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Owner’s ManualBHD-H/ BHDP-H Portable DehumidifierHeat FETYWarningSafety.2warnings and rical information .3CONTROLPADSPANELCONTROLON THE NTIFICATIONIdentificationofparts.6Identification of parts .6Positioning the unit .7OPERATING THE UNITPositioning theunit.7OPERATINGTHEUNITDrainingWhenusing methods.8the unit .7Removing the collected water .8CARE AND MAINTENANCE. 11CARE AND MAINTENANCETROUBLESHOOTINGTIPS.12Careand cleaning of the dehumidifier.9TROUBLESHOOTING TIPSTroubleshooting tips .101

BHD-H/ BHDP-H Portable DehumidifierHeat ControllerOwner’s ManualSAFETY PRECAUTIONSTo prevent injury to the user or other people and property damage, the following instructions must befollowed. Incorrect operation due to ignoring of instructionsinstructions maymay causecause harmharmorordamage.damage.The seriousness is classified by the following indications.WARNINGThis symbol indicates the possibility of death or serious injury.CAUTIONThis symbol indicates the possibility of injury or damage to property.Meanings of symbols used in this manual are as shown below.Never do this.Always do this.WARNING!Do not exceed thecircuit rating.Do not operate or stop theunit by disconnecting theplug from the outlet.Do not damage or use anunspecified power cord.Otherwise, it may cause electricshock or fire due to excess heatgeneration.It may cause electric shock or firedue to heat generation.It may cause electric shock or fire.Do not modify power cordlength or share the outletwith other appliancesDo not plug/unplug theunit with wet hands.Do not place the unit neara heat source.It may cause electric shock orfire due to heat generation.It may cause electric shock.Plastic parts may melt and causea fire.Disconnect the power ifstrange sounds, smells, orsmoke comes from the unit.You should never try to takeapart or repair the unit byyourself.!It may cause fire and electricshock.It may cause failure of machineor electric shock.It may cause electrical shock orinjury.Do not use the unit near flammablegas or combustibles, suchas gasoline, benzene, thinner, etc.Do not drink or use thewater drained from the unit.It may cause an explosion or fire.It contains contaminants andcould make you sick.Before cleaning, turn offthe power and unplug theunit.Do not take the water bucket out during operation.It may cause bucket full protect ofthe unit and cause electric shock.CAUTIONDo not use the unit in smallspaces.Lack of ventilation can causeoverheating and fire.Do not put in places wherewater may splash onto theunit.Water may enter the unit anddegrade the insulation. It maycause an electric shock or fire.2!Place the unit on alevel, sturdy sectionof the floor.If the unit falls over, it maycause water to spill anddamage belongings, orcause electrical shock orfire.E

BHD-H/ BHDP-H Portable DehumidifierOwner’s ManualSAFETY PRECAUTIONSt beand.r fire.CAUTIONDo not block the air intakeor exhaust openings.!A lack of air flow can leadto overheating and fire.Never insert your finger orother foreign objects into grillsor openings. Take special careto warn children of thesedangers.Always insert the filterssecurely. Clean filteronce every two weeks.Operation without filtersmay cause failure.Do not use in areaswhere chemicals arehandled or stored.Infants, children, elderly people,and people not senstive tohumidity.This will cause the unitdeterioration due tochemicals and solventsdissolved in the air.Do not place heavy objects on thepower cord and take care so thatthe cord is not compressed.Do not climb up onor sit on the unit.There is danger of fire orelectric shock.It may cause electric shockor failure of appliance.!Care should be taken whenusing the unit in a room withthe following persons:!If water enters the unit, turnthe unit off and disconnect thepower , contact a qualifiedservice technician.It may cause failure ofappliance or accident.earausefftheorbucn.ct ofock.Heat ControllerYou may be injured if youfall or if the unit falls over.Do not place objectson top of the unit.Water may spill inside theunit, causing insulationfailure and electricalshock or fire.Electrical Infor mationThe manufactures nameplate is located on the rear panel of the unit and contains electrical and othertechnical data specific to this unit.Be sure the unit is properly grounded. To minimize shock and fire hazards, proper grounding is important.The power cord is equipped with a three-prong grounding plug for protection against shockhazards.Your unit must be used in a properly grounded wall receptacle. If the wall receptacle you intend to use isnot adequately grounded or protected by a time delay fuse or circuit breaker, have a qualified electricianinstall the proper receptacle.Do not use extension cords or an adapter plug with this unit.To avoid the possibility of personal injury, always disconnect the power supply to the unit, before cleaningand/or servicing.aont mayandork or3

BHD-H/ BHDP-H Portable DehumidifierHeat ControllerOwner’s ManualCONTROL PANELBHDP Models with built-in pump:BHD Models without built-in pump:1A1BFig. 1When you push the button to change operation modes,the unit will make a beep sound to indicate it received the command.1A Pump Operation (Models with built-in pump only)4Press to activate pump operation. (See. Fig. 1)NOTE: Ensure the pump drain hose is installedonto the unit, the continuous drain hose is removed and plugis reinstalled before the pump operation is activated. Whenthe bucket is full,the pump starts to work. Do not use thepump feature when the outdoor temperature is equal to orless than (32 F) 0 C.1B23Fig. 2Power PadPress to turn the dehumidifier on and off5 7 UP/DOWN BUTTONS- Humidity Set Point ControlThe humidity level can be set within a range of 35%RH(Relative Humidity) to 85%RH (Relative Humidity) in 5%increments. For drier air, press the - pad and set to a lowerpercent value(%). For damper air, press the pad and seta higher percent value(%)Continuous Dehumidifying OperationFor models with out built-in pump, continuous operationis activated by pressing the CONT. button on the controlpanel. (See. Fig. 1).This allows the dehumidifier to runcontinuously at 35% RH (relative humidity) without cyclingthe compressor and fan on and off when the desiredhumidity set point is achieved. By continuously runningthe fan and compressor, constant dehumidification occurs,which achieves the maximum moisture removal from the air.6TIMER Set TimeUse the Up/Down pads to set the Auto start and Auto stoptime from 0.0 to 24 hours. See Timer below.Continuous Operation Light (See. Fig. 1)To run the unit in continuous mode, press the button untilthe display reads 35% RH. Then press the - button againuntil the display reads CO for continuous operation. Tostop continuous operation, press the button and set thedesired relative humidity level to resume nominal operation.NOTE: See 1B for a description of the continuous operationfeature.FilterThe check filter feature is a reminder to clean the Air Filterfor more efficient operation. The Filter light (clean filter light)will illuminate after 250 hours of operation to remind you toclean the filter. After cleaning the filter, press the Filter padand the light will go off.8FanControls the fan speed. Press to select Turbo or Normal fanspeed. Set the fan control to Turbo for maximum moistureremoval. When the humidity has been reduced or quieteroperation is preferred, set the fan speed to Normal. Formodels without pumps, the Turbo or Normal indicator lightswill display for the corresponding fan speed. For modelswith built in pump, the Turbo indicator light will display whenTurbo fan speed is selected. The Turbo indicator light willbe off when the fan is in Normal mode. There is an audibledifference between Turbo and Normal speeds.4TIMERPress to initiate the Auto start and Auto stop feature, inconjunction with the and - key pads to set the start arestop time.

Owner’s Manual8BHD-H/ BHDP-H Portable DehumidifierDisplayShows the set % relative humidity level from 35% to85% or the auto start/stop time (0 24 hours) as it isbeing set. Also shows the actual room humidity levelin a range of 30% RH (Relative Humidity) to 90%RH(Relative Humidity) with an accuracy of 5%.Error Codes and Protective Features:AS- Humidity sensor error--Unplug the unit and plug itback in. If error repeats, call for service.ES- Temperature sensor error-- Unplug the unit andHeat Controllerplug it back in. If error repeats, call for service.P2- Bucket is full or bucket is not in right position-Empty the bucket and replace it in the right position.Eb- The bucket has been removed from the unit oris not in the right position. Replace or reposition thebucket properly.EC- Unit malfunction--Ensures the unit is operatingwithin the design parameters for temperature. If thiserror occurs, turn off the unit and turn on again toreset. If this error occurs after powering off and backon call for service.OTHER FEATURESBucket Full LightIlluminates when the bucket is ready to be emptied, or whenthe bucket is removed or not seated in the proper position.Auto-RestartIf the unit turns off unexpectedly due to power outage,it will restart with the previous function setting automatically when the power resumes.Auto Shut OffThe dehumidifier shuts off after 30 seconds when thebucket is full, or when the bucket is removed or notseated in the proper position. When the set humidity isreached, the unit will shut off automatically. For somemodels, the fan motor will continue operating. ExceptionDoes not apply in continuous operation.Setting the Timer When the unit is on, first press the Timer button, theTimer Off indicator light illuminates. It indicates theAuto Stop program is initiated. Press it again the TimeOn indicator light illuminates. It indicates the Auto Startis initiated. When the unit is off, first press the Timer button, theTIMER ON indicator light illuminates. It indicates theAuto Start program is initiated. Press it again the TimeOff indicator light illuminates. It indicates the Auto Stopis initiated. Press or hold the UP or DOWN pad to change the Autotime by 0.5 hour increments, up to 10 hours, then at 1hour increments up to 24 hours. The control will countdown the time remaining until start. The selected time will register in 5 seconds and thesystem will automatically revert back to display theprevious humidity setting. When the Auto start & Auto stop times are set,within the same program sequence, TIMER ON OFFindicator lights illuminate identifying both ON and OFFtimes are now programmed. Turning the unit ON or OFF at any time or adjustingthe timer setting to 0.0 will cancel the Auto Start/Stopfunction. When LED display window displays the code of P2,the Auto Start/Stop function will also be cancelled.Auto DefrostWhen frost builds up on the evaporator coils, thecompressor will cycle off and the fan will continue to rununtil the frost disappears.Wait 3 minutes before resuming operationAfter the unit has stopped, it can not be restarted in thefirst 3 minutes. This is to protect the unit. Operation willautomatically occur after 3 minutes.Check filter featureThe system starts to count the time once the fan motoroperates. The check filter feature can be only activatedwhen the accumulated operation time achieves 250hours or more. The Reset light(Clean filter indicatorlight) flashes one time per second. After cleaning the airfilter, press the Filter pad to turn the filter light (clean filterindicator light) off the time resets.Turbo LightIlluminates when the fan speed is set up to Turbo mode.Normal LightNOTE: Applies to models without built-in pump only.Illuminates when the fan speed is set to normal, which islow fan speed.Continuous LightNOTE: Applies to models with built-in pump only.Illuminates when continuous operation is in effect.5

BHD-H/ BHDP-H Portable DehumidifierHeat ControllerOwner’s ManualIDENTIFICATION OF PARTSIdentification of PartsFront1Control panel2Air intake grille3Air outlet grille4Air filter (behind the grille)5Water bucket6Handle (both sides)Fig. 3Rear1Continuous drain hose outlet and plug2Casters3Power cord and plug4Cable Tie (to store power cordwhen unit is not in use.)5Pump drain hose outletFig. 4NOTE: All the pictures in the manual are for explanation purposes only. The actual shape of theunit you purchased may be slightly different, but the operations and functions are the same.ACCESSORIESATTENTION: Checkinside the bucket andthe packaging forthese accessories.Continuous DrainHose Segment (1pc)*required to bypassbucket for gravity drainAdapter A (1pc)*Screw (2pc)required forcontinuousdrainagePump DrainHose Segment (1pc)required for pump models onlyto use during pump operation6*NOTE: Some models will have the continuousdrain hose and adapter already assembled together.Other models will require you to attach the drainhose to the adapter.

Owner’s ManualBHD-H/ BHDP-H Portable DehumidifierHeat ControllerOPERATING THE UNITPositioning the UnitA dehumidifier operating in a basement will have little or noeffect in drying an adjacent enclosed storage area, such as acloset, unless there is adequate circulation of air in and out ofthe area. Do not use outdoors. This dehumidifier is intended for indoor residentialapplications only. This dehumidifier should not be usedfor commercial or industrial applications. Place the dehumidifier on a smooth, level floor strongenough to support the unit with a full bucket of water. Allow at least 8 inches of clearance on all sides ofthe unit and 15 inches above the unit for good air circulation.(See Fig. 5). Place the unit in an area where the temperature will notfall below 41 F (5 C). The coils can become covered withfrost at temperatures below 41 F (5 C), which may reduceperformance. Models with pumps should not operate when thetemperature is 32 F (0 C) or below to prevent condensatefrom freezing inside the drain hose and damaging the pump. Place the unit away from sources of heat such as clothesdryer, heater or radiator. Use the unit to prevent moisture damage anywhere booksor valuables are stored. Use the dehumidifier in a basementto help prevent moisture damage. The dehumidifier must be operated in an enclosed area to bemost effective. Close all doors, windows and other outside openings to theroom.When using the Unit When first using the dehumidifier, operate the unitcontinuously 24 hours. This unit is designed to operate with a working environmentbetween 41 F (5 C) and 95 F(35 C). If the unit has been switched off and needs to be switchedon again quickly, allow approximately three minutes foroperation to resume. Do not connect the dehumidifier to an electrical outlet, whichis also being used for other electrical appliances. Select a suitable location, making sure you have easyaccess to an electrical outlet. Plug the unit into a electrical socket-outlet with a properground connection. Make sure the Water bucket is correctly seated inposition otherwise the unit will not operate properly.7Fig. 5

Fig. 5Heat ControllerBHD-H/ BHDP-H Portable DehumidifierOwner’s Manual2. Hold both sides of the bucket with even strength,and pull it out from the unit.OPERATING THE UNITCondensate RemovalThere are several ways to remove collected condensate.1 By emptying the bucket each time it’s full.2. By continuously draining through a hose into a drain.3. By pumping water out of the bucket through a hose into a drain(pump only models).NOTES: When you remove the bucket, do not touch any parts inside of the unit.Doing so may damage the product or cause injury. Be sure to push the bucket gently all the way back into the unit. If the pump suction line drops down when you remove the bucket (See Fig.6), you must push the pump’s suction line back up toward the top of thecavity where the bucket resides before replacing the bucket (See Fig. 7). When the continuous drain feature is not being used, remove the drain hosefrom the outlet and reinstall the plug. When the pump feature is not being used, remove the pump drain hose. The bucket has a float switch inside, which is a plastic part with styrofoam init. Be sure this is also in it’s proper position upon reinstalling the bucket.3. Discard the condensatewater from the bucket.Fig. 6Fig. 7Pump suction linedrops downDrain Hose SegmentAdapter AContinuous Drain PlugDrain Hose segmentattached to Adapter1. Pull Aout the bucket a little.Fig. 10Fig. 82. Holdboth sides of the bucket with even strength,Connectorand pull it out from the unit.Drain HoseFig. 11Garden Hose3. Discard the condensatewater from the bucket.Female thread endFig. 7Fig. 9Fig. 12Fig. 8Pump suction linedrops downDrain Hose Segment8Reinstall pumphose properlyFig. 91. Condensate Collection Bucket The dehumidifier will alert you when it is time to empty the bucket. If the bucket is full when the unit is off and you attempt to turn it on, theunit will beep 8 times and the Full indicator light will flash, the displaywill show the P2 error code. When the unit is operating and the bucket becomes full, thecompressor turns off 30 seconds later the fan turns off. The unit willbeep 8 times and the Full indicator light will flash, the display will showthe P2 error code. Slowly pull out the bucket. Grip the handles securely, and carefully pullthe bucket straight out of the unit so the water does not spill. Do notset the bucket on the floor because the bottom of the bucket is uneven,which may cause the bucket to tip and the water to spill. (Fig. 8). Discard the water and replace the bucket in to the unit. (Fig. 9). Thebucket must be securely seated for the dehumidifier to operate. If thebucket is not properly installed a P2 or Eb error code will display on thecontrol panel. The dehumidifier will re-start when the bucket is restored to its correct position.Fig. 6Reinstall pumphose properlyAdapter AFig. 9

3. Discard the condensatewater from the bucket.Owner’s ManualBHD-H/ BHDP-H Portable DehumidifierFig. 6Heat ControllerFig. 7Fig. 8OPERATING THE UNIT2. Condensate Drainage (gravity drainage) Water can be automatically emptied into a floor drain by attachingthe unit with a water hose, a standard garden hose to theunit. The garden hose is not supplied with the unit, but can bepurchased separately from a local hardware store. Push the drain hose segment onto the hose barb Adapter A(See Fig. 10).NOTE: Some models may not require this step. Remove the continuous drain plug from the outlet on the back ofthe unit. (See Fig. 11). Remove the bucket, then insert the continuous drain hose throughthe continuous drain outlet of the unit so that the threaded end ofAdapter A is facing outward from the rear of the unit. While lookinginto the empty cavity of the unit where the bracket normallyresides, pull the hose until you can securely slide it onto theconnector inside the cavity where the bucket resides. (See Fig.12). Tighten the Adaptor A to the rear unit securely with two screws. Connect one end of the garden hose to the threaded end ofAdapter A (See Fig. 13). Run the other end of the garden hose tothe floor drain or a suitable drainage facility. Make sure the hose connections are secure, so there are noleaks. Ensure that there are no kinks in the hose that will stop the waterflow. Ensure end of the hose is level or pointed downward to let thewater flow freely by gravity. Place the bucket back into the unit and make sure that it is seatedproperly. Select the desired humidity setting and fan speed on the controlpanel continuous draining to start.9Pump suction linedrops downDrain Hose SegmentReinstall pumphose properlyAdapter AFig. 10Continuous Drain PlugDrain Hose segmentattached to Adapter AFig. 11ConnectorDrain HoseFig. 12Garden HoseFemale thread endFig. 13

Heat ControllerBHD-H/ BHDP-H Portable DehumidifierOwner’s ManualOPERATING THE UNIT3. Condensate Pump DrainageWater can be automatically emptied into a floor drain or a suitabledrainage location by attaching the factory supplied pump drain hose(0od 1/4”) to the pump drain outlet on the rear of the unit. Before activating the condensate pump, ensure that the garden hose,continuous drain hose and Adapter A subassembly are removed fromthe unit. Be certain that the continuous drainage outlet is pluggedsecurely. (See Fig. 14). Next insert the factory supplied pump condensate hose into the pumpdischarge outlet. Ensure that the connection is secure to prevent waterleaks by slightly tugging on the hose gently. (See Fig. 15). Direct the opposite end of the pump’s drain hose toward the floor drainor other suitable drainage location, ensuring that there are no kinks inthe hose to obstruct condensate drainage. Ensure that the end of thehose is level or directed downward into the drain for proper drainage. Press the button labeled pump on the control panel, then select thedesired relative humidity level and fan speed to activate the pump.When the bucket is full, the pump will begin to operate . NOTE: Thepump may sound noisy when it starts to work for the first 3-5 minutes.This is a normal phenomenon. Garden Hose,continuous drain hosesegment and Adapter AFig. 15ATTENTION: If the pump operation light blinks when the pump isoperational, this means there is a problem with the pump feature thatrequires trouble shooting. CHECK THE FOLLOWING:Ensure the pump’s strainer is not clogged. To check the strainer and/orunclog it. Remove the bucket. Simply pull down the condensate pump’sinlet hose. The strainer is a small screened cup, which can easily twistoff to be cleaned. Remove only debris from the screen of the strainerand twist it back on the pump inlet hose. Push the pump inlet hoseback into the proper position and re-install the bucket. (See Fig. 16).Check that the pump’s drain hose is not kinked or has anythingblocking the condensate from draining.Turn on the unit. Ensure the bucket is empty, then re-install it. Becertain it is properly seated.Turn off the unit, then turn on again. If the error repeats, call for service.CAUTION: Do not use the pump feature when the outdoor temperature is equalto or less than 32 F (0 C), otherwise condensate may freeze insidethe pump’s drain line, blocking condensate removal and possibilitydamaging the pump. Make sure to empty the bucket once a week whenusing the pump drainage feature. When the pump drainage feature is not being used, remove thepump drain hose from the outlet by pushing the pump’s drain outletconnection toward the cabinet while pulling the pump drain hoseoutward, away from the cabinet. (See Fig. 17).10Fig. 14Continuous Drain PlugPump Drain HosePump Drain OutletFig. 16Pump Inlet Hosewith StrainerFig. 172Pull the pumpdrain hose awayfrom the cabinet1Push the connectortoward the cabinet

Owner’s ManualBHD-H/ BHDP-H Portable DehumidifierHeat ControllerCARE AND MAINTENANCECare and cleaning of the dehumidifierTurn the dehumidifier off and remove the plug from thewall outlet before cleaning.1. Clean the Grille and Cabinet Use water and a mild detergent. Do not use bleach or abrasives. Do not splash water directly into the unit. Doing so may cause anelectrical shock, cause the insulation to deteriorate, or cause the unitto rust. The air intake and outlet grilles may become clogged with dust, souse a vacuum attachment with brush to clean.2. Clean the Bucket Every few weeks, clean the bucket to prevent growth of mold, mildewand bacteria. Partially fill the bucket with clean water and add a littlemild detergent. Swish it around in the bucket, empty and rinse.After cleaning, the bucket must be reinstalled and securely seated forthe dehumidifier to operate.WARNING: Do not use a dishwasher to clean the bucket.3. Clean the Air Filter Remove the filter at least every two weeks for cleaning or morefrequently if needed. Remove bucket then pull filter downwards (See Fig. 18). Wash the filter with clean water then air dry. Once filter is completely dry, re-install it and the bucket.CAUTION: DO NOT operate the dehumidifier without a filter becausethe dirt and lint will clog the coils and reduce performance.4. Clean the Pump Strainer (for models with pumps only) Remove the bucket. Simply pull down the pump inlet hose inside the empty cavity wherethe bucket resides (See Fig. 19). The strainer is a small screened cap, which can easily twist off forcleaning. Remove any debris from the screen of the strainer and twist back onto the pump inlet hose. Push the inlet hose back into it’s proper position, then reinstall thebucket.Fig. 18Pump StrainerFig. 195. When not using the unit for long time periods After turning off the unit, wait one day before emptying the bucket tobe sure all condensate on the coils has drained. Clean the main unit, water bucket and air filter. Unplug the power cord and bundle it using the cable tie (Fig. 20). Store the unit upright in a dry, wall-ventilated place until ready to useagain.Fig. 2011

BHD-H/ BHDP-H Portable DehumidifierHeat ControllerOwner’s ManualTROUBLESHOOTING TIPSBefore calling for service, review the chart below to see if you can resolve the issue yourself. Thisstep can potentially save you time and money.ProblemUnit does not startWhat to check Make sure the dehumidifier’s plug is pushed completelyinto the outlet. Check the fuse/circuit breaker box. Dehumidifier has reached its preset level or bucket is full. Water bucket is not seated in the proper position.Dehumidifier does notdry the air as it should Allow enough time to remove the moisture. Make sure there are no curtains, blinds or furniture blocking theair inlets/outlets of the dehumidifier. Try lowering the set point of the RH%. Check that all doors, windows and other openings are securely closed. Ensure the unit is not operating outside of its normal operatingconditions, below 41 F (5 C). Ensure no other products are used in the room where thedehumidifier is operating, which give off water vapor, such as akerosene heater.The unit makes a loudnoise when operating Unclog the air filter. Ensure the unit is sitting on a level surface, to preventvibrationFrost appearson the coils This is normal. The dehumidifier has on Auto defrostfeature, which will automatically de-ice the coils as needed.Water on the floor Ensure drain hoses and/or plugs are properly installed. Be sure drain hoses do not have kinks or blockages.ES, AS, PS, EC, or Ebappear on the display These are error codes and protection code. See theCONTROL PANEL section for more details related to whateach error code is and how to resolve it.12

Owner’s ManualBHD-H/ BHDP-H Portable DehumidifierThis page is left intentionally blank.13Heat Controller

Heat ControllerBHD-H/ BHDP-H Portable DehumidifierThis page is left intentionally blank.14Owner’s Manual


technical data specific to this unit. Be sure the unit is properly grounded. To minimize shock and fire hazards, proper grounding is important. The power cord is equipped with a three-prong grounding plug for protection against shock hazards. Your unit must be used in a properly grounded wal