COAST GUARD HERITAGE MUSEUM NEWSLETTEREditor- G. WashburnPublisher- CGHMVolume Number- 3Fall 2008 October 19, 2008COAST GUARD HERITAGE MUSEUMat the Trayser3353 Main Street (Route 6A ) PO Box 161Barnstable MA 02630Tel 508-362-8521e-mail [email protected] or for the newsletter [email protected] WEBPAGE www.coastguardheritagemuseum.orgWe are open Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 AM to 3:00 PMThe Museum mission is to preserve and teach new generations about the legacy of the US CoastGuard and its 18th Century predecessors up to and including the modern day Coast Guard nowwithin the U.S. Department of Homeland SecurityWe are a nonprofit organization and rely on donations to keep our shipafloat. Check out the donation page 6.A WORD FROM OUR PRESIDENTBill ColletteThis is a very exciting time for all of us at the Trayser Museum Group and the CoastGuard Heritage Museum. I have brought to the attention of the Board Of Directorsof the Trayser Museum Group the need to do a short Bio on one of our Directors ineach newsletter. Our BOD ( and Honoree BOD’s ) have qualifications that shouldbe brought to our Newsletter readers. Each one is deserving to be unique in theexpertise needed to keep the Museum heading in the right direction. We willbegin with our two founders Lou Cataldo and Maurice Gibbs. We will salute eachof the BOD. So beginning with this edition we will salute Lou Cataldo.In the Month Of August The Old Jail plan was brought to the BOD’s by DerekBartlett of the CAIPRS ( Cape and Island Paranormal Research Society). The planwas to clean out the Old Jail and make it suitable for visitors to tour part of thebuilding. Lou Cataldo will chair the committee with Derek Bartlett and Bill Colletteto get things in order and in place. The Jail was cleaned out by the crew of theCAIPRS Nancy Jenkins, Debra Ahern and the members of the CGHM Bill Colette andJim Ellis. Emergency lighting was installed and several items are on display.Visitors will tour areas that are accessible to the pubic and display areas wereroped off. Check out the special feature photo and news pages about the old jail,Lightship Sailors and Blacksmith.

2MUSEUM NEWSThis past summer we had several exciting new projects that were completed. Ouradmissions and visitor attendance was the best in four years. Please read on.OUR FIRST ANNUAL CLAMBAKE FUNDRAISEROn Saturday July 2, 2008 The Museum had its first annual clambake. With the hardwork of Mary and John Manning, Bill Collette and the help of the directors andmembers, the clambake was a complete success. We made about 2.000.00.Everyone enjoyed the meal and the bucket and silent auctions were great fun andadded to the earnings. In addition we had contributions from Jim Baird, RichardRainville, and Mark Thompson of The Lyndon Lorusso Charitable Foundation.Check out the photo page for some great shots of the event.The Old Jail is now open for visitors and is manned by Derek Bartlett and his crewduring regular Museum hours. Donations will help keep the building open and tohelp maintain it. Check out the photo page.Our new web page is up and running. Check us out.WWW.coastguardheritagemuseum.orgThanks to Jack McGrath, Bill Collette and George Washburn it is something we allat the Museum are proud of and know you will enjoy it. It is a great page withPhotos, History, Stories, Links and even music. It is a work in progress. Jack willupdate it on a regular basisAugust 14, 2008: Captain Leon Murphy USCG Ret. Donated an East Wind buildersplaque and a CG flag.Thursday, September 25, 2008: Bill Thiesen, Coast Guard Historian Atlantic Areavisited the Museum. The Museum has been fortunate to have been visited andinspected by both Dr. Browning and Mr. Thiesen. They both gave us a thumbs upon our work and mission.Monday, September 29, 2008 : The future Chief Petty Officers had a call toinitiation at the Museum and were given a tour of the Museum at 10:00 A.M. Itwas an opportunity for them to learn the History of the Coast Guard and to returnto their units to encourage their personnel to visit and learn. In attendance were:CPO Dave Pieras Chatham Station, CPO Dave Fontenete of Air Station Cape Cod,CPO Mathew Plaud of Air Station Cape Cod, CPO Priscilla Harris of Air Station CapeCod. Absent but planning visit was CPO Micha Wisniewski . Chief Harris is going todonate a Bravo uniform for the Women in the Coast Guard Display.Saturday October 18, 2008 : At 9:30 A.M. The Lightship Sailors Association willDedicate their exhibit on the second floor of the Coast Guard Heritage Museum.

3MUSEUM NEWSWednesday, October 22, 2008 The Red Hats chapter from Mashpee will be given atour of the Museum starting at 11:00 A.M.The Cape Cod Boat Builders Association will tour the Museum in February 2009.Jim Ellis our Blacksmith was featured in a two page article about his work andtraining the next generation of Blacksmiths. Jim also gave demonstrations at theBarnstable County Fair this Summer. See the Photo page.Jack McGrath our webmaster has been made a voting member of the Museum’sBoard of Directors.Derek Bartlett has been made an Honorary member of the Board of Directors.This Summer Mary and AL “John” Manning our Treasurer and assistant Treasurerwent to the Coast Guard Ice Breaker Eastwind reunion at Branson MO.Yours truly George Washburn went to the Coast Guard Cutter Duane reunion inWilliamsburg VA and the Coast Guard Training Center in Yorktown VA.Dan Davidson our Chaplin and his wife June traveled to Hawaii on vacation.Happy Birthday to our BOD members Ralph Jones, Ed Skoler and FrancisBroadhurst. We stopped counting candles !Be sure to attend The 2008 Celebration Concert at Memorial Hall Plymouth, MA.Friday, November 21, 2008 7 PM. Free admission. This is a Patriotic Concert tohonor those who have served in any Military branch of the service. The Coast Guardwill be represented.Saturday, November 22, 2008 6:0 PM The National Drum and Bugle Corps ReunionConcert 25.00 admission. For Tickets and information Call 508-746-1818.Or check it out on the Web at www.usathanksgiving.comOn October 18, 2008 The Lightship Sailors Association and the Coast Guardheritage Museum dedicated the Lightship display room on the second floor of theMuseum.

4ABOUT OUR FOUNDERSBeginning with this edition of our newsletter we are going to give a brief biography of ourfounding members and directors. We will begin with Lou Cataldo our founding Presidentof the Trayser Museum Group Inc.LOU CATALDOLou Cataldo, founding President of the Trayser Museum Group Inc, is the manwho saved the 1856 U.S. Custom House and Post Office Building for the Town ofBarnstable, Massachusetts when the Federal Government declared it surplus in 1958. In2004 when the Barnstable Historical Society abandoned the building, it was Mr. Cataldowho again came to the rescue. Working with CDR Maurice Gibbs (USN Ret), heconverted the historic structure from its existence as the Donald G. Trayser MemorialMuseum to become the Coast Guard Heritage Museum.Our founder was born in East Boston and attended public school in Winthrop,Massachusetts. He learned his love of history and the sea from his history teacher EdwardRowe Snow—best known to Coast Guardsmen as “The Flying Santa”—who became aprize winning author, lecturer and tour guide for the Boston Harbor Islands andLighthouses.Mr. Cataldo enlisted in the U.S. Navy on June 6, 1939 and mustered out inDecember, 1945 as a First Class Petty Officer. He worked in the US Congress recordingstudios before he started a distinguished career in law enforcement.He joined the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Department in 1948 and rose to becomethe Chief Deputy Sheriff and after attending the FBI National Academy became directorof the County’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation where he became a nationally knownfingerprint expert. He is still active in law enforcement as a Special Deputy Sheriff.While pursuing an active law enforcement career, Mr. Cataldo never lost his love ofhistory. He founded Tales of Cape Cod, a Countywide historical society, wrote and editednumerous books, pamphlets and other publications. He chaired special committees thaterected statues to James Otis Jr. “The Patriot” and his sister Mercy Otis Warren both ofWest Barnstable who paved the way for the American Revolution. He also chaired thecommittee that erected a bronze life-sized statue of our late President, John F. Kennedy.He has strengthened ties with our sister city of Barnstaple, England and was namedan Honorary Burgess of Barnstaple, Devon, England in 2005—the second such Americanto be afforded the honor. Today he is the Barnstable County Archivist.

5COAST GUARD NEWSCOAST GUARD MOTOR LIFEBOATS GATHER IN CHATHAM(Left to right) A Coast Guard 42-footer motor lifeboat, 36- foot motor lifeboat and44-foot motor life boat gather in front of Chatham Coast Guard Station. Friday,October 3, 2008. For what may be the last time the three boats to ever getunderway together again. The 36 500 is scheduled for dry dock and the 44-footer isscheduled to be decommissioned. The 42 footer is only one of two in existenceand was created for Chatham’s breaking bar and surf conditions.MASSACHUSETTS MILITARY RESERVATION AIRFIELD TRANSFER CEREMONYMilitary and civilian guests attend a ceremony at Air Station Cape Cod, on Otis Airbase, Saturday Oct. 5, 2008 The event recognizes the official transfer of theMassachusetts Air National Guard to the Coast Guard. Rear ADM. Dale Gablecommander of the first Coast Guard District, spoke during the ceremony.Coast Guard chooses new patrol boatThe Sentinel - class patrol boat is 153 - and - a - half feet long. It will have a crewof 22. The ships will be able to stay at sea for at least five days and be underwayfor 2,500 hours per year. They will be armed with 25 mm chain gun forward and.50 caliber machine guns. Diesel engines providing a top speed of 28 knotsOn October 18, 2008 the Flag of the United States was flown at half mast at the CoastGuard Heritage Museum for the burial at sea of LCDR Andrew C. Wischmeier, USCG,who died in the crash of CG 6505 on September 4, 2008 in Hawaii. Two other members ofthe CG 6505 were recovered. They were AST1 David Skimin and AMT2 Joshua Nichols.CDR Thomas Nelson remains missing. On September 12, 2008 a memorial service washeld for the entire crew CG- 6505.Beginning this early Fall the Uniform Distribution Center will have in stock and begindistribution of the USCG Untucked uniform.

6SEND YOUR DONATIONS AND HELP KEEP US AFLOAT3353 Main Street (Route 6A ) Barnstable Ma. 02630 USATel: 508-352-8521We are a nonprofit organization and rely on donations to keep our shipafloat. Check out the donation page 7.Please join us to help preserve and publicize the heroic heritage of theLife-Savers and Cost Guard men and women who risked their lives tosave shipwreck victims over the centuries. Your donations will ensurethat the heritage is never forgotten.NAMEADDRESSCITY/ STATE/ ZIPAdmiral‘s Club (1,000)Captain’s Club ( 500)Chief’s Club ( 100)Station Keeper ( 75)Life-Savers ( 50)Surfmen / Aviators ( 10)If you are a Organization, Institution or Corporation that would like tohelp your donations would be greatly appreciated.The Coast guard Heritage Museum at the Trayser is a nonprofit organization withinthe definition of 501 (c3)

7 RECENT DONATIONSListed below are several collections of everyday items and uniforms worn and usedby Coast Guardsmen. These were added to our exhibits to give visitors a view ofeveryday life as lived by Coast Guard service men and women.We are grateful to all former Coasties and families who often come in bearingfamily treasures to share with us all and to help educate the public about the CoastGuard.A Collection of lifeboat rations and emergency drinking water rations were donatedby Richard Fichter USCG Senior Chief Petty Officer Retired and crewmember of theBuzzards Bay Lightship.A Boathook from the Ambrose Lightship WAL 613 was donated by a formercrewmember.Bill Collette, our president, donated a USCG Pea Coat and enlisted man’s white hatworn on the Pollock Rip Lightship WLV 536 in the late 1956’s.Items from the collection of Joseph Janard BMC, USCG, Retired. Several canvassewing devices, a Bosons Pipe and a cape device for Chief Petty Officer.Robert Huskins, a former member of the Nauset Life Boat Station, donated acollection of Foul Weather Gear worn by Coast Guard personnel while performingrescue’s during foul and rough weather.This summer and early fall we have received many mailed in donations to supportthe Museum. Visitors have given much to our donation boxes located through outthe Museum. To all of you who have given many thanks and be assured everypenny will be used educate and keeping our ship afloat.

8LIGHTSHIP SAILORS REUNIONTHE USCG LIGHTSHIP SAILORS ASSOC.INC INTERNATIONALOn October 13, 2008 Larry Ryan, Adrian Van Houten and Bill Collettearrived bright and early to start the painting of the lightship memorialin New Bedford MA. They were later joined by the rest of the workdetail. The Bell was from the Pollock Rip WLV-536. This bell wassalvaged from the Vineyard Lightship. There is a fascinating story onhow this memorial came to be. In future editions of the CGHMnewsletter the full story will be told.On October 18, 2008 at the Coast Guard Heritage Museum TheLightship Sailors Association Inc. held a dedication for their Museumcollection located on the second floor of the CGHM. In the afternoon aMemorial Service Ceremony was held on the grounds of the Museum.A tent was raised for the ceremonies and lunch. Chatham Coast GuardStation provided an Honor Guard for both the dedication and memorialservice. The members of the LSA were told the history of the Museumand given tours of the exhibit floors, the Blacksmith Shop and the OldJail building which has been recently opened to the public.The Coast Guard Heritage Museum is very grateful for the donation tothe Museum From the Lightship Sailors Assoc. We are also verygrateful for the many members who bought gifts at our gift shop andwho dropped personal donations into our donation boxes. You can beassured that it will be used to educate the public about the CoastGuard and the history of the lightships and lightship sailors who playedsuch an important role in for those who sailed along our coast.

9PAGE TWO LIGHTSHIP SAILORSThe Light Ship Sailors New Exhibit RoomTHE DEDICATION SERVICEThe Tent goes upThe Honor GuardTouring the MuseumThe Service

10THE OLD JAIL AND THE BLACKSMITH SHOPThe Old Jail’s walls do talk. There are old inscriptions and drawings left byprisoners who were locked up in centuries past. This Halloween when you walkthrough do not be surprised if you are in the company of spirits from the past.The old jailDebraDerek NancyThe old Blacksmith shopSome of the old jail artifactsThe village smithy at the anvilJim teaching the next generation from Virginia, Kristen Moore and Kyle Moore,Brother and sister. They are Great Grandchildren of Jim’s Uncle Howard Darrus.

COAST GUARD HERITAGE MUSEUM NEWSLETTER Editor- G. Washburn Publisher- CGHM Volume Number- 3 Fall 2008 October 19, 2008 COAST GUARD HERITAGE MUSE