Dear First-Centenary family,The Congregational Care Ministry serves our church community in anumber of ways, especially at times of transition and loss. We seek tocare for families before, during and after the loss of a loved one. Thisbooklet is prepared to guide you during this significant time. We arehonored to be present with you to offer support to you and your family.The inherent belief in the risen Christ is the foundation of aUnited Methodist worship service, including a Service of Death andResurrection or a Memorial Service. Christ is our hope for eternal life,and we offer this as assurance to the surviving family and friends, thattheir beloved is in God’s eternal keeping.The family planning for a service can be a blessing for those in grief.It is a time to laugh and to cry as the stories are retold and memoriesare shared.If you have questions regarding planning a service, please call theMinistry of Congregational Care office, 423.756.2021, ext. 3106 oremail Laura Shearer at [email protected],Dr. C. Mark GoodenSenior MinisterRev. Laura ShearerAssociate MinisterCongregational CareFIRST-CENTENARY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH419 McCallie Avenue Chattanooga, TN

Planning for the ServiceBefore Death OccursThe Congregational Care associate minister will be happy to visitand provide you with a planning document or you may use the oneat the back of this booklet. Once completed, a record will be madeand your data file will reflect that you have pre-planned your personalservice or one for a member of your immediate family. Familiesmight want to consider interment here at the church in our beautifulMemorial Garden. To determine availability, please contact KarenGates, Business Manager at 423-756-2021 ext. 3121 or [email protected] Death Is Imminent Or Death OccursWhen a death is imminent, please call the Congregational Care officeat 423-756-2021.Date, Time And Place Of ServiceIf you wish to have one of our pastors conduct the service for yourloved one, please schedule a meeting with him or her before youschedule a service with the funeral home.Upon approval of the Senior Pastor, the family may request pastorsfrom other churches to participate in the service. To avoid schedulingconflicts, the Congregational Care pastor will contact the FacilitiesManager to coordinate service time and location.The Kate Lyle West Chapel and the Memorial Garden provideintimate settings for Services of Death and Resurrection andMemorial Services when the Sanctuary is not the preferred locationfor the service. The funeral home and cemetery can also serve asvenues. Whatever the family’s decision, we will make every effort toaccommodate your wishes.2

Type Of ServiceThere are several types of services to consider:1. A traditional Service of Death and Resurrection (wherethe casket is present), with graveside committal to follow.2. A Memorial Service (where there is no casket). If thereis a cremation, the Memorial Service may be followed bythe interment of ashes in the Memorial Garden.3. A graveside service or a service in the Memorial Garden4. A graveside service and burial prior to the Memorial ServiceFamily VisitationFamily visitation may be scheduled prior to the service or after onthe service day or the evening before. Receptions can be held inone of the hospitality rooms either before or after the service. Thefamily is responsible for menus items for receptions or luncheons.Recommendations of caterers are available upon request.MemorabiliaFrequently, family members display photos, albums, hobby examplesor other personal items relating to their loved one. The church willprovide a display table to hold the items.Making Service PlansAfter decisions are made regarding the date, time, place and type ofservice, the pastor conducting the service and the Congregational Carepastor will arrange to meet with the family to discuss scripture and musicto be shared at the service. It will be a time of sharing personal stories.This meeting may take place in the pastor’s office or in the family home.The Minister of Congregational Care will coordinate all plans for theservice including: discuss arrangements with the family as neededand arrange for the logistics of the service; serve as the liaisonbetween the funeral home and the family; contact the clergy whoare to participate and the Director of Music and Worship regardingselections for the service; secure any needed sound technician; andarrange for custodial services and volunteer support.3

FeesThere are no fees for use of the church when a Service of Death andResurrection or a Memorial Service is held at First-Centenary. One ofFirst-Centenary’s organists/pianists will provide music for the service.The Director of Music Ministries, Dr. Janice McNair, will coordinatewith musicians and/or vocalists for the service and determine if thereare fees to be assessed. If the family desires outside accompanistsor vocalists, the Director of Music will give approval for the churchand the family will be responsible for any fees and costs associatedwith those participants. If you have questions about appropriate feesfor vocalists or instrumentalists, you may address concerns with thepastors.FlowersFloral offerings are a wonderful way to pay tribute to a loved one.Placement of floral arrangements will be handled by the ServiceCoordinator.Funeral Home Responsibilities1)2)3)4)5)6)Send obituary to the newspaperArrange visitation if at funeral homeGuide purchase of casket or urnArrange for family flowersProvide guest bookArrange for processional to cemetery and help withcemetery choice — plot, vault or spaceChurch Responsibilities1) Plan the Worship Service or Memorial Service andprovide bulletins, if needed2) Provide a team of volunteers to greet and direct guests3) Arrange flowers and plants4) Provide an urn for ashes, if needed5) Provide Pall for the casket, if requested4

A Sample Order Of WorshipGathering Music – Music will begin 15 minutes prior to the service.This may include selections requested by the family. A Processionalwill begin at the appointed time as the casket is moved into theworship space. The clergy will lead, followed by family.Worship Service OrderProcessionalWelcome and Words of GraceHymnAffirmation of FaithScripture(s)Prayers and The Lord’s PrayerHomilyBenedictionRecessionalAfter CareYour church wants you to feel that you are not alone followingyour loss. We will do everything possible to offer acts of kindnessand encouragement. You will find words of hope in many of thegrief resources that will be made available to you through theCongregational Care office.Families are invited to a healing service specifically designedfor those who have suffered loss of a loved one when a service isplanned. Also, our congregation celebrates All Saints Day, usuallythe first Sunday in November each year, at which time we rememberin each of the morning worship services those members of FirstCentenary who died within the intervening 12 months. Additionally,during that time our members may list the names of any loved onewho has died in the Book of Names, which is made available for atime period.Occasionally there are support groups offered for the bereaved.For information regarding current grief support groups please contactthe Congregational Care Office, 423.756.2021, ext. 3106.5

Ending Life WellSuggested reading: Final Gifts: Understanding the SpecialAwareness, Needs and Communications of the Dying by MaggieCallahan, Bantam Books, (1992); Final Journeys: A Practical Guidefor Bringing Care and Comfort at the End of Life by Maggie Callan,Bantam Books, (1999; Looking Up While Lying Down by J. E. Biegert,Pilgrim Press (2004); Living Fully, Dying Well: Participant Guide, ASmall Group Study by Rueben Job, Abingdon Press (2006).Comfort in the Scriptures:Psalm 23 – I walk through the valley of the shadow of deathPsalm 62:8 – God is our refugeMatthew 11:28 – Come who are weary and heavily burdenedand I will give you restPsalm 130 – Psalm of LamentIsaiah 40:28-31 – Comfort my peopleRevelation 21:1-7 – Vision of life after death2 Corinthians 4:5-8 – Light shines out of darknessEphesians 1:15-23; 2:1-10 – Hope to which God has called youJohn 14 – Promise of life after deathOr Identify a verse that describes the person’s life.P. O. Box 208, Chattanooga, TN 37401(419 McCallie Avenue) 423-756-2021 www.firstcentenary.com2021

1. A traditional Service of Death and Resurrection (where the casket is present), with graveside committal to follow. 2. A Memorial Service (where there is no casket). If there is a cremation, the Memorial Service may be followed by the interment of ashes in the Memorial Garden. 3. A graveside service or a se