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2021-2022BARDOU TENNIS COMPETITIONLOCATIONWelcome to BARDOU TENNIS COMPETITION, LOCATED IN UP SPORTSCORNELLÁ-BARCELONA, SPAIN where everyone can enjoy a total of 31 tennis courts (hard, clayand indoor), 7 paddle tennis courts, and facilities with a gym and heated pool.UP CLUB CORNELLÀ - BCNCarrer de la Verge de Montserrat, 08940 Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona1

2021-2022BARDOU TENNIS COMPETITIONRESIDENCE. HOTEL CAMPANILE BARCELONA SUD - CORNELLAThe Campanile Barcelona South – Cornellà hotel boasts an ideal location, just 3.7 miles from theairport. You’ll be able to reach Barcelona’s city center within 30 minutes on the L8 bus or any ofthe trains that run near the hotel. Be sure to make the most of your stay by visiting the SagradaFamília and all the must-see sites in Barcelona.Hotel Campanile Barcelona Sud-Cornellà offers 60 rooms with double beds and 78 double roomswith twin beds, 4 of which are adapted for people with reduced mobility.RESIDENCIA PARTICULAR2

2021-2022BARDOU TENNIS COMPETITIONTENNIS FUNNEL, TRAINING SYSTEM AND TECHNICAL STAFF100.000 students. A great student base inBeginners-Training are the base of the tennis funnel.lILeve itorMonBeginner4-10 years old0120iesdemAca020 –ps-6roup. GCom150l IIILeve cherTeaPre-competition12-14 years old20.000 playersbs –Clul IILeve inerTraBridge-Training10-12 years oldchCoaCompetition (Futures)14-16 years old750 players 60competition groups.chCoaNI Professional (T-100)19-35 years oldchCoaterMasoachcNII Professional (T-200)16-19 years old5000 players20-60 PlayersFrom T-200 onwards, coach.10-20 players* DEFINITIONS OF A PLAYER’S STAGES IN LIFE, ON ANNEX.OUR PROGRAMBARDOU TENNIS COMPETITIONProfessional – EliteTransitionCompetitionTennis PriorityAnnual ProgrammeMonthly ProgramWeekly Stages3



2021-2022BARDOU TENNIS COMPETITIONBARDOU ACADEMY ORGANIZATIONDesarrollo de las sesiones de trabajoAdaptado a cada nivel de juegoDirectorJordi BardouCFOAlbert TintoréORGTENISSales & MktgHead CoachJordi BardouAssistant CoachParents/MembersServiceCoachHead Fisical CoachEmili MedaRicard RosWalter NavarroCoachPhysical CoachMethodologyand FormationBorja GómezSergio VilchesMaqnagementCoachPhysiotherapistAlbert TintoréJoaquín MárquezImprovement CoachJosé Nicolau6Oriol Casasallas

2021-2022BARDOU TENNIS COMPETITIONBARDOU ACADEMY ORGANIZATIONWE BUILD PROFESSIONAL TENNIS PLAYERS WORKINGTECHNIQUE (MECHANIZING THE HIT), PHYSICAL PREPARATION(WE BUILD ATHLETES), TACTICAL / STRATEGY (WE TEACH TOPLAY) AND MENTAL (WE WORK THE CONTROL OF EMOTIONS).WITH THE COLLABORATION OF COACHLLUÍS BRUGUERAThe Bruguera system is a mixture of all the experiences that I have had throughout my tennis life.First as a player, he won 2 Spanish doubles championships and was number 4 in Spain. My maincharacteristic was the struggle, the suffering, the optimism, the patience and never leaving it, how toget to give the best of myself and how to get others to achieve it. Bruguera's faith in himself was verygreat.Then I was passionate about being a coach and in Valencia and I was the Director of the Spanishclub of Valencia and I created, more than 47 years ago the first tennis academy, of a private club,trying to make professional tennis players.I was also Sporting Director of the R.F.E.T and Captain of the Davis Cup and with time, the Bruguerafamily, the only father and son who captained the Spanish Davis Cup team.With Ion Tiriac we made history by being the first private coach paid by the players.I founded the Bruguera team with Fernando Luna, Juan Aguilera Jordi Arrese, with great success.Juan Aguilera became number 8 in the world ranking, Jordi Arrese at number 22 and Fendando Lunaat number 35.At the age of 35, I founded the first private academy in Europe, Bruguera Tennis Academy.What we want to doHow we want to do itWhy we want to do it.The Bruguera system has been used by numerous coaches who have served them to doeverything, adapting it to their personal characteristics, taking Spanish tennis to the place it hasarrived.It is a combination of exercises:HandOf cubesVolley exercises with the coachFirst analyze what happens and then find what exercises we can achieve what we want.Do not speak / doAlways optimistic, believe itThe importance of relationships, emotions in the performance and satisfaction of the athlete7

2021-2022BARDOU TENNIS COMPETITIONCOACHING SYSTEM WITH PROFESSIONAL COACHESJORDI BARDOU DIRECTORDavis Cup player, Los Angeles ‘94 Olympian, ‘84 SpanishChampion, ATP professional top 150, ‘92 ADO Plan Director,FET Sport Director, OAD (COE) and APE (ProfessionalTeaching Association) member.RICARD ROS COACH22 years coach in bruguera tennis academy.10 years general director & head coach.Coach of Lorenzo Giustino 130 atp 5 years.Mohammed Safwat 170 atp & n.o 1 of egypt.Marco bortolotti 290 atp, Pepe Checa 230 atp, and some moreBORJA GÓMEZ COACHHas joined the Bruguera Tennis Academy in 2016 and iscoaching the junior players. Before joining our team Borjatravelled with an LTA Top 4 player and Marcel Granollers(former 25 ATP) between 2009-2011. Coach of Lorenza Justino(128 ATP) and Sebastina Chilipotti (29 World junior ranking and790 WTA)JOAQUÍN MÁRQUEZ COACHTrained at Smith Stearns Tennis Academy 2006-2007in SouthCarolina, and at International Tennis Academy from 2009-2011in Delray Beach Florida.Played ITF Junior Circuit in countries such as Mexico, USA,Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Guatemala, andNetherlands Antilles.WALTER NAVARRO HEAD FISICAL COACH2019 - International Master in Injury Prevention and Retraining (Spain)2017 - Internacional Master in Personal Training (Spain)2002 – Sports Marketing Degree (Spain).1997 – Physical Education Degree (Argentina and Spain).1998 – College Sports Training Expert (online Course).8

2021-2022BARDOU TENNIS COMPETITIONCOACHING SYSTEM WITH PROFESSIONAL COACHESSERGIO VILCHES ASSISTANT COACHDuring more than 10 years I have had the privilege of being ableto combine my two great passions at a professional level,scientific research and sports training on the field . In that time, Ihave trained with professional and nonprofessional athletes,helping them to achieve their goals. I have also learned, appliedand developed several skills in the research field as a sportsEMILI MEDA ASSISTANT COACHSports technician level I - National Tennis MonitorRPT CoachOrthos muscular and nutritional technicianTRX Spain MonitorJOSÉ NICOLAU IMPROVEMENT COACHlORIOL CASASALLAS PHYSIOTHERAPISTMaster in Sports Physiotherapy and Recovery of PhysicalActivity.Associate professor in the area of structure and function of thelocomotor system. International University of Catalonia.Author of publications in magazines and books specialized insports and health.ALBERTO TINTORÉ CFOAn Industrial Engineer (UPC) completed with a MBA-Esade.Over 20 years of experience at directive positions at industrialmultinationals and as entrepreneur. Amateur tennis player.International ATP, Davis Cup and Olympic Games Umpire.10

2021-2022BARDOU TENNIS COMPETITIONSTUDIESSince forever, all forming athletes who are in school age and find themselves in the position wheretheir education is very important had and still have many difficulties to balance their education andtheir training at a conventional school.For this reason, we have designed a programme in which sports training can be made compatiblewith sports obligations (training and official matches) with scholastic obligations (class assistanceand official exams).Combining both school and sports requires a great effort on part of the student. This is why weconsider that a project capable of understanding this reality is essential, thus we search for amodel that makes both activities compatible.We will combine training and scholastic hours from Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) toHigh School (Bachillerato)All studies are official and approved by the Education Department of Generalitat de Catalunyaand can be worldwide convalidated.Education ProjectSchoolSportsThe student-athlete who decides to annually train with us may study:Spanish Education System: Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) and A levels (Bachillerato)DUAL Education System: A combination of both Spanish education system and Americaneducation system. Can be studied from Spanish 3ºESO (American 9th Grade) to Spanish 2ºBachillerato (American 12th Grade). Upon ending the student will obtain both degrees: Spanishand American.Education SysteSpanish3/4 ESOUSA1/2Grade9/10Bach.11/12GradeSpanish schoolGradeUSA SchoolDual A Levels11

2021-2022BARDOU TENNIS COMPETITIONSTUDIES LEÓN XIII SCHOOLOnce A Levels (Bachillerato) have been completed, Selectividad (Spanish University) accessexams can start, and/or SAT and TOEFL (American University)Upon completing 2º Bachillerato the students will be prepared with an intensive course until theday before Selectividad exams. A general review of all contents will be emphasized as well ascontrolling the technical aspects of the exam, time organization, and carrying out exam rehersalsso as for the students to become familiar with the type of questions.All students can apply for an athlete GRANT for American Universities.All students may choose to prepare tests for SAT and TOEFL in group or individual tutoring.Students in need of a VISA in order to stay in Spain, as they will have an official SpanishEducation System enrolment they will have no problems whatsoever.Students-Athletes who decide to stay with us during stage modes (Summer.) may take:Language lessons: Spanish (non-Spanish speaking students) and English (students that mightwant to begin learning, improve or perfect the language)Extra support classes on any subject: students that during their Summer stay might have toprepare themselves for their remedial umanitiesThis programme is designed for those students that already have a high level, may them be youngpromises who might become professionals or youngsters that stand out and are asked for manytraining hours. The idea is that they do not lose contact with sports because of their studies, butabove all, to give them the chance to keep on studying due to the difficulties to become a pro in theirsport, as most of them do not reach the elite.The idea is to concentrate the necessary services so that the athlete has a full formation at all sports,educational and personal levels. To make the training time, competitions, studies, exams, diets andresting profitable.To give the same access to educative facilities, working and methodology to favour the possibility ofthe athlete-student’s excellence, taking care of their growth as a human being, allowing them todevelop all their obligations and responsibilities in midst of the athlete’s reality.12

2021-2022BARDOU TENNIS COMPETITIONSCHOLARSHIPBARDOU Barcelona Tennis Academy, always with the intention of improving and carry on offeringquality services to all members, has managed to establish an agreement with a worldwide leadercompany in education and sports, which will allow our members to benefit from the agreement thatDecoasports has reached with BARDOU Barcelona Tennis Academy.Thousands of students-athletes from aroundthe world already know what it’s like to takepart in some of the programmes this companyoffers. Decoasports understands the demandsof the nowadays world and adapts to newfuture challenges, so we have decided to joinforces with the sole aim to improve our player’sscholar-sport formation.Thanks to this agreement, your children (11 to 22 years old) will have the chance to take part in theprogrammes that this company offers along with the most prestigious universities around the world,Decoasports has 24 years of worldwide experience in offering tailored high-level demandingacademic programmes and sports programmes for students of all levels at the best Americanuniversities.The final goal of this collaboration is developing abilities that will contribute to achieving a wholeformation that will guarantee a full range of scholar-sports opportunities for your children, thanks tothe experience and leadership of Decoasports, who will closely work with BARDOU in benefit of ourmembers.Thanks to the agreement that BARDOU has got with Decoasports, our members can call personalmeetings at our club’s facilities with all those who are interested in their programmes. For thispurpose you will only have to give notice of your interest and immediately thereafter, a member ofDecoasports will contact you and carry out a personal interview with all those interested in any oftheir programmes, conducting an English and sports test regardless of the candidate’s level.Programmes offered by DECOASPORTS- Sports and SCHOLAR grants at American universities (for all levels). Tennis, Football, Golf and 21 sports more.- Exclusive summer programmes at California USA universities.- Pre-university TOEFL, SAT, GED preparation programmes.- Academic yea, E.S.O. And Bachelor (convalidating the Spanish system)- Organized visits to universities for athletes.13

2021-2022BARDOU TENNIS COMPETITIONECONOMIC PROPOSALThe Bardou Academy is a high performance training centre that works all a player’s stages on the tennisfunnel, from the base to the elite and that combines tennis and education formation of their students. Ourhigh performance weekly programme for tennis players is aimed at all levels and ages, all through the year,with a personal service that bears in mind each player’s needs, who may choose the length and dates of theirstay at the Academy.At the Bardou Academy you will learn and study in depth all 4 basic foundations of tennis, Tactical, Technical,Physical and Mental, adapted to each player’s level with exercises using cubes through different series foreach day of the week, control, conditioned exercises and matches to rehearse all that has been learnt duringthe week paying special attention to the service and return.On our daily, weekly, monthly or annual programmes as well as on the stages, each day we work on differentspecific court areas and evaluating the player’s progression with our exclusive control system.Bardou have been key to many tennis players’ careers all over the world. . The tennis programme isavailable from September to June, and includes all weeks of the year except those included during the HolyWeek, Summer or Christmas stages.The programme is reserved for weeks, and each week includes 22 hours of tennis from Monday to Saturday,from 5 to 10 physical training (depending on age) except those included during the Holy Week, Summer orChristmas.HIGH PERFORMANCE PROGRAMME SCHEDULES (5 DAYS)-Tennis training from 9h to 11h and 11h to 13hPhysical training from 9 30h to 11h and 11h to 12 30hLunch from 13’15h to 13 45hTennis training from 14 15h to 15 30h and 15 30h to 16 45hPhysical training from 14 30h to15 30h and 15 30h to 16 30hPRICES OF HIGH PERFORMANCE PROGRAMME (CUSTOM)WEEKLYTennis and physical trainingBreakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinnerPsychological training included.Physiotherapy and medical insurance not included.Federative licenseAccommodationANNUAL 10 MONTHSTennis and physical trainingAccompaniment to tournaments (expenses notincluded)Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinnerPsychological training included.Physiotherapy and medical insurance not included.Federative licenseAccommodationMONTHLYTennis and physical trainingAccompaniment to tournaments (expenses notincluded)Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinnerPsychological training included.Physiotherapy and medical insurance not included.Federative licenseAccommodationSTAGESTennis and physical trainingAccompaniment to tournaments (expenses notincluded)Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinnerPsychological training included.Physiotherapy and medical insurance not included.Federative licenseAccommodation14

2021-2022BARDOU TENNIS COMPETITIONANNEXESARRIVALS AND DEPARTURESArrivals are on Sundays and departures on Saturdays.Players who do not sleep in the academy can also arrive on Monday morning and leave on Friday afer the last prac ce.Upon arrival the player must present the following:ID card or passportIden ty photoSocial security cardFor stages of more than two months dura on, a cer ficate of the last stress test is required. This can also be done at theacademy for an amount of 120.Players without a tennis license can get it at the academy. This will cost between 22- 24Vaccina on cer ficateTRANSPORTATION FROM AND TO THE ACADEMYThe academy makes available to the resident players of the academy, not accompanied by an adult, a free transport providedthat the pick-up me is between 09:00 and 19:30 from the Barcelona Airport and Sants Train Sta ons, North and France anddeparture from the academy from 08:30 to 20:00. (Do not plan a flight before 11 am for departures). The day of arrival isSunday and departure is Saturday for residents.If the flight is before or a er these mes, players will have to pay an extra.POCKET MONEY, DOCUMENTATION & VALUABLESPlease, calculate a sufficient pocket money amount for your children. Laundry, ropes, tournaments, extras and snacks must bepaid for in cash.Pocket money cannot be sent to the academy account.Passport, documenta on, money and other things of value must be kept in the safe box assigned to the resident player.Non-residents can leave their valuables at the recep on between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm on weekdays.CLOTHESAs tennis is the main ac vity and there are many hours of trainingper day, we recommend two changes of sportswear per day.Apart from the sports equipment, the player must bring also towels, pool and leisure clothes and flip flops. The laundry servicepicks up dirty clothes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and delivers it clean on Wednesday, Friday and Monday. A bag ofdirty clothes of about 5kg costs 12. Please label all the player's clothing with his name.RECEPTIONThe recep on is open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm on weekdays and from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm on weekends.To speak with your children on weekdays, please call between 1:00 p.m. and 2:15 p.m. to not interrupt training sessions.During the weekend you can call at any me between 08:30 am and 8:30 pm.There is an emergency number that can be provided upon request to call outside these mes. This number should only bestrictly used in case of an emergency.14

2021-2022BARDOU TENNIS COMPETITIONANNEXESTOURNAMENTSDuring the summer usually there are more tournaments in the academy and the academy coaching team organizes theplayers according to their physical condi ons, their prepara ons and their will.They also take care of registra on, tournament schedule, and tournament transporta on. Players will be accompanied by acoach from the academy who will provide technical support before, during and a er the tournament. The player’s evolu onduring the compe on is also monitored and a report is passed to our head coach.ACTIVITIES AND EXCURSIONIn summer the academy organizes excursions and alterna ve ac vi es for players who do not go to tournaments as long asthere issufficient demand. The ac vi es are developed under the tutoring and supervision of the staffin charge. All expenses,with the excep on of transporta on, that are raised according to the ac vity that is organized, must be covered by the player.TRANSPORTATION TO MEDICAL ASSISTANCEIn case of emergency, the academy will provide transporta on to a medical facility in case of injury that may occur duringtraining. If a player gets sick he must inform the recep on where transport to a medical facility will be organized. In the case thata doctor visit the academy, the academy will charge 60 .RESTAURANT50% of the meals have to be paid in advance by transfer or credit card when the stage reserva on is made. The rest can bepaid in cash upon arrival, or via transfer or credit card in advance. For non-residents the lunch price is 60 / week(Monday-Friday)15

2020-2021UP CLUB CORNELLÀ - BCNCarrer de la Verge de Montserrat, 08940Cornellà de Llobregat, [email protected]

I founded the Bruguera team with Fernando Luna, Juan Aguilera Jordi Arrese, with great success. Juan Aguilera became number 8 in the world ranking, Jordi Arrese at number 22 and Fendando Luna at number 35. At the age of 35, I founded the first private academy in Europe, Bruguera Tennis Academy. It is a combination of exercises: What we want to doFile Size: 5MB