Hesham Ali, Ph.D., PEResearch Associate ProfessorFlorida International UniversityCivil and Environmental Engineering Department10555 W. Flagler Street, EC 3602Miami, FL 33174(954) 224-8660 (Cell)Email [email protected]:To use my education, leadership and experience in the fields of Artificial Intelligence,Robotics, Geotechnical Engineering, Pavement Engineering, Construction Management,Contract Administration, Construction Quality Assurance, Materials testing, TrafficOperations, and Asset Management to make a difference in my community and mentorthe next generation of engineers.CERTIFICATES AND LICENSES:Licensed Professional Engineer, States of Florida and MarylandCertified Public Manager (CPM)--FSUGraduate of FDOT Leadership AcademyGraduate of FDOT Supervisory AcademyGraduate of Construction Management AcademyCertified Quality Control Manager- CTQP (FDOT Construction Training and QualificationProgram)Certified Asphalt Paving Tech levels I and II-CTQPCertified Asphalt Plant Tech-CTQPCertified Earthwork Inspector Levels I and II-CTQPLicensed ATSSA SupervisorFDOT Certified Instructor, CTQP Asphalt Paving Level I & IIFDOT Certified Instructor, CTQP Asphalt Plant Level I &IIFDOT Certified Instructor, CTQP Asphalt Mix DesignerFDOT Certified Instructor, CTQP Concrete Field InspectorFDOT Certified Instructor, CTQP Concrete Lab InspectorFDOT Certified Instructor, CTQP Earthwork Construction I &IIFDOT Certified Instructor, CTQP Quality Control ManagerFDOT Certified Instructor, MOT IntermediateFDOT Certified Instructor, MOT AdvancedPATENTSHesham Ali, Ph.D., PE.Page1

15/018,152 Three Dimensional Paving (Awarded)15/136,461 System and Method for Recycling Asphalt through Radiant andConvection Heating and Simultaneous Gentle Tumbling (Pending)15/245,503 System and Method for Recycling Asphalt Using Induction HeatingWORK EXPERIENCE:Florida International University (FIU)Miami, Florida, Dates Employed: 12/11 – PresentResearch Associate ProfessorTeach undergraduate and graduate level courses on Geotechnical Engineering I with corequisite soil mechanics laboratory, Foundations Engineering, Asphalt Paving,Superpave Hot Mix Design. Conduct externally funded research and developmentrelated to analysis of foundations and green paving methods including pavementrecycling and innovative paving material. Served as a PI for approximately 2 Millionresearch funding in the past 6 years.KBR (Qatar Public Woks Administration)Doha, Qatar Dates Employed (5/2017 to 8/2017) Doha Expressway ProgramChief Technical Advisor- Pavement and Geotechnical Expert ( 100B RoadwayConstruction program.)Doha Expressway Program is the largest Highway construction in the world in 2017. Itincludes construction of more than 400 miles of new roads, bridges and ITS facilities. Onbehalf of the Program Manager Consultant, directed and managed the Pavement andGeotechnical Team in conducting oversight activities related to pavement construction,quality control, quality assurance, sampling, testing, inspection, acceptance,nonconformity resolution and audits of laboratories, deep foundation installations, bridgeconstruction, asphalt plants and asphalt operations.Florida International University (FIU)Miami, Florida, Dates Employed: 9/09 – 12/11Adjunct Professor. Teach [email protected] and Geotechnical Engineering Classes.Sustainable Road Engineering (SRE)Fort Lauderdale, FL, Dates Employed: 2/11—PresentPresident and CEO.Provide consultations in the area of construction inspection, geotechnical engineering,foundation design, materials testing, pavement design, mix design, pavement monitoring,pavement management and pavement recycling.Hot In Place Paving (HIP Paving LLC)St. Petersburg, Florida, Dates Employed 2/10- 12/11Vice President of Engineering and DevelopmentDeveloped pavement recycling technology to meet current Mix Design Standards.Hesham Ali, Ph.D., PE.Page2

Developed advanced recycling agents that meet Superpave Specifications. Designasphalt mix in a manner that maximize its long-term performance. Service roadway andairport projects in Florida, Texas and Pennsylvania. Presented Company in national andinternational Conferences. Under my leadership, the company was recognized as theAPWA Contractor of the Year (2010), National Recycling Award on FDOT Project SR700, revised specification allowing use as a standard process, and received 80,000 fromUS. EPA to fund research and development.Florida Department Of Transportation (FDOT)Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Dates Employed: 8/05 – 11/09District Director of Operations—Division HeadDirected the Transportation Operations Division in District 4. The district is responsiblefor state transportation facilities in Broward, Palm Beach, St.Lucie, Martin and IndianRiver Counties. Directs construction, maintenance, materials, traffic and IntelligentTransportation system operations for approximately 4000 lane miles of interstate andarterial roads and 750 bridges. Average annual construction and maintenance budget is 700 million. Average operating and staff budget is 40 million. Division staff size is 540employees. Oversaw industrial safety and loss prevention programs.Initiated Transportation System Management and Operation (TSMO) which has nowbecome an important component of Traffic Operations. TSMO is aimed at reducingcongestion. This includes deploying Intelligent Transportation System infrastructure(Transportation Management Center, Closed Circuit TV, vehicle detectors and dynamicmessage signs). Deployment of incident management systems, Road Ranger programand higher standards of signal system management and coordination. Real time Systemperformance can be found at Department Of Transportation (FDOT)Davie, Florida, Dates Employed: 8/00 – 8/05District Materials Engineer—Department HeadServed as the Department Head at the District Materials Office--- a department of 70employees and a materials testing lab. The unit is responsible for regulating constructionmaterials producers including aggregate, asphalt, concrete and pre-stressed structuralelements, quality assurance of materials testing laboratories working for FDOT, andmaterials sampling and testing of construction projects. On average, the Materials Officeis involved in approximately 60 roadway and bridge construction projects yearly in thearea from Vero Beach to Florida Keys with an annual construction budget of 500 millionDollars in Districts 4 and 6.Directed construction inspection and materials testing for major bridge projects. BridgeExamples include 17 Street Causeway Bridge (Bascule Segmental), Boynton BeachBridge (Bascule), 2nd Ave Bridge in Miami (Bascule), Jensen Beach Bridge (AASHTOBeams), New River Bridge, Palm Beach International Airport ramps (Segmental), ErnstHesham Ali, Ph.D., PE.Page3

Lyons Bridge (Fixed Segmental). Directed quality assurance in a wide range ofconstruction activities including mass concrete plans, pile driving, drill shaft installation,pre-stress structural element testing and inspection, stagnamic test of bridge foundation,MSE wall installation, concrete placement and curing and concrete mix design.Introduced advanced technology such as the Laser Profiler and Ground PenetratingRadar in the practice. Developed a mission, vision and Business-planning framework formy department. The framework was adopted and implemented statewide. Improvedcustomer and employee satisfaction was among many accomplishments achieved in theDistrict Materials Office.Florida Atlantic University (FAU)Boca Raton, Florida, Dates affiliated (as a volunteer): 5/02 – 5/10Member of the Civil Engineering (DAC) Department Advisory Committee.The committee’s advised the Civil Engineering Department on issues related to gainingaccreditation for the underground program, establishing a Ph.D. program, enhancingfinancial resources through research and streamlining the curriculum.Attended quarterly meetings and assisted the Department in getting research funding.Facilitated professors outreach to FDOT. Interacted with the ABET accreditation team toprovide industry input.City of TamaracTamarac, Florida, Dates Employed: 12/98 – 8/00CITY ENGINEERAs the Engineering Division head, supervised a team of 8 Engineers, Inspectors,consultants and contractors in the design, review, permitting, and construction of a widevariety of Capital Improvement Projects. Represented the City in reviewing newdevelopment plans and construction permit applications.Adopted innovativemanagement techniques to motivate the Engineering staff to provide a higher level ofservice to residents, and developers.PROJECT MANAGER. Managed a 15 million Street Improvement Program. The StreetImprovement Program included resurfacing 126 miles of public streets and constructionof median curb, irrigation and landscaping. Responsibilities include, design of pavementrehabilitation, preparing bid documents, and construction inspection and management.Conducted Citizen Information Meetings, and provided the City Manager andCommission with periodic updates on the project. Project was completed ahead of timeand under budget.ERES ConsultantsColumbia, MD. Dates Employed: 4/96 -12/98Engineer- Senior Pavement EngineerHesham Ali, Ph.D., PE.Page4

Research Engineer. Under contracts with the Federal Highway Administration, performedanalysis of the Long Term Pavement Performance Program (LTPP) data. Published twoFHWA reports on mechanistic-empirical pavement design, and interpretation of LTPPfrost penetration data.PROJECT MANAGER. Managed pavement evaluation and rehabilitation projects forvarious airports, cities, and state highway agencies. Planned, scheduled, and supervisedproject team for data collection, processing, and analysis, preparation of reports, andpresentation of results to clients. Projects involve field testing using nondestructive testing(NDT) equipment for estimating the strength of pavement materials and the use of videoinspection equipment for collecting and analyzing pavement condition data.Communicated with clients on project progress. Sample Projects includes: Evaluation of Runway D at JFK airport for the Port Authority of New York and NewJersey. Developed pavement rehabilitation design based on mechanistic andnon-destructive evaluation. Port Elizabeth (NJ) Pavement evaluation. Developed Pavement Rehab designbased on nondestructive evaluation using Falling Weigh Deflectometer. McLester Street pavement evaluation. Developed Pavement Rehab design basedon nondestructive evaluation using Falling Weigh Deflectometer.PROJECT ENGINEER. Worked primarily on pavement engineering and researchprojects, including pavement evaluation rehabilitation design for runways and taxiways atmajor airports. Performed structural evaluation of pavements, including the estimation ofthe remaining life of in-service pavements using finite element analysis and mechanisticempirical techniques. Projects typically involve NDT, pavement condition survey, the useof ground penetrating radar (GPR) to verify or determine pavement layer thickness, soiltesting, dynamic cone penetrometer testing, and development of pavement performanceprediction models.Site Development Plan ConsultantColumbia, MD. Engagement Dates: 6/96- 8/98Served as a private consultant to preparing the Site Development Plan (SDP) for anumber of clients. The SDP is required for any new development prior to issuing thebuilding permit. Provided engineering input to prepare the SDP according to HowardCounty and Maryland State Highway specifications. SDPincludedstormwatermanagement systems, parking lots, acceleration /deceleration lanes, lighting posts,pavement marking and handicap accommodations. Prepared shallow foundationanalysis and design. Served as Construction Inspector on field work including demolitionof old facilities, construction of new facilities, earth work, and paving. Size of projectsranged from 100k to 4M. Sample projects include Snowden River Town Homes, adevelopment of 8 attached town homes.Hesham Ali, Ph.D., PE.Page5

Federal Highway AdministrationMcLean, VA. Dates Employed: 8/94 -4/96Highway Research FellowConducted Analysis of the Long Term Pavement Performance Data. Used advancedStatistical, Structural and Simulation tools to analyze the seasonal variations ofpavements structural properties. Developed improved pavement design methods toaccount for the seasonal variation effects. Developed a software program to performcomputations. The new design method was published in several Transportation ResearchBoard papers in 1996 and 1997.New York State DOTNew York, NY. Dates Employed: 6/94 -8/94Transportation AnalystEvaluated the analysis of congestion mitigation and air quality (CMAQ) projects for thepurpose of quantifying the total reduction of vehicle emissions, volatile organiccompounds, carbon oxides and nitrogen oxides, that result from reducing the number ofvehicle-miles traveled and improving traffic flow.CUNY Institute For Transportation SystemsNew York, NY. Dates Employed: 9/92 -6/94Research AssistantServed as a project engineer in a number of pavement evaluation projects.Responsibilities include: Conducted laboratory testing of pavement cores, includes sieveanalysis, determination of asphalt specific gravity, and resilient modulus testingPerformed Marshall, extraction, sieve analysis, penetration, and flash point testing in NYCAsphalt Mix Plant Laboratory. Participated in field data collection (SASW, FWD and coredata).Acquired all required underground utility data. Organized site visits and interviewedwith representatives of recycling, demolition, and asphalt concrete manufacturingindustries. Developed a pavement rehabilitation method for use by New York City DOT.Prepared progress and final reports.TM Consulting CompanyAlexandria, Egypt. Dates Employed: 6/91 -1/92Construction InspectorConducted construction inspection for a 6 million dollar road rehabilitation project in thecity of Alexandria. The project included a storm drainage system, curbs, and asphaltoverlay. Responsible for documentation, inspection of work, and reviewing progresspayment request. Prepared foundation analysis and design for ITS and sign structures.Arab ContractorsAlexandria, Egypt. Dates Employed: 6/87- 2/90Field InternCarried out surveying and leveling using transit, theodolite, and leveling devices forHesham Ali, Ph.D., PE.Page6

widening of the Alexandria-Cairo Highway. The project included earthwork, drainage,asphalt, and structural work. I was responsible for layout and cost accounting.EDUCATION:Ph. D. in Engineering, 1997The City University of New YorkM.S. in Transportation Engineering, 1993The City College of New YorkB.S. in Civil Engineering, 1991Alexandria University, Egypt.AWARDS AND MEMBERSHIPS:American Society of Civil EngineersTransportation Research BoardTRB Committee ASF60 on subsurface drainageAssociation of Asphalt Paving TechnologistsCertified Public Managers—South Florida ChapterPresident and Past President—South Florida Chapter of Certified Public ManagersCertificate of Appreciation on work performed in 1994-1995-- FHWA.Certificate of Appreciation on Exemplary Performance—City of TamaracCertificate of Appreciation on Materials Model work—FDOTCertificate of Appreciation for organizing the ASCE Student Conference 2013--FIUPROFESSIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTSAs FDOT Director of Operations, District 4, FDOT Inspired a move to adopt Transportation System Management and Operations(TSM&O) paradigm.This paradigm shift would, if implemented aggressively,reduce delays and improve traffic reliability, cost effectively. Advocated the moveto District Directors of Operations, District Traffic Operations Engineers, andExecutive Board. This led to establishing a statewide team to evaluate andrecommend changes to the Executive Board. We are establishing a BusinessPlan to allow FDOT to continue to progress in that dimension. I challenged mystaff to reduce average delay in Broward County by 10%, adjusted for trafficvolume. See my presentation at the Transpo2008 Conference.Hesham Ali, Ph.D., PE.Page-7-

District 4 was among the first districts to deploy ITS. Our ITS program continuesto be among the most advanced with real time performance measures. Advocated the use of Business Planning Approach to performance improvement.Used the Sterling Approach to develop a template for Business Plans. FDOTadopted the template statewide. Emphasized Construction Quality in D4.Led a campaign of site visits,presentations at the Quarterly Contractors meetings, revising CEI evaluationcriteria, development and implementation of new pavement smoothnessspecifications, this led to improved Maintenance Rating of Construction projectsfrom 80 to 90. Improved pavement ride quality of from a ride number of 3.7 to 3.9. Improved Construction performance measures. Delivered 500- 700 millionworth of projects annually. In the past, the district fell short of meeting its time andcost overrun measures and trailed other districts. According to the 2008 FloridaTransportation Commission (FTC) report, District 4 met 3 of the 4 FTC measures;and was within the statewide average in the forth measure. The district had aboveaverage results. The measures are: Percent of money spent within budget (targetis 90%), percent of time within budget (target is 90%), percent of projects withintime (target is 80%) and percent of projects within budget (target is 90%). 2008 Leadership and Human Resource Survey showed District 4 OperationsDivision to have the highest scores in the state among Operations Divisions. Thesurvey had a 75% participation rate, is a confidential pull of employees that scoresleadership and employee satisfaction. According to the Florida Tax Watch, District 4 Operations is the largest recipient ofDavis Productivity Awards in Florida. The division received 27 awards of the 90awards received by FDOT. District 4 Materials Office is among the leading districts. Modernized the lab withnew computer acquisition systems, invested in the state of the art technologiessuch as the Laser Profiler, the Ground Penetrating Radar, the Falling WeightDeflectometer, the Pile Driving Analyzer, the Cross Sonic Log and others.Introduced new ways to measure performance, including Construction QualityIndex, Materials Quality Index. Improved maintenance standards to MRP of 86 from MRP of 81 without additionalfunding. MRP, is a maintenance rating program that quantifies maintenancestandards in several areas, including pavement condition, traffic signs and striping,aesthetics and vegetation, and drainage performance. The statewide requirementis 80.Hesham Ali, Ph.D., PE.Page-8-

Advocated Asset Management approach to efficient maintenance. Wrote articlesin Perspective on Excellence FDOT publication, hosted NHI classes andpurchased software to enable GIS tracking of assets and development of routinemaintenance based on asset conditions and expected deterioration. AssetManagement is taking hold in all Operations Centers and becoming mainstream. Led the District Emergency Management efforts. This included preparation effortsprior to storms then responding to emergencies during storms and restoringdamage after the storms. The district responded to restoration efforts forHurricanes Francis and Jeanne [ 100 million of damage], Hurricane Wilma [170million of damage] and several tropical storms. Championed the Florida State Employee Charitable Campaign in 2005. Thecampaign aimed at raising funds from state employees for the benefit of charityOrganization in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Collected a record 81,000.To date this record has not been broken.ACADEMIC ACCOMPLISHMENTSResearch funding ( 2.7M)In the past 8 years since joining FIU, secured 2.6M research funding and industrysupport. With the In-Kind contributions, funds earned for FIU ( 2.7 M)1. FDOT Project: Long Term Aging of Recycled Binders ( 253K)2. FDOT Project: Raveling of FC-5 ( 65K)3. FDOT Project: Long Term Aging of Recycled Binders with RAP ( 190K)4. FDOT Project: Precision of Florida Texturemeter ( 101K)5. FDOT Project: Express Lane Marker Evaluation ( 608K)6. FDOT Project: Evaluation of the Effect of Homogeneity of the Asphalt Binder onPerformance of a Recycled Mix ( 160K)7. Wirtgen America: Develop a Paving Certification Program (80,000)8. Cash contribution from HIP Paving ( 65K)9. Support from Ergon Asphalt ( 60K) 2014-201710. Asphalt Laboratory Equipment (Mobil Lab and Miscellaneous Equipment) valued atmore than 140K11. LTRC Project: Asphalt Surface Treatment Synthesis ( 30K)12. FDOT Project: Develop a Training Program for District 6 Development Division( 425,000)13. USDOT Development of a Guide for Selection of Substructures for ABC Projects( 183,000)- Co-PI- 2018-2019.14. Internal Funding to upgrade the Soil Mechanics Lab (Tech Fee Project 281K)Hesham Ali, Ph.D., PE.Page-9-

Additional Funding Currently Pursued ( 1.5M) Implementation of Power Supply Strategies to Improve Resilience of ITSInfrastructure in FDOT District 6. [ 400K] Evaluation of Pavement Adaptation Strategies for Sea Level Rise in Florida[ 700,000 Proposed] Pavement Robotics- Invention of the 3D Paver [ 400K] -Being submitted to NSF.TeachingTaught undergraduate and graduate courses. All Classes are consistently surveyed andshow Very Good to Excellent ratings by students. Current average is 3.7/4.0. Classesinclude Geotechnical Engineering I Geotechnical Engineering II Pavement Design and Analysis Superpave Mix Design Special Topics- PD&E Career in Civil Engineering Graduate SeminarInstructor for FDOT Construction Training and Qualification Program. Concrete Field Inspector Asphalt Paving Levels I and II, Asphalt Plant Level I and II, Quality Control Manager Earthwork Construction Levels I and II Intermediate and Advanced MOTServices Served as a Faculty Senate from August 2014 to Present time. Interact withStudents, Faculty and Senior Administrators at the University level. Served as Faculty Advisor for the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)student Chapter from August 2012 to August 2016. Coordinated the ASCE Southeast Student Conference in March 2013. Event wasattended by 1200 participants from 26 Universities in 15 competitions held at FIUand UM over the coarse of 3 days. Event was a success. Received a certificateof appreciation from the Chapter and FIU Civil Engineering Department. FIU Teamadvanced 5 positions from its ranking the year before. Helped raise funds for the ASCE Chapter and Conference totaling 60,000. Assisted students to secure fellowship funding from USDOT EisenhowerFellowship Program. Awards totaled 10,000 in 2013.Hesham Ali, Ph.D., PE.Page - 10 -

LIST OF REPORTS AND PUBLICATIONS1.Ali, H.A., and A. Lopez, "Statistical Analyses of Temperature and MoistureEffects on Pavements' Structural Properties," Journal of the TransportationResearch Board, Volume 1540, 1996.2.Ali, H.A., and N.A. Parker, "Using Time Series Techniques to Incorporate theSeasonal Variations in Pavement Design, Journal of the TransportationResearch Board, Volume 1539, 1996.3.Ali, Hesham, and Aramis Lopez. "Statistical analyses of temperature andmoisture effects on pavement structural properties based on seasonalmonitoring data." Transportation Research Record: Journal of theTransportation Research Board 1540 (1996): 48-55.4.Parker, N.A., L.H. Irwin, M.A. Maher, N. Gucunski, H.A. Ali, and P. Messmer,"Comparative Evaluation of Wave Propagation- and Deflection-BasedPavement Testing Techniques", final report submitted to the UniversityTransportation Research Center, May 1994.5.Rahut, B. J., A. Simpson, S.D. Tayabji, and H.A. Ali, "LTPP Data Assessment",Report submitted to the Federal Highway Administration by BRE and ERESConsultants, May 1996.6.Ali, H. A., "Accounting for the Seasonal Variations in the Design of FlexiblePavements," Ph.D. dissertation, submitted to the Civil Engineering Departmentat CUNY, October 1996.7.Ali, H. A., Tayabji, S. D., and La Torre, F. (1998). "Calibration of mechanisticempirical rutting model for in-service pavements." Transportation ResearchRecord (1629), 159-168.8.Ali and Tayabji, 1998 Ali, H.A. and Tayabji, S.D. (1998). Evaluation ofMechanistic–Empirical Performance Prediction Models for Flexible Pavements.Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation ResearchBoard, Vol. 1629, pp. 169-180.9.Ali, H.A., and S. D. Tayabji, "Mechanistic Evaluation Of Test Data From LtppFlexible Pavement Test Sections, Volume II: Final Report-Appendices," FHWAReport number FHWA-RD-98-012, May 1998.Hesham Ali, Ph.D., PE.Page - 11 -

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CERTIFICATES AND LICENSES: Licensed Professional Engineer, States of Florida and Maryland . Certified Public Manager (CPM)--FSU . Graduate of FDOT Leadership Academy . Graduate of FDOT Supervisory Academy . Graduate of Construction Management Academy . Certified Quality Control Manag