Integrated Planning, Budgetingand ForecastingNetSuite Planningand BudgetingPlanning and budgeting using spreadsheets inmost organizations results in less collaboration,more inefficiency and is error prone.NetSuite Planning and Budgeting facilitates bothcompany-wide and departmental planning withmodeling capabilities, approval workflows andreporting within one collaborative scalable solution.Sales and operationally-driven strategic plans canbe linked to long-term and near-term financial plans.The solution uses a powerful calculation enginewhich can accommodate a wide range of businesslogic with fast in-memory aggregation and instantfinancial analysis and reporting.Key Benefits Reduce planning and forecasting cycletimes by making it simpler to collect inputsand assumptions. Gain greater control and visibility over yourplans, budgets and forecasts. Increase collaboration with business stakeholdersand drive better decision-making. Drill across budget, forecast and actuals to seethe impact on business performance. Improve forecast accuracy with predictiveplanning, allowing users to run multiplescenarios on the fly for management

Robust Financial Modeling WithPredictive AnalyticsDemand is volatile, costs fluctuate and thebusiness landscape is constantly changing.NetSuite Planning and Budgeting enables you tostay ahead of the competition by understandingvolatility and modeling financial and operationalchanges quickly using flexible assumptions. Usesophisticated modeling techniques, predictiveanalytics, multiple what-if scenarios and rollingforecasts to minimize uncertainty in the business.Key Features Data Integration with NetSuite ERP. Flexible driver-based what-if modeling capabilities. Built-in financial intelligence and spreading logic. Built-in commentary and annotation capabilities. Flexible workflow and planmanagement capabilities. Robust reporting and ad-hoc analysis withformatting and charting support.Integrate Planning and ManagementReporting EffortlesslyReports and dashboards that display plan,forecast and actual data can be created inminutes and any change made to versions areinstantaneously reflected.Predictive Planning uses sophisticated time-series forecasting techniques to create new predictions or validate existing forecasts. Oracle Terms of Use and PrivacyPage 2

Workforce PlanningWorkforce Planning aligns human resource needswith business needs to ensure a company canexecute on its business strategy. Together, HR,finance and hiring managers establish budgets,roles and priorities across the organization byexamining total headcount costs to make sure theright number of people are hired at the right timewithout going over budget.NetSuite Planning and Budgeting brings financial,payroll and HR data together so you can planheadcount, salary, bonus and payroll taxes usingactuals from your business. This allows leaders toquickly build models and plans without having torekey or reassemble workforce information ina spreadsheet. Oracle Terms of Use and PrivacyWorkforce Planning Benefits Improve collaboration between HR and Finance. Plan your workforce with flexible models thatalign to how you run your business. Drill down into what skills, competenciesneeded for long-term organizational success. Predict costs and effectiveness oforganizational changes. Get a complete view of your headcount acrossyour entire organization.Page 3

Microsoft Office Integration – Smart ViewNetSuite Planning and Budgeting offerscomprehensive integration with Microsoft Officetools such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word andPowerPoint with Smart View for Office.Use Excel as the environment for adding custommembers on the fly, slicing and dicing data, andad-hoc modeling. Users can also create datagrids incorporating Excel formulas and formats.Common planning actions, such as spreading andallocation, are available within planning data gridsrendered within Microsoft Excel.Smart View Benefits Quickly navigate plan versions and detailsin Excel. Full ad-hoc and free form analysis capabilities. Report creation in Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Data access from multi-dimensional sources. Create unique data perspectives for users. Dynamically refresh Office documents with asingle click. Support for highly formatted grids inMicrosoft Excel.View, refresh, manipulate, submit, distribute and share data in Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint interfaces. Oracle Terms of Use and PrivacyPage 4

SuiteSuccess ‒ Planning and BudgetingPremium EditionPlanning and Budgeting Premium Edition isintended to provide a holistic planning andbudgeting solution that is primarily developed foryour specific industry. While NetSuite Planningand Budgeting is already a comprehensiveoffering tailored toward your industry, this editionalso allows for moderate customization to yourbusiness and acts as a springboard to acceleratefuture growth.Delivery Motion and Speed: Scoping Required Planning and Budgeting Premium Editionis implemented by expert NetSuite Servicesconsultants. Your dedicated implementationteam will align all solution customizations andtimelines and will devote themselves to warrantan on-schedule implementation.Features included: Industry Specific Models Verticalized Metrics (SaaS, Other) Project Planning Cash Projections Verticalized OpEx and Expense Planning Verticalized Revenue Planning Driver and Trended Forecasting Financial Reporting and Variance Analysis Indirect Cash Flow Workforce Planning Smart View Office IntegrationIndustries designed for: Software Agencies Services Nonprofit Wholesale Distribution Manufacturing Retail Oracle Terms of Use and Privacy

NetSuite Planning and Budgeting brings financial, payroll and HR data together so you can plan headcount, salary, bonus and payroll taxes using actuals from your business. This allows leaders to quickly build models and plans without having to rekey or reassemble workforce