MTS Ultimate TV Remote ControlSet your TV toSTB mode oryour MTS servicewill not work. Onsome remotes thisbutton is labelledMTS.Record TV* withjust one clickSkip back in7-secondincrementsGo to Video OnDemand libraryMTS Ultimate TVQuick Guide(Note: On DEMANDbutton may becalled VIDEO ONDEMAND on someremotes)Go to Main MenuProgram MTSremote controlto TVs/DVDs orauxilliary devices(Note: LEARNbutton may becalled SETUPbutton on someremotes)When in Guide,return to last screenor Main MenuEnjoy a variety of features andprogramming that will change theway you watch TV.Exit from MENUscreen to TVSearchGo to InteractiveProgram GuideEdit letters ornumbers on theSEARCH screenFinding your favourite showsChange videoinput (Must be inTV mode for TVservice to work)Pause Live TV*Skip forward in 30second increments. (Note: FWDbutton may becalled SKIP FORWARD on someremotes).Go to list of recordedTV programs*Launch MyMenu,your customizablemenu appNavigate channels, menus andscreens usingarrowsGo to PROGRAMINFO screenCustomize usingMyRemoteReturn to thepreviouslyviewed TVchannel or a listof previouslyviewed channelsFind Details About a Specific Program Press OK or INFO to see a summary of the program,including actor, director, program rating, the original airdate, how much time is remaining, and whether or notthe program is in HDSearch for Programs by Day Press ENTER and the options to jump to different timeswill appear along the right hand side of your screen Highlight the option you want and select OKSearch for Programs by Title or ActorWhile watchingTV, change screendimentions to fitwide-screen TV Press the yellow triangle to find out when your favouriteprogram is on, or search for shows and movies includingVideo On DemandWhile in Guide,jump channellistings by tonight,tomorrow or thenext 14 daysCustomize channels in your guideWhile in Guide,easily add a channelto your Favouriteslist (Note: ENTER/ASPECT button maybe called OPTIONSon some remotes)TIP: The remote control must be within 20 feet of your set-topbox and have a clear line of sight with no obstructions, suchas a glass door, in order for it to work.MyRemoteMyRemote lets you customize the A, B, and C buttons onyour remote for one-touch access to your favourite MTSUltimate TV channels, menu options, and applications. See more Ultimate TV tips andhelpful hints, visit Press GUIDE on your remote to launch the onscreenInteractive Program Guide (IPG)Note: Remotes come in silver, black and charcoal. Some remotes do not have a LEARN button.*You must subscribe to PVR Service to use this function. Press MENU, select SETTINGS, GUIDE Select CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL GUIDE, press OK On each TV, uncheck the channels that you do not wantto appear in the guide and save changesControlling live TV using your Whole HomePVRYou must subscribe to MTS Whole Home PVR service torecord programs.

Control live TV using the same control buttons that you useto pause, fast-forward, and rewind MTS Video On Demand– all while watching a live TV program: Press PAUSE to pause the program for up to 90 minutes Press FF once, twice or three times to fast forward atincreasing speeds. Program can be forwarded to thepoint at which the program is live. Press REW once, twice or three times to rewind atincreasing speeds. Program can rewind to the point atwhich you are tuned to the channel.Watching Your Recorded Programs Press RECORDED TV Choose the program you want to watchStopping a Recorded Program While watching a recorded program, to stop it at anytimepress the STOP button on your remote control Select one of the options that appear Press REPLAY to skip back 7 secondsHow Much Can You Record?Check the capacity of your PVR by: Pressing the MENU button Select RECORDED TV to select PVR SPACERecording and watching programs using yourWhole Home PVRWhen less than 10% of disk space is remaining, your PVRwill start deleting the oldest recorded programs that are notprotected. Press FWD to skip forward 30 secondsIf you subscribe to Whole Home PVR you can setrecordings and play back recorded programs on anyconnected TV in your home.Recording a Program you are Currently Watching Press the red RECORD button at the top of the remote.RECORDING appears briefly on the top of the screenTo protect your recordings from being erased automatically Select RECORDED TV and select the recorded show thatyou want to protect Select KEEP UNTIL Select either KEEP UNTIL SPACE NEEDED to erase theprogram automatically when space is needed, or KEEPUNTIL I ERASE to store the program until it is manuallyerasedIf all your recordings are protected and your PVR’s storagespace is full, a warning message will appear and your PVRwill stop recording. You can free up space by deleting old orunwanted recordings.TIP: Your PVR will automatically turn on to start recording andturn off when a recording is completed. Visit for more details.MyPVRControl your PVR on the go! Add, delete or change recordingsfrom a computer or select mobile devices. Visit to set up your MyPVR.Recording a Program or Series from the Guide Press GUIDE; highlight a program that you want to recordMy Picks and Ultimate Picks Press RECORD. A red dot will appear by the program toindicate that the program is now scheduled to record.RECORDING SCHEDULED appears briefly on the top ofthe screenWatch up to 6 programs at one time! Visit channel 92 to checkout our Ultimate Picks for Kids, Sports, Movies and more! Or,set up your own customized channels on Channel 93 withMyPicks. Press RECORD twice to set a series recording. Three reddots will appear next to SERIES RECORDINGSMTS Video On Demand To adjust the settings on your recording such as when tostop your recording or to only record first-run episodes(series only); press INFO, select RECORD SETTINGS,and press OKRent all the newest Hollywood blockbusters and your favouritefilms whenever you want, plus get access to original made-inManitoba programming from MTS Stories From Home. Press VIDEO ON DEMAND or ON DEMAND Visit for a complete list of movies.Apps on TVInteractive applications to entertain, inform or amuse you.Try our Apps on TV Demo channel for free on channel 96.Stingray Music RoomWant some background music in the house? Tune toChannel 1060 to see all your free Stingray music stations inone place.MTS Pay-Per-ViewGet front row seats to some of the best live TV events frommixed martial arts, wrestling and other special events. Press GUIDE to see Pay-Per-View listings on channels 801and 802 and channels 1801 and 1802 in HD. Visit for a complete list of MTS Pay-Per-Viewevents.TIP: You can record a Pay-Per-View event but you cannotrecord a Video On Demand program due to copyrightprotection.Parental LockingBlock material that is inappropriate for your family by settinga PIN that viewers must enter in order to view blockedcontent. Press MENU; highlight SETTINGS, and select PARENTALCONTROLS Select PARENTAL LOCKING and use the numeric keypadto enter a four-digit PIN. The first time you access your Parental Locks, you will beprompted to enter a new PIN. A default PIN (1234) hasbeen pre-set by MTS to prevent access to adult content. After you enter a new PIN, you must re-set the AdultLock settings in order to block Adult Content.With Parental Locking, you can: Lock and restrict access to specific channels Lock TV programs and movies by their ratings Lock any unrated movies and TV programs Lock adult programs Lock access during specific hours and days of the week Change your PINTIP: Parental Locking settings must be set up on each TV forthe settings to take effect on each TV. Setting your ParentalLocks will also block content in the Picture In Picture previewof the guide. Visit for more details.

Call DisplayClosed CaptioningSee who’s calling with Call Display.To Activate Closed Captioning:To personalize your Call Display settings: Press MENU Highlight MESSAGE CENTRE Select CALL DISPLAY OPTIONS At each TV, you can customize if you want to turn it on oroff, the length of time that the pop up stays on your TV,and the location of the pop up.Enable closed captioning on your television (refer to yourtelevision manual). Press MENU S elect SETTINGS, TELEVISION, select CLOSEDCAPTIONING U se the arrow buttons to select CLOSED CAPTIONS ON U se the arrow buttons to highlight CHANGE besideSTANDARD CAPTIONING U se the arrow buttons to highlight CLOSED CAPTION1 U se the arrow buttons to highlight SAVE U se the arrow buttons to highlight DONE P ress EXIT to view closed captioning displays on Live TVYou must subscribe to MTS Call Display on your MTS HomePhone service to view caller information on your TV. Visit for more details, orcall 204-225-5687 to sign up for Call Display.How many programs can I watch at the sametime?Your household can watch up to 8 programs at the sametime: Live – Watch live or record up to 4 programs at the sametime. Watching a Video On Demand program also countsas a Live program. Recorded – Watch up to 4 recorded programs at thesame time.If you try to watch or record more than the number ofprograms above, you will get a CONFLICT MESSAGE.Follow the on-screen instructions to resolve the conflict andcontinue watching TV.TIP: Two TVs in your home tuned to the same live channelcount as one program. Video on Demand is a live program,not a recorded program. Visit for more details.Adjusting your TV settingsIf you watch non-HD (regular TV programming) on awidescreen HDTV, black bars will appear on all four sides ofthe program.To remove or minimize the bars while watching TV: Press ENTER Select ASPECT RATIO Choose one of the following options:– Normal displays the unaltered image in standard format– Stretch expands the image to fill the screen (may causedistortion of the image)– Zoom 1-3 will zoom in on the image but may result inpart of the image being cropped out of the frameNote: using Zoom will affect all channels, including HD.Stretch will only affect the non-HD channels.Note: For Closed Captioning of HD Channels, selectDIGITAL CLOSED CAPTIONING. For Closed Captioning ofStandard Definiton Channels, select STANDARD CLOSEDCAPTIONING. Closed Captioning can be mapped to the A, Bor C button for easy toggling.TIP: You can set up a toggle for Closed Captioning andDescriptve Video with My Remote. See for more information ondescriptive video and how to set it upChanging DevicesSometimes you’ll need to switch to different ‘inputs’ to useanother device (e.g. Gaming system, DVD player, etc.). To getback toUltimate TV or use the PVR, set your TV’s ‘Input/Source’ to thetype of cable that is connecting the Ultimate TV set-top-box toyour TV set, i.e. Component or HDMI.Set-top box equipment care and maintenanceinformation TO REDUCE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVECOVER (OR BACK). PVR set-top boxes (VIP 1216/2262) require careful handlingto avoid damaging the drive. Wait at least 10 seconds after disconnecting power beforemoving the set-top box. Do not attempt to mount or position the set-top boxvertically, as it must be positioned horizontally and rest on itsrubber feet. Do not position the set-top box near any external heatsource such as a heater or radiator. Do not place the set-top box on a rug or bed as it mayoverheat. Do not stack other electronic equipment on top of it. Allow for at least two inches of free space above the settop box and ensure the vents on the set-top box are notblocked. Only use the power adapter and cord supplied to connectto your home’s AC power outlet. Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched. The Video Access Point (VAP2500) used with wirelessset-top boxes must be positioned vertically and on a stablesurface. If a wireless set-top box (VIP2502W) is used outdoors(patio/deck) it must be protected from moisture,temperature extremes, and prolonged exposure to sunlight. Contact MTS if the set-top box gets damaged in any way,such as if the box is dropped, the power supply cord orplug is damaged, liquid is spilled on it, objects have falleninto it, or it has been exposed to rain or moisture.Quick TV Fixes1. Press STB, located at the top left-hand side of your remote,to ensure that the operating mode is set to MTS UltimateTV service. (On some remotes, this button is labelled MTS).2. Check that you are within 20 feet of your set-top box andhave a clear line of sight with no obstructions, such as aglass door, in order for your remote control to work.3. Check or replace the batteries in the remote control.4. On some TVs, the brightness settings can interfere withthe signal from your remote to your set-top box. Tryadjusting the brightness on your TV set.5. Check that there is power to your set-top box. You will seea green light around the power button on the front panel.6. Check that your TV’s Input/Source is set to the type ofcable that is connecting the MTS Ultimate TV set-top boxto your TV set i.e. Component or HDMI.7. Check that your cables are firmly attached to the TV andset-top box.8. Turn your set-top box off and on by pressing the POWERbutton on your set-top box to reset the system.Remember: T o instantly change your Channel Groups online, You must have an HD TV set to view HD quality TVsignals H D and SD channels are now sold together– when yousubscribe to a Digital channel, you will also automaticallyget the HD version of that channel (where available)A condensed version of the MTS Ultimate TV Terms & Conditions is availableon your TV by pressing MENU, MESSAGE CENTRE, NEWS LOG, TERMS &CONDITIONS. To obtain a full version visit or call204-225-5687.

DHDGroupPrimeTime 1CNBC144 NewsFX2371237Movie PicksA&E Go*PrimeTime 1CNN103PrimeTime 1FYI2921292LifestyleAapka ColorsBollywoodComedy arterCosmoTV1361136LifeGame TVABC Seattle3361336Time Shift WestCottage Life3031303PlacesGerman Kino Plus529GermanABC Spark2341234Movie PicksCP24283 InformationGlobal BC333Time Shift WestAction2411241Movie Flickscpac (English)28StarterGlobal Maritimes346Al Jazeera English288Extra ChannelsCrime Investigation1641164ReplayGlobal Toronto3431343Time Shift EastAMC2471247Movie FlicksCTV BC3321332Time Shift WestGlobal Winnipeg121012StarterABC Grand Forks1333EssentialsTime Shift EastAmerican Heroes Channel1241124AdventureCTV Go*StarterGMA Life TV508GMAAMI-tv8881888StarterCTV Montreal3441344Time Shift EastAnimal Planet2511251Kids PlusCTV News Channel1411141NewsGMA News TVInternational524FilipinoApps on TV Demo Channel961096Extra AppsCTV Winnipeg51005StarterGMA Pinoy TV507GMAAPTN141014StarterDaystar Canada27GMA Radio – DWLS799GMAGMA Radio – DZBB798GMAGolf Channel182Sports FansGSN107PrimeTime 2Gusto1171117EntertainmentH21631163ReplayHBO Canada 12101210Premium MoviesHBO Canada 22091209Premium MoviesHeadline News1081108PrimeTime 1HGTV1341134LifeHIFI1603HD HiFiHistory1105PrimeTime 2Extra ChannelsATN501BollywoodDejaView233Movie PicksAux TV321MedleyDiscovery1041104PrimeTime 1B4U Movies504BollywoodDiscovery Science2731273ExploreBabyTV256Kids PlusDiscovery Velocity1621HD DiscoveryBBC Canada304PlacesDisney Channel1501150FamilyBBC Kids252Kids PlusDisney Junior1561156FamilyBBC World News3011301PlacesDisney XD1601160FamilybeIN Sportstling5271527Soccer & Wres-DistracTV761076Apps for TVDIY Network2751275ExploreBET314 Medleydocumentary2641264CinemaBloomberg TV1461146NewsDTOUR1061106PrimeTime 2BNN1421142NewsDW502 German1512BollywoodBollywood Times HDE! 1131113EntertainmentBookTelevision305 PlacesESPN Classic202Sports EnthusiastsBravo1231123AdventureEuroWorld Sport195Sports ChampionsCartoon Network1571157FamilyEWTN500FaithCBC News Network1401140EssentialsExxxtasy952 AdultCBC Toronto3411341Time Shift EastFairchild Television506CBC Vancouver3311331Time Shift WestFamily Go*Family21002StarterFamily Channel (East)FamilyCBC WinnipegCBN – CommonwealthBroadcasting NetworkCBS Minneapolis516Bollywood41004StarterCBS Seattle3371337Time Shift WestCHCH2611261CinemaCHRGD1591159FamilyCity Edmonton3341334Time Shift WestCity Saskatchewan330Time Shift WestCity Toronto3421342Time Shift EastCity Vancouver3351335Time Shift West81008Starter1091109PrimeTime 2City WinnipegCMT1531153ChineseFamily Channel (West)154FamilyFamily Jr.158FamilyFashion Television Channel293LifestyleFight Network1701170Sports FansFNTSY Sports Network1901190Extra ChannelsFood Network1351135LifeFOX Minneapolis191019StarterFox News1451145NewsFOX Seattle3381338Time Shift WestFOX Sports Racing1751175Sports FansFTV525 Filipino1051182History Go*PrimeTime 2Hollywood Suite 00sMovies1614HD Hollywood SuiteHollywood Suite 70sMovies1611HD Hollywood SuiteHollywood Suite 80sMovies1612HD Hollywood SuiteHollywood Suite 90sMovies1613HD Hollywood SuiteHollywood Suite Go*HopeTVHD Hollywood Suite11 StarterHorseracing 1179Extra ChannelsHorseracing 2180Extra ChannelsICI RDI139StarterIFC262 CinemaInvestigation Discovery277Kapatid TV55301277FilipinoKTLA Los Angeles224SuperLCN138NewsLifetime2441244Movie FlicksLobby Camera951095Starter1224Explore

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Ultimate TV or use the PVR, set your TV’s ‘Input/Source’ to the type of cable that is connecting the Ultimate TV set-top-box to your TV set, i.e. Component or HDMI. Set-top box equipment care and maintenance information TO REDU