Archives Collections GuideUpdated March 28, 2016Collection OverviewThe Gerber/Hart archives focuses its collections on gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer life in theChicago metropolitan area and the Midwest. It contains over 150 collections of historically significant personalmanuscripts, photographs, audiovisual recordings, and organizational records. These collections includeunpublished material such as letters, diaries, and scrapbooks documenting the lives of both average people andcommunity leaders. They also include the records of many community organizations, businesses, and politicalcampaigns. This guide is intended to serve as a preliminary research tool that provides a brief description ofholdings with basic information on size, inclusive dates, types of records, and broad subject areas.Guide ContentsList of Collections.2Collections Descriptions.6Name Index.26Topical Index.341

Archives Collections GuideUpdated March 28, 2016List of Collections85% Coalition records, 2001-2015.6‘87 March on Washington collection, 1987.6AIDS Conference records, 1992-1993.6AIDS Walk Chicago records, 1990-1998.6Barry Aldridge papers, 1995-1999.6Ken Allen papers, 1980-1997.6David Altenboro papers, 1989-1992.6Amigas Latinas records, 1995-2015.6John Applegate papers, 1931-1959.7Artemis Singers records, 1980-1986.7BEHIV [Better Existence with HIV] records, 1993-2009.7David Bell papers, 1988-1992.7Joyce Bolinger papers, 1995-1996.7Tom Boyden papers, circa 1980.7David Boyer papers, 1975-1994.7Kevin Boyer papers, 1989-1996.8Scott Burgh papers, 1992-1999.8George S. Buse papers, 1943-1989.8Jim Bussen papers, 1972-1995.8Chi-Town Squares records, 1991-1992.8Chicago Bi-Ways records, 1980-1985.8Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame records, circa 1991.8Chicago Gay Men's Chorus (CGMC) collection, 1983-1989.9Chicago Professional Networking Association (CPNA) records, 1987-2002.9David Cohen papers, 2003-2009.9Jason Cohen papers, 1987-1993.9Jon-Henri Damski papers, 1961-1997.9James C. Darby papers, 1991-2005.9Brian L. David papers, 1990-1996.9Tim Dean papers, 1984-1988.10Thomas Dombkowski papers, 1985-1990.10Veronica Drake papers, 1989-1995, 1991-1992.10Robin Dupree papers, 1956-1997.10Martin Dupuis papers, 1974-2001.10Patrick Dwyer papers, 1996.10Robert Klein Engler papers, 1978-2001.10Paul Fini diaries, 1976-1985.11Scott Flack papers, 1985-1987.11Edward Fleming papers, 1946-1987.112

Archives Collections GuideUpdated March 28, 2016Frontrunners/Frontwalkers records, 1982-2007.11Gay Horizons records, 1975-1994.11Girth & Mirth of Chicago, Inc. records, 1995-1996.11Barbara Gittings and Kay Tobin Lahusen papers, 1964-2007.11GLAAD Chicago [Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation] records, 1992-1997.12The Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Metropolitan Chicago records, 1976-1981.12Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Teachers Network (GLSTN) Chicago records, 1995-2004.12Good Shepherd Parish – MCC* records, 1974-2004.12Joe Gregg papers, 1970-1987.12Peg Grey papers, 1982-2007, bulk 1985-2005.12Barbara Grier and Donna McBride papers 1966-1991.13Randy Grisham papers, 1978-1983.13William C. Haddad, 1994-1999.13Jeff Hagedorn papers, 1980-1987.13Dennis Halan papers, 1970-1974.13Michael Hemmes papers, 1975-1999.13Grant Hornston papers, 1980-1985.14Howard Brown Health Center records, 1976-1999.14Dave Howser papers, circa 1993.14Stan Huntington papers, 1977-1985.14Willard Hyatt papers, 1891-1988.14Illinois Lesbian and Gay Task Force records, 1980-1988.14IMPACT Illinois, Inc. records, 1987-1996.15Integrity, Inc., records, 1975-1981.15Bruce Johnson papers, 1983-1985.15Irwin Keller papers, circa 1987.15William B. Kelley papers, mid 1955-2015.15Ruth Ketchum papers, 1987-1994, 1991-1994.15David Kieschnick papers, 1975-1991.15Lakeside Pride Music Ensembles records, 1997-2014.16Lambda Resource Center for the Blind (LRC for the Blind) records, 1980-1985.16Donald G. Landers papers, 1998-2001.16Lesbian and Gay News Telegraph records, 1982-1989.16Lesbian Community Center records, 1980-1983.16Lesbian/Gay Interfaith Alliance records, 1985-1988.16Steve Lewis papers, 1984-1988.16Little Jim’s Tavern collection, 1970s-1990s.16Joe Loundy papers, 1963-1977; 1975-1997 (bulk).17Lutherans Concerned/North America records, 1974-1994.17Mary Mack papers, 1983-1987.17James Manahan papers, 1971-1982.17Hugh Mathis papers, 2002-2003.17Mattachine Midwest records, 1947-1982 or 1979-1987.17Maturity, 1973-1987.17Melissa Ann Merry papers, 1990-1994.183

Archives Collections GuideUpdated March 28, 2016Metis Press Collective records, 1972-1982.18Jack Meyer papers, 1977-1986.18Midwest Men’s Center of Chicago, Inc. records, 1987-2006.18Howard Motyl, 1988-1990.18MSMTA/Cook County Department of Health records, 1996-1999.18Dale Muehler papers, 1987-1988.18Rosemary Mulryan papers, 1989-1992.19National Association of Black and White Men Together (NABWMT) records, 1982-1983.19National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights records, 1979.19Gary Nepon papers, 1977-1978.19Lee A. Newell II papers, 1978-1990.19Larry Osburn papers, 1999-2001.19David Ostrow papers, 1985-1989.19John Paquet papers, 2000-2006.20Dean Peerman papers, 1983-1985.20Roldand Peña papers, circa 1992.20Marc Peurye papers, 2002-2006.20Robert C. Peppard papers, 1972-1984.20Carole Powell papers, 1988-1991.20Professionals Over Thirty records, 1983-1997.20James Przeslawski papers, 1986-1992.20Rainbow Bridges records, 1992-1994.21Wendell Reid papers, 1996-2002.21Rodde Center records, 1987-1988.21Jack Rinella papers, 1965-1966 and 1974-1976.21Royal Imperial, Sovereign Barony of the Windy City records, 2002-2004.21Art Rubin papers, 1973-1978.21John H. Ryan papers, 1989-1992.21Ron Sable, M.D. papers, 1979-1991.22Vincent Samar papers, 1986-1991.22Norman Sandfield papers, 1981-1998.22Arthur Schenck, 1980-1992.22James Monroe Smith papers, 1985-1991.22Janet Soule papers, 1980-1989.23Gregory A. Sprague papers, 1976-1983.23Steve Starr papers, 1973-2006.23Valerie Taylor papers, 1975-1991.23Team Chicago Athletics records, 1990-2010.23Miss Tillie papers, 1947-1972.23Samuel Todes papers, 1978-1980.23Patricia Tomaso papers, 1994-2009.24Test Positive Aware Network (TPAN), 1992-1998.24TRI-Women records, 1995-1998.24University of Chicago Women’s and Gender Studies Department Records, 1974-1987.24Up North Restaurant & Bar records, 1971-1978.244

Archives Collections GuideUpdated March 28, 2016William Verick papers, 1985-1990.24Allen C. Wardell papers, 1987-1995.24John Zeh papers, 1959-1984.25Yvonne Zipter papers, 1978-1990.255

Archives Collections GuideUpdated March 28, 2016Collections Descriptions85% Coalition records, 2001-20152 linear feet. The 85% Coalition was a direct action organization that raised awareness of discrimination againstLGBT people by holding demonstrations to put pressure on state legislators to vote for laws that would includesexual orientation and gender identity among the protected classes of people in the Illinois Human Rights Act.The records contain extensive email correspondence and press clippings of the group’s media coverage.‘87 March on Washington collection, 19873.5 linear feet. Ephemera including t-shirts, buttons, posters, flyers, brochures, and maps from the political rallythat took place in Washington, D.C. on October 11, 1987 and drew 50,000 homosexual men, lesbians, bisexuals,transgender people, and straight allies to demand equal civil rights and urge the passage of protective civil rightslegislation.AIDS Conference records, 1992-19935 linear feet. The AIDS Conference collection consists of binders, handouts, and flyers from the 8thInternational AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and the 9th International AIDS Conference inBerlin, Germany.AIDS Walk Chicago records, 1990-19986 linear feet. The records reflect the activities of AIDS Walk Chicago, which was dedicated to organizing 5Kwalks to raise funds for Chicagoland AIDS prevention and care providers. The collection is comprised ofadministrative records, photo albums, and videotapes documenting various races.Barry Aldridge papers, 1995-19991 linear foot. Organizational files and newsletters collected and maintained by Barry Aldridge, an active boardmember of Gerber/Hart Library and Archives in the mid-to-late nineties.Ken Allen papers, 1980-199710 linear feet. Ken Allen was a long-time member of Men of All Colors Together (MACT) and the Chicagochapter of the National Association of Black and White Men Together (NABWMT). His collection containspersonal papers, photographs, videotapes, posters, memorabilia, and awards that document his involvement inMACT and its national parent organization.David Altenboro papers, 1989-19922 linear foot. The David Altenboro papers contain materials relating to AIDS treatment and the psychologicalmedical care of AIDS patients at Howard Brown Health Clinic.Amigas Latinas records, 1995-201514 linear feet. Founded in 1995, Amigas Latinas was a volunteer-run organization that specifically served theLGBT Latina community through monthly discussion groups, support groups, workshops, educational training,public programs, and events. The group advocated to ensure that legislators, funders, and other not-for-profitorganizations consider the intersection of issues faced by LGBT Latinas, who often struggle within Latina/o6

Archives Collections GuideUpdated March 28, 2016communities and within larger LGBT organizations. The records include meeting minutes, agendas, bylaws,financial documents, contracts, fundraising materials, negatives, photographs, plaques, fliers, programs,brochures, newsletters, t-shirts, buttons, stickers, videotapes, cassettes, compact discs, and press clippings.John Applegate papers, 1931-19591 linear foot. John Applegate was a lifelong Chicago resident who avidly collected clipping from a wide varietyof serials dating back to the early 1930s. His collection includes scrapbooks, photographs, postcards, andnewspaper and magazine clippings.Artemis Singers records, 1980-19862 linear feet. Founded in 1980, Artemis Singers was a lesbian chorus committed to singing music written and/orarranged by women, thereby hoping to give recognition to the many women composers forgotten by history andto contemporary songwriters who are often thought of only as singers. The records contain meeting minutes,financial records, various concert preparation papers, cassette recordings of concerts, posters, and pressclippings.BEHIV [Better Existence with HIV] records, 1993-20092 linear feet. Founded in 1989, BEHIV was a comprehensive HIV/AIDS service provider for Northern Chicagoand the Northwest suburbs that provided direct services to individuals and families living with HIV andprevention education programs for the community and those at risk. The records include correspondence,photographs, newsletters, pamphlets, programs, t-shirts, and press clippings.David Bell papers, 1988-19920.5 linear feet. From 1985 to his death in 1989, David Bell was a highly visible HIV/AIDS activist, advocate,organizer, and volunteer. His papers include HIV/AIDS education and awareness program information, CDCNational AIDS Clearinghouse materials, newsletters, and press clippings.Joyce Bolinger papers, 1995-19961 linear foot. Administrative files, financial records, board meeting minutes, agendas, bylaws, and newslettersamassed during Joyce Bolinger’s tenure as President of Gerber/Hart Library and Archives.Tom Boyden papers, circa 19800.5 linear feet. The collection contains a master’s thesis written by Tom Boyden in 1980 at Loyola Universityentitled “Idealized Partner Preference For Males.” Also included in the papers are the survey forms completedfor the thesis.David Boyer papers, 1975-19943.5 linear feet. David Boyer was the longtime owner of Carol’s Speakeasy, the only large gay dance bar inChicago to remain in business from the 1970s through the 1990s. His papers include records for the TavernGuild and Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Metropolitan Chicago and an assortment of ephemera such aspamphlets, programs, magazines, t-shirts, and press clippings regarding the AIDS epidemic, as well as nationaland local LGBT organizations.7

Archives Collections GuideUpdated March 28, 2016Kevin Boyer papers, 1989-19962 linear feet. Organizational files, board meeting minutes, correspondence, and newsletters from Gerber/HartLibrary and Archives donated by board member, Kevin Boyer.Scott Burgh papers, 1992-19991 linear foot. Scott Burgh is the chief law librarian for the City of Chicago Legal Department, a local historian,and former volunteer librarian and board member for Gerber/Hart Library and Archives. His papers containnewsletters, flyers, brochures, programs, and assorted ephemera from various Chicago-based LGBTorganizations.George S. Buse papers, 1943-19895 linear feet. George Buse was a journalist, activist, actor, and minister. He was a WWII Marine veteran whowas discharged from a Navy chaplaincy for being homosexual. Buse was also a civil rights and anti-VietnamWar activist in the 1960s. He served as secretary of the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Metropolitan Chicago inthe 1970s, as well as being an active member of Presbyterians for Gay and Lesbian Concerns, Lesbian andBisexual Veterans of America, and the Midwest Men’s Center of Chicago. Buse’s collection is comprised ofcorrespondence, negatives, photographs, slides, scrapbooks, photo albums, plaques, awards, cassettes,videotapes, flyers, newsletters, news clippings, and assorted ephemera.Jim Bussen papers, 1972-19953 linear feet. Jim Bussen was a gay rights activist who founded Chicago’s chapter of the gay Catholic groupDignity in January 1972. He served as national president of Dignity USA from 1985-1989. His papers includeorganizational files, photographs, LGBT awards, press clippings, and numerous newsletters of Dignity U.S.A.and Dignity Chicago.Chi-Town Squares records, 1991-19920.5 linear foot. Chi-Town Squares is Chicago’s only gay and lesbian square dance club founded in 1987 by JerryCohen and Ron Goldman. The records contain meeting minutes, agendas, bylaws, financial reports,correspondence, events attendance records, membership information, and newsletters.Chicago Bi-Ways records, 1980-19850.5 linear foot. Founded in 1978, Chicago Bi-Ways was an organization that represented a network of peopleinterested in bisexuality. The group sponsored informal drop-in discussions and held social activities such asparties, potluck dinners, picnics, and weekend retreats. Chicago Bi-Ways periodically published a newsletter,which contained a schedule of their events. The collection consists of Bi-Ways purpose and charter,correspondence, committee reports, newsletters, and press clippings.Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame records, circa 19910.5 linear foot. Founded in 1991, the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame is an institution that honors thevolunteer and professional achievements of LGBT people and organizations and their allies that improve thequality of life of Chicago’s LGBT community. The collection contains materials regarding twelve individualsand two organizations nominated for 1991 Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame including resumes, letters,newspapers, publications, press clippings, and photographs about, or by, inductees.8

Archives Collec

6 linear feet. The records reflect the activities of AIDS Walk Chicago, which was dedicated to organizing 5K walks to raise funds for Chicagoland AIDS prevention and care providers. The collection is comprised of administrative records, photo albums, and videotapes documenting vario