GreenThumb’s SummerProgram JuneGuide2008JulyAugustuuOn Thursday March 27th, Solita Stephens from Olympus Garden Club and Owen Taylor from Just Food facilitateda workshop on how to build Cold Frames, in collaboration with the United Community Centers Youth Farm in EastNew York. Community gardeners gathered and helped build the Cold Frame pictured here. Gardeners in attendance took back kits and have reported great success and satisfaction with their newly installed Cold Frames.Look inside for more Spring Program Highlights.Photos by Lillian Reyes & Rasheed HislopDoes your garden need any of the following supplies? Look inside for details.Garbage Bags, Garbage Cans, Garden Forks, Shovels, Hoes, Rakes uuuu Alternative Gardening Book uu Pest Control Resources uuuu Plant Bulbs uu Hand-painted Garden Sign uuuu Just Food’s Farmers Market Guide uuuu Plants, Containers, Soil Mix uu Companion Perennial Plants uuuuPlease note that garden members must attend workshops in order to receive supplies.All workshops are rain or shine, cancelled only in the event of lightningor other dangerous conditions. All supplies are first come, first served, while supplies last.

Summer ‘08Workshops C alendaruuFor available supplies look for this symboluuSummer Supply GiveawayuuGarbage Bags, Garbage Cans, Garden Forks, Shovels, Hoes, Rakeswith GreenThumb StaffPick up basic gardening supplies for yourgarden. One pickup per garden group.Please carpool with other garden groupsthat may not have access to transportation. Call GreenThumb if you need the contact information ofgardeners near you.*The compound gates will not open until9:45am. Thank you for your patience.Sat. June 7TH 10am-2pmQUEENSat the GreenThumb CompoundCome join us on the longest day of the year!SummerSolstice2008at the Community Garden of West 146th St.located between Frederick Douglass & Adam C Powell Blvds.June 21,200810am-4pmentertainment- musical performances by:1257 Entertainment and Santos White Garden Band- balloon animals- crafts for senior citizens- cook outFor more information, call- fruits & vegetablesGreenThumb at (212) 788-8070- bring food to sharefoodQueens Plaza South at 10th St.Directions to theGreenThumb CompoundGreenThumb’suuBy CarBy SubwayF TRAIN: to 21st St/Queensbridge. Walksouth on 21st St towards Queens PlazaSouth. Make right onto QPS. Walk 4 blocksto 10th St. Compound on your right.N, W, 7 TRAINS: to QueensboroPlaza/Bridge Plaza. Walk along QueensPlaza South, towards the East River, to 10thSt. Compound is on your right.By BusQ19A, Q32, Q60, Q66, Q101, Q101R, Q102and Q103 all runalong or intersect with Queens Plaza South(QPS). Exit closest to 10th St and QPS.Compound is across from 10th St.2FROM MANHATTAN & THE BRONX: TakeFDR to 61st St exit. Follow signs toQueensboro Bridge. Staying in the righthand lane of the bridge, exit to localstreets. Continue straight to end, NorthernBlvd/Jackson Avenue intersection. Make aright onto Jackson Ave (Northern Blvd).Make a right onto 21st St and then a leftonto Queens Plaza South (QPS). Continueon QPS until 10th St. Compound is on yourright, across from 10th St.FROM BROOKLYN, QUEENS & STATENISLAND: Take the BQE to the McGuinessBlvd exit. Make a left onto McGuiness Blvd.Continue straight into Queens (over thePulaski Skyway Bridge). McGuiness Blvdbecomes 11th St. Stay straight on 11th St.Make left onto Queens Plaza South. Go 1block to 10th St. Compound is on yourright.

JuneAlternative Garden DesignWater Resource Group’sDesign Clinicwith Edie Kean“Square Foot Gardening: A New Way toGarden in Less Space with Less Work”by Mel Bartholomew uuuuwith the Water Resource GroupPaint, Brushes, Chicken Wire, Vines,Lumber, Nails, Gloves uuuuEver plant in an abandoned bath tub or toilet? How aboutan old tire or rotting tree stump? Whether you are crazyabout different ways of doing things or are just curious aboutwhat is out there, this workshop is for you. We will exploresome old, new and downright funky ways of building beds,trellises, plant supports and other structures as well as someunique approaches to large scale garden designs. A specialemphasis will be placed on recycling old furniture, refuse andjust about anything you see that you can make work to thegarden’s advantage. A book on alternative garden design willbe given out to the first 10 garden groups in attendance.Come pickup materials to beautify and highlight yourgarden's water collection system. This workshop is open to allgardens interested in installing a system or those that haveexisting systems in place. There will be hands-on demos ofdifferent ways to beautify your system, including trellis installation and artwork for tanks and barrels. Please bring ideasand plans to share or any questions you need answered.Wed. June 25th 5:30-7:30pm BROOKLYNat the United Community Center Youth FarmTues. June 10th 5:30-7:30pm BROOKLYN613 New Lots Ave (between Hendrix St & Schenck Ave)at The Backyard Garden in Red HookDirectionsSubway: 3 to Van Siclen. Walk east on Livonia Ave towardsHendrix St. Turn right at Hendrix St, then left at New Lots.Bus: Take the B15 to New Lots and Schenck Ave, or the B14 toBarbey St. Walk two blocks to Blake Ave.61-73 Hamilton Avenue (between Van Brunt & Summit Aves.)DirectionsSubway: Take the A train to Jay Street - Borough Hall, andtransfer to the F to Smith/9th St. Walk west on 9th St towardsCourt St. Turn right onto Hamilton Ave.Bus: Take the B61 to Van Brunt St and Summit St. Walk easton Hamilton Ave towards Summit St.JulyRodent Control in GardensBulbs, Bulbs and MoreBulbs: An Overview andHow to Plantwith Shawn Spencer, LRPuuIPM handoutsuuAn overview of Integrated Pest Management (IPM),focusing on how to deal with insects and rodents ingardens. See what techniques LRP/GreenThumb uses, aswell as simple things you can do in your own garden.with Michael Lytle, Just Food TraineruuPlant BulbsuuA general overview of bulbs in the summer and fall, andmethods of planting.Sat. July 12th 10am-1pm MANHATTANat 11th St Community GardenFri. July 18th 10am-12pm MANHATTAN422 East 11th Street (between 1st Ave & Ave A)at Diamante Garden (Block & School Association)306-310 East 118th Street (between 1st & 2nd Aves)DirectionsSubway: Take the 6 to Astor Pl. Walk east on E 8th St towardsAstor Pl. Turn left on Astor Pl, then left onto 3rd Ave. Take aright on Stuyvesant St, and another right onto E 10th St. Thenleft onto 1st Ave, and finally, right onto E 11th St.Bus: Take the M15 to 1st Ave and E 11 St. Walk east on E 11thSt.DirectionsSubway: Take the 6 to 116th St. Walk east on E 116th Sttowards 3rd Ave. Turn left onto 2nd Ave, then right onto E118th St.Bus: Take the M15 to E 116th St. Walk north on 1st Avetowards E 117th St. Turn left onto E 118th St.3

Paint Your Way to MoreMembersGardens are Growingin East New York!with Zack Schulman, Community Organizer,Green GuerillasuuHand-Painted Garden SignThis year, GreenThumb and Green Guerillas areuucollaborating on a public outreach campaign forcommunity gardens in ENY that need more activemembers.Does your garden need some colorful new signs? How aboutmore active members? Come paint signs to take back to yourgarden and learn new strategies for recruiting new members.Bright new signs are a great way to let your neighbors knowwhat you are up to and invite them to participate.Look out for information on upcomingevents, workshops and garden workdays.Sat. July 26th 10am-12pm BROOKLYNat St. John Cantius Community Garden476-484 New Jersey Ave (between Blake & Dumont)DirectionsSubway: Take the 3 to Pennsylvania Ave. Walk east on Livoniatowards New Jersey Ave, and turn left onto New Jersey Ave.Bus: Take the QM24 Express to Catalpa Ave. Transfer to the B20until Pennsylvania and Blake Aves. Walk east and turn on NewJersey Ave.For more information or to get involved, contact:Hannah at Green GuerillasBilen at GreenThumb(718) 906-1000(212) ovAugustYouth Involvement inMarket Stands &Farmers’ MarketsWindow Box andContainer Gardeningwith Lillian Reyes, Outreach Coordinator,GreenThumbwith staff of East New York FarmsuuJust Food’s Farmers Market GuideuuAre you looking to get more youth involved at your garden?Is there a concern among garden members about the nextgeneration of gardeners and where they will come from?Tired of working long hours and need some young backs,knees and arms to help work the garden site? If you answeredyes to any of these questions, then this workshop is one youdon't want to miss. Coordinators from UCC Youth Farm in EastNew York will be discussing their youth program and farmersmarket, as well as their methods of fostering a strong connection with young people in the community. Although all ageswill be discussed, the primary focus of the workshop will be onadolescent involvement and participation in communitygardens and market gardens.Sat. Aug. 2nd 10am-12pm BROOKLYNat the United Community Center Youth Farm613 New Lots Ave (between Hendrix St & Schenck Ave)DirectionsSubway: 3 to Van Siclen. Walk east on Livonia Ave towardsHendrix St. Turn right at Hendrix St, then left at New Lots.Bus: Take the B15 to New Lots and Schenck Ave, or the B14 toBarbey St. Walk two blocks to Blake Ave.uuPlants, Containers, Soil MixuuMaking the most out of every inch of available ground isessential for urban gardeners. Window boxes and containersare the perfect solution when you’re short on growing space.Learn the design elements for a good container or windowbox, soil mixtures that work well, and tips for planting andmaintaining containers all year.Fri. Aug. 15th 5-7pm BRONXat Volky Flower Garden859 Hornaday Pl (between Mohegan Ave & Crotona Pkwy)DirectionsSubway: Take the 5 to E 180 St. Walk west on E 180th Sttowards Bronx Park Ave. Turn right onto Mohegan Ave.Bus: Take the BxM18 Express to W 230 St/Corlear Ave/ Startout going east on W 230 St. Turn left onto Broadway. Transferto the Bx9 bus, taking it to Southern Bue 182 St. Walk south onE 182nd St towards Bronx Park S, turn left onto Bronx Park S,and then right on Mohegan Ave.4

Companion PlantingAttend City Farms Workshops!with Peter Kukielski, NYBG, and Ursula Chanse,Bronx Green-Up NYBGuuCompanion Perennial PlantsJust Food trainers lead workshops to helpyour garden grow more food!uuTopics include:· Soil care· Growing food all year· Container gardening· Chicken care· Seed savingLearn how to grow certain plants together to deter diseaseand/or repel insects. Learn about encouraging beneficialinsects in your garden.Thurs. Aug. 28th 5:30-7pm BRONXat Franklin Memorial Garden····Garden planningBuilding raised bedsGrowing for marketAnd more! (212) 645-9880 x229Call Owen or visit our websiteto find out dates, topics, andCity Farms workshopslocations.1062 Cauldwell Avenue (near Boston Rd)DirectionsSubway: Take the 2 to Prospect Ave. Walk north on ProspectAve towards E 161st St. Turn left onto E 165th St, and thenright onto Cauldwell Ave.Bus: Take the M15L to East Harlem, getting off at E 125 St.Transfer to the Bx15 and get off at 3 Ave and E 163 St. Walknorth on 3rd Ave towards Boston Rd. Turn right onto BostonRd, then right onto E 165th St, and finally, left onto CauldwellAve.Sell Your Produce!are FREE and everyoneis WELCOME!Attend our farmers market workshops tolearn how to sell your garden produce!Call Jane at (212) 645-9880 x228, orvisit our website to find out dates,topics, and locations.Just Food is a NYC based non-profitworking to grow fresh, locally-grown foodin the neighborhoods of NYC.Spring HighlightsAt this year’s GreenThumb GrowTogether, we saw record attendance and a slew of new workshops. Thanks to everyone formaking the event a great success! This year, 1300 people preregistered and an estimated 1800 people attended. AnnaLappe gave an important keynote address reminding gardeners the important role they play in climate change, the MadHot Ballroom dancers brought the opening session to a rousing close, and the workshops that followed were well attended.Perennial favorites, such as Canning with Classie Parker, drewhuge crowds alongside first time facilitators such as EthanRoland and his permaculture workshop. The networking session yielded fruitful conversations and a much needed timeto connect with gardeners from all over the city. The closingraffle was a welcomed addition to the day, ending the day ona high note. See you all next year for the 25th annualGrowTogether conference!On Saturday April 5th, GreenThumb held a workshop at P.S.53 Garden in East New York, Brooklyn. The workshop was onbuilding raised beds and facilitated by Eric Thomman of theBackyard Garden. Gardeners in attendance were able to learnthe essential steps to setting up boxes in their gardens. Theimportance of placement and leveling the boxes was discussed as well as protecting them from water-rot. The discussion was followed by a hands-on demonstration in which gardeners teamed up to build 3 brand new beds. The potentialfor raising beds up higher than normal to make them wheelchair accessible was also discussed by gardeners in attendance. Following the workshop gardeners filled out lumberrequest forms to prepare for building or repairing beds oftheir own.5

june123456789101112131415161718192021Our Calendarat a GlanceGreenThumbWorkshopsSummer Supply GiveawayTHSat. June 7 10am-2pm QUEENS22232425262728Alternative Garden DesignTH29Tues. June 10 5:30-7:30pmBROOKLYN30Summer SolsticeSTSat. June 21 Y2THURSDAY3FRIDAY4SATURDAY5Water Resource Group’s Design ClinicTHWed. June 25 5:30-7:30pmBROOKLYN789101112Rodent Control in GardensTH13141516171819Sat. July 12 10am-1pmMANHATTANBulbs, Bulbs, and More BulbsTH202122232427282930312526Fri. July 18 10am-12pmMANHATTANPaint Your Way to More MembersTHSat. July 26 10am-12pmBROOKLYNYouth Involvement in Market Stands& Farmers’ RIDAY1SATURDAY2Sat. Aug. 2 10am-12pm BROOKLYNWindow Box & Container GardeningTHFri. Aug. 15 5-7pm BRONX456789Companion PlantingTHThurs. Aug. 28 5:30-7pm BRONX101112131415161718192021222324252627282930316

Gardens Get Registered for 2009-2011The time is coming again to register your communitygarden. The settlement requires that community gardengroups re-register and sign new licenses with GreenThumbevery two years. Only registered garden groups in goodstanding (not in violation) are eligible to receiveGreenThumb services during the season. This includes allworkshops and giveaways of plant materials, lumber, soiland tools. We hope many more groups will take advantageof registration this next year. If you have any questions,please call us at our office, (212) 788-8070.Parks GardensBeginning in June, contacts from garden groups stewardingParks Department lots will receive notification to attendregistration sessions throughout the summer. Sessions areconveniently located at central locations throughout theboroughs and both daytime and evening sessions will beavailable. Sessions will cover the full span of GreenThumbservices, programs, and requirements. Recent changes atGreenThumb will be highlighted and explained foreveryone. In addition, refreshments and other goodies willbe available for participants. We encourage all gardeners toattend.TPL and NYRP GardensGardens on TPL and NYRP property may register forGreenThumb through their respective land trustadministrators.Gardens in ViolationPlease note that garden groups in violation will not beeligible to register this summer. As GreenThumb staffcontinues to visit sites and review last year's activities, wewill work with garden groups to resolve violations beforeregistration. Violations to GreenThumb rules and regulations include: keeping animals (except in accordance withDepartment of Health standards), poor maintenance andstorage of non-garden related items, consumption of illegalsubstances, alcohol use, neglecting open hours, prohibitingpublic access, illegal structures, low membership (under 10),and lack of public programming events. Please contact us ifyour group is in need of some assistance to alleviate anyproblems your garden may be facing. GreenThumb has a lotin store for registered gardens this season. With the adventof new staff we are able to offer increased assistance withhorticulture and site design as well as a range of newworkshops and networking opportunities to furtherdevelop garden groups. We appreciate your efforts andhope that all will participate and allow us to help youcontinue to serve and improve our communities.School GardensAll School (EIG program) Gardens that have worked withGreenThumb in the last five years will receive notificationabout registration via mail this summer. Upon registrationschool gardens will be eligible for a full range ofGreenThumb services. We encourage school gardens totake advantage of opportunities to network with areacommunity gardens at registration sessions andsubsequently participate in our enriched program of eventsand workshops.HPD GardensThis summer, GreenThumb will send new licenses to theprimary contacts of community garden groups thatsteward HPD properties. You are expected to sign thelicense and send it back to GreenThumb. Signing yourlicense will re-register you with GreenThumb for the season.If you have any questions pertaining to the upcoming garden registration, or the current status of your garden, please call us at ouroffice, (212) 788-8070.CITY SOLARm Renewable, sustainable energy installationsw w w . c i t y s o l a r . o r gm Educational resources for the general publicin public and private spacesto inspire and empower!Help us live in peace on earth.Visit our new website and join in!m Developing a green workforce in our531A 6th AvePark Slope, New York [email protected]: (347) 254-0019communities!7

TIPS:Getting toGreenThumb Events& Workshops1. Ask all members of your5. Check with all the communitygarden group if they are able toattend or if they have access to acar.gardens near you and see if theywould be willing to carpool. CallGreenThumb if you need namesand phone numbers.2. Ask neighbors and anyonethat stops to admire the gardenif they would have time to helpout the garden.6. Put a sign on your gardengate "Support your local community garden - Volunteersneeded to pick up supplies.”3. Check with local churchesand community organizations tosee if they have a van or car thatcould be used for attendingworkshops or picking upsupplies.7. Split the cost of a rental vanamongst several communitygardens (for 3 gardens it’s about 20/per).4. Visit local businesses to see ifthey have a delivery van thatmight be perfect for picking upsupplies.City of New York Parks & Recreationand GreenThumbMichael R. Bloomberg, MayorAdrian Benepe, Parks CommissionerEdie Stone, Director of GreenThumbGlenis Holder, DesignerGreenThumb49 Chambers Street, Room 1020 NY, NY 10007Phone 212.788.8070 u Fax u GreenThumb Program GuideSummer 2008What Does Your Garden Need?Is Your Garden a Lost Gem in theCity?Do you have a workshop idea?Would you like to host an event?Call the GreenThumb office at(212) 788-8070.

Garbage Bags, Garbage Cans, Garden Forks, Shovels,Hoes, . garden.One pickup per garden group. Please carpool with other garden groups . Subway:3 to Van Siclen.Walk east on Livonia Ave towards Hendrix St.Turn right at Hendrix St,then left at New Lots. Bus:T