Cash returned to Japan only to witnessthe death of his adoptive father at the hands of the Ninja, Hired by a wealthylandowner, the Ninja had been sent to “convince” Cash's father to sell hisfamily’s land to the local baron. Cash swore to avenge his father's death anddisappeared into the Tokyo underworld to hone his skills. Cash later re-emergedas Konotori, the Stork, to enter the tournament for revenge, not glory.Konotori uses his light weight and Japanese martial arts training to hisadvantage. He moves with great speed and smoothness and indeed can fly orglide if you repeatedly press the B Button when he’ in the air for a jump.Kenn has the following close moves:Fan SlashBackhand, Hat Butt, Fan Slap, andaesPerform a Sweep moveforward THEN pressLeft ShiftiPerform a Sweep movebackward THEN pressRight ShiftPerform a Sweep moveforward THEN pressLoft Shift SPress D-pad back ANDLeft Shift

Major Gaines‘eeNationality: BritishReal Name:SimonAge: 38Height:Weight:Gaines5'10" OR7’3"285 Ibs,keA violent child since birth, Simon Gaines wasdestined for the military. Once enlisted,Gaines quickly rase in skill and rank. It wasnot long until someone in the brass saw hispotential fr the covert operations departmentAustralianJake Querious28of the British Military - the SAS.Gaines eventually became the leader of theHeight:Weight:5'6"146 lbs.Born and raised 1,100 miles from the near-est neighbor in the outback of Australia, JakeQuerious knew no other children while hewas growing up. In fact, until he was 17, hisparents neglected to inform him there wereother people on the Earth besides him andthem. By six years old, Querious was moreused in dire situations. Iron Hawks are often sent on suicide missions and thusthan able to fend for himself. Gone forweeks at a time with nothing but his trusty staff, Querious survived on thehave a life expectancy of 1.7 missions. Gaines had survived 16 missions before he‘was sent to South America to retrieve a kidnapped British Minister from Carlos.adorned his belt. It is these rattles that would later eam him his nickname,Iron Hawks, a quick attack unit that the SASBano, the second-biggest drug lord in the world. Casually switching sides duringthe heat of battle with Bano’s men, Gaines accepted Bano’s offer to become Majorcof his commandos, During his stint as head of Bano’s bodyguards, Gaines receivedan experimental steroid injection implant from the drug lords chief chemist‘Activated on demand, the implant temporarily boosts Gaines’s size and strength.Five years later, after accepting 10 million from Bano’s rival drug lords toassassinate him, Major Gaines liberated himself from Bano and now makes himselfavailableto those who can afford him.Major Gaines’s military training has prepared him for many rounds of combat,but his most important skill is his Steroid Boost. When Major Gaines powers up,he not only gains strength and size, but he also does more damage to his enemies.Unfortunately, this power has its drawbacks. Gaines also takes more damage whenhe is “boosted” and his heart is much weaker, Some moves can only be performed when he is boosted. Major Gaines has the following close moves: EarSwat, Suplex, Knee, and Knee Drop.Right Shiftress A Button, B ButtonAND Buttontaneouslymeat of the snakes that were attracted to him by the rattlesnake rattles thatOn his seventeenth birthday, his parents gave Querious some money(which took same explaining) and pointed him toward Melbourne. Twentytwo hours later, slightly tired but full of anticipation, Querious entered the firstbrightly lit building that he had ever seen.‘Querious stood awvestruck in the entrance of The Rowdyhouse bar and grilfor nearly thirty seconds before themoney. Not thirty seconds later thehe swept up the half dozen toughsthe shot of whisky, gulped it down,He never went home.local toughs tried to relieve him of hisproprietor was offering Querious a shot aswho now littered the floor, Querious tookand mysteriously blew his first fireball.Shaky Jake would be nothing without his survival skills and experience inthe outback. He has particularly good aim and does well with his staff, knifeora bottle, His naivete about the real world has worked to his advantage-hehas little fear. His close moves are: Pole Jab, Push Away, and Bear Hug.ShiftSweep movTHEN press Right

The DragonName:Chin LiuChinesemind, body and heart, the young Liu quicklygrew in skill and finesse, eventually earning anapprenticeship at the Beljing Opera House.Age:23Here he trained with other prodigies under theNationality:RealgChin Liu isa model martial artist. Sound ofHeight:ie aia6 0'CDsbest masters that China had to offer. Liu gradu-ated first in his class, two classes early. His;rapid kicks and punches, as well as a smattering of seemingly superhuman skills, earned him the nickname “The Dragon.”‘After he graduated at 16, the Dragon toured the world competing andteaching for three years. He then began a promising career as a movie star.The Dragon has starred in “A Kick Before Dying,” “Naked Punch,” “CloseEncounters of a Violent Kind” and some of the “BloodFisted Kickboxer” series(numbers , Il Ill, Vand VI.Recently, during the shooting of “A Kick Before Dying I : Kick Me If YouCan!," the Dragon barely survived an attack by the Ninja, who had beenhired by the Yakuza (Japanese mafia) to settle a royalty dispute pertaining tothe Japanese release of “Close Encounters of a Violent Kind.”Although above revenge, the Dragon would not mind a fair fight with theNinja in order to. “show him the error of his ways.”All those movies have prepared the Dragon for almostanything, He is verylight for his size and extremely fast. When you double-tap the D-pad forward,the Dragon hops forward with ease like a deadly bunny. The Dragon's closemoves are: Nosebreaker, Spin Around, Knee, and Shoulder Throw:tiPress D-pad UP to jumpTHEN press B ButtonAND ButtonChanNikkiNationality:Real Name:Age:Height:Weight:ChineseNikki Chan195094 Ibs.Over 1,000 years ago, the god Xing Tso fell inJove with a mortal girl whose beauty was sogreat that it inspired him to crosthe greatbridge between Heaven and EarthUnfortunately, this girl was betrothed to themad magician king Quan Ming.Furious that a mere god would try tosteal away his property, the king used hispowers to warp the soul of the young girl. He bound her to the Wheel of GreatTransmigrations in such a way as to insure that she would be reincarnated timeaiter time with no hope of release to heaven and in such a form that even herdivine lover could not find her. Even to this day the legacy of this great evilmars the celestial harmony of heaven, causing an unidentifiable agony among,the godsNikki Chan is the latest reincamation of this tortured girl's soul. Althoughshe does not know why, the soul of that ancient girl has driven her on a paththat will make her known to heaven and to her long-lost lover. She has appliedherself with manic devotion to the creation of her own actobatic style of Kung,Fu, which she intends to use to vanquish all of her opponents in the great contest. The Book of Warriors is of such renown in heaven that, should she win thecontest, her name will become known in that greater plane, and her soul willbe released from its bondage, allowing her to join her lover once again.on perform flips in her sleep. You doNikki Chan is particularly lithethese flips with a double-tap on the D-pad either forward OR backward. Sheimakes some of her best moves from within her flips, o experiment with herwhile in midait. Her close moves are: Suplex, Knee, and Roll ThrowPerforma SweepPerformmovforward THEN pressLeft Shifta Sweepbackward T @Right Shiftmove

NobunagaNationality:Real Name:Age:Height:Weight:Foxafter dark to practice and learn from otherNationality: AlgerianReal Name: Malcolm Fox28‘Age:Height: 66"of toughs,Weight: 224 Ibs.One night while “wilding” in the streetFox's gang came upon (and quickly began mugging) a wealthy Thai businesJapaneseNobunaga19inner perfection, The child prodigy of a Kendomaster, Nobunaga took to the sword beforewalking. He was rigorously schooled in classicKendo by his parents by day and headed out161 Ibsmasters at night. Nobunaga quickly became one5 10"Malcolm Fox is the son of an AfricanNobunaga epitomizes the Japanese clesire forof Japan's foremost young Kenda championsSwearing off all but swordplay, Nobunaga rarely speaks, eats or sleeps. Histechnique has been called superhuman — his moves, supernatural.Recently, Nobunaga'sconcentration was broken for the first time. Seeking outforeign techniques to further his skills, he was introduced to Nikki Chan inChina after watching a performance of Chinese opera. Upon first sight of NikkiChan, Nobunaga felt insecure in a way he had never felt before. He has beenunable to concentrate ever since.Although he had shown no interest in entering the tournament when itsexistence Was first revealed to him, he has now realized that it represents whatmay be his only hope of either winning Nikki Chan's heart or ridding his heartof her forever. Unfortunately, he does not know that her heart and soul belongto another being, far more powerful than he.Nobunaga follows the Japanese ideals and likes to stick with his dreadedswordplay. A sword attack from Nobunaga is like the strongest punches fromother characters. Nobunaga has great range, but he is very slow on his feet.Nobunaga's close moves are: Chin Crack, Push Away, and Hand Throw.pambassador to France. As a child, herebelled against is father and his father’simpeccable sophistication by roaming thestreets of Paris in gangs and eventuallyhecoming the leader of the largest bandman. The businessman watched in awe as Fox single-handedly dispatched histhree internationally renowned bodyguards. Fearing that he was next, hemade Fox a deal that he couldn't refuse. Without pause, Fox turned on hisgang and minutes later, with their bodies littering the alleyway, he swore anoath and began his life as a bodyguard.While in Thailand with the businessman, Fox spent his free time studyingMuy Thai. He has now integrated these techniques with his street fightingskills to become one of the most sought-after bodyguards in the world.Fox works for thousands of dollars an evening and follows his employersto high society functions all around the planet. Ironically, he has alsoacquired all of the manners and sophistication he resented in his father. Foxnever speaks—an affectation say some but others hint at a nasty fight inThailand involving a sharp razor and Fox’s tongue:Fox relies a great deal on his moves based on voodoo skills. He is alsoparticularly good with his knees in taking out his competitors. If you press theLeft Shift Button, Fox will throw’ his sai. His close moves are: Shoulder Break,Knee, and Knee Grab,; 7Perform a Sweep moveforward THEN pressLoft Shift Press D-pad DOWN toduck THEN press downforward AND C ButtonPerform a Sweep moveforward THEN pressLoft ShiftPress D-pad DIAGONALLYDOWN THEN press LeftShift button

imsonGloryimson Gloryality:Real Name:Age:Weight:AmericanCrimson Smith2459"114 Ibs.A modern American fatecowgirl, CrimsonaleamcerSmith rides her iron horse across the pavedplains of the middle and westem UnitedStates. Smith was the only daughter in afamily of 12 children and a tomboy as achild. She showed no interest at all in dollsot other typical “girl toys,” but instead tookup wrestling and boxing to fill her time. Iwasnt until her early teens when she started becoming a woman that the menaround her started to treat her as anything but one of the boSmith decided that she was not going to change her ways for anyone andsurmised that the best way to gain the guys’ respect was to beat the living hellout of them. By 22, she had done just that—one, bwo and often dozens at aAboutthe Desig.Jason Rubin and Andrew Gavin have beendesigning video games together since they first metin Washington, D.C. at the young age of 13. Asfifteen-year-olds, they produced their first game, “SkiCrazed,” for Baudville for the Apple Il computersystem. This successful endeavor led the friends tocreate “Dream Zone” for Baudville for the Appletime in just about every sleazy bar west of the Mississippi River.IIGS, Atari ST, PC and Amiga computers andseeing her in action has often been called “the show of a lifetime,” the trulywise have always fled the bars that Smith enters.the young developers created the games “Keef theSmith sees the competition as just another bar filled with men. AlthoughCrimson Glory may be a woman, but she can take an any man, She isparticularly good at performing blocks and has some special blocking moves.In fact, she can tum the table on her opponents by catching their moves andechoing that power right back to them. Crimson Glory’s close moves areElbow, Suplex, Hold Up, Head Butt, and Back Break.brought them to the attention of the creative teamat Electronic Arts. While working for Electronic Arts,Thief" for the Apple IIGS, Amiga and PC and “Ringsof Power” for the Sega Genesis system.Gavin (24) completed his Masters degree inArtificial Intelligence from the MassachusettsInstitute of Technology. Rubin (24) holds a Bachelorsdegree in Economics from the University of MichiganHaving completed their first game for the 300Interactive Mul

Introduction Way of the Warrior is simply the most advanced and exciting fighti