Table of ContentsRolls-Royce M250 Support Team.3Rolls‑Royce Civil Field Support.4Rolls‑Royce Aftermarket Services.5Rolls‑Royce Customer Services.8Rolls‑Royce Customer Services – Military.9Rolls‑Royce Civil Field Support.10Rolls‑Royce Regional Customer Training Center.12Rolls‑Royce Technical Assistance.13Aviall Leadership Team.14Aviall Leadership Team.15Aviall – Main Contact Numbers.16Aviall – North American Customer Centers.17Aviall – International Customer Service.19Service Center Location Map.20M250 FIRST network Map.21M250 FIRST network – Index.22M250 Authorized Support Centers (ASC).23Authorized Maintenance, Repair& Overhaul Centers (AMROC).24Authorized Maintenance, Repair& Overhaul Centers (AMROC).25AeroMaritime Mediterranean, Ltd.26Asia Pacific Aerospace Pty. Ltd (APA).27H S Aviation Ltd.28Keystone Turbine Services.29Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.30MHI Aero Engine Service Co., Ltd.31DallasAirmotive.32StandardAero Limited.33Vector Aerospace Corporation - Helicopter Services.34Authorized Maintenance Centers.35AMC.36AeroMaritime Mediterranean, Ltd.37Airborne Engines Ltd.38Industry Aviation Services.39McTurbine Inc.40National Airways Corporation Pty. Ltd.41StandardAero (Asia) Pte. Ltd.42Authorized Military Overhaul Facilities (AMOF).43AMOF.44Air Asia Company, Limited.45HANWHA Techwin Co., Ltd.46Piaggio Aero Industries, S.P.A.47Authorized Repair Facilities (ARF).48ARF.49Aero Propulsion Support, Inc.50Cadorath.51Cadorath Lafayette.52H-S Tool & Parts, Inc.53Aftermarket Services.54M250 Foundation Services.55M250 TotalCare .56Rolls-Royce Customer Training.58Customer Training.59M250 2015 Class Schedule.60M250 Approved Suppliers.61Approved Suppliers.62Honeywell.63Triumph Engine Controls Systems, Inc.64M250 Engine Designations and Applications.65Engine Designations and Applications.66Turboprop.70Series I and II. 74Series II.76Series III & IV.80Series IV.82Significant facts about the M250.86Commonly Referenced CSL Listings.88Warranties.89Rolls- Royce Series II C20 and B17 LIMITED WARRANTY.90Rolls ‑Royce Series IV C30, C40 and C47 LIMITED WARRANTY.92Rolls- Royce M250 Spare Module /Part LIMITED WARRANTY.94

Rolls-Royce M250 Support Team

Rolls‑Royce Senior Leadership TeamJohn SchroederJason Propesp: 1 (317) 230-8452c: 1 (317) 590-3610e: john.m.schroeder@rolls‑royce.comp: 1 (317) 373-8290c: 1 (317) 230-2803e: jason.r.propes@rolls‑royce.comScott AmesTim McGrathGurdip PunniRoy Griffinp: 1 (317) 230-5985c: 1 (317) 258-3063e: tim.j.mcgrath@rolls‑royce.comc: 44 (0) 7854 201303e: gurdip.punni@rolls‑royce.comp: 1(317) 230-5162e: roy.griffin@rolls‑royce.comDirector of Helicopter and Light TurbopropEngines - M250, RR300, CTS800Program Executive, M250 Enginesp: 1(317) 230-4805c: 1(317) 294-0045e: [email protected] Vice President - Helicopters and LightTurboprop Customer BusinessRegional Vice President for Helicopterand Light Turboprop enginesGerald SheltonJim PaytonHelicopters Service ExecutiveRegional Vice President for Helicopter andLight Turboprop enginesPhone: 1 317 230-3331Mobile: 1 317 [email protected]: 1 (317) 230-3242c: l Vice President for Helicopterand Light Turboprop enginesRegional Vice President forHelicopter and Light Turboprop EnginesM250 FIRST NETWORK 2016 CUSTOMER SUPPORT DIRECTORY

Rolls‑Royce Aftermarket ServicesGerald SheltonRege HallPhone: 1 317 230-3331Mobile: 1 317 [email protected]: 1 (317) 230-2716c: 1 (317) 250-4767e: rege.e.hall@rolls‑royce.comLarry NorrisRandy WeberHelicopters Service ExecutiveAftermarket Program Manager M250/RR300p. 1(317)230-6464c. 1(317)496-65765Customer Service Senior ManagerAftermarket Program ManagerMilitary Programsp: 1 (317) 230-3074c: 1 (256) 724-2183e:‑royce.comJim JacksonLawrence P. MannRegional Director Civil HelicoptersNorth America Deployed ServicesHelicopter Aftermarket Growth ManagerMobile: 1 (317) [email protected]: 1 317 230 6380Mobile: 1 317 625 [email protected] BinghamTotalCare Managerp: 1(317)230-8856c: 1(317)230-1338e: [email protected] FIRST NETWORK 2016 CUSTOMER SUPPORT DIRECTORY

Rolls‑Royce Aftermarket ServicesScott BaierMaintance Repair & Overhaul MROServices Manager M250/RR300p: 1 (317) 230-6142c: 1 (317) 523-6804scott.baier@rolls‑royce.comAlan KemperTotalCare Support Managere: [email protected] N. SmithFrancine RobertsonNancy Harnsp: 1 (317) 860-2591e: [email protected]: 1 (317) 230-5754c: 1 (317) 514-6209francine.g.robertson@rolls‑royce.comp: 1 (317) 230-8282c: 1 (317) 319-6514e: nancy.harns@rolls‑royce.comHelicopter Service Network AdministratorCorey ShortM250 Service Network Managerp: 1 (317) 230-5548e: corey.short@rolls‑royce.comSenior Warranty & Data Systems ManagerFAST AdministratorJennifer PierceyTotalCare Analyst/Warranty & Data Superuserp: 1 (317) 230-5074c: 1 (317) 224-3477e: jennifer.l.piercey@rolls‑royce.comM250 FIRST NETWORK 2016 CUSTOMER SUPPORT DIRECTORY

Rolls‑Royce Customer ServicesRege HallCustomer Service Senior ManagerBen KeslerSenior Customer Service ManagerDavid MillerDavid Parkerp: 1 (317) 230-2716c: 1 (317) 250-4767e: rege.e.hall@rolls‑royce.comp: 1 (317) 230-4003c: 1 (317) 681-4559e: benjamin.w.kesler@rolls‑royce.comp: 1 (317) 230-5126c: 1 (317) 363-1484e: david.miller1@rolls‑royce.comp: 1 (317) 230-5771e: david.parker6@rolls‑royce.comTerry WolfeCustomer Service ManagerNichole OwensRob GoodBecca Krausep: 1 (317) 230-6160c: 1 (317) 681-4579e: terry.wolfe@rolls‑royce.comp: 1 (317) 860-2562e: nichole.owens@rolls‑royce.comp: 1 (317) 230-5667c: 1 (317) 460-2684e: robert.good@rolls‑royce.comp: 1 (317) 230-5955c: 1 (317) 860-2593e: rebecca.krause@rolls‑royce.com7Campaign ManagerCustomer Service ManagerM250 Heavy Repair CoordinatorM250 Heavy Repair CoordinatorCustomer Service ManagerM250 FIRST NETWORK 2016 CUSTOMER SUPPORT DIRECTORY

Rolls‑Royce Customer ServicesCUSTOMER SUPPORTGeneral access: 1 (317) 230-2720Contact information:Toll-free (North America): 1 (888) 255-4766Phone: 1 (317) 230-2720Fax: 1 (317) 230-1422Email: helicoptercustsupp@rolls‑royce.com8M250 FIRST NETWORK 2016 CUSTOMER SUPPORT DIRECTORY

Rolls‑Royce Customer Services – MilitaryRandy WeberAftermarket Program ManagerMilitary Programsp: 1 (317) 230-3074c: 1 (256) 724-2183e:‑royce.com9Brian BeesonLisabeth MaurerTim Hildp: 1 (317) 230-2726c: 1 (317) 209-5814brian.beeson@rolls‑royce.comp: 1 (317) 230-8559c: 1 (317) 319-7190e: lisabeth.maurer@rolls‑royce.comp: 1(256) 461-6009c: 1(317) 619-8716e: [email protected] Service Manager Army ContractsM250 Deployed Operations ManagerMilitary Service Operations OfficerM250 FIRST NETWORK 2016 CUSTOMER SUPPORT DIRECTORY

Rolls‑Royce Civil Field SupportJim JacksonCivil Helicopters North AmericaRegional DirectorTel: 1 317 230 6380Mobile: 1 317 625 [email protected] AnkromManager, International M250/RR300 TeamRussia, CIS, Eastern Europe, Middle East,Korea, Taiwan, and Indonesiac1: 1 (317) 554-9414c2: 971 (0) 56 174 6535e: chris.m.ankrom@rolls‑royce.comRusty HaimowitzGreg Lewisc: 1 (817) 584-7029e: russell.a.haimowitz@rolls‑royce.comc: 1 (315) 405-5469e: [email protected] Field Support Manager - Midwest US10Regional Manager- Western Central USSimon KempKarim Shaabanp: 44 (0) 2392 662790c: 44 (0) 7972 001167e: simon.kemp@rolls‑royce.comp: 55 (11) 3539-6364c: 55 (11) 8465-7374f: 55 (11) 5083-0486e: karim.shaaban@rolls‑royce.comJia FeiMatt Cherviakovp: 86 10 8565 5199c: 86 138 1064 3357f: 86 10 8525 2213e: fei.jia@rolls‑royce.comp: 61 (0) 7 3886 4429c: 61 (0) 4 3576 8106f: 61 (0) 7 3886 4429e: matthew.cherviakov@rolls‑royce.comRegional Manager - Western Europe,Middle East & AfricaRegional Manager - China, India,Southeast AsiaRegional Manager - Brazil, Chile, Argentina,Paraquay, Uraquay, and PeruRegional Manager, Australia, New Zealand,Papua New GuineaM250 FIRST NETWORK 2016 CUSTOMER SUPPORT DIRECTORY

Rolls‑Royce Civil Field SupportPatrick MalloryJim TaylorGreg HoustonDave Rollinsp: 1 (817) 280-5687c: 1 (817) 637-6747f: 1 (817) 428-1456e: patrick.j.mallory@rolls‑royce.comc: 1 (514)-237-3741f: 1 (450)-472-2984e: jim.taylor@rolls‑royce.comp: 1 (623) 266-3715c: 1 (602) 750-1276f: 1 (623) 266-3715gregory.d.houston@rolls‑royce.comp: 1 (450) 971-6500 ext.4120c: 1 (514) 386-7184e: david.rollins@rolls‑royce.comCarl LandriaultHubert Webster Dominguezp: 1 (337) 401-9710c: 1 (337) 401-9710e: carl.landriault@rolls‑royce.come: [email protected] Manager - Eastern Central USRegional Manager - Southeast US11Regional Manager - Eastern Canada, N.E. USATotalCare Technical AdvisorRegional Manager - Western US andWestern CanadaResident Manager Bell Helicopter (OEM),Regional Manager Central CanadaRegional Manager-Latin AmericanM250 FIRST NETWORK 2016 CUSTOMER SUPPORT DIRECTORY

Rolls‑Royce Regional Customer Training CenterRobert J. (Bob) HansenJill JupinJames Parop: 1 (317) 230-8057e: robert.j.hansen@rolls‑royce.comp: 1 (317) 230-2586e: [email protected]: 1(317)230-3246c: 1(865)323-1710Fax: 1(317)230-4444Instructor - M250 Engines12Registrar - M250 Customer TrainingInstructor, Helicopter EnginesM250 FIRST NETWORK 2016 CUSTOMER SUPPORT DIRECTORY

Rolls‑Royce Technical AssistanceQuestions regarding technical or operational issues 24 hours a day, seven days a weekContact information:Mailing address:Shipping address:Toll-free (North America): 1 (888) 255-4766Rolls‑Royce CorporationRolls‑Royce CorporationPhone: 1 (317) 230-2720PO Box 420450 S Meridian StreetFax: 1 (317) 230-1422Mail Code: MC-N4-07Mail Code: MC-N4-07Email: helicoptercustsupp@rolls‑royce.comIndianapolis, Indiana 46206-0420Indianapolis, Indiana 46225-1103USAUSA13M250 FIRST NETWORK 2016 CUSTOMER SUPPORT DIRECTORY

Aviall Leadership Team

Aviall Leadership TeamSheena MitchellTy GentemanDana SundellDoke Strijboschp: 1 (972) 586-1585c: 1 (214) 437-6201e: [email protected]: 1 (972) 586-1909c: 1 (817) 228-8009f: 1 (972) 586-1922e: [email protected]: 356 2137 1692c: 356 9939 2621e: [email protected] ThomsonBrenda LaiSean (E. Chang) LimGeorge Zambranop: 1 (44) 7787 154234c: 1 (44) 7787 154234e: [email protected]: 852-2318-0233c: 852-9196-7023e: [email protected]: 65-6542-5420c: 65-8198-4998e: [email protected]: 1 (954) 347-7339e: [email protected] President Commercial Engines& Rotor Wing Programsp: 1 (972)586-1592c: 1(770)401-6326e: [email protected] Manager Engines & HelicopterPrograms UK - Eastern Europe - Russia15Sr. Manager, Helicopter ProgramsProgram Manager Engine & EngineAccessories Northern AsiaDirector Engine Program SalesProgram Manager Engines & HelicopterPrograms Western Europe - IsraelProgram Manager Engine & EngineAccessories - Southern Asia and Pacific RimProgram Manager Engine & Engine AccessoriesCentral North America and MexicoM250 FIRST NETWORK 2016 CUSTOMER SUPPORT DIRECTORY

Aviall Leadership TeamSergio ZavalaJim OakesJohn GriggsShane Farmerp: 1 (972) 795-8428c: 1 (972) 795-8428e: [email protected]: 1 (972) 586-5919c: 1 (469) 964-6027e: [email protected]: 1 (972) 586-4873c: 1 (214) [email protected]: 1(972) 586-1591c: 1(214)422-0700e: [email protected]. Program Manager- Enginesnternational SalesByron MirandaEngine Program Manager Commercial,Military, & Helicopter Engine ProgramsMiddle East & Indian Sub-continentc: 1(971)52 7622275e: [email protected] Manager Engine & EngineAccessories Eastern North AmericaSr. Program Manager Engines & Helicopter Sales North AmericaEngine Program Manager-Strategic AccountsCommercial Engines & Helicopter ProgramsAviall mission statement:Spare Parts SupportPublications SupportTo be the global leader in aircraftparts sales through world classcustomer service, every customer,every timeAviall, Inc.Attention: Sales Department2750 Regent Blvd.DFW Airport, TX 75261 U.S.A.Aviall, Inc.Attention: Technical Publications2750 Regent Blvd.DFW Airport, TX 75261 U.S.A. Right part Right place Right price Right timeP.O. Box 619048Dallas, TX 75261-9048 U.S.A.P.O. Box 619048Dallas, TX 75261-9048 U.S.A.Toll-Free: 1-800-AVIALL-1 (284-2551)Fax: 1-800-FAX-AVIALL (329-2842)International: 1 (972) 586-1985Please contact your local Aviall branch AOG:[email protected]: 1-800-AVIALL-1 (284-2551 ext. 1567)Fax: 1 (972) 586-1986International: 1 (972) 586-1567Email: 250p[email protected] FIRST NETWORK 2016 CUSTOMER SUPPORT DIRECTORY

Aviall – North American Customer CentersLocationPhone NumberFAX 4451 Aircraft Drive, Suite C, Anchorage, AK 99502-0906ManagerJeff GreenwoodAtlanta1-770-473-16101-770-473-1617574 Airport South Parkway, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30349-8604Gale McCoyBoston1-843-706-35271-978-851-0682Sales Support OnlyBoston1-603-429-44881-603-429-4499Sales Support OnlyCalgary1-403-291-41401-403-291-5234Bay 106, 5421-11th Street N.E., Calgary, Alberta T2E 6M4 CanadaEric RichardChicago1-630-513-95991-630-513-66513950 Swenson Ave, St. Charles, IL 60174-3446Lynda HarmisonCincinnati1-513-871-66231-513-871-05734228 Airport Road, Suite 8, Cincinnati, OH 45226-1646Harold MillerDallas1-972-586-15641-972-586-1982P.O. Box 619048, Dallas, TX 75261-9048 - 2751 Regent Boulevard, DFW Airport Dallas, TX 75261Tim TellinDenver1-303-792-09721-303-792-37517285 South Revere Parkway, Suite 703 Centennial, CO 80112-3947Drew GarrettHalifax1-902-873-46461-902-873-3932588 Barnes Rd., Suite #103, Enfield, Nova Scotia B2T 1K3 CanadaLucie DesforgesHouston1-713-645-33761-713-645-95078887 West Monroe, Houston, TX 77061-5207Brenda McClainKansas City1-913-371-52221-913-371-52921312 Adams Street, Kansas City, KS 66103-1321Patricia StevensLafayette1-337-291-99811-337-291-9178101 Rolls Royce Drive, Broussard, LA 70518Marc DavidLos Angeles1-818-997-02421-818-997-04738045 Woodley Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406-1259Donna DingmanMemphis1-901-362-67101-901-362-00245851 Advantage Cove, Memphis, TN 38141-8212Doug CurrieMiami1-954-625-39301-954-625-39313200 Prospect Road, Suite 140, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309Yara 95 Lone Oak Circle, Suite 5, Eagan, MN 55121-1431Duane LarsenMontreal1-450-437-38441-450-437-3997907 Du Curé-Boivin, BoisBriand, Quebec, J7G 2S8 CanadaLucie Desforges2 Cranberry Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054-1053New 851-613-737-7215Gina GorbachSales Support OnlyPhiladelphia1-800-AVIALL-11-215-741-15992260 Cabot Boulevard West, Suite 2, Langhorne, PA 19047-1811Lee BurnsPhoenix1-602-470-05531-602-470-05732340 West Broadway Road, Suite 101, Phoenix, AZ 85202-1883Tim Town17M250 FIRST NETWORK 2016 CUSTOMER SUPPORT DIRECTORY

Aviall – North American Customer CentersLocationPhone NumberFAX 41518 Parkway View Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15205-1407ManagerJay HarrisPontiac1-248-666-22401-248-666-28335600 North Williams Lake Road, Waterford, MI 48329Rachel WinstrandPortland1-503-253-65051-503-253-702116343 NE Cameron Boulevard, Portland, OR 97230-5030Doug ColeRaleigh1-800-AVIALL-11-919-462-9212951 Aviation Parkway, Suite 100, Morrisville, NC 27560-6635Donald ParkerSan Jose1-408-434-10201-408-434-16151538 Montague Expressway, San Jose, CA 95131-1408Eric RuelFt. Lauderdale1-800-AVIALL-11-954-625-39313200 Prospect Road, Suite 100, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309-2587Yara GonsalvesTampa1-813-917-66381-813-960-05634014 Gunn Hwy, Tampa, FL, 33618Sales Support OnlyRichmond1-800-AVIALL-11-905-676-9046#1-13511 Crestwood Place, Richmond, British Columbia, V6V 2E9 Canada ([email protected])Dave 00 Hollybridge Way, Richmond, BC V7C 4N3 CanadaDave RendleWinnipeg1-204-775-80041-204-786-15569-2073 Logan Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba R2R 0J1 CanadaChris Sokal18M250 FIRST NETWORK 2016 CUSTOMER SUPPORT DIRECTORY

Aviall – International Customer ServiceLocationPhone NumberFax NumberAddressAviall86 21-6391 061986 21-6391 0987Shanghai Representative Office Room 2202, Shanghai Times Square Office Building, No. 93 Huai Hai Road (M), Luwan District, Shanghai 200021 Manager:Angelique Luan, Mobile: 86 1391 881 4033; Email: 10-6410-6091Aviall Airstocks Limited, Room 1205, Beijing Silver Tower, No. 2, Dong San Huan Bei Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100027, Rep. Yun ShanHong Kong852-2318-0233852-2331-9222Aviall Airstocks Limited, Unit 2203 Global Gateway, 168 Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong, Director of Sales and Customer Support:Tony Wong, Email: viall Pte. Ltd., 2 Loyang Lane #05-01/02, Singapore 508913, Rep Mohd. KamarJapan81-45-226-023681-45-226-0237Aviall Japan Limited., The Landmark Tower 29F, Yokohama 2-2-1-1, Minatomirai, Nishi-Ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 220-8129, Japan, Rep. Toshi l Australia Pty. Ltd., 111 Ditchman Ave, Archerfield Airport, Archerfield, Queensland 4108, Australia, Manager: Bob Armstrong, Email: 677Aviall Australia Pty. Ltd., 11/450 Sheridan St., Cairns Airport, QLD 4870, Australia, Rep. Bob ll Australia Pty. Ltd., 20-22 Lindaway Place, Tullamarine, Victoria 3043, Australia, Manager Gary Dawson, Email: 80-6267Aviall Australia Pty. Ltd., Building 115, Northern Avenue, Moorabbin Airport, Moorabbin, Victoria 3194, Rep. Ian WilsonPerth61-8-9332-785561-8-9332-8858Aviall Australia Pty. Ltd., 11 Eagle Drive, 126, Jandakot Airport, Jandakot, Western Australia 6164, Rep. Stephen BennettSydney61-2-9791-051161-2-9791-0102Aviall Australia Pty. Ltd., 453 AIrport Avenue, Bankstown Airport, Bankstown, NSW 2200 Australia, Rep. David CrouchAmsterdam31-252-245-90031-252-245-970Aviall, Drachmeweg 18, 2153 PA Nieuw Vennep, Netherlands, Rep Stef BijvoetFrance33-32-250-007933-32-250-0080Sales support only, Rep. Catherine TestartItaly39-06-808-307939-06-807-8354Sales support only, Rep. Joe PioricoScandinavia46-431-45657046-431-456572Sales support only, Rep. Christian BrandiSouth Africa27-83-3090-70631-252-245-970Sales support only, Rep. Tony MossSpain34-91-664-063734-91-617-3560Sales support only, Rep. Jose BenayasUnited Kingdom44-7836-714-41344-1522-689-218Sales support only, Tim White972-4-629-4447972-4-629-1741Sales support only, Rep. Haggai Mazursky64-9-275-057164-9-275-6569Aviall New Zealand Limited, P.O. Box 73-055, Cyril Kay Road, Aukland Intl. Airport, Auckland, New le EastIsraelNew ZealandAuckland19M250 FIRST NETWORK 2016 CUSTOMER SUPPORT DIRECTORY

FIRST network Map


Rolls‑Royce M250 FIRST network – IndexFacilityLocationPageRolls‑Royce M250 Authorized Support Centers (ASC)Facility, location and contact information23Authorized Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Centers (AMROC)AeroMaritime America, Inc.Mesa, Arizona, U.S.A26Asia Pacific Aerospace Pty. Ltd. (APA)Queensland, Australia27H S Aviation Ltd.Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK28Keystone Turbine ServicesCoatesville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A29Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd./MESCONagoya, JapanDallasAirmotiveDallas, Texas, U.S.A30/3132StandardAero LimitedWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada33Vector Aerospace CorporationRichmond, British Columbia, Canada34Authorized Maintenance Centers (AMC)AeroMaritime Mediterranean, Ltd.Hal-Far, Malta37Airborne Engines LTDDelta, Canada38Industry Aviation ServicesSao Jose’ de Lapa, Brasil39McTurbine Inc.Corpus Christi, TX40National Airways Corporation Pty. Ltd.Germiston, Gauteng, Republic of South Africa41StandardAero (Asia) Pte. Ltd.Singapore42Authorized Military Overhaul Facilities (AMOF)Air Asia Company, LimitedTainan, Taiwan, Republic of China45HanwhaChangwon-City, Korea46Piaggio Aero Industries, S.p.A.Savona, Italy47Authorized Repair Facilities (ARF)Aero Propulsion Support, Inc.Harrison, Ohio, USA50Cadorath Aerospace Inc.Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada51Cadorath Aerospace LafayetteBroussard, Louisiana, USA52H-S Tool & Parts, Inc.Richmond, British Columbia, Canada5322M250 FIRST NETWORK 2016 CUSTOMER SUPPORT DIRECTORY

Rolls‑Royce M250 Authorized Support Centers (ASC)The following independently-owned facilities have been approved by Rolls‑Royce as M250 Authorized Support Centers (ASCs), providing Customers with theconvenience of regional operation and maintenance support through direct association with an Authorized Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Center (AMROC)or Authorized Maintenance Center (AMC)RH Services CJSCServicio Technico Aero (STAM) - MexicoHelipark - BrasilPhone: 7 (499) 270-5555Fax: 7 (495) 705-92-93Email: [email protected]

c: 1 (317) 250‑4767 e: rege.e.hall@rolls‑ Randy Weber Aftermarket Program Manager Military Programs p: 1 (317) 230‑3074 c: 1 (256) 724‑2183 e:‑ Lawrence P. Mann Helicopter Aftermarket Growth Manager Mobile: 1 (317) 340 ‑2165 Lawrence.P.Man