Welc ometo BermudaOut Here, You LiveLife DifferentlyFOR OVER FOUR CENTURIESOUR ISLAND HAS WELCOMEDADVENTURE SEEKERS, EXPLORERSAND ROMANTICS ALIKE.You’ll feel right at home.With a mix of British charm andisland soul, Bermuda is intriguingand inviting. Our way of life iselegantly relaxed and genuinelywarm. We celebrate cultures, revelin nature and stay open to whatevermay happen next. Pink-sand beaches,historic towns and exciting yearround experiences may be the firstto capture your attention, but it’s ouroriginal, ever-evolving take on islandlife that will bring you back. So divein and add your own tale to the story.Share your experiences and connectwith us online using the hashtag#gotobermuda.Fall 2018 // GoToBermuda.com1

Table ofFEATURESContents4 // 21 Square Miles of Fall AdventuresDiscover 21 island adventures, fromshipwreck diving to kiteboarding6 // Regions of BermudaGet to know the people and placesof East, West and Central Bermuda14 // ItinerariesFind ideas and inspiration for anisland getaway that’s just your style616 // BeachesPink-sand shores and rocky covesinvite you to relax and explore18 // GolfWorld-class courses offer challengingplay and stunning ocean views2120 // Spa ExperiencesSee seven tempting options forisland-style spa pampering21 // What to Take HomeFind original souvenirs and giftsat Bermuda’s one-of-a-kind shops1828Dishing on theDestinationSavour fresh-caught seafood,traditional favourites and amelting pot of flavours fromBermuda and // Fall 201822 // What’s Happening This FallBrowse the lineup of autumn events,from food festivals to golf tourneys24 // Tours & ExcursionsLet the locals illuminate hidden gemsand remarkable historic places27 // Bermuda’s CocktailsFrom famous cocktails to craft beer,learn what and where to imbibe30 // Holiday TraditionsCelebrate the holidays Bermuda-stylewith festive food and beloved eventsPLANNINGTOOLS2710 // Bermuda Store11 // Getting Around12 // Bus & Ferry Schedule32 // Adventure AlmanacInside Back Cover // Signature EventsFall 2018 // GoToBermuda.com3

21 Square Milesof Fall AdventuresYou’ll find endless adventures across the island’s 21 square miles.Try out some of the most thrilling outdoor activities, inspiringsights and rejuvenating experiences.1 // Sail the Great Sound & BeyondSail away in the world-renowned, nearperfect conditions of Bermuda’s GreatSound, home of the 35th America’s Cup.2 // Dance to the Gombey BeatCheer on brightly adorned Gombeydancers, the pulse and rhythm ofBermuda’s cultures, at their regularSaturday displays and October’sGombey Festival.3 // Dive Legendary ShipwrecksBermuda has more shipwrecks persquare mile than anywhere else inthe world. Uncover sunken treasuresthrough Bermuda Divers and BlueWater Divers & Watersports.4 // Take to the Trails by HorsebackTraverse Bermuda’s Railway trails fromthe saddle and, from November throughApril, steer your horses to the beach.5 // Birdwatch the Island’s NatureReserves with Longtail ToursThe fall migration brings a host of birds.Join naturalist and wildlife rehabilitator,Lynn Thorne, to seek out ProthonotaryWarblers, majestic Kingbirds and more.6 // Swim with DolphinsDolphin Quest, an historic fort-sidelagoon, is one of the world’s largest,most natural dolphin sanctuaries.7 // Try Stand-Up PaddleboardingWhether on a guided tour or on yourown, find balance as you paddle out toquiet coves, shipwrecks and coral reefs.8 // See Bermuda as Artist’s MuseFrom Masterworks Museum and theBermuda National Gallery to paintersen plein air, the island’s art communitythrives as the season transitions.9 // Be a Parasailing High-FlyerOut here, adventure lives on the water.No previous experience is required tofly high above the waves and soarup to 250 feet above // Fall 201810 // Catch Some WindFrom Elbow Beach to Shelly Bay,catch some air kiteboarding (also calledkite surfing) depending on wind directions.Experienced kiteboarders can find gear atIsland Winds, which also offers lessons.11 // Walk on the Wild SideIn Bermuda’s East End, discover and tastewild herbs and plants on a Wild Edibleforaging tour with Doreen Williams James.12 // Fish the Reefs with LocalsSpend the day on nearshore reefs teemingwith marine life. Baxter’s Reef Fishing willclean, fillet and pack your catch for dinner.13 // Experience Tea TimeGlossy red phone boxes aren’t the only vestige ofBermuda’s British heritage. Traditional AfternoonTea is best enjoyed with local preserves,pastries and scones in the elegant gardens ofStewart Hall, home to the Bermuda Perfumery.14 // Have a Ball on Bermuda’s CourtsTennis is great year-round in Bermuda,thanks to a temperate climate and an arrayof top-notch facilities.15 // Dive Over & Under the WavesKinezumi Adventures’ shark-style seabreacher,a 17-foot semi-submersible watercraft, mimicsocean predators at a top speed of 65mph.16 // Golf the World’s Best Greens in MiniatureBermuda Fun Golf has 18 holes modelledafter iconic holes from around the world,plus panoramic water views of the West End.17 // Have it All at Royal Naval DockyardTake in rich maritime history, see artisansat work at the Arts Centre and DockyardGlassworks, and sample traditionalBermuda rum cake.18 // Get to the Heart of Itin the City of HamiltonLed by the award-winning Town Crier,tour traditional Bermudian architecturewith historical commentary, then indulgein retail therapy.19 // Wander by Foot or by CarriageThrough Historic St. George’sTake a step back in time through quaintlanes, colonial homes and tropical gardenswith Bronco Stables Horse and Carriage Tour.20 // Climb Up Gibbs Hill Lighthousefor Panoramic Island ViewsThe 185 steps of this hill-top, cast-iron beaconwill get you to Bermuda’s tallest point.21 // Cruise Off into SunsetEnd a perfect day with a perfect Bermudasunset. For added glamour, try ÜberVida’sFriday night cocktail cruise aboard a luxury70-foot fiberglass catamaran.Fall 2018 // GoToBermuda.com5

Three Sides ofBermudaWe invite you to explore Bermuda and its surroundingwaters. To get the lay of the land, start with the island’sthree main regions.Out here, a small population (65,000 residents) makes fora strong neighbourhood identity. Each community bringswith it a unique culture all its own, and a local characterto match. Whether it’s the history-rich East End, stillstamped by its Colonial past; the sophisticated and globalcapital City of Hamilton at the centre; or the popularsightseeing hub and maritime vestige, the West End,Bermuda is easy to get to, but a world away.Let the locals be your guide.East EndSt. George’sPhotos: Crystal Caves / Town of St. GeorgeThe Historical AnchorEast EndRoyal NavalDockyardCity ofHamiltonKristin WhiteCentralWest // Fall 2018Site of the island’s former capital and UNESCO World Heritagesite, the Town of St. George, the East End is rich with BritishColonial history and culture. You’ll also discover manynatural attractions, including Tom Moore’s Jungle andthe Crystal Caves of Bermuda.Bookstore owner, community activist,tourism consultant, public speaker, writer“I have a passion for St. George’s, and I love to show othersthe wonderment in our winding cobbled alleys and historictales,” said Kristin White, who was recently named one ofBermuda’s most fascinating people by the Trades Women ofBermuda. St. George’s combines old and new: quaint streets with nameslike Old Maid’s Lane, Colonial buildings dating back to the 17th century, and bustling moderncafés and boutiques bursting with local wares. White combines her love of Bermudianhistory with her love of food on her East End Eats Bicycle Tour, taking visitors to local ediblegardens and to restaurants and bars where the community hangs out, and working innuggets of culture as she goes. Said White, “Everything here has a connection to the past.”Fall 2018 // GoToBermuda.com7

CentralThe Island’s SoulCentral Bermuda is home to the cosmopolitancapital City of Hamilton, a harbour town knownfor its blend of global sophistication and local flavour.Enjoy dining, shopping, nightlife and the island’smost cosmopolitan culture, and find greatbeaches, gardens and golf nearby.Tom ButterfieldFounder and Creative Director,Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art“There’s a cultural renaissance in Bermudathat I find exciting,” said Tom Butterfield, who openedMasterworks in 1987. Set on the grounds of the eyepopping Botanical Gardens, the museum showcasesBermuda-inspired art from 19th-century masters such asWinslow Homer, Georgia O’Keeffe and E. Ambrose Webster.The ethereal light, stunning landscapes and warm, welcominglocals have inspired artists, authors and musicians for centuries.Art begets art, and Masterworks has become a hotbed of artisticenergy dedicated to the best of Bermuda’s thriving art community.“It’s a subtropical paradise free of clutter and billboards,” Butterfieldsaid. “It’s the perfect place to find both solace and inspiration.”Photos: Bermuda Botanical Gardens / Front Street in the City of HamiltonWest EndThe Maritime MainstayA hub for sightseeing, shopping and entertainment, the historic RoyalNaval Dockyard is one of Bermuda’s most popular destinations. Alsoin the West End, you’ll find many of the renowned South Shorebeaches, including Horseshoe Bay and Warwick Long Bay.Elena StrongExecutive Director atNational Museum of BermudaElena Strong likes to say there are 45,000 waysto be Bermudian. “We have a strong immigranthistory, which has given us a very diverse culture,” said Strong, who has English parents and aPortuguese Bermudian/Swiss German stepfather.Strong is the new director of the National Museumof Bermuda, which chronicles 500 years of Bermuda’shistory. Set in The Keep fortress at the Royal NavalDockyard, the largest and best preserved of all Bermuda’sfortifications, the museum is home to cannons, shipwreckartefacts, artwork and a dramatic mural by local artist Graham Foster. The grandCommissioner’s House was the first cast-iron residence in the world. “I love walkingthrough the Dockyard, looking at these impressive buildings,” Strong said. Andalthough the West End of Bermuda was once home to smugglers, mariners andpilots, it now draws divers and snorkellers for its many shipwrecks spanning fourcenturies. A diver herself, Strong enjoys exploring the surrounding coral reef andthe occasional shipwreck. Said Strong: “The West End is theperfect place for a history and culture buff.”Photos: Red Telephone Box / Clocktower Mall / Statue of Neptune in Royal Naval // Fall 2018Fall 2018 // GoToBermuda.com9

Hello#BermudafulStop by the Official Visitor ServicesCentres in Dockyard and Hamiltonto purchase Bermuda hats,hoodies and T-shirts.Dockyard Location: 2 Dockyard TerraceHamilton Pop-Up Location:Washington Mall, 20 Church StreetHoodies - 40 // T-Shirts - 25 // Hats - 20GettingAroundWhether by bus, bike, ferry or taxi, Bermuda is safeand easy to explore. Public transport is a great wayto get a taste of Bermuda’s warm, welcoming cultures.Rent a bike or Twizy and zip around to hidden gems.Four scenic ferry routes connectmajor island hubs.The blue and green routes head west; the pink stops in centralPaget and Warwick; the orange operates in summer, connectingDockyard to the Town of St. George. All depart from the FerryTerminal on Front Street in the City of Hamilton. Cash is notaccepted, so have your Transportation Pass, ticket or token ready.Taxis provide reliable transportationand sightseeing by-the-hour.Many taxi drivers are also excellent tour guides, eager to share thestories behind Bermuda’s landmarks for 50- 70 USD per hour.Find them outside larger hotels, near the airport or on busy streets.Pink buses are plentiful and frequent.Colour-coded stops make it easy – pink to town (Hamilton); blue tohead out (east or west). Tickets, tokens or Transportation Passes areavailable at bus or ferry terminals. Or board with exact change.Rental cars are now availablein the form of a Twizy.These electric two-seaters, available from Current Vehicles at TheHamilton Princess & Beach Club and the Fairmont Southampton,can travel up to 50 miles on a single charge.Explore like a local on a scooter or bicycle.We drive on the left and we drive slowly – the official speedlimit is 21 miles an hour. Bikes can be rented from Elbow BeachCycles, Eve’s Cycle Livery, Oleander Cycles and Smatt’s Cycle · // Fall 2018Fall 2018 // GoToBermuda.com11

Bermuda’s FerryRED ROUTEScheduleHamilton Paget 348:308:258:459:00Royal Naval Dockyard St. George’smotor cycles not allowed on this routemotor cycles may embark at hamilton & :155:456:006:457:157:308:158:459:009:4510:15Leave St. , Wednesday and Thursday OnlyLeave DockyardLeave St. eave DockyardTuesday and Friday Only10:30Leave HamiltonLeave DockyardArrive rvice is subject to change. For further information please call HamiltonTerminal at 295-4506. The Hamilton Ferry Terminal is open Mon-Fri 6:30am-8pm,Sat 7:30am-6pm, Sun & Holidays 8:30am-6pm. Marine and Ports shall not beliable for loss or damage to property. Winter schedule available Oct. // Fall 2018GREEN ROUTEHamilton Watford BridgeCavello Bay Rockawaymotor cycles not allowed on watford bridge and cavello bayMonday - FridaySaturdays and SundaysTimes in Red are Harbour Nights Only.LeaveHamiltonLeaveWatford BridgeLeaveCavello s and Public HolidaysArrive HamiltonMonday, Wednesday andThursdayLeave DockyardTuesday and FridayMonday - FridayLeave HamiltonMonday - FridayORANGE ROUTEBLUE ROUTETransportation PassesPlease ensure you have thecorrect fare before boarding.Passes valid on all routes onboth ferries and buses.motor cycles not allowed on this routeThe island’s ferry service offers a quick, convenient and scenicway to get around the island. Get the details on routes,schedules and fares, then enjoy the ride.Hamilton Royal Naval DockyardTickets/Tokens9:359:309:259:209:159:40BLUE / GREEN / ORANGE ROUTECashAdultChild (Age 5 - 15)TokensAdultChild (Age 5 - 15) 5.00 2.75 31.50/ 16.003-Day 44.00/ 22.00 4.50 2.754-Day 48.50/ 24.507-Day 62.00/ 31.00 4.50FreeAdult Monthly 1:1011:1511:2011:2511:40Tickets (Booklet of 15) 00 19.00/ 9.502-DayMotor CyclesIf paid by Cash or TokenIf paid by Pass4:00Adult/Child1-DayHolders of SpecialPersons Pass(Including Seniors)FreeChild under age 5FreeAdult 3-Month Pass 169.00Passes, Tokens & Ticketsavailable from the HamiltonFerry & Bus Terminals, VisitorServices Centres, sub-postoffices, hotels and guest houses.PINK ROUTECashAdultChild (Age 5 - 15) 3.50 2.756:56TokensAdultChild (Age 5 - 15) 2.75 2.757.157:40Tickets (Booklet of 15) montFerryArriveHamiltonHolders of SpecialPersons Pass(Including Seniors)8:308:258:208:158:40Child under age on10:0010:3510:3010:2510:2010:1510:40 69.00*St. George’s, Hamilton,Dockyard and Rockawayare accessible to persons withdisability. *Limited sizewheelchairs for St. George’s,see crew for assistance.NO MOTORBIKES WHEREINDICATED. Availability totransporting motorbikes maychange without notice.Ride TheBus11:0011:3511:3011:2511:2011:1511:40For information onbus routes andschedules, 06:256:206:156:40and download theBermuda BusSchedule brochure.Fall 2018 // GoToBermuda.com13

Itineraries by Style:1 Island 4 WaysBREAKFAST // HUCKLEBERRYLuxe rt the day at Huckleberry and take a table on theporch of the Rosedon Hotel, a setting that matches theSouthern-inspired menu. Order the lobster benedictbefore walking across the road to The Hamilton Princess& Beach Club’s art tour. The hotel boasts a growingcollection of works by artists such as Anish Kapoor,Yayoi Kusama and Andy Warhol.MORNING // // Fall 2018Four centuries later, the island remains a haven for adventure, explorationand the arts. From sunken shipwrecks to centuries-old colonialarchitecture, visit for itineraries to suit every traveller.AFTERNOON //CHARTER THE ZARADINNER // THEWATERLOT INNThis Bermuda 77catamaran is one of theisland’s largest, mostluxurious charter yachts,great for intimate eventsor larger gatherings.Make your wayto Waterlot Inn, a350-year-old cottagethat’s now an elegantrestaurant overlookingthe lagoon at Jew’s Bay.AFTERNOON //JUNGLE TREKDINNER // ST. GEORGE’SWatch the sunset, drink in hand, over theunique rock formations of Tobacco Baybefore heading back to the Town of St.George for dinner at Tempest. Housed inthe Old Carriage House, they serveFrench-style food with a local twist.Head inland tothe Walsingham NatureReserve, also known asTom Moore’s Jungle.Hike lush green trails,subterranean cavesand Blue Hole Park.Rent a stand-uppaddleboard to explorethe coastline. Glideacross crystal-clear waterand visit nearby reefs tosnorkel with tropical fish.MORNING //SOUTH SHORESaddle up and seethe best of Bermudaon horseback. Trot alongthe Railway Trail, thencross South Shore Roadto traverse beach dunesand the South Shore.MORNING // SNORKEL PARK BEACHFamilyAdventureUninhabited for more than a century since its discovery,Bermuda proved herself a veritable paradise when sharp reefsmade way to turquoise waters and fertile land.Bermuda is home to some of the world’sfinest snorkelling. It’s made easy andaccessible for all ages at this full-servicebeach facility located at the Royal NavalDockyard. Right next door, Fun Golf is aminiature course featuring replica holesfrom 18 of the world’s most iconic courses.LUNCH // MASTERWORKS MUSEUMOF BERMUDA ARTFound at the heart of the Bermuda BotanicalGardens, book a private curator’s tour through theWinnow App and flip through archived works oflegendary artists such as Andrew Wyeth and GeorgiaO’Keeffe. Onsite restaurant Salty Lime at Homer’s Caféoffers a bright menu of fresh, locally sourced foodwith a Baja twist.AFTERNOON // THE BERMUDAAQUARIUM, MUSEUM AND ZOOGrab gourmet sandwiches and desserts from TheDockyard Pastry Shop and have a picnic on the ferryto Hamilton. From there, head east to check out theAquarium, where naturalistic exhibits are home to over300 oceanic birds, reptiles and mammals. Interactivepresentations showcase Bermuda’s geological history.COCKTAILS // SUNSETRUM CRUISEBoard the Gosling’s RumTasting Cruise (bookablewith Fantasea) to admirebeautiful homes andbay views as you samplelocal liqueurs and rums.Available until Nov 13, 2018.DINNER //VILLAGE PANTRYHave dinner across Flatt’sInlet. The fresh, seasonalmenu combines the bestof local flavours and modernfood trends. Creative kidscan make their own pizza.Fall 2018 // GoToBermuda.com15

BeachBlissWith warm waters prevailingthrough the season, Bermuda’sbeaches are in style all year long.From sweeping crescents of pink-fleckedsand to rocky coves, there are literallydozens to discover. Here are afew of the highlights.Seek serenity at Warwick Long Bay(South Shore, Warwick)Bermuda’s longest shoreline offers an idyllic stretchof sand set against a backdrop of scrubland andcoastal grasses. Just offshore, a jagged coral islandfloats above the water.Leave ordinary behind at Tobacco Bay Beach(St. George’s)Clear, shallow water, beach rentals and a snack barmake this beach an ideal choice. An excellent spotfor snorkelling, the unusual limestone formations area haven for marine life, attracting blue angelfish andsergeant majors.Tick Horseshoe Bay off your bucket list(South Shore, Southampton)The long, wide ribbon of pink sand explains why thisis one of the world’s most photographed beaches. Thenearby beach house offers rentals, snacks, bathrooms,showers and changing facilities.Explore Clearwater Beach & Cooper’s IslandNature Reserve (St. David’s Island)Eight pristine beaches unlock a treasure trove ofeco discoveries. Trek secluded nature trails teemingwith wildlife, flora and fauna or relax at Gombey’sBar and Restaurant.Enjoy family time at Shelly Bay(North Shore, Hamilton)An ideal spot for young children, this beach offerstrees that give shade from the sun and a protectedcove that stays shallow even at high tide.Main photo: Cooper’s Island Nature ReserveTop photo: Horseshoe Bay BeachBottom photo: Tobacco Bay // Fall 2018Fall 2018 // GoToBermuda.com17

Port Royal Golf CourseChampionship Resort Golf CourseTee It UpPlay like a champion and get treated likeone on Bermuda’s outstanding golf courses.For hotel packages that include tee times atmultiple golf courses, check out Golf AroundGetaway Packages at of the PGA Grand Slam of Golf for sevenconsecutive years, our most popular courseprovides breathtaking water views. The undulatingterrain, lush greenery and oceanside cliffs createan unforgettable and challenging experience. 1 (441) 234-0974Mid Ocean ClubChampionship Resort Golf CourseA C.B. Macdonald creation later modified by RobertTrent Jones, this course is ranked amongst the world’sbest private clubs with visitor access. It demands fullconcentration as traps and the beauty of the oceanvie for your attention. 1 (441) 293-0330Belmont Hills Golf ClubResort Golf CourseThis 18-hole course overlooks Hamilton Harbour andthe Great Sound with TifEagle greens and a tropicalvibe. It’s a challenging test for players of all standards. 1 (441) 236-6060Turtle Hill Golf ClubChampionship Par 3 Golf CourseIdeal for golfers of all skill levels, the bunkered greensand water hazards of this top-ranked course offerchallenging short play, placing accuracy over power. 1 (441) 238-8000Ocean View Golf Course9-Hole Public Golf CourseMany elevated tees overlooking the ocean give thiscourse its name. The driving range makes it ideal forpractice or a quick game. 1 (441) 295-9092Tucker’s Point Golf ClubChampionship Resort Golf CourseOne of Bermuda’s venerable courses, this 18-holecourse overlooking the ocean has been dramaticallytransformed with re-contoured fairways and bunkers. 1 (441) 298-6970Main photo: Port Royal Golf CourseTop photo: Mid Ocean ClubBottom photo: Turtle Hill Golf // Fall 2018Fall 2018 // GoToBermuda.com19

7 Top SpaWhat ToExperiencesTake HomeBreathe in, breathe out and discoveronly-in-Bermuda spa services, includingpearls-and-caviar treatments, hot stonemassages in cool caves and BermudaRum Swizzle rituals.1 //Cedar Stack candle, Limestone Cedar, 32With each scent blended to honour Bermuda’saromas, these candles are handcrafted usingnatural soy wax and poured into a recycledamber beer bottle. (The Island Shop, QueenStreet, Hamilton)G olfer’s Massage at Willow Stream SpaFairmont SouthamptonUsing an aromatherapy oil formulated to relieve soremuscles and joint stiffness, this medium-pressure massagefocuses on the shoulders, lower back, hips, feet and arms,leaving you ready to play another 18 holes.Crystal Shores,Noveltea, 15 ignature Aloe Vera & HibiscusS2 //Body Treatment at The Spa at The LorenInspired by Bermuda as an island oasis, this cliff’s-edgespa indulgence is designed to balance the body’s energypathways through pressure points on the hands and feet.H ot Stone Massage at Natura Spa3 //Grotto Bay Beach ResortDescend into an ancient cave for an otherworldly spaexperience in a cabana floating on a shimmering pool.A hot stone massage by candlelight is the ultimate wayto find zen.4 //G low Body Scrub at Exhale Hamilton Princess & Beach ClubPrep and polish your skin with Exhale’s signature bodyscrub therapy. Dry brushing and body scrubbing exfoliatewhile detoxifying the body and increasing circulation.5 //R um Swizzle Ritual at The Spa atElbow Beach, Elbow Beach BermudaNamed for Bermuda’s signature cocktail, it includes awelcoming foot ritual, body scrub, bath and a full bodyand scalp massage – and a glass of Rum Swizzle, of course.7 //This washable silkdress with scoopedback and Bermudainspired palm printembodies easy luxury.(FH Boutique, TheHamilton Princess &Beach Club, Pitt’s BayRoad)Hibiscus Rose LunarBody Oil, Àse Naturals, 40The oil is blended on-islandwith rosehip and jojoba oils,fragrant and soothing rosepetals, and hibiscus flowerscharged with rose quartz.(Naked Zero, Old Cellar Lane,Hamilton)W arm Bamboo Massage at La Serena SpaThe Reefs Resort & ClubOverlooking a dramatic coastline, find inner harmony,outer vibrancy and complete serenity as warm bamboois rhythmically rolled and glided over your entire body.6 //Blue Crush Maxi Dress,Hamec, 315A natural loose-leaftea that’s caffeinefree and packedwith flavour, CrystalShores is a relaxingchamomileblend. (UrbanCottage, Front Street,Hamilton)B eekeeper Honey & Cane Sugar Therapy atSense , A Rosewood Spa, Rosewood BermudaChiko’s Smokey Rubs, 10All-purpose rubs by ChefMichiko Campbell, theRoyal Bermuda YachtClub’s Sous Chef deCuisine, are made tospice up meats,seafood and evenpopcorn. (Brown & Co.,Front Street, Hamilton)This sweet exfoliating massage uses a scrub of pure localhoney and cane sugar to leave the skin bright and glowing.After tropical rain splash therapy, enjoy a relaxing massagewith pure organic shea butter and the spa’s signatureBermuda lily-infused aromatherapy // Fall 2018Fall 2018 // GoToBermuda.com21

What’s HappeningThroughoutFall SeasonThis FallThe Skirling Ceremonyat Fort HamiltonWhile overlooking the panoramic viewsof Hamilton Harbour, see a wonderfulpart of Bermudian culture during theSkirling Ceremony. The kilted pipers,drummers and dancers perform to thebagpipe ‘skirl’ of the Bermuda IslandsPipe Band. Held on Mondays at 12 pm.communityandculture.bmEvent supported by the Departmentof Community and Cultural AffairsBermuda Pilot Gig Regatta,Oct 21-27An international rowing regattacelebrating the role of Bermuda’shistorical gigs, which were once usedto guide ships through treacherousreefs to shore.bermudapilotgigclub.comBermuda Street FoodFestival, Oct 28,City of HamiltonFried fish sandwiches, curry pies,malasadas (Portuguese donuts) Bermuda’s food cultures swirltogether at this annual event inthe City of Hamilton.GoToBermuda.comSeptemberMasters World BallHockey Championships,Sept 26 - Oct 1, PembrokeCommunity ClubThe picturesque, clifftop rink setsthe stage for this international ballhockey tournament, for playersaged 35 and up.bermudahockey.comOctoberCelebrate Oktoberfestin Bermuda, Oct 4-6The Victualling Yard at the RoyalNaval Dockyard will be home tooompah brass bands, brats, traditionaldishes and Bermuda’s best lovedbeer. Festivities begin at 6 // Fall 2018Bermuda InternationalGombey Festival, Oct 4-7,The Botanical GardensBermuda Lawn Tennis AssociationITF Juniors, Oct 15-20,W.E.R Joell Tennis StadiumThis weekend showcase is an excitingopportunity to uncover the mystiqueof the dance, music and costumesthat have been passed down throughgenerations.communityandculture.bmEvent supported by the Departmentof Community and Cultural AffairsA series of matches for internationalplayers aged 18 and under, aimed atimproving competitive opportunitiesand helping develop players’ skills.blta.bmRound the Sound, Oct 7,Harrington SoundWith drinks, local dishes, competitions andevents throughout the City, you’re sure tofind something to give you an appetite.cityofhamilton.bmAn annual event since 1990, openwater swimmers are challenged torace 0.8k, 2k, 4k, or a full 10k looparound Harrington Sound.bows.bmaquamoonadventures.comCity Food Festival, Oct 18-21,City of HamiltonBermuda 3s World TeamChampionships, Oct 21-26,Turtle Hill Golf ClubA new team par 3, Pro-Am golfchampionship set against theocean views and lush terrain ofTurtle Hill. PGA professionals willcaptain and compete individuallyfor a 100,000 purse.bermuda3s.comNovemberBermuda Football Cup,Nov 1-3, BermudaNational Sports CentreBoth a competitive and eliteyouth football match and acultural experience, this tournamentcombines games with a tour ofBermuda’s highlights.bermudafootballcup.comWorld Rugby Classic,Nov 4-10, BermudaNational Sports CentreAn unforgettable event – Bermudahas played host to many of theworld’s most famous, internationalplayers from Europe, South Africa,New Zealand and Canada.worldrugby.comBermuda Squash Challenge,Nov 8-10, Bermuda SquashRacquets AssociationPlayers from the U.S., Canada andBermuda compete in a friendly,three-day tournament with awelcome dinner and familyfocused events.bermudasquash.comGosling’s Invitational GolfTournament, Nov 26-30,Belmont Golf Club &Port Royal Golf CourseA nearly 50-year golf tradition,The Gosling’s Invitational is anannual Pro-Am, international,72-hole, stroke play championshipwith a cut after 54 Gol

Sep 18, 2018 · Tom Butterfield. Founder and Creative Director, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art “There’s a cultural renaissance in Bermuda . that I find exciting,” said Tom Butterfield, who opened Masterworks in 1987. Set on the grounds of the eye-popping Botanical Gardens, the museum showcases Bermud