DVIDA American Rhythm Bronze Syllabus FiguresRumbaCha ChaBoleroEast Coast SwingBronze I1. Side Basic2. Fifth Position3. Box Step1. Basics in Place2. Side Basic3. Progressive Basic1. Basic Movement2. Open Break Underarm TurnBronze II4. Cross Body Lead5. Outside Partner6. Slow Underarm Turn7. Open Break Underarm Turn4.5.6.7.Outside PartnerCrossover BreakCross Body LeadOpen Break & UnderarmTurn3. Underarm Pass4. Left Side Pass5. Underarm Turn6. Underarm Release fromBasic7A). Tuck In – Handshake7B). Tuck In – DoubleHandhold with FreeSpin7C). Tuck In – DoubleHandhold withUnderarm Turn5. Crossover Break6. Check & Circular Walks7. Romantic Sways8. Alternating UnderarmTurns9. Shoulder Check10. Cradle11. Cradle to HammerlockBronze IIIFull Bronze8. BreakCrossover & Side RocksOpen rumba WalksTurning Twinkles8.9.10.11.Chase TurnShoulder CheckShadow PositionsButterflyCradle CircleQuick Underarm Turn & LoopOpen Circular WalksSpot Turn Combination12.13.14.15.Alternating Underarm TurnsCross Body Pull BackThree Cha ChasCrossover Flick to SideBreak8. Checked Underarm Pass9. Spot Turn Combination10. Hip Twist & Spin1. Turning RightBasic Turning LeftThrowoutSugar Push Throw OutDouble Face LoopOpposition Break & RollOutWhirpool

DVIDA American Rhythm Bronze Syllabus Figures ContinuedMamboBronze I1. Forward & Back Basic2. Side Breaks3. Side Breaks & CrossMerengue1. Basic to the Side2. Back Rock3. Side BreaksSamba1A). Basic Bounce (to be used as anexercise)1B). Basic Bounce (to be used as anexercise)West Coast Swing1. Underarm Turn2. Left Side Pass3. Sugar Push2. Forward & Back Basic3. Side to Side BasicBronze II4. Cross Body Lead5. Open Break Underarm Turn6. Crossover Break & WalkAround7. Shoulder Check16.17.6A).6B).7A).7B).Arm SlideBack to BackSwivels – StraightSwivels – TurningConga Breaks – SimpleConga Breaks – CrossingAction4.5.6.7.Fifth PositionThe BoxExtended BoxSamba Walks4. Right Side Pass(preceeded by UnderarmTurn)5. Tuck In from Left SidePass6. Tuck In from Right SidePass7. Half Whip Throw OutBronze III8.9.10.11.Promenade Swivel & CloseAlternating Underarm TurnsRueda BasicCross Body Lead with InsideTurn8.9.10.11.Merengue GlideForward Spot TurnBack Spot TurnRoll In & Out8. Forward & Back Spiral9. Reverse Samba Walk10. Promenade & CounterPromenade Bota Fogos11. Opening Out Left & Right8.9.10.11.Basic WhipInside Turn From WhipWhip & Outside TurnWhip & CheckFull Bronze12.13.14.Back Spot TurnMambo TwistForward Spot Turn toSurpriseCrossover Swivels & Pullback12.13.Man’s Circle WrapProgressive Congo – 4DirectionsFace LoopsMan’s Duck Wrap12. Turn, Man’sLoop, Right Side PassSugar Push PointLock WhipContinuous Whip15.14.15.Rolling BoxVolta to Left & RightOpen BreakAdvanced Left Turn13.14.15.

DVIDA American Rhythm Silver Syllabus FiguresRumbaSilver I1.2.3.Bolero1. Crossover Flick Combination2. Back Spot Turn with QuickUnderarm Turn3. Pullback Grapevine1.2.Quick Underarm TurnRoll Out Circle Wrap4. Crossbody, Surprise, QuickTurn5. Pullback Combination4. Curl, Fan, Lunge5. Spin Wrap6.6. Shadow Checks7. Walks & Fan8. Checked Pass, Hip Twist, &SpinSilver II4.5.Silver III6. Spiral Swivel7. Shadow Variations8. Swivel CombinationFull SilverCha ChaAlternating Underarm TurnsOpen Swivel WalksLeft Side Catch, Cradle, &Roll Out9. Open Rumba Walks &Swivels10. Man’s Wrap7.8.9.10.Open Turn, Wrap, &SyncopationCrossover Twist & FanForward & BackSyncopationAcross the BackSyncopated CrossoverVariation3.Open CheckOverturned CrossbodyLeadRonde’, Pass Behind theBack9. Crossover, Quick Sit, &Rumba Rock10. Slow Spiral & SwivelEast Coast Swing1. Wrist Spin & AlternatingTurn2. Face Loops & TuckSpin3. Tuck In, AlternatingHammerlock4. Two Hand Catch & Spin5. Rotating Basic6. Side to Side & RunningPass7. Boogie Walks8A). Rhythm Variations –Pull Back8B). Rhythm Variations –Sailor Shuffle9. Twist & Face10. Wrap Combination

DVIDA American Rhythm Silver Syllabus Figures ContinuedMamboSilver ISilver IISilver IIIFull Silver1.1A).1B).1C).1D).1E).2.MerengueSambaCross Body Lead VariationsMan FlickMan CheckLady RollLady Cross & TwistLady Knee LiftUnderarm Turn & TravelingCross3. Bobby’s Break4. Continuous CrossbodyLeads5. Back Spot Spin & Check1. Crossbody Leads2. Crossbody Cradle Wheel3. Alternating Underarm Turn1.2.3.4. Hip Circle5. Crossbody with CheckedRock4. Roll In & Out5. Promenade Runs6. Salsa Wrap7. Double Face Loop8. Shadow Break6. Man’s Wrap & ShoulderWrap7. Around the Back Roll OutSpins8. Pretzel6. Rolling Off the Arm7. Advanced Left Turn & Kicks8. Fallaway & Spin9. Hammerlock & Swivels9. Coffee Grinder10A). Solo Break Variations 10. Back Spot Underarm &Hooked Side ClosedCheck with Twists10B). Solo Break Variations – SideBreak HopContra Bota FogosSide Samba Walk & VoltasBota Fogo Combination9. Fan & Pullback10. Back Rock CombinationWest Coast Swing1. Checked Whip2. Roll In Pass3. Double Face Loop,Tuck Spin4. Man’s Hammerlock,Tummy Whip5. Lock Whip, Side Break& Spin6. Spinning Hammerlock7. Continuous Whip8. Sugar Push9. Underarm TurnSyncopations10. Roll In, Check, &Throwout

DVIDA American Rhythm Gold Syllabus FiguresCha ChaIntermediateGold1. GoldCross Body Spins & OpenBoxGrapevine CombinationQuick CrossoversOpposition Lunge Line,Tango CloseHip Roll, Quick Back Breaks6.7.Lady’s SwivelsMan’s Rondé. Back SpotTurn8. Syncopated Locks & BodySway9. Slash Sit, Cradle & Freeze10. Pullback, Figure 4, DoubleRondéRumbaBolero1. Roll-In, Swivel & Spiral2. Solo Spins3. Shadow Rondés & Man’sSpiral4. Lunge Point & Circle Walk5. Outside Partner Spin1. Hip TwistCross Body DragDouble RondéHip LeanCross Body Stretch2.3.4.5.Hip Twist, Spin, OppositionCheckLeg ThrowRight Lunge & SwayGrand CircleShadow Loop & ShadowCheckQuick Sit & Waist SpinSeparation, Catch & SpinRipple Lunge, Man’s TurnQuick Hammerlock &Corkscrew10. Fallaway Rondé & FloorDropEast Coast Swing1. Continuous Tuck In2. Hip Roll & Pullback3. Spinning Wrap &Syncopated Points4. Circular Foot Splits &Barrel Turn5. Toe-Heel SwivelCombination6. Kick & Freeze7. Two Circles8. Around the Back9. Alternating Shuffles10. Rolling Off the Arm &Circular SwivelsDVIDA American Rhythm Gold Syllabus Figures .ContinuedWest Coast SwingMamboIntermediateGold1. Swivel, Whip & SyncopationTaps2. Cradle Switches3. Solo Spin & Hustle Whip4. Hammer Whip & Roll In5. Press Whips & GrapevineFull Gold6. Loop Behind & HammerSpin2. Alternating Turns, Flick& Ripple3. Flick & Take Turns4. Double Loop, Hop &Arm Catch5. Sombrero Around theBack6. Shadow Pachanga7. Mambo Tango8. Overwrap, Shadow BackFlicks9. Double Face Loops10.Behind the Back HandChange, Knee Checks,Roll AroundKick & SitTuck & Kick Swivel PassNeck Whip & CatchDouble HammerlockBehind the Back Whip &Worm

DVIDA American Smooth Bronze Syllabus FiguresWaltzBronze I1A,1B.2.3A.3B.Bronze II4A.4B.5.6.7.Bronze IIIFull BronzeBox Step (Straight)Box with Underarm TurnProgressiveLeft Turning BoxRight Turning BoxFoxtrot1.2.3A.3B.BasicPromenadeRock Turn to LeftRock Turn to RightBalance StepsBalance and BoxSimple TwinkleTwo-Way Underarm TurnFace to Face – Back toBack8. Reverse Turn9. Natural Turn10. Progressive Twinkles11. Turning Twinkles4.5A.5B.6A.6B. StepPromenade Underarm TurnSway Underarm TurnZig Zag In LineZig Zag Outside PartnerBox StepTwinkleFallaway TwinklesPromenade TwinklesTurning Twinkles to OutsidePartner12. Grapevine13. Promenade Twist14. Promenade Pivot15A. Running Steps in BasicRhythm15B. Running Steps in Box RhythmGrapevinePromenade Chasse’Fallaway and BoxTwinkle and WeaveTango1A.1B.2A.2B.3A.3B.4.5A.5B.6.7.Straight BasicCurving BasicPromenade Turning LeftPromenade Turning RightSingle CortéDouble CortéProgressive RocksOpen FanOpen Fan with UATRunning StepsChecked Promenade8A. Reverse Turn8B. Reverse Turn with OutsideSwivel9. Right Side Fans10. Contra Rocks11. Continuous Left Rock Turn12.13.14.15.Twist Turn to the RightCheck and CortéPromenade PivotOverswayV. Waltz1. Balance Steps2A. Fifth Position Breaks2B. Fifth Position Breakswith UAT3.4.Reverse TurnClosed Twinkle5A. Crossbody Lead5A. Crossbody Lead withUAT6.Hand to Hand7A. Forward ProgressiveChanges7B. Backward ProgressiveChanges8. Right Turn9. Change of Place10. Curtsey & Bow

DVIDA American Smooth Silver Syllabus FiguresWaltzSilver I1.2.3.Silver II4.5.6.7.Silver III8A.8B. SilverOpen Left BoxOpen Right TurnOpen Right Turn withUnderarm TurnTwinkle ConnectionCheck & DevelopéChair & SlipProgressive Open TwinklesHairpin – ReverseHairpin – from PPFallaway & WeaveOverswayPivot from PromenadeSyncopated Viennese TurnFlip FlopsCheck to Open FallawayAlternating UnderarmCombinationFoxtrot1.2.3.TangoV. WaltzOpen Left BoxOpen Right TurnGrapevine1.2.3.Quick Right TurnOversway & RondéFallaway Fan1. X Line2. Flairs Forward & Back3. Underarm Turn Right4.5.6.7A.7B. from PromenadeChair & SlipOverswayHairpin from ReverseHairpin from PPSlide & CheckFallaway & WeaveCurved Running StepsNatural Fallaway4.5.6.7.Cobra FansFallaway RondéSpanish DragChange of Place4. Underarm Turn Left5. Progressive FifthPosition Breaks6. Spot Turn Combination12.13.14.15.Outside SwivelHover CortéPromenade PivotThe Gem8. Underarm Turn toShadow PositionShadow DragSwivel FansPivots to Fallaway WhiskShadow RocksReverse Outside SwivelTraveling Right LungesSame Foot Lunge withRock Ending7. Reverse Underarm Turn8. Advanced Hand toHand Combination9. Standing Spin10. Open Right Turn

DVIDA American Smooth Gold Syllabus FiguresWaltzIntermediateGoldFull Gold1. Left WhiskChassé to ShadowShadow TelespinShadow Curve & Back LockDouble Leg Rondé6.7.8.Flip & SpinSyncopated PivotsSyncopated Open NaturalTurn In Shadow PositionFree Turn to FallawayContra Check Combination9.10.Foxtrot1. GrapevinesContinuous HairpinsPassing ChangesOversway to ShadowHalf Turns in ShadowAdvanced GemCurve & RollHairpins in ShadowCheck & SwayHinge to ShadowTango1.é to ShadowShadow Back LockViennese Turn in ShadowPositionPivot & SpiralSkater’s WalkAdvanced DragBack ChecksRoll to Oblique LineOpen CheckTelerondé to ThrowawayOverswayV. Waltz1. Open Right Turn toShadow2. Open Right Turn inShadow Position3. Left Turn Connection4. Barrel Roll5. Shadow Skips6. ArabesqueCombination7. Double Leg Rondé8. Roll In & Out9. Tandem Turns to BrushHops10. Progressive ForwardChecks

DVIDA International Latin Bronze Syllabus FiguresCha ChaPreliminaryBronze1.2.3.Basic MovementNew YorkSpot e4. Bronze10. toShoulderHand to HandThree Cha ChaChasSide StepsThere and BackTime Steps4.5.6.FanAlemanaHockey StickHockey Stick endingin CPPNatural TopNatural Opening OutClosed Hip Twist8.7.Natural BasicReverse BasicSide BasicProgressive BasicWhisks to Left andRightPromenade SambaWalksSide Samba WalksStationary SambaWalksRhythm BounceVolta MovementsTraveling BotaFogosCriss Cross BotaFogosRumba1. Basic Movement2. Alternative Basic3. ling BotaFogos BackBota Fogos to PPand CPPCriss Cross VoltasSolo Spot VoltasFoot ChangesShadow TravelingVoltasReverse TurnCorta JacaClosed Rocks10. DobleJive1. MovementAppelChassés to RightChassés to Left1. Basic in Place2. Fallaway Rock3. FallawayThrowaway4A. Link Rock4B. LinkNew YorkerSpot TurnsShoulder toShoulderHand to HandProgressive WalksForward & BackSide Steps6. LinkPromenadeEcartSeparation5.Cuban RocksFanAlemanaHockey StickHockey Stick endingin CPPNatural TopOpening Out toRight and LeftNatural OpeningOutClosed Hip Twist12. Separation withLady’s CapingWalks13. Fallaway Ending toSeparation14. Huit15. Sixteen16. Promenade andCounter Promenade17. Grand Circle18. Open Telemark8.Change of PlacesRight to LeftChange of PlacesLeft to RightChange of HandsBehind the BackHip Bump9. SpinThe WalksStop & GoThe MoochThe WhipWhip Throwaway6.7.

DVIDA International Latin Silver Syllabus FiguresCha ChaIntermediateSilverFull Silver17. Hip TwistReverse TopOpening Out fromReverse TopSpiralCurlRope SpinAidaCross BasicCuban BreaksChaseSambaRumbaPaso DobleJive17. Open Rocks18. Back Rocks19. Plait19.20.21.Open Hip TwistReverse TopOpening Out fromReverse Top19. La Passe20. Banderillas21. Twist Turn22. Fallaway ReverseTurn15. Reverse Whip16. Windmill17. Spanish Arms28. Spin23. Off the ArmArgentine CrossesMaypoleShadow CircularVoltasCoup de PiqueLeft Foot VariationSpanish LinesFlamenco TapsRolling Off the ArmSimple SpinMiami SpecialOverturnedFallawayThrowaway

DVIDA International Latin Gold Syllabus FiguresCha ChaSambaRumbaIntermediateGold27. Advanced Hip Twist28. Hip Twist Spiral26.27.28.29.Contra Bota FogosRoundaboutNatural RollReverse Roll26. Sliding Doors27. Fencing28. Three ThreesFull Gold29. Turkish Towel30. The Sweetheart31. Follow My Leader30.Promenade andCounter PromenadeRunsThree Step TurnSamba LocksCruzado Walks andLocks29. Three Alemanas30. Advanced Hip Twist31. Continuous HipTwist32. Circular Hip Twist31.32.33.Paso Doble26. SyncopatedSeparation27. Traveling Spins fromPP28. Traveling Spins fromCPP29. Fregolina30. Twists31. The Chassé CapeJive22.23.24.25.Point, Ball ChangeCurly WhipShoulder SpinToe Heel Swivels26.27.28.29.ChuggingChicken WalksCatapultStalking Walks,Flicks and BreakOverturned Changeof Places Left toRight30.

DVIDA International Standard Bronze Syllabus FiguresWaltzTangoFoxtrotV. WaltzQ. Step.Progressive LinkClosed Promenade1. Feather Step2. Reverse Turn withFeather Finish3. Three Step4. Natural Turn1A. Quarter Turn toRight1B. Quarter Turn to Left2. Progressive Chassé3. Forward Lock StepProgressive SideStepProgressive SideStep Reverse TurnNatural Twist TurnNatural Rock TurnNatural PromenadeTurn5. Basic Weave6. Reverse Wave7. Change of Direction4.9. Open Promenade10. Open Reverse TurnPartner Outside11. Back Corté12. Left Foot Rock13. Right Foot Rock14. Basic Reverse Turn15. Open Reverse TurnIn Line with ClosedFinish8. Natural Weave9. Closed Impetus withFeather FinishPreliminaryBronze1. Left Foot ClosedChange2. Natural Turn3. Right Foot ClosedChange4. Reverse TurnIntermediateBronze5. Whisk6. Chassé from PP7. Natural HesitationChange8. ProgressiveChassé to Right9. Back Lock10. Closed Impetus3. BronzeReverse CortéBack WhiskNatural Spin TurnReverse PivotDouble ReverseSpin16. Basic Weave17. Outside Change1. Natural Turn2. Right Foot ForwardClosed Change3. Reverse Turn4. Left Foot ForwardClosed ChangeNatural Turn withHesitationProgressiveChassé to RightBack LockRunnung FinishNatural Spin Turn9. Natural Turn &Back Lock10. Tipple Chassé toRight at a Corner11. Double ReverseSpin12. Chassé ReverseTurn13. Natural Pivot Turn14. Closed Impetus15. Reverse Pivot

DVIDA International Standard Silver Syllabus FiguresWaltzTangoFoxtrotV. WaltzQ. Step13.16. Four StepIntermediate 18. Weave from PP19. Open Impetus to Wing 17. Promenade LinkSilver20. Closed Telemark18A. Outside Swivel21. Turning Lock Finishing 18B. Outside Swivel (Takenfrom Open Promenade)in CP & PP18C. Outside Swivel22. Open Impetus with(Turning Left)Cross Hesitation19. Fallaway Promenade10. Silver23. Telemark toWingOpen Telemark toCross HesitationDrag HesitationOutside SpinOpen Impetus toWeave20.21.22.Brush TapFour Step ChangeBack OpenPromenade17. Open ReverseQuick Natural WeaveTop Spin (AfterFeather Finish)Hover TelemarkNatural Twist Turnwith Hover FeatherEndingNatural Twist Turnwith Closed Impetus& Feather FinishEndingNatural Twist Turnwith Open ImpetusEndingNatural Twist Turnwith Natural WeaveEndingOpen Telemark,Natural Turn OutsideSwivel with FeatherEndingOpen Telemark withFeather EndingOpen ImpetusWeave from PPHover CrossClosed TelemarkNatural TelemarkHover FeatherReverse Pivot5. Right Foot BackwardChange Step6. Left Foot BackwardChange Step16.17.18.19.V-6Quick Open ReverseFour Quick RunRunning Right Turn20.21.22.23.Cross SwivelFish TailTipple Chassé to LeftClosed Telemark

DVIDA International Standard Gold SyllabusWaltzIntermediateGold28. Gold33.34.35.36.TangoRunning Spin TurnFallaway ReverseSlip PivotContra CheckFallaway NaturalTurnFallaway Whisk23.24.25.Turning Lock toRightLeft WhiskHover CorteClosed Wing26. Four StepFallaway Slip PivotContra CheckFoxtrot24.25.26.27.ChaseChassé to the RightOverswayMini Five StepFive step28.29.30.31.Viennese WaltzExtended ReverseWaveFallaway Reverse &Slip PivotNatural Zig Zag fromPPNatural HoverTelemarkQuickstep24.25.26.Bounce Fallawaywith Weave EndingCurved Feather toBack FeatherCurved Featherfrom PPCurved Three Step27.28.7. Reverse Fleckerl8. Contra Check9. Natural Fleckerl29. CrossHover CortéTipsy Chassé to theRightTipsy Chassé to theLeftZig Zag Back LockRunning FinishSix Quick RunRunning Spin TurnCross ChasséRunning CrossChasséPassing NaturalTurnChange of Direction

DVIDA American Rhythm Bronze Syllabus Figures Rumba Cha Cha Bolero East Coast Swing Bronze I 1. Side Basic 2. Fifth Position 3. Box Step 1. Basics in Place 2. Side Basic 3. Progressive Basic 1. Basic Movement 2. Open Break Underarm Turn 1. Basic 2. Basic Turning Right 3. Basic Turning Left 4. Throwout Bronze II 4. Cross Body Lead 5. Outside .File Size: 412KB